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Donald Trump and his senior staffers are all using unsecured email servers. Right. Now.

If you paid any attention during the presidential campaign, you know that Donald Trump repeatedly harped on Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State. The controversy fueled the common “lock her up” chant at Trump’s rallies. And now something even more hypocritical and enraging about Trump’s staff information security has come to light.



Did you know in 2013 EXO supported the campaign for Gender Equality and Multicultural Awareness?


150822 - Kyungsoo for Gender Equality:

150616 - Chen for No to Racism

150811 - Lay for SAY NO TO RACISM

150624 - Baekhyun’s Insta update (1 year ago today) Say No To Racism shirt


160624 - Xiumin’s bag, jacket and shirt NO TO RACISM

160624 - Baekhyun for LGBT Support

Markiplier’s Human Rights Campaign Livestream

I know, I know. Whoever will actually read this will probably think “WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT THIS, THIS STREAM HAPPENED TWO MONTHS AGO.”
I know, but I only just finished watching the stream today (as I was busy with school. I still need to watch Feb’s one). But I wanted to get my own thoughts out and kind of tell my own experience with my part in the LGBTQ+ Community, so this text may be a long one.

Being a part of this community has been one of the best experiences I’ve had throughout my entire life but it has been a bumpy and rough road.
No, I may not have been shamed by my family or been kicked out or anything that some people have been through for coming out; I haven’t even come out to my whole immediate family yet, although I have been through the struggles of finding out my sexuality and gender, coming to terms with myself and not being ashamed of myself for feeling this way.

For the last 8 or so years, I have known that something felt different, that I knew I wasn’t who I was saying I am, but I had no idea what; so I brushed it off as a feeling of friendship or admiration for my peers. Little did I know 3 years later I found out about sexualities and realised I wasn’t straight, that I was ‘bi’. Now I put the word bi in quotation marks because for three years, that’s what I thought I was. I thought I was bisexual for so long until I learnt about more sexualities and genders, getting me to think that I was pansexual. To this day, I still identify as pans because that’s what I believe my sexuality is, which leads me to my next paragraph: genders.
I’ve always been a tomboy, let’s be honest. I liked a lot of boy stuff and didn’t understand why girls would scream at mud, as I grew up around dirty and manky stuff. Up until I went to high school, I was a massive tomboy but as soon as I went into 7th grade, everything did a full 180.
Fast forward to year 10 and I started to get part of my ‘tomboy’ ness back and year 11 was the year I found out I was gender fluid; hence my name being Paddy Lee Rose on most of my social media profiles.

None of my family knows about this, as I had stated earlier. The only people who know are my closest friends, my younger brother (who is trans, the family doesn’t know about this either) and I believe my older sister, who I’ve talked to about the LGBTQ+ community before. Not having your family know, when you’ve known for almost a decade, is kind of terrifying. The amount of times that I’ve tried coming out to my mother or the amount of times I’ve dropped hints (sometimes not even giving hints and straight out saying “I like kissing girls”) is impossible to even count on my fingers and toes. And the hardest part about all of this and my ‘story’, is that my mother is homophobic. She literally says that me liking girls isn’t possible. It’s heartbreaking to see her reaction to two guys kissing, or girls holding hands. It hurts.

Now, I know that I’m pouring out my life story of being a part of the LGBTQ+ community but I have a reason as to why I’m writing all of this. Towards the end of the livestream, they [Tyler, Ethan, Mark, Kathryn and Amy] were all giving their words of advice or final thoughts on the charity itself. It inspired me to write out this long ass text post because I (don’t think anyway) haven’t stated my preferred pronouns or what I have said my sexuality and gender is on any social media aspect, at all. I wanted to be brave and actually tell people instead of keeping it bottled up whilst on the internet. It’s 2017, I’m almost 18 and I’m going to be proud of who I am as a person and not hide behind the curtains anymore.

Having Mark, Ethan, Tyler, Kathryn, Amy and even Jack, supporting this community is heartwarming. They’ve helped me through a lot in the last year or so, whether family, school or stress issues, they’ve helped a lot. So thank you guys, so much. I could never say or show my appreciation for everything you’ve done so far.

Here is to Equality!

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(and Amy, Tyler and Kathryn as they don’t have tumblr (I don’t think))

How you know a tabletop campaign is being run right: a player is reduced to tears over a character that has two lines in the first session

  • me: so what do you think of #BlackLivesMatter?
  • date: i think #ALLlivesmatter...
  • me, shoving breadsticks into my purse: sorry i have to go right n-
  • date: ... is a terrible campaign and should be stopped. everyone knows that all lives matter but right now we have to focus on helping black people and ending police brutality in America.
  • me, slowly returning breadsticks: go on