right to defend itself

“ “I trust you,” Lance said honestly. Because he did, bizarrely enough, even though Keith’s mouth was opening wider and his teeth were sharp, sharp, sharp, twin knives of ivory, and Lance knew it was going to hurt like a bitch. “

[The Hurricane In His Veins, chapter 9]

O-ho-hoooo-boy! I started drawing this as soon as I finished chapter nine, which was just about two weeks ago. I had to re-work this one so many times, you have no idea! 

And @saltyshiro, your fic is really cool and I like it so so much!!:’) 

okay though like re: the ian post about amethyst’s character development: shouldn’t the fact that there are enough people pointing out that amethyst’s arc wasn’t given full closure, significantly enough people for you to thrust a fanmade analysis at them to defend the canon, prove in and of itself that her arc wasn’t given a solid, strong resolution in-universe

Assata Shakur once said: if ever there was a decision between armed struggle and social programs (like free grocery programs, free health and education programs, free communal/local crime prevention programs etc), a revolutionary movement should always choose the social program approach.

Social programs represent an experimental view of the world we all strive for whereas an armed insurrection in the immediate present wouldn’t.

This isn’t to say that violence is completely barred – especially in terms of action and self defense against fascists, criminals, injustice, oppression, etc – in the mean time; only that a revolutionary movement shouldn’t put all of its efforts being armed to the teeth, ready to mobilize, and start destroying the state and capitalism at the drop of a hat when they can spend their time investing in social projects for the people’s immediate benefit while spreading ideals, goals, and principles for now and the future.

Armed struggle is an inescapable consequence for any revolutionary movement, however the result would be always be failure if the people don’t know what they’re fighting for and if they solely rely on the well-read militants for deciding what’s right and wrong.

A small movement that can’t defend itself but can understand itself is a seed that can grow; but a movement that can defend itself with no self understanding is a hollow shell.

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So you're saying that if Muslims become the majority in Europe, the continent is doomed, but if Europe protects its boarders from the scourge of immigrants, the world's problems will be fixed? You....you realize muslims might have the same perspective, yeah? That if they become the majority and wipe out the scourge of European ethnocentrism, the world will be better. What makes you more right than them? Why is European heritage more important than Islamic heritage?

Basically your message contains two options:
1. Europeans defending Europe & their ethnocultural identity.
2. Muslims become the majority and wipe out “European ethnocentrism”.

If you don’t see why those options can’t be compared, then you have a serious problem, which is the problem of the average liberal. You wrote “muslims might have the same perspective”, but that’s not the same perspective. Those options are inequal, which you hopefully know yourself.

I never said that the “world’s problems will be fixed” if we defend Europe from Islamisation. I am not a globalist. I don’t plan on imposing an ideology on the world, like liberal capitalism does. Also I never said that someones heritage is objectively more important than others. I am European. Therefore Europe is most important to me. For a muslim it may be the muslim world. This is natural and good. Every culture has the right to defend itself. I don’t stand for capitalist imperialism, I stand with Assad against US and Saudi terror.

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dont tell us palestinians we're fucking terrorosts and the main aggressors in this conflict.

palestinians aren’t terrorists, the people who try to murder jews in israel daily are terrorists whether they’re arab israeli, palestinian, or from anywhere else. israel has the right to defend itself from terror this shouldn’t be controversial

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If Israel has to exist as a Jewish state then it must be a halachic state. What other reason do European Jews have to try to create a state in the Middle East? I support Israel because of G*d and my religion. And i will do everything to protect my people from liberals like yourself. Sorry, not sorry

I have literally spent the last six years advocating for Israel, I advocating for its right to defend itself against its enemies, but because I don’t support Israel becoming a theocracy, I am not some kind of liberal you have to protect Israel from? Where do you get the gall to say that to me, to say something so hurtful. WTF is wrong with you? 

Israel is a parliamentary democracy, the country is relatively moderate in terms of religious observance, that’s not my opinion, that’s a fact. 

