right there in the beginning

Ivar: I’m going to start a civil war and murder Lagertha



| Luhan MoodBoard : Flower Deer |
What is sweeter than candy and more warmer than the sun- Lu Han. Your boyfriend of four years also known as the deer and flower boy for his charming look. You both were always called the cutest couple due to everyone finding you beautiful and godly like. How did you meet? Well it started off in the streets of Italy. He ran into you while he was carrying some pink flowers and handed you one for a apology. “Forgive me I’m sorry for knocking down a pretty girl like you.” You forgave him and next thing you know you were captured by the small glistening spark in his eye. You helped him carry the flowers inside but then there it was. The offer- to a date. It was right from the beginning. The beginning that brought you to where you were now. Hand in and hand no one could tell you different that you both were truly soulmates.

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I was always like, "I can't wait for Yuuri to get more confident in his seduction skills so he can surprise Viktor and give him the best sex of his life." I thought this would be a few years down the road. In yet, no that isn't the case. Yuuri had that effect on him right from the beginning xD (Normally suave Viktor turning into a complete teenager when trying to approach him + almost cumming without Yuuri even touching him). I seriously HC that the best sex Viktor ever had is with Yuuri.

Viktor is so very weak when it comes to Yuuri! And he’s definitely had the best sex of his life with Yuuri, not just through the physical side but because of the emotional connection they now have too. The love and affection they both feel for each other comes through very strongly when they sleep together and for Viktor, someone who craves love and affection and especially that from Yuuri, that makes the physical side of things so much better for him too. (Although even without that, Yuuri still does a pretty damn fine job of blowing his mind every time!)




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Oh wow I just realized that Miley and Liam got back together and she released Malibu which is a happy getting back together song and they look so happy together and it took me a moment to notice it doesnt seem fake to me and I was but like why? She isnt straight and the romance serves for promo of the song but wow they legit look in love and thats what Louis and Eleanor dont have. Like it is basically the same story but Louis cant sell it no matter how much he says he loves her! It blows my mind

just because she isn’t straight doesn’t mean she can’t be attracted to guys too. and there can be relationships that are convenient pr-wise but still real, although that obviously isn’t the case with louis since his was intended to closet right from the beginning.

if you have the will

Trauma creates psychology

& psychology

is character

its not that I want you


to fail

but I do


to see how you fight

watch how you do

deep in the trenches

that living brings

see how you cope

with the setbacks

life has

for all of us

we will watch & wait

see how you bounce back

or not

who you become

anybody can be a winner

when all goes right

but not everybody

can get up

after a loss

& begin again

trauma creates psychology

if you have the will

neil benbow

I love jalec! Not in a relationship way because malec will always win that battle. But the whole being parabatai and having that sacred connection, it’s beautiful to me! I just love how they can feel each other’s emotional and physical pain and how they are so much more than best friends. Like if one of them died (not saying one of them will, but I am…) we all know that a physical part of the other will die too. But I’d like to believe that with or without the parabatai rune, a piece of the other would die anyway. Because they’re brothers, best friends, they fight together, train together, they share their problems, they have this beautiful relationship that is unmatched and I really love to watch it unfold and to see their reactions to different scenarios! Like when Magnus and Alec had sex for the first time and jaces reaction to that, and how he got worried that Magnus was just a fling. And right at the beginning when Simon was saying shit about Alec and jace stood up for him. And last episode when Alec knew that something was wrong and sent the only other shadowhunter he trusts to go find him.

I honestly think Matt and Dom portray this complex relationship so wonderfully. And I’m so excited to watch as their plot develops. Especially if this season ends how I think it’s going to end…

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Come,,,,,right in,,,,,,the welcome mat,,,,,,,is on the,,,,,,,floor,,,,,,,lets,,,,begin,,,,this story needs an ending,,,,,,,

i think i have more important things to worry about than this,,, is this a song?

A New Beginning Again

AO3 / Completed Multi-Chapter Fic

Alternate Season 3 / Bellarke / Delinquents / Canon Divergent

Bellamy hadn’t known what he would do when Clarke came back–he’d understood her need to leave, to heal, but he also knew by walking away she’d left him to carry the weight of what they’d done in the mountain and he wasn’t sure if he could trust her the same again.

But Clarke brings back word from her meeting with the high command and it’s the kind of news which could change everything and if they’re lucky, begin to make things right again.

Bellamy was sitting in his room just outside the Ark when Raven found him. The delinquents had taken up residence in a piece of the ark which had separated from the main ship, their own form of disconnection from the people who had almost left them in Mount Weather.

