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[The story of Dunkirk] very much is a story of survival and a community coming together, and it gives a nod to our services, our brilliant services, who are still to this day amongst the best in the world. I think it really asks the question, “Are we still together as a community?” And I think, you know, in many ways we are but in many ways we aren’t.

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I wish you would write a fic where: Ransom is a team physician and Holster is a referee. (They first met on the ice during a particularly physical Aces v. Falcs game?)

Prompt Free For All, Accepting until Sept. 1st! This fill brought to you by @omgpieplease‘s amazing Holsom sketchpage and ref!Holster sketches. 

Justin Oluransi, MD, has a complicated relationship with his job. One one level, he loves it. There’s something so pure about the rush of adrenaline when he has to run onto the ice and assess a situation. He loves hockey and he loves helping people, and being the team physician for the Providence Falconers allows him to do both. There’s just one part of his job that he hates: he’s only called in when something terrible happens. Fighting is expected - he’s sewn up more busted lips and tracked down more teeth than he can count - but injuries are always horrible to witness.

As much as Justin loves his job it’s never fun to see a player go down, especially now that he’s gotten to know the Falconers individually. It had been a little easier to watch them go down when he was still terrified to speak to them for fear of embarrassing himself (in his first conversation with Tater all he’d managed to say was hello and goodbye), but now that he counts them as friends instead of colleagues every time he rushes onto the ice there’s a heavy dread sitting in the pit of his stomach.

Justin’s particularly busy whenever the Aces come to town. He’s not sure what it is about the Aces and Falconers, but guys who aren’t at all prone to fighting tend to end up in the worst scrapes of all whenever their paths cross. It’s so bad that he’s kept even closer to the ice than usual, tucked almost on the bench itself instead of back in the halls underneath the stands. It’s only because of this vantage point that he sees him.

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           I TOO DESIRE TO FIND MY HOME.       you see, in days long past, where rockets and robots were nowhere near creation, a young warrior forged into battle with aku. at the point where victory was eminent, aku tricked the warrior and flung him from his own time to a distant time in the future. to reclaim his homeland and undo the evil of aku, the warrior has to find some sort of time passage home. such a magic is difficult to find.          ( @bushiddo )

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The difference between @therealjacksepticeye and @markiplier:

Mark: *finishes first part in 15 min* Oh, that was all?
Jack: *finishes first part in 40 minutes* Wow, this one is gonna be a lot longer.

Jack: I wanna say sexy nurse, but is that creepy?
Mark: sEXY NuuuuuRse

Jack: *sucks in breath* I don’t knooow.. are we ready for matching costumes?

Jack: I don’t know… I’m speaking for my character, not myself, and… Jack doesn’t seem like that type of guy. You, see the thing is *goes on an inspirational tangent*
Mark: Have I had seeeex!?!! Whatttt???? I’m an expert on the sex! ABSOLUTELY!

Jack: I don’t know if I’d date you….
Mark: Absolutely! You’re pretty swell!

Jack: haha
Mark: lol

Jack: Chat log? Not sure if I want to get involved.
Mark: Chat log? ok

Jack: Hey, this song is pretty good! Crap, will I actually get a copyright strike for this?

Jack: *inspirational speech*
Mark: *uNiNtElLiGiBlE nOiSeS*

Mark: *formally* Oh, wouldn’t that be grand?
Jack: *i r i s h* rIGht jEsus to ya, that’d be grand!

Mark: Thank you, everybody, so much for watching, and I will see yoooou, in the next video. Buh-bye!
Jack: THANK you guys so much for watching this episode, if you LIKED it… PUNCH that like button IN the face, LIKE A BOSS! And, h I gh f I v e s a l l a r o u n r *wHoOpsh, whOopsh* but THANK you fuys, and I’ll see all you dudes, IN THE NEXT VIDEOOO!!!

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pls tell me that my guess that Bitty shotgunned with Nursey is right and also ya know if you were to elaborate on Jack's and Dex's reaction I wouldn't complain .... ...........

(You are correct but to be fair I also was going to accept Ransom holster Chowder dex and shitty as an answer. Like every answer was correct)

Yeah my guess was that it happened at a kegster during year 2 and jack’s upstairs but bitty and the frogs are all chillin on the back porch. They’re passing a joint around (not a bowl, sorry Bits) and it got to the point where there was like one hit left, so nursey suggests shotgunning. (more under cut cuz i wrote too much)

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Have a really gay canon-era Javid one-shot!

It had been ten years since Jack Kelly had last seen Davey Jacobs. After they’d grown too old for selling papers, they’d gone their separate ways. He had gone into the career of a political artist of sorts, his cartoons appearing in the papers on a regular basis, and Davey had continued with his studies until he’d qualified himself to become a teacher. A teacher who read the paper every morning, hoping to see the artwork of his former best friend.
They didn’t fit in each other’s lives anymore, but that didn’t mean Davey didn’t miss him. He’d sit staring at his wedding ring, painfully aware that it’s match wasn’t on Jack’s finger. When he tucked his daughter in at night he’d wonder what Jack would be like as a father. It was impossible to forget the love of one’s life and so Davey still remembered it all, of course. How they’d kiss up on the roof, and touch. Innocent, then not so innocent, then downright scandalous. But they’d been kids. All guys did it, right? When they were that age? It was a way to blow off steam, to practise before they moved on to courting girls. To let Jack kiss him under the stars until his lips were sore.

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Jack Barakat + Music Videos 

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Lonely Nights, Fun Mornings

Request: Hey, Could there be a Jack Maynard smut imagine, where your best friends & you are staying round. Jack decided you can stay in his bed & he’d sleep on the sofa so you can sleep better. But you was struggling to sleep & felt bad about him on the sofa, so woke him up to see if he’d like to share the bed. which he agreed. but early in the morning you was woken by him spooning you & he woke shortly after apologising, but you didn’t mind & then cute chat/smut stuff happens?

