right there in the middle of the gear

RANT: bro-gressive white male privilege bubble

Not so sure a socialist Jewish man who wants to raise taxes on everyone to pay for free college would have faired in Middle America, either. Fox News would have had a field-day with the S-O-C-I-A-L-I-S-M scare tactics. Bernie’s poll numbers would have quickly tanked once the right-wing machine kicked into high-gear against him.

But watching the Benghazi hearings and the Presidential debates between Hillary and Trump confirmed my belief that Hillary, not Bernie, was best equipped to fight the Republican machine. She’s a pro and made of steel. And the GOP knew it, which is why during the primaries, Repubs propped up Bernie to hurt Hillary. Divide your enemy is politics 101. Worked with Nader, why not Bernie?

Point is – the GOP would have treated Bernie’s socialism like they did Obama’s birth certificate or Hillary’s e-mails. Two issues Trump harped on endlessly (he’s a great manipulator/propaganda artist).

Sadly, according to Nate Silver, Hillary wins the electoral college if the election had been held before Russia hacking/fake news/FBI/Comey. And yet Hillary still won the popular vote by 3 million. “Unpresidented” in almost every way possible. Too many abuses of power that undermined our democracy to prevail through.

At the end of the day, it’s always hard for a party to win after 8 years in power [Gore/Bush/Nader]. But I have a special thanks to the almost 8 million 3rd party voters that could have made all the difference in swing states Trump won by with less than 1%.

You just couldn’t vote for the most progressive platform in history, could you?

PS: Hillary won the popular vote in the primaries as well so STFU.

Marshmallows and Snuggles

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Can I have a fic/drabble (I don’t have a gif so pick a good one) about Sammy and reader roasting marshmallows on a camping trip? Gender neutral if you can… thanks bb 😊😍

“Come on Sam!” you giggle excitedly as you wait by your truck for him. it was just the two of you this weekend and you were spending it camping.

“I’m coming (Y/N/N).” he chuckles loading the last of the gear in the back.

“We have everything right?” he asks opening your door helping you in.

“Yes Sam. I triple checked everything.” you smile and scoot to the middle of the cab as he climbs in.


The tent was set up as well as everything else. Since it was getting darker, Sam started a fire as you cooked a light dinner. as you eat you talk and just enjoy being together. No hunts, no monsters, nobody but the two of you.

“Want to roast marshmallows Sammy?”

He grins “Hell yes”

You giggle and get the stuff needed, sitting by him you hand him a marshmallow. You relax into his side and take time to enjoy the peace with him and the roar of the fire. he smiles and hold you with one hand as he roasts with his other.

“This is nice babe.”

“It is.”  you agreed smiling.

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[Image: there are two panels, one above the other. The top panel is a screen from the “Let’s make a van float, oops, it didn’t float so well!” ep of Top Gear. The boys are standing on the pontoons outside the van, James on the left, Hammond and Clarkson on the right. None of them are looking particularly happy. The bottom pic is a screen cap from the “The Nile IS a river in Egpyt” ep of Top Gear. In this one, they’re ferrying one of the cars across the river on the raft they made–Clarkson is standing on the other side of the car,whilst James and Richard provide the manual labour to actually make the raft move. The caption is in the middle and it reads: “(415):  WHEN THE HELL DOES ANYTHING IN OUR LIVES *EVER* GO AS PLANNED??? “. Which tbh, could be the TG/GT motto. Well. One of them at least.]

Me, at the end of The Bronze Key
  • This would be a pretty good time to use that nifty soul tap trick you two learned.
  • ...
  • Like, now. Now is good.
  • ...
  • Do it while you have him talking!
  • ...
  • Soul tap.
  • ...
  • Guys.
  • ...
  • GUyS.
  • ...
  • Soulllll tap him.
  • ...
  • Now.
  • ...
  • ...
We’ll Be Okay.

