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I definitely could be making better progress. I wanted to be 30 more pounds down by now. But you are your own worst enemy right? I’m still chugging along though! My motivation for today is that I comfortably fit into this hoodie that I bought a year ago! First time wearing it out on a cozy lazy Sunday while I get chores done :)


The Stylist gets into the Master’s kitchen part II: a.k.a., True Friends Poison Each Other

@natalunasans sent me several sets of 1:6 scale accessories made by Battat for their 8″ Lori dolls. As you can see, they all work great for 1:6 scale people. While not on the level of Rement, all pieces show very good molding, sparing but realistic paint apps, realistic color schemes, and overall charming design. Better than Mattel playline.

Also starring a plastic overstuffed chair that came along with my Pop Toys British Detective [unlicensed Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock from the Abandoned Bride ep of the eponymous show set in 1895 or something]. And finally you can get a good look at the Stylist, who is a 2016 AA Holiday Barbie headsculpt on a Made To Move Body. I removed her eye makeup, brows, and lips, adding new brows, new mouth, and, of course, shading around eyes and nose. I also added a scar on her forehead because she was going to be Alison, but she doesn’t look like her.

Anyway, here’s the Stylist plowing her way through a selection, with eventual interception from the Master, whose pantry all that stuff was in. :p

No, apparently my Time Lords don’t have adventures; they just hang around and annoy the shit out of each other.

Third panel: Stylist: “Snore.” / Master: “What’s this?”

Fourth panel: Master: “Unraveler!” 

Fifth panel: Stylist: “Yawn. Hey — ‘s’up, Warlock?” 

Sixth panel: Master: “I can’t decide which I find more objectionable — the fact that you consumed everything in my larder or the fact that you made such an unconscionable mess in the process!” / Stylist: “Hmmm, maybe I should pick that up.” 

Seventh panel: Master: “While you’re doing so, you can amuse yourself by cataloguing your symptoms.” / Stylist: “My what now?”

Eighth panel: Master: “Do you think I would really be unprepared for this eventuality? I knew that you would inevitably raid my pantry, so I poisoned some of the items. I estimate that you have approximately three hours to discover which and effect an antidote. If not…well, at least I will have a few days of peace and quiet before you regenerate and start the whole cycle anew.”

Ninth panel: Stylist: “Cool! This Sunday morning just got a lot more exciting!”

  • Kuroo: Fuck, it's Sawamura and he seems very mad. One of us has to talk to him.
  • Bokuto: All right, the first one who chugs their slushie is off the hook.
  • Kuroo: Dude, I am not...
  • Bokuto: Come on, here we go!
  • [he takes a big sip of his slushie]
  • Bokuto: Owww! Brain Freeze!
  • Daichi: What the hell are you both doing?
  • Bokuto: [screaming]
  • Bokuto: It's so cold!

My husband is working on the light stage of his PLD relic, so I tagged along for 60 roulette on my SCH. We get Lost City of Amdapor hard, with a BRD and a DRG. The DRG tells us he’s new and off we go. Things are going great, the DPS is actualy AOEing on large pulls and we’re chugging right along.

Then, at the very tail end of the stone lion boss fight, an element that the DRG is weak to spawns right under him and one-shots him instantly. I pop him back up and he apologizes- all of his gear has broken, leaving him with a whopping 3k HP.

We get to the next section of the dungeon, the series of statues that come to life before the last boss, and he says that he doesn’t want to be a liability. I tell him he’s fine, and pop stoneskin and adlo on him. He dies once more to a hit by the magic pots, but I manage to keep him alive through most of the final boss fight. I refresh stoneskin and adlo on him whenever it falls off, and a couple of times I spread adlo/eye for an eye from my husband’s PLD to give him a little extra damage mitigation. Thankfully, having only 3k hp meant that when he did get hit and get low, a single lustrate or embrace was more than enough to pop him back up to full.

He finally bites the dust when the boss gets a party-wide attack off a split second before dying, but dang if Ididn’t feel accomplished for keeping him up through most of the fight. The BRD and my husband were stellar, too, and did the fight perfectly, with my hubby using his shields/cover for some extra help, leaving me free to help the DRG out while still giving me room to DPS to make up for the damage loss.

The DRG got his clear, and I left the dungeon with both of the comms and a big smle on my face.

