right to lie

every time i see that post about the deep web hitman going around all i can think about is how i actually spend a lot of time every week browsing the deep web and i found a reasonable hitman that charged $20,000 for a regular person and $50,000 for a person with connections that made them more well-known than the average joe and how when i clicked on his FAQ he said it was part of the contract that if he were to be caught, he wouldn’t give away who ordered the hit and he demanded $10,000 up front and now that i’m thinking about this i wonder if this is why i landed that interview with the fbi a couple years ago they probably knew

This Caryl reunion

Since season 2, Daryl/Carol fandom started because of their obvious chemistry and ‘draw’ to each other. “Two damaged souls naturally drawn to each other, who bear understanding and common ground”  Each season witnessed their friendship grow from friends to close friends to best friends … graduating to literal soul mates who share a bond of love, trust, and respect, that only soulmates can know. Of course, with this bond came downfalls or pitfalls: prolonged separations that put their relationship bond to the fandom test.

* Daryl, forced alone on the road with Beth… then later, captured and imprisoned under Negan servanthood
* Carol, forced into fugitive exile from her beloved family…. later, taking blind comfort with others, then leaving to spare herself emotional breakdown

Of recent events, Carol has yet much self-situating to do, as the communities collaborate negotiation for defeating The Saviors. Daryl was in the right, to white-lie to her about everyone making it home safe–in order to spare her the heartache of Glenn’s and Abraham’s deaths. Morgan, Rick, or Michonne would have done the same, knowing how emotionally fragile she is yet.

For the doubters, we know that Daryl doesn’t bend with anyone else, what he’s long established with Carol.  They don’t need to have sex or make-out to, be who they already are. We understand who they are, and the tumultuous journey they’ve experienced. This recent reunion was more statement than their Terminus reunion.  ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ    They are Caryl.

“you need to lie down, yura,” otabek says.

“i don’t want to,” comes the waspish retort.

yuri can be grumpy, as a general rule, but he’s exceedingly so when he’s ill. yuri is a hurricane-large personality, squeezed into human form, and he doesn’t have time to be sick; he has so much to offer the world and in a limited time. so when he comes down with sickness, he’s almost overbearingly petulant, and his mood is never any flavour but sour. 

otabek sighs lightly. “well, you certainly can’t get up and make it worse for yourself.”

“i know that,” yuri snaps, fever-bright eyes narrowed with irritation. he’s not making eye contact.

otabek sighs again. “want me to put on a movie for you?” he bends down, squatting at the side of the bed. “work with me, yura,” he says softly,  searching the stubborn face before him with patient eyes.

yuri looks at him for a second or two, his lip trembling. a brief moment of vulnerability, before his eyebrows furrow, and his expression shutters. his gaze flits off to the side again, but the edges of his scowl are softer, somehow. in a grudging tone, he mutters, “fine.” yuri tucks the blankets around himself a little more securely. “but i get to choose the movie, and you have to watch it with me, and - and you can’t complain.”

otabek smiles, then, a proper smile, and brushes his fingers lightly through yuri’s sweat-damp hair. “not a word,” he promises.

if yuri’s cheeks, flushed from illness, burn a little warmer at his touch, neither of them comment on it.


favorite animated movies (in no particular order) → the road to el dorado (2000)

tulio, did you ever imagine it would end like this?
the horse is a surprise.


“Both taking on a challenge and creating something is painful. But it’s fulfilling. So thank you, for sweeping away the dust that had collected on my body, for encountering me. Ever since that day, my world, even the keyboard, became colorful.”


s3 ep7 suga sketch dump from my twitter because let’s be real he was great and i am so proud of him i cried 3 h straight

( can we talk about how completely ridiculous my drawing style gets when i work fast like holy. that’s the real me ladies and gentlemen )