Y/N/N - Your Nick Name

Word Count: 3162

Warning - Domestic Abuse, swearing, grotesque flirting, angst and hinting of rape.

If you’ve experienced either of this and feel the need to bottle it up cause no one will listen then please message me. I’ll listen, I promise I will x

“Alright lets do this” You cracked your neck and shrugged your shoulders while you hopped from foot to foot in an energetic matter. You pulled your hair up into a ponytail as you geared up for the upcoming events. Opening that damn pickle jar. 

You stood in the middle of the bunkers kitchen trying to make burgers for you, Sam and Dean but you couldn’t get that damn jar open. Most of the time you blame it on the factories that produce it but deep inside you knew you had zero muscles.

You held the jar in your hands, your right hand on the lid and your left hand on the body. You breathed in and out gaining momentum. After a while you began to squeeze the jar open with all your might. You grunted while your face scrunched up and turned red as well as you losing your breath.

“OPEN YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT.” You were now jumping up and down hoping the movement would contribute in opening the tightly sealed heavenly pickles. You were on your knees still trying to move the lid clockwise until you heard an amusing cough come from above you. Your eyes trailed to the strangers foot and you saw the familiar boots you’ve grown to love. Your eyes landed on Dean’s amused face while he tried not to laugh. You saw him leaning with his arms crossed while he observed your struggled position.

“You okay there, kiddo?” Dean asked and you huffed in response. You dropped your head and held the jar above your head towards Dean. He took the jar from your hands and opened it almost instantly.

“OKAY WHAT THE HELL? i loosened it for you” You stated and took the jar back from him. You got up from your kneeling position and walked back to the kitchen counter which had ingredients for your burgers spread out everywhere. Dean followed behind you and noticed meat, bread, lettuce, tomato etc.

“What’re you making?” He picked up the unraveled onion and tossed it between both his hands like a softball.

“My famous homemade burgers with a side of cinnamon apple pie that’s baking in the oven” You pointed to the oven and Dean’s eyes glistened with excitement.

“I KNEW I SMELT PIE! oh Y/N… you’re the best” Dean kissed your temple and walked in front of the oven smelling the aroma.

“I know. Do me a favour? Call Cas? Tell him to be here in like 45 minutes?” Dean walked over to the stove and dipped his finger in your home made barbeque sauce. You threw the nearest towel at him and he caught and wiped his fingers.

“Sure thing. You need any help?” You shook your head and saw he was eyeing a couple of the cooked patties.

“Dean! No! Wait another 45 minutes, okay?” He nodded and you turned around to grab another knife and you heard feet run behind you. You turned around to see a patty gone and you chuckled at his mischief.

“Dammit Dean, you child” Even though you pretended to be mad you loved their playfulness. It made your situation seem less painful. You felt your wrist aching a bit and you rolled up your sleeve seeing the handprint bruise was still quite evident.

You cleared your throat and continued to cut the tomatoes while your mind and thoughts roamed around. You thought about how you were going to break up with your current boyfriend, Luke. About a month ago things between the two of you hit rock bottom. The fights became louder and longer. The constant venomous things you spit at eachother. But that was nothing, until a couple of weeks ago. He became abusive.

It started off with you staying here at the bunker helping the boys out with a case, you didn’t hunt but you were still really helpful. You graduated at the top of your class in most of your subjects so studying was sort of your forte. Though Luke was oblivious to the Supernatural world while you were brought up in it by your dad’s obsession.

Luke despised it when you hung out with the Winchesters which was most of the time, so two weeks ago you were helping the boys hunt a werewolf since they couldn’t find it. Unfortunately you didn’t keep track of the time and before you knew it, your screen blared 4:00 am with 14 missed calls from Luke.  You didn’t tell Sam or Dean what happened that night, the way he slapped you and called you a slut. You couldn’t tell them knowing the police would find Luke’s body in a ditch.