The reasons the Jews created a state in Israel is because that’s where our people came from that’s where 3000 years of history of our people are from. Jews fought for independence for the right to have their own country and freely practice their religion freely, not to create some kind of religious based government. That’s now the kind of government Israel had…and I find the irony of your statement hilarious since religious Jews opposed Zionism and the creation of Israel for a time. 

I need to bury this

Topics related to asexual identity are important to me, but I find it hard to talk about them now, and I feel like I need to explain why before I just shut up about these things again for a while.

I started sharing my experiences as an asexual person on Tumblr because I didn’t consistently have access to spaces outside the internet where I could discuss those experiences with people who would understand them, and because I was still emerging from a very real crisis of identity that had led me to identify myself as asexual in the first place. I had already tried participating in AVEN, but the format of an internet forum didn’t appeal to me, and more importantly, the moderator culture of AVEN around 2011-2012 was becoming more tolerant of bigoted speech that harmed many members of the community and less tolerant of people expressing their frustrations with it. So I started hanging out with aces on Tumblr instead, because the format was more free-form, because the community there was more invested in understanding their experiences and needs as inextricably connected to those of broader LGBT+ communities.

At first the Tumblr ace community was just a really positive place for me to be. But then things very rapidly changed. The tags we used to communicate started becoming clogged up with niche varieties of porn (dinosaur porn, even) posted by trolls trying to make sex-repulsed members of the community uncomfortable. They would also run fake ace blogs filled with inflammatory statements. This stuff was an obstacle to productive community-building, but it was usually more of an annoyance than anything, if you could manage to filter out content that was personally upsetting.

But there was another emerging trend of discussion that had a much bigger impact on the way we in the ace community conceived of ourselves. Around the same time, a number of non-asexual-spectrum LGB people started to make frequent commentary in these same spaces about the way they regarded asexual people in relation to LGBT+ communities, and though I don’t want to oversimplify all the many things they said in community discussions, I can identify a few dominant themes in what they said. Some of them were there to complain that asexual people were appropriating elements of LGB culture to describe essentially privileged experiences. Some were there to argue that asexual identities and terminology, or certain subsets thereof (demisexuality in particular) had inherent and inescapable elements of sex-shaming, and were therefore harmful to LGB people.

The problem with these discussions was not that they were happening, but that they were conducted in a way that tended to disrupt conversations about personal experience. It became impossible to share a story about personal experiences with the Tumblr ace community without risking it being circulated by people attacking asexual terminology in reblogs or misleadingly paraphrased on a meme blog that had the stated purpose of exposing homophobia in the ace community. It could happen just because you mentioned being uncomfortable around the sex-related discussions your friends were having, or because you described the act of disclosing your asexual identity as “coming out”.

All this scrutiny had a pretty negative impact on the way I reacted to casually oppressive behavior within the community. Before all the conflict in the community started, seeing (for example) a casually ableist or heterosexist comment in the Tumblr ace community was a signal to me that we needed to have a dialog about those things, because ableism and heterosexism impact me and other aces personally and those issues need to be resolved to make spaces safe for all of us. But when the conflict was at its peak I started to see these moments not as opportunities to improve my community, but as anxiety-provoking bad omens. It was hard to get past the anxiety that anything an asexual person said in the community could be used against me, and get to actually addressing what was said.

I ended up arguing a lot, even though I was refusing to take a position on some of the major arguments of the time. I didn’t care to argue whether an asexual identity gave one the right to use the reclaimed slur q***r to describe oneself, or whether it was right for asexual people to describe their experiences as experiences of oppression. Mostly I just argued that asexual identities were not inherently harmful toward non-asexual LGB people; that asexual people naturally needed words to describe their experiences; that non-asexual people should be careful about making blanket statements about a marginalized group of people they aren’t part of; and that asexual people do actually face inappropriate pathologization, invalidation, and various forms of hostility for being asexual, whether or not those experiences amount to a discrete form of oppression within or related to heterosexism. In short I felt I had to defend the right of the asexual community to exist and define itself. It was exhausting, because despite the community being relatively small, there was suddenly no end to these arguments.

