right there where we stood

Protected: Part Five

Summary: Reader is the younger sister of Tony Stark. After a bad breakup with her abusive ex she moves into the Stark Tower and asks Tony to help her train so she can look after herself and feel safe. Having previously worked at S.H.I.E.L.D as a translator, she fits in with the team immediately and proves herself to be no damsel in distress but that isn’t to say she doesn’t welcome the protective aura of a certain super-soldier 

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Tony x Steve, Wanda x Vision, Tony x sister!reader

Word count: 2,581

Warnings: None?

A/N: when speech is in italics, it means they are speaking another language. Y/N/N = Your Nickname. Ok guys, you’re all probably gonna hate me by the end of this chapter. There will be one more part, however, I’m not gonna tell you the end so you’ll just have to wait and see! :)

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“Shit!” The Arabic slipped from your mouth as you landed with a thump against the mat. Natasha let out a laugh, able to get the gist of what you were saying from your tone. By now she and the other members of the team were used to you transitioning fluidly between languages. Originally they had thought it was strange, not understanding why you would just slip a word in, here and there, for no reason. But you soon explained that sometimes you couldn’t help it; a side effect of understanding, speaking and remembering every language that you heard was that occasionally the lines got blurred. For you, knowing different languages wasn’t like it was for other people, translating words in your head, no; it was natural, just like an expansion to your vocabulary.

You allowed yourself a moment to think whilst she stood above you. She was distracted, thinking she had won and you used that as an opportunity to hook your leg around hers and bring her tumbling down with you. In a second, you had flipped her over and straddled her waist, pinning her hands above her head, “Yield,” you ordered.

She set her jaw stubbornly and then the corners of her mouth pulled up in a small smile and suddenly her legs came up behind you, the soles of her feet pushing underneath your armpits. She pushed you backwards with her feet, causing the two of you to roll, landing with her sat upright and you pinned across her legs.

“Yield,” she said, grinning but instead you struggled, refusing to give up.

Finally you managed to wiggle a leg free and curl the back of your knee around the front of her neck, pushing her back so you essentially just rocked back into your earlier position. However, this time your leg barred her neck and one arm, keeping her upper body in your control. You leaned back, using one hand to hold her legs down and the other to keep her free hand by her side, “Yield,” you demanded, smirking at her.

The two of you were breathing heavily and for a second she continued to struggle but your leg was an iron bar across her throat and any great movement from her would cut of her oxygen supply, “Fine. Fine! I yield,” she muttered, flopping back onto the mat.

“Yes! Yes, yes, yes!” You laughed, getting off of her and pulling her up with you whilst she rolled her eyes affectionately at your celebrations.

You had been at the Avengers for facility for ten months now. After three months, you joining the team had been made official. It was rare for someone to click with the entire team so well, as well as having the skill and potential to keep up with them; most were too scared of the Winter Soldier or star-struck by Captain America, or something along those lines with another member of the team. Some simply didn’t understand that the group was more than just a team, but a family.

You had spent every day of the last ten months training with each of the team in different areas of combat: shooting (arrows and bullets) with Clint; hand to hand combat with Natasha; knives and other weaponry with Bucky and a bunch of acrobatic fighting skills with Steve. The others had joined in too – you and Sam often went on runs together (which he preferred because for once he was the one winning) and you sometimes joined Rhodey during his physical therapy sessions, both of you encouraging each other. You sparred against all of them, learning their different fighting styles to help develop your own.

Wanda and Vision didn’t join in with your physical training, but the three of you spent long periods of time discussing the mechanics of your powers, since they were all to do with the mind. Wanda was fascinated to find that when she was in your mind, she could channel your ability to understand others; whilst Vision, who was still trying to get a hold on the world, loved to hear you speak different languages and tell him about their cultures.

Coulson had agreed to make your training official, meaning that you no longer had to do your old job transcribing recorded conversations between foreign operatives and working out the codes they used to communicate. Instead, you could focus on training. Because of this and your determination to practise and improve, you had progressed remarkably quickly.

“Y’know, you really are a natural at this, Y/N,” Natasha commented as the two of you went to pick up your things and leave the training room.

You smiled proudly, “It’s thanks to you guys really. You’re all great teachers,” you paused, thinking for a moment, “Y’know, as much as everything that happened with Jake was awful, I’m almost glad it happened, because if it hadn’t happed I would have never met you guys and gotten close with Tony again,” you told her, the warmth you felt for everyone shining through in your tone.