So you kept quiet. You remembered avoiding Sam and Dean’s non-stop calls, hoping the hand print on your face would disappear. Since that night you never spoke a word to the brothers hoping to leave Luke before it was too late. So you decided tonight was the night you’d finally get rid of your baggage.

You heard a ting and your thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the Apple Pie finished baking. You pulled it out and placed it on a cooling rack, hoping tonight won’t be a night of regret.

-Later That Night-

“Y/N, DEAN SAID HIM AND CAS WILL MEET US AT THE BAR!” Sam’s voice echoed through the halls while you slipped on a skater skirt and long sleeve turtle neck. You pulled on your ankle high heel boots and checked yourself out in the mirror.

“Damn… i think I look good” You whispered yet you didn’t believe the words coming out your mouth. You sat on your chair thinking about your confidence before you met Luke, how he managed to fuck that up too.

“Why was I with that fuck?” You held your face in your hand while your room door flung wide open.

“Y/N, did you hea- hey you okay?” Sam saw your stressed hunched over position and you wiped your face and put your hair behind your ears.

“Yeah, I’m good” You lied while you rubbed your thighs, getting up from your seat.

“Yeah I don’t believe you. Whats up?” Sam closed the door and he walked closer towards you with that heartwarming caring face. You sighed and felt the tears threaten your eyes. A war was happening within your head on whether or not you should tell Sam the truth or not.

“Y/N, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” Sam pushed you on further and you couldn’t hold back the tears. You hid your face from him while you sobbed into your hands. You felt Sam wrap himself around you while he whispered sweet nothings into your hair.

“Talk to me, Y/N/N. I’m right here, let me help you” You felt the sobs died down as you regained control over your breathing. You wiped your eyes and moved away from Sam.

“Tonight, I’m breaking up with Luke” you felt a bit of weight lifted off your shoulders but the reason why still weighed it down.

“Thank god… he was a dick, Y/N. sorry” You smiled and shrugged it off, suddenly aware that tonight can go horrible or really well.

“Listen to me carefully, Sam. Okay? If I don’t message you at” you checked your watch seeing it was 9:30 “12:00am, I need you to come over to Lukes. Okay?” Sam nodded, his face suddenly changing from amused to worried.

“What’s going on? Is everything okay?” You hugged him tightly which he returned.

“I’ll explain everything once it’s over. Lets go. Destiel is waiting for us” You winked and Sam laughed heartedly, boosting your extremely low confidence for tonight.

-At The Bar-

“Casssiebearrrr” You saw Cas at the end table with Dean and ran to him hugging his familiar body. You gasped when you pulled away, feeling the difference in him.

“No way?” You speculated he got his angel grace back and as always he read your mind.

“Yes, I did” You punched his shoulder but the smile never left your face.

“One, quit reading my damn mind and two, now you can take me to Rome” You sat down opposite Dean and hugged him over the piling beer bottles.

“Who’s going to Rome?” Sam asked as he sat down next to you, opposite Cas.

“Cas got his wings back and he’s taking us to Rome.” You more ordered than asked. You saw Dean offer you his beer which you took thankfully knowing tonight you’re gonna need a bit of motivation.

“Y/N, sorry I couldn’t make it to lunch. I was attending some of Hannah’s business on earth, she can’t really leave her post” You winked and shrugged your brows at Cas.

“Attending her business huh? It’s fine, Dean finished all the damn pie anyways” Dean chuckled and patted his belly victoriously.

“A warrior eats what a warrior needs” You rolled your eyes and saw a handsome waiter coming your way. You pulled out your phone putting it on loud in case you missed Luke’s call.

“Can I get you guys anything? Especially the pretty lady at the back? Sweetheart, can I get some ID” He slightly leaned over the table and you suddenly saw all three of your boys straighten their backs while a venomous expression was plastered on her face.

“She’s 25, sweetheart. How about you get me a pina colada, heavy on the rum” Dean growled while the waiter named Mark kept making googly eyes at you.