She barreled into his room, her now trademark limp not slowing her down in the least. “You need to get out here. Now.”

Not surprised, Bellamy pushed off from his bed and followed Raven’s ponytail out of his room and down the short hallway which was open to the elements. He could already hear the noise, people yelling and the unmistakable sound of a scuffle before he was even outside.

“Who started what with whom?”

The glance over his shoulder, caution mixed worry, sent a warning to his brain. “Octavia, and with Clarke.”

He stopped walking.

It had been six months since Clarke had left and they’d heard nothing from her. The only reason they even knew she might still be alive was because a wandering group of Trikru had talked about the blonde who had taken down a mountain meeting with those in charge at Polis.

That had been two months ago.

“I don’t understand.”

“No one does. She just showed up and when Octavia saw her, she punched her. Clarke was so shocked she didn’t even try to block it.”

“How—“ the words caught in his throat, shock he thought, because he never thought he’d see her again. “How does she look?”

“Well, right now she looks like she’s getting her ass kicked which is why I came for you.” Raven grabbed his hand and pulled him the last few feet where Lincoln was already pulling a swinging Octavia off Clarke.

“What the hell?”

Bellamy felt as much as saw the entire group turn to look at him. He kept his own gaze pinned on Octavia. “Care to explain?”

“She left,” was all Octavia would say before she shook off Lincoln’s loose grip and stalked away. The group’s attention swiveled briefly to follow the two before returning to Bellamy and Clarke.

Bellamy wasn’t sure what they were expecting, but whatever kind of show they were hoping to get wasn’t going to happen.

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luke: right noah lets begin - monkey island adventures!

maddie: ok alex are we going to stay in our big boy bed tonight and not come wake mummy and daddy up running around!

bedtimes have become a lot more complicated - you have Noah, who is a good as gold and sleeps through the night but you have alex who runs riot at 3am throwing flour from the pantry everywhere! he’s going to be such a rebel when he’s older!

@lances-legs mentioned something about needing a Klance selfie? But it seems it didn’t go so well.

The best kind of relationships begin unexpectedly. When you get that astonished feeling and everything happens so suddenly. That’s why you don’t look for love. It comes to you just at the right time. The time you never thought it would have.

Begin!AU - Reflection Series : Snowdrop

Snowdrop | Lilac

// o2.18 Happy Birthday J-Hope!


It’s like the majority of people on tumblr get their news from a reblogged gif😒

1) the old man (Warren Beatty) didn’t announce a winner. He just stood there looking confused and was asking his co presenter (Faye Dunaway) to double check.

2) Faye didn’t properly read the card and just blurted out LaLa Land.

3) The cards are printed in a way that Warren didn’t know for sure if he had been given the wrong card or Emma Stone was the producer of LaLa Land.

4) There are 2 sets of cards printed in case of anything catastrophic that might happen, just so the real results are preserved and revealed.

5) The LaLa Land producers knew way before the first acceptance speech ended that the wrong winner was announced and instead of politely giving way the stage, they stood there and went through their speeches. Jimmy, Warren, the producers were trying to be polite by not just booting them off but they let them know they didn’t win. It must have been hard for them but they should have given way and let the production do their jobs.

6) There was no reason for Jordan Horowitz (producer of LaLa Land) to snatch that card out of Warren’s hand as he was trying to come up to explain what happened as it was his award to present. He was trying to correct a mistake that wasn’t his but given the fact that he was the presenter, he was the public face of this. I understand he was pissed, but he was still rude.

7) Emma Stone’s “I had my card the whole time” was a bit ignorant. Regardless if at the time she didn’t know there were two sets, she basically was calling Warren Beatty a liar without knowing all the facts.

8) There was no conspiracy to steal Moonlight’s moment. Someone fucked up and fucked up royally. They will probably never work the oscars again, never get another live tv gig and possible not work in the industry anymore.

9) The only thing that may have slightly (and I say slightly because I think the Moonlight people have been overly gracious towards the LaLa Land people) dampened Moonlight’s moment was the fact that you could tell they knew way early on they didn’t win and still stood on stage and gave their speeches until finally production decided to step in and move them off. Only then did Jordan Horowitz attempt to correct things after they refused to give way.

10) Jimmy Kimmel is a dunce. Nobody cares what he thinks about who should keep the award.


just Barry & Caitlin being adorable puppies and exchanging shared awkward looks ~ and loving their matching colors ;)