( submitted by expositionavenue )

  • Noctis: Fuck, it's Ignis and he seems very mad. One of us has to talk to him.
  • Prompto: All right, the first one who chugs their slushie is off the hook.
  • Noctis: Dude, I am not--
  • Prompto: Come on, here we go! *takes big slip of his slushie*
  • Prompto: Owww! Brain freeze!
  • Ignis: What the hell are you both doing?
  • Prompto: *screaming*
  • Prompto: It's so cold!!

things u may be missing right now on the 2SPOOKY segment of extra life

  • kerry: you know, it’s really sinking in that I just ate hair
  • kerry: what is this 420?!?
  • [quiet chanting of “murder! murder! murder!” in the background]
  • “my liver was beautiful 30 years ago” -gus, right before chugging alcohol straight out of the bottle
  • kerry: look, its 2spooky, 3spoopy, 4…. spocky, ..5….. for the kids…
  • miles: what are they doing? what are they doing?!? what the fuck are they doing? oh, they’re moving a couch
  • miles: I hope you fucking die   kerry: i probably will
  • kerry: hey guys? I’m fucking miles.
  • “this is boring”   “OOOH GET FUCKIN WREK’D!!!”
  • gus: I wrote… some terrible things….. awful, awful things… for everybody here to do.. nobody knows
  • barbara: hey guys, seriously, maybe no more shots?   gus: THREE MORE SHOTS
  • *wheel alarm goes off* everyone: *cries of horror*
  • gus: you know what? I’ve drank more than them. and /fuck/ them
  • miles: what we’re trying to do is raise money for kids, that’s what we’re trying to do here today- but fuck gus, seriously, FUCK gus
  • gus: someone threw it away :(
  • gus: I want to say something. I started this company. YOU ALL HAVE JOBS BECAUSE OF ME. *high-fives Miles*
  • miles: I LOVE THIS FUCKING WHEEL *five minutes later* miles: I’m legitimately sorry
  • “Recap: Gus wrote ‘fight dracula’. Gus doesn’t know what it means anymore”
hyratel replied to your post: Considering how much AI robots interest me I’m…

yeah when a $50 Expert System will do, you’re not likely to drop $250,000 getting a full AI Growprammed

Yeah, Astro Boy is a bit ridiculous having complex AI robots doing every job from traffic control to superhero do-goodery. No wonder they have so many issues with AI rights, they’re chugging out robots physically designed only to wash windows but giving them complex emotions and the ability to contemplate their own mortality?? W… why?? At least make them one general model so they can like….. go write poetry if they want

Also, a lot of new AIs in Staraways aren’t even manufactured anymore, they just copy an existing AI’s data to an unlinked system and over time it becomes a different person with a different personality. Like plant budding! This can happen on accident too, like if a remote unit gets disconnected from the main system.


Rebuild Newcrest is chugging right along with a cute, earthy starter for townies with green thumbs! Starters are more my speed =D And those four lots by the little park area are my favorite in the game.

One bed, one bath, eat-in kitchen, and plenty of space to move around/clutter up. A generous lot too with tons of room to expand the crops, and I moved over some healthy plants and fruit trees for instant gardening skill + harve$t income + food for the aspiring botanist just getting on their feet.

All CC-free and you can find this home on the gallery under my ID gladlypants – I believe I’ll share the townie I made for this lot as well (both here and on the gallery,) because she’s just too cute and perfect for the lot. I may even play a bit on her myself when I am done with the challenge, add some more detail to the front of the house and a cute little potting shed. (I love useless cutesie storage spaces) Oh who am I kidding…. I’ll totally be all about building some restaurants by then!

View all my Rebuild Newcrest Challenge related posts under my #rebuildnewcrest tag.

chugging right along

“I was not –” begins Steve, indignantly, and then catches Bucky’s eye.

“No, no,” says Bucky. “Tell me more about this pass you didn’t make at Wilson when you met. I want to hear all about it.”

“It wasn’t a pass,” says Steve sullenly.

“He lapped me five times running in the National Mall, and said ‘on your left’ every time,” says Sam mercilessly.

“You dumbcluck,” says Bucky, lovingly.

“Then when I got mad and tried to chase him he bolted off again, and only came back to mock me.”

“I spend all that time trying to learn you some manners,” says Bucky, more in sorrow than in anger. “And this is what you do. What if I die tomorrow and I gotta tell your sainted mother about that? She’s gonna wallop my ass straight out the golden gates..”