“And three more beers” Sam added, not breaking the eye contact. You felt him slightly lean over you in a protective manner and you smiled at the conservation.

“Gotcha, see you soon baby cakes” You gagged as he turned around walking away. The boys deflated as soon as he left yet Cas remained rigid.

“Cas you okay?” You questioned slightly worried.

“The vile things he was thinking, I should rip his head from his neck and feed it to the lions” Cas’s rumbling voice accommodated the sudden and unexpected thunderstorm that began.

“Hey Cas, it’s fine. Look at me, it’s okay” He unconvincingly smiled towards you while his eyes threatened the back of Mark’s head.

“So Pina Colada for me right?” You asked Dean and he scoffed.

“Yeah of course. I don’t like fruity, lightweight ‘alcohol’.” Dean took another swig of his beer and you narrowed your eyes.

“Hey don’t hate on the Pina” Mark walked back to your table with your drinks in his hand. He set it in front of the four of you with a napkin folded deliberately with your order.

“Call me” He mouthed and Cas’s nose flared while he growled at the poor unaware douche.

“Dude back the fuck off” Sam now inputted, knowing words were better than fists being thrown. You trusted Sam with situations like this, knowing he wouldn’t break the guys face unless he had to.

“What, so you’re fucking her?” Dean stood up, grabbed Mark’s neck and forced it down onto the table.

“You talk to my little sister like that, hell you even look at her and I will cut your throat while you watch” Dean snarled.

“Dean, it’s okay. I’m fine, let the wank go, okay?” You heard Mark whine under Dean’s forceful grip and he stood up about to retaliate.

“I would walk away, if I were you” You suggested and he ran away from the four of you. You sighed as soon as he left sipping on your drink. You opened the napkin seeing a number sprawled all over it with a wink at the end. Cas’s eyes was kept on the man and he pulled out his phone.

“Hello? Police? Yes, I have a man here who is smoking illegal narcotics. Yes that is correct. No I am situated in a bar called Logan’s, the perpetrators name is Mark. White yes. Thank you, officer” Cas set down the phone and your widened eyes began to sting.

“Cas did you really have to do that?”

“What? He was thinking it? Dean scared him and I heard him say “I need the weed in my locker” so I am doing humanity a favour” Cas spoke righteously and you chuckled while you all took another sip of your drink.

As the hours went on the laughs became louder and melodic. The carefree feeling in your heart had become so addictive that you now crave it, even when it’s rare.

“The look on his face when the cops busted him” Sam threw his head back while Dean patted Cas on the back. “good call, buddy”.

“That’s not even the best part, the only thought he was thinking was. “Don’t pee, don’t pee, don’t pee, do- oh fuck” You bursted into a contagious fit of laughter but it was cut short as your ringtone blasted indicated Luke was calling. You gulped as you suddenly became nervous while your hands became clammy. You shushed the boys and picked up your phone with your hands slightly shaking.

H-hello?” You asked.

Where are you?” You saw Dean whisper to Sam, asking why you were so scared. In your mind you avoided the reason, since you knew Cas was listening.

“At the bar, with some friends.”

What friends?” He asked with his tone now slightly aggressive. Dean motioned another waiter, asking for more drinks.

Uhm… Charlie”  Luke grunts on the other end.

I KNOW YOU’RE LYING TO ME! I HEAR DEAN WINCHESTER BREATHING IN YOUR FUCKING EAR! i’m picking you up now! i’ll be there in 2 minutes, whore” Luke hung up and you shut your eyes gaining the strength you so desperately needed.

“Guys I need to go, Sam please don’t forget. It’s 11:50 now and if I don’t text you, come.” You quickly jumped over Sam and threw a $50 dollar bill on the table as you saw Luke’s car come to view. You ran out into the cool crisp air of Kansas knowing tonight could go amazingly swell or more likely, terrible.

