right there at the same time

Seidou weakly approaches Kanou.

Seidou: No…
Seidou: Please… stop…

In Kanou’s hands is an eletrical saw.

Kanou: Since that’s the ‘method on how to create a reliable Kaneki-kun’.

Seidou’s memory ends with the saw swinging downwards and at the same time, Seidou’s arm falls down in current time.

Seidou: …
Seidou: Isn’t that mean, Amon-san?
Seidou: I’ve already killed Houji-san, you know…? So you’ve finally arrived once Mado was in a pinch…

One of Amon’s eye (his right) is closed. His right arm is just that of a ghouls.

Akira: …

Seidou does Noro-like regeneration with his arm.

Seidou: You’re the same anyway…
(refers to how Akira and Houji tried to kill Seidou)

In a blink of an eye, Seidou jump kicks Amon on the face. Amon goes flying in front of Akira.

Akira: !!

Amon slams onto a wall.

Amon: Ugh!

Seidou is standing in front of Amon.

Seidou: …You’re going to kill me right, Amon-san?
Amon: …I, I came here to save a former colleague…
Amon: Save you, Takizawa…!!
Seidou: HAAAAHH???!

Title: [Podfic] come right back to you
Author: karamelised / @karamelised
Reader: frecklebombfic

Rating: M
Relationship: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Summary: The guy chuckled, a deep, rich sound that caused a shiver to crawl up Louis’ neck. “Hello, stranger.”
When time travel is involved, a long-distance relationship takes on a whole new meaning.
Length: 41 mins

The second and final original podfic for pod_together 2016! Kara’s writing is always great to beta, and I had so much fun recording this story.
Please don’t forget to comment, or leave one of us a message if you enjoy it ❤︎

Check out a complete list of my podfic here and my AO3 page here 



NATU.RAE | Gustav Willeit

The sublime according to Immanuel Kant is the sense of awe that man feels when faced with the greatness of nature – when it shows its more peaceful side, but even more so when unleashing its dreadful forces, making each and every one of us feel our smallness, our extreme fragility, our finitude. Yet at the same time, right when becoming aware of that, we intuit the infinite and realize that our soul is capable of far more than our senses can grasp.

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Mama I've been depressed for about 5 years now. And I have no friends, well I thought I did but I was just being used. I'm so alone but I don't know what to do anymore.

First off: please seek professional help for your depression if you haven’t already. It’s nothing to take lightly and there’s no shame in taking medication if needed! Especially with mental illness it can be hard finding friends, because people have a hard time getting your needs right. But people in life come and go, so please don’t let it get you too down. There are lovely people out there just waiting to meet you! Also if you need to talk or need support, me and the seedlings are always here to help! I know it’s not the same as having real life friends, but maybe some nice people read this, visit your blog and wanna talk to you. Please don’t give up on life. Even if it’s hard sometimes, there’s always something to fight for! I love you!

FMLS90 Day 27 (8.27.16)

Okay, I know I’m obsessed, but honestly, I think Great British Bake Off is a good lesson in persistence, mindfulness, enjoying life, and how someone else’s success doesn’t take away from your own. I think we could all take a few lessons in approaching life from our British bakers.

(If you haven’t watched the three seasons that aired in the US and care about seeing them unadulterated, perhaps you should stop reading.)

I’m partial to season 5 contestants, and some highlights include:

  • Richard knowing he screwed up every aspect of a technical challenge and accepting criticism with a smile
  • Martha’s grace and composure (at the age of 17!) in pretty much all aspects of the show
  • Luis’s comment that “hand on heart, the right person won” (this from a man who used two mixers at the same time and ended up fulfilling his dream of opening a bakery)

While I sincerely wish to be BFFs with these people (and follow most of them on Instagram), it’s the season 6 contestants that really tug on your heart-strings:

  • Tamal: “Maybe mine will go in the window of a French patisserie that is maybe a bit down on its luck. They’ve been seeing some tough times, but plucky little guys, they keep on going.” (When life is going wonky, I try to think… what would Tamal say?) 
  • Alvin: “I feel like I’m leaving the tent a better man. A different man.” (He said this having been eliminated. Can you imagine someone from Chopped saying this?)
  • Nadiya: “I’m never going to put boundaries on myself ever again. I’m never going to say I can’t do it. I’m never going to say maybe. I’m never going to say I don’t think I can. I can, and I will.” (If you didn’t tear up, you are a liar.)

So if you need a little bucking up, log on to PBS for some life metaphors. And remember that even Nancy–who is the Mary Poppins of baking and practically perfect in every way–once did this.

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DAY 3071(i)

Jalsa, Mumbai                 Aug  27/28,  2016                Sat/Sun  1:22 am

get that hair right buddy .. !! its time for the Blog .. they wait for the 2nd one in one day .. lets get going .. are you listening or is that damned hair going to take up all the time required ..!!!!