“You leave my ma out of this,” says Steve.

“He was wearing a real tight shirt, though,” said Sam, reminiscently. “Then he came to the VA and stared at me while I was trying to run a group.”

“Steve,” says Bucky. “Stevie.”

A New Crush

I wrote this a really long time ago.  Enjoy!! (Note* based off of real life Star!  It’s actually how I met one of my best friends!  Also don’t just start screaming at people.  Not a good idea. ) 

So, finals week. Right? Ugh.  Mark chugged two cups of coffee in the span of an hour because, well, fuck.  

After trying to drink out of his empty cup and staring at it in betrayal for a few moments – how dare it be empty- he got up to retrieve more. He stepped in line to get a third drink from the overworked barista at the campus coffee shop and he just wanted to spend a few more hours doing nothing but burying himself so far in notes that he bled ink and stressed tears.  

Finally, after the guy in front of him took forever to fucking order a simple black coffee, he moved up to the counter and placed the same order I had already placed twice, causing the barista to look at him sympathetically.  As he was digging money out of his pocket, an Irish accented voice spoke up from behind him.

“Are you alright?  You look a little stressed.”

Mark spun around to look questioningly at the shorter guy standing behind him.  He looked harmless enough, but he was interrupting his study flow and Mark did not have time for cute assholes.

“Fine.” The tone was final and unquestioning.  It was not the day for good moods.  

He turned back around and ignored the slight offence he saw in blue eyes and paid for his coffee.  He was going to go broke before the week was over, he really needed to get a better habit.  

He also didn’t want to burst into tears of stress.  So coffee.  

The Irish guy ordered and paid before standing next to him and opening his mouth every few seconds like he had a question that he didn’t know how to ask.  

Eventually, Mark gave into curiosity, “Do I know you from somewhere?”

The guy looked over and smiled. “Yeah, I was the guy you bumped into this morning.”

‘Bumped into’ was a bit of an understatement.  Mark could remember it being more, ‘I trampled all over you in my rush to get to coffee and holy shit are you okay?’

He felt his cheeks glow in embarrassment, “Holy shit I am so sorry.”

The guy waved him off, “Nah, nah, man.  It’s cool.”

Silence consumed them for a moment before the man spoke again “I do have a question for you.”

Mark tilted his head and made a “hm” sound to indicate that he was listening.

“Wh-Why did you start screaming at me?”

Mark looked over at him and raised his eyebrows. “What?”

“Screaming.  You just started screaming.  No words, no hand gestures, nothing.  You just clutched your notes to your chest and screamed like a banshee at me.  It was honestly really frightening.”

Mark pressed his palm to his face in embarrassment.  Yeah, he could remember that.  Great. The first hot guy to notice him only did so because he made an idiot of himself.  He hoped none of his friends had seen that.

He removed his hand to apologize just in time to hear the barista call his name and the name of the man beside him.

After picking up his coffee and moving aside, Mark spoke again. “I’m sorry for screaming at you, it’s finals week.  What is sleep?  Am I human? I want tacos.”

Who the barista had called ‘Jack’ burst into charming laughter and patted Mark on the shoulder before giving him a grin.  “You need some help studying? I promise to help and not distract you at all.”

Mark, seeing the mischievous glint in Jack’s eye, highly doubted that the man could help him stay focused, but he found himself agreeing anyway.

He could use a break. He’d been doing the same routine for days and the next day’s exam was easy anyway.  

Mark led the way to his little corner of the coffee shop and sat down across from his new crush.  

Wedding Update #6 - And the train keeps on chugging

CHOO CHOO!!!!! All aboard The Olicity Wedding Train!!!! We are chugging right along.

For those of you who want to catch up - The Olicity Wedding Theory and all the updates are linked in my Top5 posts.

Dug up a few more interesting tidbits this week for you guys to feast upon and yes…I saw the 3x22 and 3x23 episode descriptions.  We’ll get to those.

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Getting ready to workout, huddled under my covers because my house is freezing right now! About to chug some C4 and hit day 11 of Crush, and then go to dinner with some friends tonight 👌
And so excited because Gymshark finally re-stocked the leggings I wanted and I just ordered two pairs yayy! Cause you can never have too many workout clothes 😊