-At the House you Two Share-

“Why don’t you just admit it? You’re in love with them” Luke whined as you walked into the home you both shared.

“They’re my brothers, Luke. Nothing more” You realised you raised your tone and regretted it immediately as Luke pushed you into the wall. You hit your head and felt winded from the sudden impacted.

“Don’t fucking raise your voice with me, you pathetic bitch” You winced as his poisonous tone and you felt the panic and fear rise within you. You pushed him off you and he slapped you simultaneously. You fell onto the ground with your hand on your raw cheek.

“You’re nothing but a disgusting slut, no one would want you” He taunted you by pulling your ankles towards him. He began to pull his shirt off while you squirmed under his grasp.

“DON’T TOUCH ME YOU FREAK” You screeched as you tried to crawl away from him. Instead he straddled you while you flailed your hands around attempting to hit him. He pulled your shirt off effortlessly, exposing your black and blue skin. You looked above you seeing a clock hang with the time set on 11:59 pm.

“You’re mine and only mine.” He pulled your skirt off you and held your wrists together. You screamed while the tears poured from your eyes.

“SAMMM, DEEEAAN! CAS!” You prayed and Luke slapped you in the face again. You shrieked in pain and tiresome, you have had enough of the relentless rape, the beatings the pretending that everything is okay. You began to lose faith. Until the door behind you was broken down showing three bold figures.

“YOU SON OF A BITCH” you heard Dean’s monsterous roar and you stopped fighting the sleaze, knowing you’ll be okay. Luke was ripped off you and Sam hovered over your body.

“Oh my god, Y/N?” Sam examined the old bruises with the new while you heard Luke grunting with skin hitting skin. He pulled off his jacket and wrapped your frail body in his warm scent.

“12:00am, just in time” You coughed and Sam picked you up bridal style while you saw Dean punching Luke as Cas kicked the side of his ribs, most likely breaking them. You saw the anger in their eyes and you felt a tiny bit frightened.

“Don’t watch, Y/N/N” You saw Luke wheeze and gasp for air, like you would when he was on top of you. Part of you wanted them to continue, knowing he would die but that was a part of you that should never see the light of day.

“Dean, Cas! Stop” They ignored you, continuing to bash his face furthermore.

“DEAN STOP PLEASE! CAS ENOUGH! i need the three of you, please. I don’t want you to go to jail because of him” Dean held his bloody fist above Luke’s slightly unconscious body. Cas stared him down while they were out of breath.

“Y/N HE HURT YOU” Dean screamed at Luke’s bloody face.

“I KNOW DEAN BUT IT’S NOT WORTH IT! he isn’t worth your fucking freedom” Dean looked over his shoulder seeing your damaged body hugging Sam’s despaired one. He saw the battle in his brothers eyes, knowing he wanted to cut Luke’s throat though he held it together for you. Just how him and Cas should.

“Okay baby girl, we’re going home. I’ll get your clothes” You huddled closer to Sam and he walked outside your home, despising the memories in that hellish cage. You cried into Sam’s chest and his heart tore into pieces with every sob you produced.

“I’ve got you, it’s okay. We’re here now. No one’s hurting you ever again, as long as we live” Sam opened the back seat of the Impala and sat in it with you still in his hands.

“You two die a lot” You mentioned and Sam chuckled kissing your temple. You turned back to the house, seeing Dean run out with two bags in his hands and Cas ran out with another two bag in his hands.

They threw it in the backseat as they sped up, putting your house in the rearview mirror.

“Cas knocked him out into a coma, you have two days to figure out what you wanna do to him. Baby we can put him on fucking mars if you wanted to” Cas turned around and placed his two fingers on your forehead, spreading his newfound energy through out yours healing every wound. You looked at your body seeing the bruises fade as well as the cuts. You physically felt healed but mentally you were more damaged than anything.

“I just wanna go home and watch the Little Mermaid” You whispered, suddenly feeling sleepy.