And sometimes things just went beyond reason; sometimes non-asexual people in these discussions would drop the gauntlet and outright say that “asexuals are creepy” and deserve to be fired or denied the chance to adopt children. I was especially upset by some of the reactions to the Trevor Project (a suicide prevention hotline for LGBT+ youth) soliciting training materials on serving young asexual callers in an affirming way. There were a number of people who said, at the time, that they were outraged by this decision, that it was proof that asexual people were stealing LGBT resources or encouraging LGB youth to deny their true experiences by “hiding” in an asexual identity. It was hard not to read these complaints as showing a literal disregard for the lives of asexual youth. A suicide prevention hotline had just updated its training to better serve a wider population of at-risk youth and people were saying that was a problem. It was after reading those conversations that I posted a quote from the asexuality training materials provided to the Trevor Project to Tumblr, just to show exactly what was in them in the hope that people would stop complaining about an organization trying to reach out to suicidal asexual youth.

It’s weird how much the little things can add up to a lot of pain. Around the time all this crap was going on I made a short personal post on Tumblr, not connected to any ongoing debate I had participated in, where I just remarked on how I’d always felt comfortable around peers of mine who shared the experience of personal disconnection from dominant heterosexual/cisgender culture, as far back as elementary school, even though I wasn’t cognizant of that being a factor in my connection to them until they later disclosed that they were trans or gay. And my post or a screenshot or quote from it appeared on a blog that existed largely just to showcase posts by ace (or furry or otherkin) bloggers with sardonic tags. I think they tagged my post with, “#I’m q***r because I was raised by q***rs in the wild.” If that isn’t the exact wording it’s very close. I didn’t respond to it that the time, because I chose to look at this blog I knew might be snarking at me, so I felt at fault for how much that upset me. But I feel like I probably shouldn’t have to explain why it was invalidating to read a comment like that after sharing that I had recognized in my own life the widespread experience of LGBT+ youth finding each other, even without the terminology or experience to fully express their identities. It isn’t nearly the worst thing that’s been said to me, but it stuck with me for a while and just kept making me feel like a fake about everything I did. Every time I was inclined to second-guess my experiences as someone alienated from straight culture I thought of that one flippant comment. I think it’s because I had let my guard down. I was dropping the game I play in straight society, of keeping my inner experiences to myself and being prepared for inappropriate pathologization or disbelief or hostility when I did talk honestly about them.

So I just stopped making myself vulnerable on Tumblr. By this point I had stable partner relationships with people who understood me and I just didn’t need an asexual community in the same way I had before. It’s still important for asexual communities to exist, but I was no longer personally counting on one to help me respect myself and trust my own experiences, and engaging with the Tumblr ace community had just become too painful and unhealthy for me to continue. So I gradually stopped participating in any Serious Ace Discussions on Tumblr.
But I’d just like to make the case, now, that asexual people should have spaces where they can talk casually about their own experiences and not have those discussions turned into discussions on the relative ethical merits of different systems of terminology, or on the limits of what can or can’t be called oppression, or on the limits of who can or can’t be said to belong in LGBT+ communities.

You know who gets to do that all the time? You know who gets to talk about their personal experiences of sexuality among friends just about anywhere they go, and not have to worry about the discussion turning to whether their identities are “inherently slut-shaming” or appropriative of LGB culture? Straight people do. And I don’t expect that to become a reality for asexual people in such a pervasive way as it is for straight people, but I want to see more asexual people have access to spaces where that can happen. Gradually, in some places, it is actually starting to happen. To be clear, it is happening with the cooperation of existing LGBT+ communities that recognize the massive overlap of both needs and individual members between themselves and asexual communities. After all, many asexual people find validation of some of their experiences through participation in LGBT+ communities before they ever find asexual terminology, or at least that was the case before asexual terminology became more widespread.