She smirked mischievously, “And…” she drew out the word, sending you a sideways glance, “You wouldn’t have met a certain Super-soldier.”

You played dumb, “What? You mean Steve? He’s my brother’s boyfriend; I think I would have met him eventually.” You gave her an innocent smile.

She snorted, “No, I mean James Buchanan Barnes, the man you’re in love with,” she said, like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Shhh! Nat! I told you that in confidence don’t go sprouting it off to the whole tower!” you hissed. “And besides,” you lowered your voice, “I didn’t say I was in love with him! It’s just a tiny crush!” you defended indignantly.

She laughed, “Yeah, yeah, whatever Y/N-” she was interrupted by her phone ringing and she sent you an apologetic look before answering it, “Coulson, what is it?” She was silent as she listened to Phil explain, then, “Ok. I’m coming now-” she paused to listen again, a bemused look settling on her face and she glanced at you, “Uh yeah, sure. I’ll bring her. We’re on our way now.” She hung up the phone and looked at you, “We’ve got a mission.”

“We?” You asked, incredulous.

“Yup,” she nodded, “Coulson says you’re needed for this mission.”

You frowned; you weren’t supposed to be going on any missions for another few months, and certainly not one that sounded as urgent (and therefore probably high-profile) as this one. But you didn’t argue, deciding to wait for the briefing, and followed Nat to the elevator.

When you arrived in the briefing room, everyone was already there. You glanced at Bucky, sending him a shrug when he frowned at you in confusion, before sitting next to him, leaning against him slightly as you looked to the front where Coulson was stood.

“Right, now everybody’s here, we can begin,” he clicked a remote in his hand and the blank screen lit up with some very familiar pictures. Now you knew why they needed you, “This man is Hamid Rahimi. Mr Rahimi is an Iranian businessman who primarily deals with arms trade. He’s notoriously hard to track, difficult to pin anything on and almost impossible to get to.” Phil clicked again and more pictures appeared. “These pictures were taken two weeks ago at the back of one of Rahimi’s clubs.”

The pictures featured two people being dragged into the back of blacked out vans, unconscious. You had seen them already, well not these exact ones, but very similar ones that had been taken before you stopped translating and decoding Intel. Phil clicked again and the screen zoomed out to reveal dozens more pictures like it, some of which you recognised.

“Mr Rahimi also runs a covert smuggling operation, his trade being people. However, Mr Rahimi has a rather unique payload. All of these people,” he gestured to the board, “Are special in some form or another. Mutants, inhumans, geniuses and many more. Because of this, S.H.I.E.L.D has deemed it necessary to bring you in on this one,” he explained.

“That, and the fact that nobody knows this case like I do, Phil,” you commented, raising an eyebrow at him.

“Ah, uh yes. That is part of the reason. Your help on the case would be greatly appreciated, and combined with your new training and your abilities with language, well … we’d like to send you into the field,” he said, smiling weakly.


You flinched back as Bucky’s voice hit your ears, your heart beating wildly. You steadied yourself with a breath, reminding yourself that it was just Bucky. You made eye-contact with him and saw guilt immediately cloud his eyes. He reached out tentatively, giving you a chance to pull back if you wanted, when you didn’t he took your hand and began rubbing a gentle thumb along it.

Now that you had calmed down, you were pissed at his outburst, “What the hell, Barnes? I know this case better than anyone. I’ve been trained by the best people in the world and I was going to start going on missions sooner or later, what did you expect?”

His jaw was tight as he looked at you and you felt his grip on your hand tighten briefly but he just shook his head, “Doesn’t matter.” His voice was low and quiet but you decided you’d deal with that later. Now you needed to talk to Phil.

“So, what do you need me to do?” You asked, turning back to him and ignoring the fact that the rest of the team was looking at you.


That was how you ended up in some random hotel room in Tehran – the capital city of Iran – with Bucky still sulking, “C’mon Buck, this was gonna happen eventually. I know you’re worried, but I’m worried about you every time you go on a mission. It’s ok, I’ll be ok,” you assured him as you put in your earrings and flattened your suit.

“Yeah, I know. But that doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it. This is a big first mission to get into,” he complained, standing up from the bed and pacing agitatedly.

You looked at yourself one last time in the mirror, ensuring you were ready, before turning to him and stopping him from pacing, “Bucky, I’ll be with Wanda the whole time, I’ll have you guys on coms, it’ll be ok, Soldier.” He sighed, looking down at you.