“Anything sweetheart. Anything, we’re here for you… we’ll be okay” You drifted off into sleep still in Sam arms, hoping time would erase the repulsive memories of the last month. 

Your snores were the only thing heard in the tense, tranquil car. You were unaware of the silent conversation occurring with the boys, whether they should turn around and dispose of Luke’s unconcious body or plant a methamphetamine lab in his basement, framing him instantly. Either way, Luke’s torture had just begun.

Jock brain is fuckin takin over….hard not to stare at this pic and think bout anything but football, all the players on the team and what they play and how the ball feels in my gloved hands.  Gonna be fuckin ripped and strong just like them, gonna wear the gear cuz it looks good and feels good cuz I play fuckin football.  See Bro 1 and Bro 2 here are allready wearin their football pants and they got their bodies all fuckin swole up on the way to bein fuckin beast.  Guy in the middle is more like me u see cuz he aint there yet aint got on his gear yet but see he got his helmet there and Bros 1 and 2 are gonna fuckin clamp it on his fuckin head and zip it tight shut and he aint gonna be able to take it off while it sucks his brains right out of him.  What about my life though he asks and Bros 1 and 2 just laugh at him and say this is your life Bro you wont know about the other you, what other you Bro?  Who are you Bro?  Why would you wanna be anything but what you are Bro?  Hows that helmet feel Bro?  Ready to get in the game Bro?


(this is cuz playernumber13 caught me usin a big word and actin all smart an shit, for the team bros)

Indulge me?

All right, I’m super frustrated with myself right now!! I’m completely off my writing game. I can manage ten or fifteen minutes, then…nothin’! So, I’m sharing a bit of something from the middle of a one shot and hoping it helps inspire me to get my act in gear! It’s rough, just a start, but feel free to let me know what you think. I need a little nudge ~Lil~

He took his plate to the lounge, sitting on what had become his end of the sofa, and started to eat. Molly followed, however didn’t immediately dig into her food. No, first she systematically took apart a Philly roll, removing the cream cheese (then licking the remnants from her fingertips) before moving on to the next. She did this with all five rolls on her plate, carefully reassembling them after each cheese extraction. It was fascinating. He was utterly entranced. Why order a roll with cream cheese if she had no intention of eating it? This Is How We Roll (ridiculous name for… well, anything) certainly would have made her sushi the way she wanted it.

“Molly?” he said interrupting her careful dissection.

She looked up, sucking a bit of cheese off her thumb and causing his mouth to go ever so slightly dry then said, “Yeah?”

“What are you doing?” he asked, a bit confused. Clearly she liked the cheese, she kept (gulp) licking her fingers like mad.

“Fixing my sushi. Why?” Her expression was pure innocence.

“Why did you order a Philly roll? You clearly don’t like cream cheese on your sushi.”


“For instance, you could have gotten California roll,” he continued.

“I didn’t want crab; I wanted salmon,” she said matter factly. “Besides, do I like cream cheese.”

“Just not on your sushi?”

She smiled brightly. “Precisely.”

“Why didn’t you just order the roll without the cheese?” He was getting frustrated.

“Not really sure, I’ve always just taken it off.”

Sherlock sighed. “It never occurred to you that you could order your sushi how you wanted it?” He pinched the bridge of his nose. “You are a fully qualified pathologist, a member of Mensa and, frankly, one of the most intelligent people I know, yet you never thought to simply order your Philly Roll without cheese?”

Molly’s face lit up. “Sherlock… that is the sweetest thing you’ve ever said to me!” She leaned over and kissed his cheek. When she pulled back he noticed the lovely blush that had covered her face and neck. “Soy sauce! Be right back,” she said before hopping up and scurrying off to the kitchen.