Fine .. finally back here again like the proverbial black sheep of the family ..

Studious .. and in settings of film .. concentration is what moves .. it will never be replaced by any other .. and then the wife next to you .. see … the glimmer of achievement .. in both our faces … hehehahaa .. ! 

And then its time to leave and be home again .. again ..? but we are in the same environ are we not .. so yes in the same environ … and then to you the Ef ..

Saina Nehwal the world Champion in Badminton, drops by to the sets to meet up and what an honour it is .. she is recovering form an injury to her knee and is doing well ..

To understand an athlete, it is important that you understand their sport and then their mind first before you start pointing fingers at them .. sports is not an overnight sensation .. it needs attention, encouragement, will, training, care and above all, the patronage of our emotions for them ..

I saw Saina play her game at the Rio2016 and saw her losing to an adversary that she had beaten many times over .. but she was hampered by her injury to her knee .. could not bend, could not lunge, could not express speed on court .. BUT .. she played despite debilitating injury .. the loss is not important or even worth noticing .. its the will in her to fight, to play against physical odds, to not allow the opponent to ascertain the extent of the injury - for they then take advantage of it .. it is frightening to know of how our athletes live train and exercise their talent for the nation .. and we sit in front of TV screens and do damn all but criticize their non efforts .. this is not right ..talent for sport must be picked up at the young age, given the professional training, given the infrastructure and the right high end treatment from all spheres, in order that we may be proud of them when they represent us ..

I notice often the commentators of other countries, even though their candidate is losing they shall paint such a complimentary picture of their countrymen that it almost seems that even in their loss they have actually won .. we need to be proud of our representatives , give them the psychological strength of our presence of our cheering of our support all along, in order that they may know that they are not alone, when they perform ..

In the adverse conditions and circumstances that our athletes live and come up to Olympic standards without any professional or specialised training, it is an absolute wonder to notice their performance .. we should cheer for them .. applaud them .. make them feel the power of the presence of 1.25 billion people .. humans if they decide to collectively scream .. they could change the course of rivers , mountains and who knows even the will required for victory by of Olympic players and representatives ..

I am pained when they do not get or are given the respect that they so richly deserve .. I am pained when baseless accusations are levelled against our boys and girls .. they do not need or deserve that .. they need to know that the will and the prayers of a billion people of the nation is with them ..

Privatize sport to great extent .. give it to organisations that look after them in corporate fashion rather than each builds himself or herself, with personal courage and funding and existing .. stories one hears of our athletes living and performing in dire circumstances, annoys the spirit not just of those that champion the sporting event, but also those that seek identity .. those that seek to build them .. the coaches and the team of those that look after them ..

And then the people of the nation .. let us all present ourselves in large numbers to all these events .. to scream and shout for INDIA and our sportsmen and women .. the presence of countrymen gives a sense of belonging .. the knowledge that there are people from my country that are there to encourage me … sometimes the gravest of competitions turn their tides purely by audience reactions and support .. we must do this .. we must 

Good night ..

Amitabh Bachchan

I’m just so bad right now. I want to make myself throw up but at the same time I don’t. I want to cut myself but at the same time I know I shouldn’t. I can’t trust anyone and I feel like no one understands what I’m going through. I just don’t want to do this anymore. I’m so exhausted

Cockroach Milk: Yes. You Read That Right
Turns out, cockroach milk is among the most nutritious substances on Earth. But it may still be a while before you can scurry to health stores for roach-milk protein shakes.

Unfortunately, it’s probably too late to make the Pacific beetle cockroach into a pokemon, but the female of this species lactates in order to feed her gestating embryos and then live young. The roach milk is three times richer than buffalo milk and concentrates into crystals inside the embryonic roaches’ guts. As milking roaches is a tad impractical on a useful-to-humans scale, “[Subramanian] Ramaswamy is working on genetically engineering yeast — which is quick and easy to raise — to produce the same milk as beetle roaches.”

Special mention goes to “[o]ne of Ramaswamy’s colleagues” for going the extra mile and licking the science for us. It apparently doesn’t taste like much. It is yet to be rigourously determined whether roach milk is generally safe for human consumption, but there is currently no reason to suspect it isn’t.

