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Sebastian is so 🔥 🔥 🔥 I fucking can't deal with it. and at the same time he's so kind and sweet and caring and soft, my heart breaks with all the love for him, you feel me?


He goes from this

To this

And the best part is that he knows what the fuck he’s doing, too.

So I’ve been considering this au since I finished crybaby, but I just sorted out my feelings on it.

Rebirth/regeneration au. We all saw the earth get destroyed at the end, of course, but my stubborn ass won’t let it end there. Just like they did after the dinosaurs, the earth was reborn, and given a fresh start. Part of me really wants the world to be the exact same as it was before, almost like giving the exact same humans a second chance to live throughout history again and make things right (with their memories and consciousness completely wiped and restarted, of course). But Satan didn’t have his memory wiped after the dinosaurs, so why would he now? He held on to those memories of the earth’s previous cycle, and he waited. For decades, centuries, millennia, until that precious moment in time that Fudo Akira was born. And then he descended on the earth again as Ryo, the human, and relived his life with Akira. Except now he had those loaded memories of what happened, and he was determined to do it right this time. Determined to cherish and protect Akira with all he had. Because now he knew what love was, and he wasn’t about to waste it all again. He wasn’t sure it God would give him another chance.

ok hold on for a sec...

timmy hasn’t been back to crema since filming ended….armie has, but he hasn’t.

can you imagine? going back to Crema when it’s FUCKING WINTER and everything is dead??? with the same people, having dinner at luca’s, armie sitting there with his wife, the memories live and vivid and distant all the same? the parallel fucking line to elio and the christmas scene in the book of all this time passing and sitting there in the winter with the person who changed your entire life, the person who is in love with and committed to someone else right in front of you, when the memories are almost too much to handle because they’re live all around you and you just sit there and take it? can you even imagine? because like that is about to happen my dudes. that is something that is going to happen. 

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Prompt: malec drunk (yes, both, at the same time and place)

Sorry this took a little bit. Hope you enjoy! I love writing drunk boyfriends lol.

“Jace! Jace! Jaaaace?”

Jace groans as he turns to find Alec stumbling up to him at the bar. Alec had proposed to Magnus last night and Jace had seen it fit to take them out for drinks to celebrate. He was slightly regretting that choice right now.

When he finally gets to Jace, Alec almost tips over and has to grab the side of the bar and Jace’s sleeve to keep steady.

“Woah,” Maia laughs on the other side of the bar as she carefully takes the drink from Alec’s hand and places it somewhere behind the counter he can’t reach.

Alec doesn’t notice and turns to look at Maia, with some effort. Jace has to roll his eyes.

“M’ getting married.” He informs her on a slur and Maia sends an amused smile Jace’s way before humming at Alec in feigned interest.


Jace laughs as Alec throws his entire body weight onto the bar and leans in close to Maia.

“Yes, to the most beautiful man in the whole world. He’s the badass high warlock of Brooklyn.” Alec is nodding seriously at her even as he’s fighting to stay upright .

He turns to Jace, “He has magic you know? And it’s so hot.” He sighs dramatically and closes his eyes a second.

Alec doesn’t get drunk that often but when he does he always turns into a sappy lovesick idiot and Jace is much too sober to deal with this right now.

“I think Magnus would approve of that description,” Maia tells him and Alec’s eyes shoot open and he looks around wildly.

“Yes Magnus, Magnus, Jace do you know where Magnus is?”

At that moment Magnus stumbles over to the two of them. He’s obviously just as intoxicated as Alec, maybe even more, and Jace rolls his eyes as Alec lights up and almost falls from where he’s leaning on the bar.

Magnus moves close to Alec and gives him a not so subtle once over.

“Hey pretty boy,” he slurs out, trying to wink but failing miserably.

Alec doesn’t seem to notice the failed attempt, too busy staring dreamily down at Magnus. Jace has to hold his arm to keep him steady because all the concentration he’d been using to keep himself upright is now focused on Magnus. Jace can’t help but grin at the dopey grin on his parabatai’s face.

Magnus gestures for Maia to get the two of them another drink.

“I think both of you have had enough for one night,” she laughs as Magnus sways closer to Alec slurring out a breathless Alexander and Alec stumbles trying to catch him.

“M’ not drunk,” Magnus argues and Alec nods earnestly behind him.

“I beg to differ.”

“I’m not!”