He nodded finally, “Ok.” He stared down at you, eyes sombre, but there was something else there too. His eyes were such a beautiful shade of blueish-grey. It struck you then, that to many they were probably just eyes, not beautiful nor ugly, inconsequential, but to you they were a part of him and that was all that mattered. He pulled you into a sudden hug, arms encircling you and you sighed into it, inhaling his scent.

Knock, knock, knock!

The two of you drew apart at the noise and you went to answer the door, “Hey Wanda. Are you almost ready?” you asked.

She nodded, “Yes. Are you and Bucky?”

You nodded, “Good to go, just need to put my coms in.”

She followed you into the room, closing the door behind her as you went to the bedside table.

“So re-run of the plan,” you started, “We’re sisters, mercenaries to be precise, and we want to do business with Rahimi by selling him the famous Winter Soldier. This is a risk you know, if he finds out about your powers, he could end up wanting to keep you too,” you muttered, making sure the coms were firmly in. They were a new model, nano-technology the size of a grain of sugar, smaller even, and practically undetectable.

“I know, but it is dangerous for you too, for all of us. Don’t worry,” she assured you. Bucky was silent, still brooding and you had to refrain from rolling your eyes.

The journey to the meet point that had been set up with Rahimi was long; long enough to get your nerves going, but you controlled them carefully. This was too important to fuck up. “We’re here,” Clint said through your coms as the van stopped. He was in the front driving, with Sam as well. They were to act as hired muscle. Steve had desperately wanted to come, but with the Winter Soldier as their prisoner, he would be even more recognisable than he already was; no one would believe Captain America was involved in human trafficking, especially that of his best friend.

You took a deep breath and nodded at Wanda, glancing at Bucky to make sure he was ready too. You hated seeing him like this – his arms had been strapped around him like a strait jacket, his feet chained and a muzzle on his mouth. Every time you looked at it, you felt like ripping it off, but this was all part of the plan, and he had assured you that he was ok with it.

Then the doors opened and you and Wanda stepped from the van, helped down by Clint and Sam. Bucky followed, struggling to move due to his restraints and Sam and Clint stood by him, guarding him. You were at the back of one of Mr Rahimi’s clubs, much like in the pictures you had seen – his preferred place to do business.

In front of you was a parked limo with blacked out windows and so you walked forward with Wanda to meet him in the middle. You stopped, looking at Wanda, and waited. A moment later, the limo door opened and a black, shiny shoe appeared, stepping onto the ruined tarmac with grace. Following behind it, was the rest of Mr Rahimi. He moved at a leisurely pace, like he had all the time in the world, barely even glancing at you as he looked around before his gaze found Bucky.

He lingered on Bucky, for barely a second, before forcing himself to carry on looking around, as though he cared little for this meeting, but you had already seen the greed rearing its head when he caught sight of Bucky.

Mr Rahimi,” you started, the Arabic falling off your tongue effortlessly, “It is a pleasure to meet you. My sister and I were delighted when you agreed to meet. We’ve heard much about you.” You held a hand out to shake his. He looked at it for a moment before shaking it quickly. He shook Wanda’s too but if the disdain on his face was anything to go by, he didn’t want to be here.

“And I had heard nothing about you or your sister, Miss Sterling, until your … people … contacted mine.” Already he was suspicious; you didn’t need Wanda’s mind reading skills to know that.

“That is good to hear, Mr Rahimi. We prefer it that way, much easier to catch a target when they don’t know you exist,” Wanda interrupted smoothly. You supressed a grin as she spoke the foreign language confidently.

Rahimi seemed comforted by that at least - anyone in this business could understand the need for discretion. However, he was not comforted enough, apparently, because suddenly Wanda turned to you with a warning on her lips that came just a moment too late.

The gun was shockingly loud in the small alleyway - you had hit the ground hard before you even realised what had happened.

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DWC: Solavellan, at a party. Any AU. Solas cannot remember the name of the hostess for the life of him. :-)

Canon counts as an AU, right??

Tonight’s episode includes my hc for how Solas gets when he’s been drinking just a bit too much.

Thank you for the prompt! :D

It had been perhaps a month since Solas had watched his vhenan conquer the game in Orlais, manipulating the court with such majesty that no one thought to question it when she ‘accidentally’ permitted Empress Celene to die. Tonight’s game was paltry in comparison; the Inquisitor was passing through some little lordling’s land, and was requesting permission for a much larger retinue of troops to use his roads as well. Josephine has assured Keria and her other advisors that it would be a simple task—the lord had no reason to refuse them, especially when considered the rifts that still needed sealing on their lands.