Arranged Marriage (Yoongi)

And now it is time for the first half of the Daegu line, my highkey spirit animal bc sarcastic as f uc k, an actual sweetheart with some cute ass eyes like that shit is adorable, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D

  • For the original prince!Yoongi post, you can click right here
  • I am gonna be straying a bit from the plot of the original post but the actual characteristics of prince!yoongi will still be the same
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original post, he’s a bit of a shy prince
  • He’s not as outgoing as some of the other boys and he’s just more of a private person in general
  • But the people still know he’s a v v sweet person bc he’s done s o much for them
  • Like does everyone remember those times when Yoongi spent countless hours sitting there and writing notes/letters that were all unique and he took pictures and he made goodie bags and he did everything by hand just to give them out to the Army even though it was HIS birthday
  • Like I will probably never be over that bc how the fuck is he that sweet, he literally worked s o hard just to make people smile, not to mention he’s constantly working late nights to make songs for us, he pours his everything into this and I love it so so much
  • Prince!Yoongi is not that different from normal Yoongi besides the fact that he’s got a lil crown on his head
  • He does these lil things for them that actually mean s o much to them bc they all know he doesn’t have to do it at all, he can just stay in his castle and live his life
  • But he still makes sure to randomly hand out free food or clothes or anything like that just to make people smile or maybe make someone’s day that tiny lil bit better
  • Yoongi isn’t super thrilled when his parents tell him about the arranged marriage
  • Yoongi seems like someone who doesn’t like being told what to do he just gives off that vibe of if I don’t agree with it, I’m not doing it
  • At first, he’s against the idea of marrying someone he’s never met before bc he doesn’t mean any offense to you, he just doesn’t know whatsoever
  • He doesn’t know anything beyond your name and age, he doesn’t know your hobbies, your personality, whether you like the morning or the night, do you stay up late or do you go to bed early like there’s so much he needs to know
  • His parents sit him down and talk about the pros of all of this, how it’ll be better for both of your kingdoms, how it’s gonna start an entire new friendship bc your families had never been friends but they’d never be enemies either
  • So they figured since they didn’t have anything against each other, why not unite together through the marriage of their children
  • He still isn’t super yes let’s do it !! but he’s still willing to do it for his people and yours
  • The first time you two meet is a month before the wedding
  • He takes a couple minutes to warm up to you but once you two start talking, it doesn’t stop
  • You’re just really really interested in him, like his thoughts, the things he likes, the things he doesn’t like you just wanna know him
  • The two of you start off platonic and you both agree that if the wedding date needs to be moved, it would be moved bc you both want to actually know each other before you say “I do”
  • You’d been a bit worried about meeting him since some people said he wasn’t super !!!! and he liked sticking to his friends instead of becoming friends with everyone and anyone
  • But once you met him and actually got to know him, you found that he was a total sweetheart with the cutest lil smil e like the first time you saw his eyes do the thing, your heart was pretty much his
  • You two started spending more and more time together and you find out that he’s actually just really laidback and sweet and fu nny as fuck (Yoongi’s humor is one of my favorite things about him tbh)
  • You two do push the wedding back a few months to continue to get to know each other and fall in love at your own pace instead of trying to cram it all into a month
  • He lo v es going into this lil room with his piano and just playing whatever comes to mind and this one day he lets you come with him and that’s when you know his feelings are starting to grow
  • Bc typically, his piano playing is v v much his alone time, it’s his time to just relax and not think about anything and just play and you respect that so you try your best to give him that space
  • But then one day he’s just like would you wanna come hear this song I wrote and of course you’re down
  • The song is beautiful and you get to watch him play with is such a ni cE sight like have you ever seen yoon play piano that is some good shit right there I want more of that
  • It’s just really sweet and intimate like it’s just you two, there’s not much space at all between the two of you, you can see every lil detail of his face and his hands and in your head, you mark that moment as the moment you fell in love with him
  • Thankfully, he does too bc once the song is over, he just looks over and it’s one of those moments where neither of you are looking away and you’re both kinda waiting to see if the other person is gonna lean away or if they’re gonna lean in
  • But eventually, he’s the one to lean in and kiss you so that day is also the day you two mark as the date of your anniversary
  • And every single anniversary after that, he takes you back to that room and plays you a song, always written for you and only heard by you

aaaand page 13 is up early on patreon as promised! (i nearly forgot LMAO whoops) 

feels so good to finally be able to share all this HOT CONTENT ive been working on for the past…year. LMFAO 2016 has been BRUTAL in a lot of a ways but ive been trying to keep on top of the comic as much as I can. and i hope you guys like what you see in the next couple of days :)

So according to Tumblr:

Lesbian: anyone using female pronouns, looks feminine, is biologically female, or “all your faves, lol.” Doesn’t matter if they’ve ever been with a guy in any way, expressed a blatant interest in men at all, or even outright said otherwise (see also: bisexual).

Minor: Is this a character under 30, or at least looks to be so? They’re a minor! Time to treat them with the mental capacity of a 6 year old and NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO DRAW LEWD ART OF THEM, EVER, OR ELSE YOU’RE A PEDOPHILE!

Bisexual: A “gay” person who has plainly stated in canon that they have no interest in members of the same sex. Because hat’s what “bi” means, right?