Magnus apparently chooses to ignore Maia’s pointed glance and turns to Alec uncoordinatedly.

“You left me for so long. I was sad.” He pouts and Alec looks genuinely stricken.

“We should go home. Chairman is probably feeling lonely too,” he goes on leaning close and whispering something to Alec that has them both giggling like children. Their arms are linked and Jace watches with fond amazement as his once stoic and unfeeling parabatai throws his head back and stumbles against his fiancé laughing loud and unabashed.

“I’ve wanted to get my hands on you all night. The things you do to me Alexander, I-“ Magnus is cut off when Maia places a hand over his mouth.

“We don’t want to know,” she says, and Jace shoots her a grateful look.

Magnus rolls his eyes and he and Alec push off the bar uncoordinatedly.

“You’re just jealous you don’t have a smoking hot Shadowhunter fiancé with a stamina rune.”

Jace groans, he did not need to hear that.

“Are you sure you two can make it home yourselves?” He asks to try and distract himself from thinking about the times he’s drawn the stamina rune onto Alec himself and how many of those times it was for sex.

Magnus waves his hand dismissively as the two of them lock arms and start walking in a giggling stumbling mess.

“I’m not drunk,” Magnus insists empathetically even as he trips over his own feet and curses before he successfully makes a portal appear.

“Ha!” He says grinning in triumph and Alec giggles and looks at Magnus.

“You are quite magical.”

The last thing Jace sees is Magnus’ shining eyes and serious nod as they step through the portal and disappear.

Jace rolls his eyes but he’s smiling fondly. If anyone deserves happiness like this, it’s them.


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Hello there! I love to read your responses and they bring a lot of insight! Thank you and keep up the good work. I was wondering about something I wanted to ask. Both the book and the show have been described as cynical and pessimistic. But Do you think there is an optimistic edge to the story and the characters that shines through the cynicism and in what ways?

The show is a different kettle of fish to the books. It’s a recurring and deeply annoying theme in their writing for a lot of characters that doing the right thing is also doing the stupid thing. Poor Ned, poor Robb, poor Jon. Dany gets hit by this stick from time to time as well. The corollary is that being ruthless is the same as being smart. Apparently.

Back to the books, though, I’m not sure I’d call them optimistic. There’s definitely quite a bit of idealism in the books, contra popular opinion. This cynical image isn’t helped by the fact that we’re at the part of the story where all the problems have been established and our protagonists are in a dire state, but they haven’t yet seen the way to solve their problems yet, or even how best to tackle them. Internally and externally, they’re not very well off right now.

ADWD contains two of my favourite moments in terms of positivity. One is the simple chapter heading ‘Theon.’ The other is at the end of Jon’s penultimate chapter:

The castle Jon returned to was far different from the one he’d left that morning. For as long as he had known it, Castle Black had been a place of silence and shadows, where a meagre company of men in black moved like ghosts amongst the ruins of a fortress that had once housed ten times their numbers. All that had changed. Lights now shone through windows where Jon Snow had never seen lights shine before. Strange voices echoed down the yards, and free folk were coming and going along icy paths that had only known the black boots of crows for years. Outside the old Flint Barracks, he came across a dozen men pelting one another with snow. Playing, Jon thought in astonishment, grown men playing like children, throwing snowballs the way Bran and Arya once did, and Robb and me before them.

A lot of what’s been published is tearing down the idea that if you do good, you will accomplish your goals, and the narrative will reward you. GRRM is making his characters work for their idealism and think about their idealism, accept that sometimes they will fail, and arguing that people must do the right thing because it is right. Not because at the end of the story they’ll get the love interest and riches and fame and what have you. If all you get for your pain and suffering is the realisation that you’ve enabled a dozen grown men to enjoy a snowball fight, then that’s what you get. It was worth doing anyway.

Glad you enjoy the blog, anon!

Prompt Batch #30

Theme: Miscellaneous

1. “Something doesn’t feel right.”

2. “Why is it that every time I see you, you’re wearing the exact same outfit?”:

3. “If you really like them so much, why aren’t you going after them?”

4. “Life is beautiful.”

5. “You’re too strong to give into them. Don’t stop fighting now!”

6. “I honestly can’t believe we’ve won!”

7. “Looking for someone else I presume?”

8. “Interesting tattoo; why’d you choose to get it?”

9. “The people who are meant to find you in your life will find you; have faith.”