Pairing: Jack Maynard x Reader

Trigger Warnings: Hetero sex (includes oral), swearing

(A/N): I really like requests like these, with a good long prompt and such. it gives me a good idea of what to write.

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Javid Titanic AU - Part 28

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His lifebelt doing the bulk of the work to keep his afloat, Davey focused on trying to find Jack. He didn’t even know if it was worth keeping up the fight if the prize wasn’t getting to sleep beside Jack at night. Having checked everyone whose face he could see in the darkness, he pushed his way through a wall of people to widen his search, praying Jack hadn’t been dragged down with the suction of the ship. No. He had to still be alive or Davey didn’t want to be anymore. Jack was all he had. His parents would reject him for good now, no doubt, and there was no chance of them letting him see Les or Sarah. He couldn’t step onto American soil alone.

With his breath coming out like a portion of his soul was leaving his body, all wispy and white, with each painful lungful of oxygen he took, Davey was acutely aware that he was surrounded by hundreds of people, all kicking in the water. When someone grabbed hold of him by the shoulder straps of his lifebelt he tried to turn, assuming it was Jack, but was immediately pushed under the water.

He gasped as he went down, water rushing down his throat and threatening to choke him. Kicking up fast, fueled by adrenaline, he managed to get back above the surface for a couple of seconds before the hands moved to his head and pushed him down more firmly. Whoever the man using him as a floatation device was, he was stronger and just as determined not to die. Davey couldn’t fight him.

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The Intern--Chapter 5

I’m so sorry it has taken me so long to update this story. Thank you all for being so patient with me. I’m done with school for the semester so I’m hoping to roll out another chapter within the next week. As always let me know if y’all want me to add you to the tagging list! Here’s a little more about that crazy family. And what’s going to happen with the gala?

Chapters:  1 2 3 4

Tag Requests: @locke-writes @mrschiltoncat @xemopeachx @kjs-s @redvolpe

Once you were back in your apartment you fixed yourself a drink and settled on the couch before Skyping your mom on your laptop.

“Hello, Y/N Y/M/N”

“Sorry mama, must have been a bad connection.” You laughed and rolled your eyes.

“Well I just don’t understand why you had to hang up on me. I was being perfectly civil with the man. Can you blame me?”

“Oh Mags, leave her alone. Y/N I’d have hung up too” Your dad called from the background.

“Thanks daddy. At least someone’s on my side.” You were definitely your father’s daughter when it came to the two of them. “And what have you been up to besides causin’ trouble?”

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A New Experience

 So, might have gotten sudden inspiration for a short story from this. Hope you enjoy!

Mark excitedly set the package he had just received on top of the kitchen table. He had ordered this a few weeks ago, without Jack’s knowledge, as it was a surprise. He ripped the tape off the top and opened it wide. His hand delved into it, pushing the packing peanuts away and bringing out a medium sized box. His hand delved deep again and this time he brought out a very tiny box, almost identical to the other medium sized one. Mark smiled, but jumped when a voice from behind startled him.

“What ya got there?” Jack’s voice called out. Mark did his best not to drop the boxes and sighed in relief when he succeeded. He placed them on the table and turned around to see Jack, on top of the coffee table in the living room. He was trying to peek around Mark, to catch a glimpse of what was on the table. Mark moved in front of the packages, blocking Jack’s view and making him pout.

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Naps and Deals

“Its been a few Easters since I’ve seen the little bugger.” Bunny pointed out, lounging next to North as he scribbled something on a scroll. “He hasn’t been snowing out my Easters.”

North grunted. “Maybe he has grown respect for you, no?”

Bunny snorted. “Frostbite? Nah.”

North gazed at him very seriously, his eyes twinkling. “Jack has made deal with sandman.”

Bunny’s ears perked. “Wha?”

North straightened, his jaw setting. “When was last time Easter was snowy?”

Bunny thought back. “Maybe a half a century? Sixty years?”

North nodded. “Around then, Jack makes deal with Sandy. Jack makes warm spot with no cold for Sandy to set his dreams at night, and Sandy gives Jack enough sleep sand to sleep through Easter weekend.”

Bunny’s eyes went wide. Jack was doing that for him?

“But why would he? Jack doesn’t care bout anyone.”

North looked at him knowingly. “he cares for you.”

Bunny froze, and heat swelled in his chest. Easter had passed a few days ago, and like magic, Jack stepped through the door, a sleepy look on his face.

“Hey Santa, Bunny.” He greeted, flying over to look over Norths new project.

Bunny only watched him, noticing the easy, loose swing of his feet and shoulders, so relaxed. He saw Frost melting off the staff and sending trails onto the floor in slushy puddles. Was that a blush on the boys cheeks?

Bunny grabbed Jacks staff, dragging him out into the hallway. Jack tried protesting, but it was a feeble attempt that didn’t get him anywhere.

“What are yo-”

Bunnys lips were on his, and Jack found his body flush against Aster’s. His hands tangled into fur, and lips nipped at another. Aster will be proud to announce that he had nipped Jack Frosts nose, a joke he’d be sure to use forever.

Jack returned his kisses, leaning into the touch and bending to meet the sweet touch of paws trailing under his jacket.

“It is about time.” The pair head North chuckle, but a quick blast of frost from Jack sent the old man running back down the hall.

“He’s right, ya know.” Jack said between kisses. “I’ve been waiting.”

Bunny only pushed harder onto Jacks willing mouth, his throat purring with a pleasured moan. “Then stop skipping Easter and spend it with me.”

Jack stares dumbfounded at Bunny, but the rabbits quick lips and caressing pads took his breath from him.