You’ll notice that this post doesn’t contain links to sources, doesn’t name individual people involved in the conflicts I’ve mentioned, doesn’t present evidence of these events. This is deliberate. I need to just record all my thoughts, then bury this. I don’t want to go digging through blog archives to look at all this stuff again. I need to stop thinking about it, for my health’s sake. The vitriol that occurred around the Tumblr ace community ca. 2012 didn’t happen in isolation from reality, and an honestly understandable knee-jerk invalidation of asexual people among LGB people has been spotted elsewhere – see for example some of the comments made by non-asexual LGB people in Angela Tucker’s documentary (A)sexual – but the kind of pervasive disruption that happened here is not something I’ve seen to asexual communities off the internet. I think it is at least partly attributable to a peculiar group dynamic made possible by the structure of Tumblr communities. In any case, when I tentatively peek at the ace community’s tags on Tumblr, the major conflict seems to be mostly over, or at least not raging on like it was three years ago. But I’m still not up for serious ideological discussions on the politics of asexual identity, and I will resist being pulled into any.

Feel free to reblog this post and comment on it, but I probably won’t reply and I can’t even guarantee I’ll read all comments.

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Chooch, I feel I'm horribly uneducated on the Israel/Palestine situation. :( I mean, I understand the basic conflict, but I know there's much more to the issue and I have no idea where to start looking. Are there any links/articles/videos on the topic that you've found particularly accurate or informative? Zayn's tweet definitely makes me want to learn more on this issue.

Here is one of the biggest benefits to having zayn tweet this; uninformed people decide to figure out what’s going on. Unfortunately, I’m not the best person to talk to about this, but I’ll try my best. I also know that twerk-it-larry is pretty informed on the situation and has faced it first hand.

So, Zayn Malik tweeted this today:

Some history:

Until1946, Palestinians lived all over the country, some Jewish people did too, and they actually lived pretty peacefully.

After WW2, the British, finding that Jews felt unsafe in Europe, decided to establish Israel as their state. Over a million fled to Israel from 1948-1970.

Here’s some more history.

Here’s a video.

Here’s a post about some of the ways Palestinians are discriminated against.

Here’s whats happening now:

The current escalation was caused when 3 Israeli teenagers were kidnapped while they were found on Palestinian land. Israeli government was quick to blame Hamas, the people in power in Palestine, they later admitted that that it was a lone act, in other words, Hamas wasn’t involved. In other words, you could make the argument that Israel blamed Hamas in order to justify the planned attack.

Further, the Israeli government was well aware the teens were dead, but acted as if they didn’t:

Yet for the next two weeks authorities put on a phony rescue effort, instituted a gag order to prevent the public from knowing the truth and rallied the Jewish domestic and diaspora populations in anticipation of their move against Hamas.


The death toll is approaching 1,000, most of them women and children. That because Israel consistently target, hospitals, and UN shelters

Israel: 42.

“Israel has the right to defend itself?”

In a nutshell, the conflict is about two peoples, living in peace. One side does something, and the other reacts.

I’m not saying Palestine is innocent in all of this, but they are definitely the disenfranchised population. According to Human Rights Watch:

World Report 2014.

Israeli forces killed more Palestinian civilians in the West Bank and demolished more Palestinian homes than in 2012. Israel continued to build settlements in the West Bank, violating international law. Palestinian security forces in both the West Bank and Gaza enjoyed virtual impunity from criminal prosecution despite credible allegations of torture. In Gaza, Israel and Egypt impeded rebuilding of the devastated economy by blocking virtually all exports. Israeli and Palestinian security services in the West Bank and Gaza arrested people arbitrarily and unlawfully restricted people from protesting.

Oh and:

I have general knowledge of what’s going on, so here are some more links to explore and stay updated:



James Gelvin

Noam Chomsky

Jewish Voices for Peace

*Note: this is really general, I hope its informative, but please don’t let this post be your sole source. Please do your own research, come to your own conclusion.

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If BLM has to defend itself right now bc those kids said "Black Lives Matter" in that vid (not sure if they did) then the Pope should be held responsible for the KKK, the rise of neo-Nazis, and basically all of colonization


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Hello! What would happen to an INTP in a depressed stage? Like I've read about loops that certain types have, but what would usually occur with an INTP? Thank you in advance!!

