right to defend itself

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Who is Jontron and what did he do

Claimed white culture has a right to defend itself and outted himself as a white nationalist rather publicly.

Also gave us all that tired claim that whites have contributed more to civilization than any other race without considering the fact that that’s not true.

And if white people have developed more nuclear warheads than colored people then it’s because they’ve SYSTEMATICALLY EXCLUDED PEOPLE OF COLOR FROM EDUCATION.

Also he’s a YouTuber. I never watched him
So I don’t know exactly what he does, I guess he’s a let’s player.


Israel stole more Palestinian land to make room for illegal Jewish-only settlements, this time in the West Bank town of Abu Dis near Jerusalem. Palestinians respond with peaceful protest, including prayer. News don’t report. Israeli soldiers attack them. News don’t report. World carries on, occasionally shouting their “Israel has a right to defend itself” bullshit. News do report.

(Photos by Ammar Awad / Reuters)

Having a humanitarian approach to politics is so important. Are your politics really genuine if you value power structures, money, and other things over human life? Are your politics genuine if they’re cynical?

It reminds why I don’t bother with people who think the destruction of heritage sites by ISIS is more important than killings and beheadings of people by ISIS, or people who think that Israel has a right to defend itself from “terrorism” while not even caring about the devastation on Palestinian lives. This is why I don’t bother with people who think refugees are a burden on a country and its resources or that if they want to migrate, they should do it “legally”. This goes for many things too, like you get the picture.