That was Josephine’s purpose for arranging for them to stay the night in this manor, in any case. Keria, as per usual, had other plans. Solas took a long sip from a flute of champagne as he watched her work, making small talk with… Someone. He’d lost track. He took another sip, only to find his glass already empty.

Keria was wearing deep blue silk, the cut somewhere between mage robes and a gown, ever reminding the world of the magic she wielded. Over it she wore the pointed dragonbone breastplate she always travelled in, emblazoned with the symbol of her Inquisition. The sight of armor over formal wear should have been absurd, but she wore it as if she were a goddess, the metal precisely the same color as the vallaslin glinting beneath her eyes.

She faced away from him, but he could still read her just as well, read the arrogant cock of her hips as she won an argument simply by acting as if she already had. She made her robes herself, as usual, and Solas couldn’t help but admire how well they fit her. The bias drape of silk over her rear as she shifted her weight was… Pleasantly distracting.

He gratefully accepted more champagne from a passing servant, and drained half of it in a single gulp. When he looked up again, Keria was standing before him. He grinned wolfishly at her.

“What machinations have you been up to this night, Vhenan?”

Through his haze he saw the smirk play on her lips. “I proposed a little trade deal—of course, for it to work a new policy will need to be formed. One that will—”

“—Benefit the local Dalish just as much, if not more, than the Inquisition or the…” he began to finish for her, trailing off as he waved his hand to indicate the manor they were in. Keria was always using her influence to ease the life of the elves.

“The alienage, actually. There are not usually any clans in this area.” Her eyes crinkled in amusement as she took in how he leaned against a pillar, and she pushed back a lock of her hair. His sluggish eyes followed the movement, appreciating the contrast of stormy black hair on her pale skin, and moving down the length of her slender neck. Such a shame that the breastplate covered her—“Do you even know where we are, right now?” she jested, laughing.

He scowled, and stood himself upright, only wavering a little. “Forgive me if I have not had cause to memorize the roving patterns of—”

“You’re drunk,” she accused.

“I am no such thing!”

“Oh? Tell me, what’s the name of our host—”

He waved his hand dismissively. “He is of little importance. I cannot be bothered with—”

“Hostess,” she laughed. “Her name is Contessa M—”

“How much longer will it take you to win her over?”

Keria squinted at him with suspicion. “Not much longer. She has not yet realized the alternative benefits of such a deal, too blinded by the coins in her eyes. If I seal the deal tonight and leave in the morning before she has a chance to speak with her advisors, she is far less likely to rescind the offer—she will not refuse by messenger after already agreeing in person. Why?”

He resisted the urge to take her defiant chin between thumb and finger; he would not undermine her by allowing her to be seen being submissive in front of a crowd. “You will meet me in the Contessa’s study,” he informed her, tone commanding in a way she’d only heard once before. “I was merely wondering how much time to grant you for the task.”

Her eyes flicked like lightning as she examined him. She did not care for being given orders. “So… It is the wine, then, and not just Hilamshiral that gets you in this mood? That makes you… Assertive,” she murmured seductively, neatly tucking her hands together in front of her.

He watched her consider, and he knew that if she agreed it would only be because it suited her; the night of the ball she’d been obedient only because she was curious what would happen if she played along, only because she was curious about this new part of himself he had not meant to reveal to her. Solas admired her indomitable spirit, but so too did he find it equally frustrating.

Evidently, her curiosity had not been sated. “I’ll meet you there by the next bell, ma lath.”

“See that you are not late, Vhenan,” he warned her.

He saw her all but roll her eyes as she strode away, head held high.

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44, 55 for Rook!

44: Have/would you ever have sex in public?

Rook pauses and flushes ever so slightly. “No, but there were close calls,” she says quietly. “When I young, engaged to be Pledged to my fiance, he and I were… adventurous. We barely made it into his doorway,” she chuckles shyly. “And of course, there was a rather now-fuzzy night when the better part of the crew was in attendance. Kaamos and I were far from caring, very drunk and we had almost given in right where we stood. If I ever would, though… it would need to be in a place out of the way.”

55: Do you feel comfortable going “commando”?