A loop is basically heavy suppression of the auxiliary function in favor of the tertiary. When the dominant and tertiary functions overinteract, being of the same nature (introverted or extroverted), it leads to a severe imbalance. This is usually the result of self-doubt, when your Ti feels attacked and instead of finding assistance in the second-in-command which would provide a person with some balanced insight, Ti uses Si to defend itself and make itself feel right even when it’s not.

If the INTP’s depression is the result of self-doubt, their behavior would be unlisting Ne and overusing Si in its favor. So they would, I’d assume, shut themselves in; they wouldn’t let people in or be open to new experiences. They’d fall into this routine where everything is the same, and if anything’s ever off, they’ll panic.

They’ll stop interacting with people positively. With a low Ne and Fe, they won’t know how to communicate, and worse so with loops is that they won’t want to. They’ll think they’re better off without other people, that they’re right in isolating themselves with their thoughts, that no one understands them anyway, that there’s just no point. Si will be used to second these judgments because being away from people and around their own thoughts will start to comfort them; the familiarity will put their mind at ease. 

With Ne at a low, they’ll have difficulty generating ideas. That’s one thing that INTPs pride themselves for. They feel that this is what isolates them from people, makes them different; and now that they’ve literally isolated themselves further because of it, it’s not working. They’ll panic. They’ll start to think they’re not the geniuses they or everyone else thinks them to be. They’ll feel stupid, like a fraud, and they’ll start to feel insecure, like who they know themselves to be is collapsing in on itself.

In some cases, this is when they’ll face their insecurity, and in others, they’ll use Ti-Si to further pile onto their ego defense squad.

Now this doesn’t happen with all INTPs when depressed, nor is this the only way that Ti-Si can occur in INTPs when in the loop. Just one likely way.


Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Chris Hedges and Palestinian activist Linda Sarsour deconstruct the narrative around Israel’s right to defend itself and the media’s depiction of the Gaza assault.

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what are your thoughts about the white house iftar?

I could turn this into an all out thesis, but I’ll spare that today.

This country is hostile towards Muslims. So much so that those who are even ancestrally associated with or have been mistaken for Muslims (Arab Christians, Sikhs, Hindus etc) are also subject to Islamophobic backlash. Islamophobia is not merely an unfortunate social byproduct, its a state sanctioned form of bigotry and hatred that’s been utilized to export unprecedented amounts of violence to Muslim majority nations. This violence is deployed by direct combat and siege, funding dangerous militias and coups, stunting economies by ways of sanctions, installing puppet dictatorships or supporting occupation and genocides (Palestine and Somali Galbeed by bankrolling Israel and Ethiopia respectively, for example).

Given the deliberately nefarious relationship American politicians have cultivated around Islam and towards Muslims, one should be innately inclined to wonder what the motives of a White house iftar is. Who gets invited? Why? What conversations can and can’t be had with a group of people whose jobs it is to destabilize countries many of us are from? There’s a sharp cognitive dissonance with the fact that some elite Muslims in more lofty positions can attend iftar dinners in the same structure that hosted the most devastating and patently Islamophobic political measures. Drone strikes are signed off in the White House. Sanctions have been approved in the White House. Muslims have been spied on and have had their phones tapped because of decisions made in the White House. How can anyone faithfully say that White House iftars are made in good conscience and with pious intentions when after the plates are cleared, the violence resumes as normal.

In fact, this year, they didn’t even wait to clear the plates. Obama’s pivotal statement was his assessment that Israel had the right to defend itself, thus asserting that Palestinian slaughter was not only justifiable, but necessary. Because when you allow the colonizer further access to massacre the colonized, but extend no sentiment vice versa, that’s what you’re saying. It doesn’t take a genius to understand the dynamic and insidious nature of statements that legitimize settler colonialism and worse, masquerade as if they are victims of brutality in any meaningful or relevant capacity.

Think about why he chose that particular moment to enable Zionist violence. Of all the months of the Islamic year and in the history of Palestinian genocide, using this time to utilize Islam to reinforce the brutality against a Muslim majority region was an egregiously sadistic act. And the cherry on top? No one walked out. So here we have a dinner that is caught on video for millions to see, (which is supposed to hold immense spiritual sentimental value), but instead is used as a platform in which a long standing genocide is endorsed and congratulated and the appearance speaks as if it was approved by the Muslims who attended, because they didn’t walk out.