10. “Y-you’re not my dad. Who are you?”

11. “Stop believing their lies already!”

12. “You’re too smart for this.”

13. “I will never give up; I will never give in. Not again.”

14. “I don’t think that’s supposed to look like that.”

15. “Try me, bitches!”

16. “Sometimes I wish I were more, you know? I just never feel good enough.”

17. “That has to be the funniest shit I’ve seen in a long while!”

18. “Is that how it goes? I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time!”

19. “Dude, why are you wearing all of your clothes inside out?”

20. “Help me, please. I don’t know how to do this on my own.”

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if michael was a girl i think he would have huge boobs

when I read the first part of your ask I was like “it’s gonna say boobs isn’t it” and YEP I was right but I have to say I agree,,, ive thought about this before and let me tell you if Michael were a girl I WOULD MARRY HER in an instant and no one would be able to stop me from doing so

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excusee me emberrising drunk!steve and tipsy but very amused billy

Oh, I definitely agree on that! Thanks for sending me that prompt. Here’s a thing I wrote:

“Look!”, Steve insisted.

“What?”, Billy asked, only slightly annoyed as he was now confronted with the sight of both of Steve’s palms, pretty much shoved right into his face. Billy made a step back because clearly, Steve wasn’t able to estimate distances anymore.

“They tingle.”, Steve said, now taking a closer look at his hands himself and rubbing his thumbs over the fleshy part of it. “Why do they tingle?” He asked that with the same kind of wonder a child would have in its voice when asking why the sky was blue, at the same time curious and fascinated.

Billy just looked at Steve with a blank expression before shaking his head in amusement.

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There's a Buzzfeed video that keeps coming up in my recommended videos called, "I tried cutting my hair off with a sword like Mulan" and I'm afraid to watch it but at that same time, I'm extremely curious.

Honestly what would happen is that it wouldn’t work very well. You wouldn’t get a clean cut. A few locks at a time, you’d just have to hack at it until it was roughly all the same length. But I’ll go in and see what’s up for ya. 

*15 minute pause*

Yep I was right. A hairdresser neatened the ends up and the resulting bob cut is cute. 

“hey it’s kinda shitty that ppl are being patronising and rude about gen z kids when we all ought to know how much that sucks when older ppl did it and continue to do it about millennials, kinda feels like we’re just buying into the same pattern of condescending to the next generation in order to lay the grounds for excusing our own inevitable crappy exploitative behaviour towards them”

“omgggg ppl on this site are so full of it, this time is DIFFERENt bc unlike those other old coots, we’re actually RIGHT about all of them being thick and useless based on a few sensationalist faux-news stories deliberately designed to cultivate this exact response”

DGM 227

Spoiler of course (I’m on mobile…and don’t know the HTML for the read more thing…..so apologies)

Of course…amazing chapter as always….bless Hoshino for sharing her wonderful art and story

I am just…full of feelings right now I had to do something about it…

I’m losing my mind at the character development with Kanda…every time we see him…lotus child is growing up…sure you have the same crass outburst of solving all the world’s problems with violence and sure ya best believe Allen needs a good smack for being how he is…but like how concerned he is about Allen and the thing (Apocryphos) following him…Like hey…this thing screwed with my head I can only imagine the things it tried to do to you if it considers you an enemy….and then the gentle way he brought up what had happened with Timcanpy….just yeah breaking my heart

But…there was something in the chapter that I don’t see a lot mentioning….and it’s really what set the mood and broke me first and it’s these pages

…Allen’s..lack of development so to speak..is what gets me..like in the first page the “I’m fine” just like reminds me of the scene under the bridge where he’s trying to hide from Kanda, Johnny, and the akuma that had found him and he just yelling that same statement to himself (and like that whole chapter don’t get me started…but it gets to me)….then that typical behavior of always pushing people aside because he doesn’t want them hurt…but really….because this poor lost child doesn’t feel worthy of being loved…

I mean it’s nothing new…because Allen has always illustrated to having so called selfless characteristics….a bleeding heart so to speak…but as these later chapters cover those same characteristics….you can’t help but to notice some differences in its expression…Allen while having that calm/gentleman personality adopted from his mental break/traumatic response after Manas death…he had this spunky or defiant nature (which of course is his true personality) about him when people tried to help him…but in these later chapters you can see a fear in his expression/body language because he knows he’s not in control….that he could kill them if he gave Nea the opportunity (and heck Nea almost killed poor Johnny a little bit ago anyway) or heck either side would kill them for fun/being traitors…so anyway….it just hurts….that cornered animal expression and telling them they’re too weak to be near him to help…just hurts

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Hey Ohtze :) I love your meta's. They are really great. But what really depresses me is the rumors about episode 9. It seems to be very sad and it seems that Daisy ridley cried because of the script. I want an end that feels right, but at the same time I also want the Reylo endgame. What do you think about?