“X-Coded”: Character has some stereotypical trait associated with a minority group. For example, Garnet, who has full lips and an afro, is black-coded, and Zarya, a big buff girl with short, pink hair, is lesbian-coded, and Ronaldo, who is obsessed with conspiracy theories and acts in socially inappropriate ways that have made him widely disliked even in-universe, is autistic-coded. This is in no way offensive to anyone, ever, at all.

Here’s my Jensen op from Minncon 2016.  

It’s taken me the longest to upload because it makes me so happy and yet so fucking emo every time I look at it.  This man, this fucking man right here… there’s just no fucking words honestly. When I went to Chicon14, I was so hyper focused on Jared, because he is such an inspiration to me and it was like a dream come true to be in the same space as him.  I largely only had eyes for him that entire weekend, because he’s like the goddamned sun and I couldn’t take my eyes away long enough to properly appreciate Jensen the way I should’ve.  And then after Chicon14, the #AKF campaign started up and subsequently so did Jared’s openness with the fandom about his own struggles with anxiety and depression.  That whole campaign has meant worlds to me, as it has so many others.  But then the whole Jibcon6 thing happened, where Jared had made the decision to sit it out and take care of himself instead.  And there came, Jensen, unwavering and strong–carrying on the show for his friend, because of his friend. Bottom line: it just really spoke to me.  

Jensen is an image of strength to me and utmost loyalty, two things that I admire and strive for in my own personal life.  My love for Jensen has grown in leaps and bounds, doubling and somersaulting in my chest, with every day that goes by–because he cares so deeply for those he loves.  He carries them, unquestionably, without ever losing a stride and he is everything that I hope my own friends can find in me.  And more importantly, I hope that he knows somewhere in his heart that we all love him and thank him for being such an amazing support and friend to Jared and his journey to always keep fighting. More than that, I hope he knows that we carry him too.  And that we hope he always keeps fighting (right alongside Jared).  

So that’s what I was thinking when this picture was taken.  And as luck would happen, my bracelet is perfectly visible with those words, my hand on Jensen’s arm–saying ‘I got you, too.’ 


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i would probably never actually admit this so here goes anon. i went through so many labels before finally finding asexual. no attraction to guys, so lesbian must be it, right? hold on, bi is a thing, so i guess im that then? oh wait, pansexuality exists? i literally went through "all" before realizing it was "none". by that time i'd already started chatting with people who i previously thought were the same as me (so mostly lesbians and bi folks) and a good 80% of them just flat-out told me (1)

(2) that i could keep on chatting with them and stay in their group chats but the only reason they’d allow me in was bc they already knew me. but really, they didnt want a straight person in there and they made it exceedingly clear i wouldn’t belong. aand thats how i ended up crying in a toilet stall at work for 40 minutes. not at all harrowing to have my first experience after /finally/ finding a word for me & excitedly wanting to share it with someone i thought would understand be… that. 

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The only thing that makes me nervous about Gruvia is like, how many times can M keep pulling the same trick. People will (already have) started to believe that nobody stays dead... omfg what if Juvia is the one that stays dead.

Right!!! I feel so sure she’s going to come back but he’s pulled this off so many times that you don’t know if he dares to do it again. I’m sure but I still feel nervous.

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Hi <3 I was wondering if you know which other groups would have a comeback around the same time with SHINee (if we get teasers the 29/30 th then they'll be back the 5th of september right? And if RV is first then it will be later)

red velvet is the only other sm group that’s scheduled for a comeback in september. otherwise: infinite, a pink, girl’s day, mamamoo, t-ara, ga in, crayon pop, got7, ailee, hello venus and dia are all either confirmed or scheduled for comebacks before the end of september. the only one that has a confirmed date is dia on september 12th.

Lbpq women of color have no obligation to maintain ties with homophobic family members, friends, religious leaders, or community members. They are not betraying their community. They aren’t being divisive. They don’t have to please every single person. If they choose to prioritize their family and community, that’s their choice as well and no one is allowed to criticize them for it. On the other hand, if they want to leave their family and community, they have every right to do so. Their survival is more important than your misguided, selfish, entitled version of “community”. If they want to practice their religion in secret or if they want to practice it openly, they can. If they want to be religious and out at the same time, they can. They aren’t betraying their religion for being same-gender attracted, and anyone who implies that they are is a heinous, shameful person. And on that note, them criticizing the homophobia in their ethnic or religious communities is not “internalized racism” - it’s rightful criticism that you can either properly listen to like someone who genuinely cares for all the people in your community, or ignore it in a brilliant display of selfishness and immaturity. 

*Kodai remembers that webcams are a thing.

“Glad you’re feeling better, Caddy. c: It’s amazing what some good food and good company can do for a person, right?”

Caddy: “It sure is… and both are important for monsters to stay healthy, body and soul. I’m sure the same thing can be said for most humans.” 

“And I’ve never seen anyone do that gesture before, but look! If you do it this way, it looks a lot like one of our Souls, heh… ”