2p!china style

OK so his outfits isn’t really that diverse he has two black biker jackets that look the same

His shirts are either, black, white, blue or red, but he dose have a  few shirts that he loves a lot

His pants are never skinny jeans ever, he hates them, he usually wears reaguler dark blue pants or just regular black pants, and usally has a chain connected to his wallet since it has been stolen to many times

Head gear is his black military hat with a ruby placed right middle of the hat, he loves it since Kuro gave it to him before Kuro started to become all cold towards him

As for his motorcycle helmet ….yes this is what he wears

As for shoes he always wears biker boots since he cant drive a car right he rides a motorcycle that he 100% better at it then a car and lieks it more

And also usually has biker gloves on 

Remember that one time where The Boss broke Snake's arm and chucked his ass off a bridge into a river in the middle of a jungle and then gave her new friend who is trying to take over the Russian Government a miniature nuke which he immediately launched into the jungle where Snake is trying to recover from his broken arm? That was pretty fucked up right?

At least he got a free bandana out of it.


It’s been a journey I’ll tell you that. The far left is me as a freshman. Eating like a typical teenager and only getting exercise in P.E and basketball practice. I wasn’t happy with myself and so began my fitness journey. Now some of you may say I was too young blah blah blah but I was an aspiring collegiate athlete… I was behind the fucking eight ball and needed to get my ass in gear FAST. The middle left picture is me as a sophomore during the summer. I began working out, eating better, and training almost every day for motocross chasing my Loretta Lynn’s dream. A few months later I broke my foot playing basketball and so began my downwards spiral. I was unable to do any physical activity and became very depressed. Everything I loved was taken from me. In 6 months I destroyed everything I worked for. I gained 20 lbs of pure fat. The middle right picture is me my junior year a few days after I got out of my boot. I was disgusted with what I had done to myself and decided to stop feeling sorry and get back on track. I did my research, joined and finished crush, came up with my own lifting and meal plan and pushed myself harder then I had before. The picture to the far right is me the other day. Graduated from high school and soon to be a freshman in college playing at the D2 level like I had once dreamed of my freshman year. I’m finally happy with what I see agin and my comeback to my sport. Although I’ve come this far I’m just getting started.
I’ve become addicted with bettering my life physically and mentally along with assisting others along the way. So many people only see the end result of people’s journey and become discouraged thinking there is no way they’ll ever be able to get there. Well let me tell you you can. Time, patience, tears, doubt, sweat, persistence, hope, and dedication is what it takes. And I know you have it in you.

Real life has ruined my chill today, so I’m taking a brief minute to share this before I dive back into the swamp. One of my goals was to get some great pictures of the Milky Way, and I’d say I succeeded partially. I got a decent, not great, picture. The lens I wanted to use (24mm wide angle) was borked and couldn’t focus at infinity, so I used my 50mm instead which worked all right but obvs doesn’t have the field of view necessary to get the structure of the whole thing, or include any interesting land artifacts like the rocks, etc. It softened things up a bit, too, costing a little clarity. Lesson: do a full gear checkout before heading away from civilization.

So here’s a look at part of the middle of the Milky Way. Tumblr probably wrecked it, and a full version is here.

This character:

- Lost his arm after a terrifying plane crash and replaced it with a prosthetic.

- Fought a group of strange mystically powered undead who could turn to stone.

- Gathered together a group of skilled, talented individuals to take down a legion of superpowered monsters in the middle east.

- Had two heirs.

- Had a close confidant in his blonde haired friend.

- Was trained in battle by a superbly strong woman who was a legend in her own right.

Am I talking about Big Boss or Joseph Joestar?

AU where Houji told the Washuu that Tatara’s brother Yan took out more special class and associate special class officers than are currently employed at the CCG, that he developed a kakuja, and that he could breathe super-hot fire.

AU where the CCG thus considered Tatara a potentially high level threat and did some recon to see if he, too, had a kakuja or cannibalized or showed any signs of possibly being able to breathe fire. 

AU where even just as a precaution, the CCG maybe invested in some flame retardant gear for at least the people they were sending against the possible fire breather.

