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Autistic Milo tho...

I KNOW RIGHT (*heart emojis*)

Honestly, Milo Murphy is the best example of an autistic character that I’ve ever seen. Even though it’s not outright stated (although it is canon that the Murphy’s Law syndrome is essentially a disability), he honestly represents autism better than any confirmed autistic characters I’ve seen in children/family media. He gets so excited and gushes about his interests, he stims, heck he even wears slippers 90% of the time (sensory issues perhaps?). His friends and family don’t treat him any differently than they do anyone else; they just understand that life is different for him, and they work with him to accommodate that. I love it.

Your boss is not your friend. Your boss is not someone you can trust. Your relationship with your boss needs to be entirely professional.

  • Do not do your boss favours. No working for free. No doing unreasonable duties. No working outside the hours you state as available.
  • Do not say anything to your boss. About anything. Keep it work related. They will only use personal information against you.
  • Know your rights. Know the laws. Your boss will come at you trying to get you to quit like its a favour to you. Its usually because they can’t legally fire you.
  • Be wary around your coworkers. Some will have no problem passing things along to your boss. Such as your mental health or financial standing
  • Never offer to pay for anything lost, stolen or broken. Especially if money is missing from the till.
  • Demand safe working conditions.

Your boss is only there to exploit your labour for profit. Unfortunately you need that labour to sustain yourself. Just be careful.

Can US Customs and Border officials search your phone?

Recent detentions and seizures of phones and other material from travelers to the United States have sparked alarm. Below, ProPublica details what powers US Customs and Border Protection officials have over you and your devices.

A NASA scientist heading home to the US said he was detained in January at a Houston airport, where US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers pressured him for access to his work phone and its potentially sensitive contents. Last month, CBP agents checked the identification of passengers leaving a domestic flight at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport during a search for an immigrant with a deportation order. And in October, border agents seized phones and other work-related material from a Canadian photojournalist. They blocked him from entering the US after he refused to unlock the phones, citing his obligation to protect his sources. These and other recent incidents have revived confusion and alarm over what powers border officials actually have and, perhaps more importantly, how to know when they are overstepping their authority.

The unsettling fact is that border officials have long had broad powers — many people just don’t know about them. Border officials, for instance, have search powers that extend 100 air miles inland from any external boundary of the US. That means border agents can stop and question people at fixed checkpoints dozens of miles from US borders. They can also pull over motorists whom they suspect of a crime as part of “roving” border patrol operations.

Sowing even more uneasiness, ambiguity around the agency’s search powers — especially over electronic devices — has persisted for years as courts nationwide address legal challenges raised by travelers, privacy advocates and civil-rights groups. We dug out answers about the current state-of-play when it comes to border searches, along with links to more detailed resources (below).

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  • Margaery Tyrell: *dies*
  • Catelyn Stark: (in heaven) Ooooooh my God!!!! Omg, omg, omg, omg, omg okay... OKAY. Catelyn play it cool. Breathe. Don't mess this up. You got this. You fucking got this.
  • Margaery Tyrell: Hello? Am I dead? Lady Stark... is that you--
  • Margaery Tyrell: I... beg your pardon?
  • Catelyn Stark: I mean... welcome to heaven? Haha ha. Hahaha. (Internally: ...fuck...FUCK!!!!)

@traceeellisross: The lovely Ruth Negga from @LovingTheFilm.

#LOVING is an incredibly important story…particularly important to me as a mixed race woman…this is the story of the people that made space for the freedom that give birth to me.

The Lovings were an interracial couple arrested for breaking the law by simply being married. Their case, #LovingVVirginia (1967) lead to the landmark civil rights decision invalidating laws prohibiting interracial marriage. Embarrassingly, I did not know of this story until I heard about the movie LOVING.