What does that say to the world about the neutral approach towards Palestinian genocide? What does that say to Muslim Palestinians who have to deal with the instrumentalization of their faith (probably one of the few things that allows them hope to withstand violence) used as a tool against them? What does that say about the disgustingly privileged and opportunistic nature of certain Muslim leaders in the West to our brothers and sisters back home, who are oppressed by both the very apparatus of American politics and our unwillingness to speak out?

This was a reprehensible act of violence. Towards Palestinians first and foremost, and secondarily to all Muslim activists who put their heart, time, soul and efforts in BDS movements. Who have been victims of nonconsensual videotaping, relentless harassment, assault, lawsuits, fired from jobs and expelled from schools to stand up against Israel’s brutality against Palestine.

This is the neoliberal hell we live in. Where liberal governments can pay meaningless lip service and empty gestures towards brutalized minorities, but encroach upon them and utilize them as agents against their own. And franky, anyone who attends White House iftars should be completely ashamed of themselves.

People say that they boycott Israel and the Jews but actually most of the things they use was created and made by Jews and Israel. I have always laughed on those pages on Facebook ” boycott the jews” and that, but actually use Facebook and also google, whatsup… all of them = jews’ brain.

How can you blindly support occupation? Have you not learned? Have you not realised how wrong it is? Why are you allowing yourselves to commit the same crimes you promised yourselves you won’t commit ever again?! When does one holocaust excuse another?!

I am so disgusted by people supporting Israel. I am absolutely disgusted of people supporting Israel’s right to “defend” itself by massacring Palestinians. By supporting Israel, you are supporting genocide, apartheid and holocaust. You are a racist and you are truly despicable!


Israel stole more Palestinian land to make room for illegal Jewish-only settlements, this time in the West Bank town of Abu Dis near Jerusalem. Palestinians respond with peaceful protest, including prayer. News don’t report. Israeli soldiers attack them. News don’t report. World carries on, occasionally shouting their “Israel has a right to defend itself” bullshit. News do report.

(Photos by Ammar Awad / Reuters)


Petition to the US Government to Tell Israel to Let the Children Live

Over the past week, Israel has launched an assault on Gaza that has killed over 260 Palestinians, including at least 40 children. The Palestinian casualties in this massacre continues to escalate, with over 2,000 wounded. Over 17,000 Palestinian civilians have fled their homes in northern Gaza in fear of more Israeli airstrikes, and Israel is planning more ground invasions. The UN reports that 77% of Palestinians killed were civilians and calls for a cessation of hostilities and a comprehensive peace agreement.

This adds to the following heartbreaking stories:

This morning, three Palestinian children were killed while feeding ducks on their rooftop. They were Ismail Abu Musalam-Walaa, 13, Mohammed, 13, and Ahmed, 14.

On Wednesday, four Palestinian children were killed while playing soccer on the beach. Dozens of journalists witnessed the killing, saying the cause was an Israeli naval or aerial attack.

This is not just a heartbreaking massacre due to the child casualties, but also for the grief of the parents, families, and communities subject to this relentless violence. 

Israel’s bombing of civilian areas in Gaza is collective punishment and a violation of basic human rights and international law. Hamas’s rocket attacks on Israeli towns have been condemned by our government, yet Israel is still being given a free pass for its role in creating and escalating this crisis. Israel’s unjust attacks and excessive use of force against Palestinians should be strongly condemned, instead of being justified as its “right to defend itself." Especially when a majority of casualties are civilians — women and children.

The latest crisis demonstrates the status quo between Israelis and Palestinians is untenable. Going forward, the underlying causes driving the conflict must be resolved: the Gaza blockade and limitations on freedom of travel of Gazans should be lifted and ending Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories must become a priority for the U.S. government.

Beyond the tragic toll it has taken on countless innocent people, we should treat this conflict as the national security priority that it is. Tell Israel to stop killing children.

It takes one signature to make a change. So please. Sign the signature, click here.