AU where they were given flame-proof masks instead of eye-gear that catches fire more easily than human skin seems to burn.

AU where the CCG decided to take the Rushima operation remotely seriously, maybe? Just… maybe?

Like was Marude sabotaging this mission from the get go, knowing the Washuu were probably ghouls and that he was gonna do his stunt right in the middle of this, the most important operation in CCG history? (still unclear why you needed to do that right then, Maru, but maybe that was the only time your buddies could bail you out…)

I doubt it, because that meant he was putting so many human lives at risk.

And the Washuu/V wanted to stamp out Aogiri, the irregular threat, as much and as thoroughly as possible. Even Matsuri would have given it his all, with him on command and Arima and his squad completely absent from the mission, he should have been doing everything to ensure his success.

So why does it seem that no one bothered to plan out any of this?

Like - okay. Suzuya and his squad were ambushed. Sure. You couldn’t have known Floppy would be there, but it should have been within parameters.

Why was Houji even engaging with Tatara without the Qs and Suzuya there? Where was the gear? The flameproof shielding? The intel?

Is this Houji being all macho trying to take down Tatara mano a mano? Because this bravado of yours, not telling anyone about Sir Flameo, is getting people killed, Houji.

Why isn’t there even a helicopter to provide intel from the air? I mean, Eto cut down Matsuri’s last time, but only because they were flying low and near a building.

Like… you can’t blame chaos in the command. This is bad planning.

Honestly, I know I talked about this before a long time ago, about the lack of tech, but the American in me wants to know where the shock and awe is with this. The bomb first ask questions later. The lack-of-precision strikes.

You have an entire Island with only one friendly (Mutsuki) whose status is unknown, and the Washuu aren’t known for changing strategy for one life. No eye witnesses, no civilians, no infrastructure worth anything.

If I weren’t so confused by the lack of any planning whatsoever, I’d think they were trying to take Kanou’s work back intact and preserve his lab, or that someone has instructions we don’t know about.

But considering the mess everything else is in, I don’t even think that’s the case. 

Still, why has no one asked Chigyou to come up with a version of cRC gas that slowly sinks rather than floats in the air so you can just… release it over the island?

Someone hire me for head of strategy at the CCG I swear.

Like - I think the explanation for the lack of too much scientific development on the side of the CCG is supposed to be that V is about keeping a balance. They don’t want too clear a victory for the CCG, either, so they can’t green light every weapon or tech or science based solution. Good. Got it.

But flame retardant gear and enough people to take out Tatara doesn’t ruin the overall balance, especially when he’s already an “irregular threat.”

The only thing I can think of, getting into real conspiracy theory territory here, is that for some reason the Washuu were looking for a large personnel change-over. That this is badly planned so people do get killed because now that Eto’s book is out they have to be far more selective in who works for them, and killing off most of the employee pool might require a lot of retraining, but it allows them to hire new people whose loyalty they can double and triple check first.

It’s a stupid idea, but otherwise they are just letting their people die and being incompetent for no reason. But Yoshitoki is dead on the floor of a boat (despite my continued attempt to pretend otherwise) so maybe they just weren’t that smart to begin with, and we had a distorted perspective of their ability because we learned about them from the point of view of people who were terrified of their power. Maybe the Washuu have just always kinda sucked at this.


Natasha loved and hated the cold. But taking a dip in the Long Island Sound in the middle of January was definitely on her list of least favorite things. Her suit was frozen to her by the time she stumbled into what she assumed was her apartment. It looked weird, but she was probably just overly tired. She stripped out of her suit, shedding her boots and gear, and then rolled into her bed. It was warm, and again, weird. And there was someone in it, which she assumed was Barton. Because sometimes she found her friend in her bed. So she cuddled right up against ‘him’, trying to soak in the warmth of another body. She’d warm up soon enough, and then she’d shower. She probably stank. Shoving her frozen feet against the thighs of the other person, she heaved a sigh.