Thank you Jeff Nichols for telling the story, and thank you to #RuthNegga and @JoelEdgerton for your tender, transparent, and quietly powerful performances. #ThisIsLoving (x)

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So, Oda said that Luffy nationality would be Brazilian right? So what if Law didn't know this and one day Luffy called him querido (dear/darling) or some other affectionate term and Law just loves it. Or Luffy talks in Portuguese in bed or just has a conversation in Portuguese one day and Law loses his shit.

holy shit i love it so much aaa. luffy pecking law on the cheek and accompanying it with a cute little whisper in his dialect and law just turning a shade of red rivalling a tomato

that’s like the inverse of a hc me and @raincloudfedarie have where law’s nationality would be Spanish in a modern au (all the ties to donquixote family etc)
and luffy always overhears law talking Spanish on the phone to good ol papa flamingo and then when they’re in the bedroom he bashfully asks “t-talk like you do on the phone”
“???? what…?”
“like…yknow, traffy…”
“…oh. oh. spanish turns you on. i see

I’m so shocked, guys, I’m terrified and scared and outraged, I feel cold in my stomach, feel heavy in my lungs.I want to tell you that i’m with you and i’m so sorry.

I live in the country where no one except for trumps was in power for a long long time, hell, our whole State Duma is a bunch of trumps, and I live in this hell, where women are less educated, underpaid, are expected to do all the household chores and be happy abt it as it’s our LIFE PURPOSE, and NOT TO WANT BABY in our society for women is something alike madness and is severely frowned upon. We are judged all the time, we are lesser people, we are drowning in this toxic rape culture, the domestic violence statistic is heartbreaking, LGBT rights are not even an issue (yall know abt anti-LGBT russian laws), anti-abortion law is upon us, we have 456(!!) professions women are lot allowed to do BY LAW, bec they can AFFECT OUR ABILITY TO GIVE BIRTH(??!!!). Sexism, homophobia and racism are in bloom, and all this is served as traditional values and ways of the true Christian. 

I’m sick of this to my guts, and I wish none of this for you. But I know that our situations are different. Your society is so much stronger and united and awake. I know that it looks bad and will be very hard, but you have each other and you’ll stand up for yourselves and the ones you love and you’ll make them listen to you and you’ll fight back. I believe in you so much, and my friends do believe in you too. Fight for your rights, for your freedom. You all gave me so much hope, so much happiness, so much faith in a better world and better society, but it wasn’t your politics only, it was you all, people. Brave people who want to do this world a better and safer place for everyone. My heart is with you in these awful times.

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*chinhands* maybe because star trek is my first introduction to scifi, i always thought that the galaxy garrison is more like starfleet academy and the cadets’ age are over 20. i thought they need, like, a degree to apply since... well, it seems like a waste of time and resource to teach a bunch of clueless cadets from 0 instead of those who already have a degree. which means the cadets should be at least college graduates. but maybe that's just me... *shrugging emoji*

The garrison is somewhere in the US, right? I don’t know that much about American law and stuff, but you need to be 18 to apply for any sort of military division. 17 with parental consent.

And one of the first things Lance said was “You know what they called me in my first year of flight school?”, implying that he and Hunk had been at the garrison for at least a year.

So even if they’d started at 17, they’d be 18 at youngest.

Yes, this is me studying in the while my parents drive me back to campus. There just aren’t enough hours in the day, and I want to have my International Law outline done by the end of the weekend.

Edit: I’ve had a lot of people ask which program I am using - it is Microsoft Word for Mac.  If you open a new document in the lower left hand corner there are a series of buttons,one of them is the “Notebook” view which is specially designed for easy note taking in outline format.  I’ve been using it for years and I love it! By far the easiest way of taking and keeping all my notes together than I’ve ever found.  Some years I can have just one tab per class and others I need to separate them and have the tabs represent topics or weeks.  


What if I told you
Who I really was
What if I let you in on my charade?
What if I told you
What was really going on
No more masks and no more parts to play


The somewhat dispersed Bartsugsy Squad ™

It’s at that point again where the canadian branch of Bioware makes Bioware Austin look super competent and user friendly in my eyes - this happened last at the end of 2014 when DAI came out and Shadow of Revan was released as a 15$ MMO Expansion and was actually better then their triple A title…