“Pardon?” she asks, flushing again when it is explained delicately. “Well… no. It’s not exactly comfortable for me and… it seems rather problematic.”


every ride has to end | a Rory x Logan revival fanmix

01. I’m tryin’ not to let it show, that I don’t wanna let this go / 02. give a little time to me or burn this out / 03. I don’t have forever or time to waste, so don’t let me be lonely / 04. some nights I’m scared you’ll forget me again / 05. darling, it was good never looking down, and right there where we stood was holy ground / 06. I wanna get lost with you, it’s the only thing I wanna do, get out of my mind with you / 07. I saw myself tonight, saw my reflection in the mirror, my hands and heart were tied, but I was scared of almost nothing at all / 08. we’ve got tonight, who needs tomorrow? / 09. how long will it last, baby if we dance? / 10. until it ends there is no end, keep with me forward all through the night and once we start / 11. the world’s not forgiving of everyone’s fears, the days turn into months the months turn into years, so just for a moment, let’s be still / 12. I just want your arms wrapped around me in this moment, before it runs out / 13. say something, I’m giving up on you, I’m sorry that I couldn’t get to you, anywhere I would’ve followed you / 14. as I break your heart and sever mine / 15. you measure no one that I’ve ever known / 16. nothing lasts forever, but this is gonna take me down / 17. nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be this hard, oh, take me back to the start / 18. our romance won’t end on a sorrowful note, though by tomorrow you’re gone, the song has ended but as the songwriter wrote, the melody lingers on

[ L I S T E N ]

Why I Wish You Would is about Joe Jonas

It’s two A. M. in your car
Windows down, past my street
The memories start 

If this was a movie: “I was playing back a thousand memories, baby, thinking about everything that we’ve been through. (…) Now I’m pacing down the hall, chasing down the street. Flashback to the night when you said to me that nothing’s gonna change, not for me and you” 

You say it’s in the past
And drive straight ahead
You’re thinking that I hate you now
‘Cause you still don’t know what I never said

 “I called to discuss feelings with the other person. Those feelings were obviously not well received. I did not end the conversation. Someone else did. Phone calls can only last as long as the person on the other end of the line is willing to talk. There were later attempts at communication that had no response.” (Joe Jonas on Taylor Swift) Plus: I Almost Do, “I bet you think I either moved on or hate you, because each time you reach out there’s no reply.”

 I wish you would come back

If this was a movie: “Come back to me like you would if this was a movie.”

Wish I’d never hung up the phone like I did

 "I looked at the call log – it was like 27 seconds. That’s got to be a record.”. (Taylor on Joe Jonas)

 And I wish you knew that
I will never forget you as long as I live

“Your name, forever the name on my lips, just like our last kiss”… Hê.

 Wish you were right here, right now
It’s all good
I wish you would

“Holy Ground is a song I wrote about the feeling I had after some years, and I was finally able to appreciate the relationship for what it was, not for what it ended up being. After seeing them, I sat and thought about it, you know what? That was good. It was good to have that in my life.” (Taylor Swift, 2012)

 It’s two A. M. in my room
Headlights pass the window pane
I think of you

 If this was a movie: “Maybe I’ve been going back too much lately, when time stood still and I had you.”

 We were crooked love
In a straight line down 

I almost do: “We made quite a mess, baby, it’s probably better off this way. But I confess, baby, that in my dreams you’re touching my face and asking me if I want to try again with you.” And Haunted: “You and I walk a fragile line, I have known it all this time…” 

Makes you wanna run and hide
But it made us wanna turn back around 

Forever and always: “Was I out of line? Did I say something way too honest that made you run and hide like a scared little boy?”

I wish we could go back
And remember what we were fighting for 

If this was a movie: “I’ve being waiting for you ever since you’ve been gone, I just want it back the way it was before.” 

Wish you knew that
I miss you too much to be mad anymore 

The Other Side Of The Door: “you’ve called a hundred times, but I’m not picking up. Cause I’m so mad, I might tell you that it’s over. But if you look a little closer, I said “leave,” but all I really want is you” 

You always knew how to push my buttons
You give me everything and nothing 

Haunted: “Something keeps me holding onto nothing” 

This mad, mad love makes you come running
To stand back where you stood
I wish you would 

I almost do: “I wish I could run to you”, Holy ground “And right there where we stood was holy ground.”

 It’s two A. M. , here we are
I see your face
Hear my voice in the dark 

Last kiss: “I still remember the look on your face lit through the darkness at 1:58.”