Are we talking about that time Colin Trevorrow made her cry? Because ngl with the way he handles female characters I’d be crying too. He’s gone now, though, so I’m super thankful for that.

I don’t know what other rumors you’re talking about–I haven’t really seen any on Twitter and I’m logged in there constantly these days–but if it’s something the antis are spewing ignore them. We’re good.

As for the movie: you can totally get an ending that feels right and Reylo as endgame. I’m not saying we will get both (although I do think Reylo is endgame), just that in no way are these two mutually exclusive. Cheer up! <3

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I’m still having a problem with the timing of all this? I mean she got her due & even got some mentions from D himself. Why now? Do you really think it’s related to ACS? I mean the rumors have been around forever why not just have status quo? Even from a PR perspective how is this helping him? Just don’t get the logic in any of this? Any theories?

Everything it’s pretty odd, anon, I’m asking the same question since I saw the post, why now? What did changed? Because something changed for sure. 

I’m pretty sure they talked about this a long time ago and maybe they were waiting the right time to make it, but he fight it and never happened. For this I say that last he didn’t know what would happen. Maybe he had an idea that they were going to publish soon, but he didn’t know when. 

I believe this was a last minute decision even for them. The pic is just a vacation pic, because if was an engagement one it’d be very different. Plus the caption is too odd and of course not writter by him. 

I do believe that in some way this is connected to ACS too, because all the gay scene that will come out, of course can’t make perfectly intact the straight image, infact a lot of people unders his tweet and IG commenting that they thought he was gay.

Rumors got louder in the past few weeks and all the press we had didn’t help, they tried that and I believe he fully hoped this would help. But didn’t, so he started to mention her in a couple of interview, but didn’t do trick. An engagement for sure did that, but again, who really believes it? Besides the 15yo and GA who don’t search about him, but just drink up what they see, no one believes it. 

This pr move isn’t helping him, he’s doing the exact opposite. He lost a very large number of people last night and I’m sure he will lost some more. For sure mentally this isn’t helping him. And professionally neither, because he still lost fans that are important part here, because without them he can’t have success and GA isn’t just GA. 

It’s only helping her  and them, destroying him. That’s is the logic.

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please don’t scrap the borowskis! the amount of effort and time you’ve put into that story is amazing, i’d hate to see it all go away. i’m so sorry if this feels like i’m pressuring you to do something, but i would really miss the borowskis <3

i’m still teetering on the edge right now… like i’m so uninspired and so swamped with work and life and family stuff that it’s hard to really sit down and plan how to carry on, but at the same time i love them so much. i’d miss them too! hopefully i manage to get back into the swing of things soon! thank you for your lovely words darling <3

thefloatingstone replied to your post “Just fuckin ask for commissions my dude we’d buy some.”

*nods* I actually DO commissions and I can promise you right now they are REALLY stressful. Like SUPER stressful. I’m terrible at drawing things that aren’t for myself so every commission picture is a giant struggle. While at the same time I just hope the person is ok with it so I don’t have to work on it anymore because I don’t really enjoy it. At the same time I feel so incredibly stressed to get it done because I know I run a very high risk of just NEVER doing it.

yeah. my top biggest fear by far is that i won’t be able to finish any commissions i might take at all, and i know myself well enough to know that it’s very much a possibility. i’m scared enough of letting people down as it is, and adding money into the mix just makes it all the more stressful.


Have some more spiceyhoney that I sketched around the same time as the other one, as they are on the same page <: just Stretch been a good boyfriend by stopping Edge from going to work as Edge keeps on overworking himself af by falling asleep on him, eventually dragging Edge onto the floor after Edge dragged Stretch with him a bit in an attempt to get him to let go where Edge eventually gives up because Stretch is right he needs a break or something like that xD

Turned out pretty good this one, a bit messy here and there but that’s the usual

This is pretty much how I see their relationship tho, Stretch having to force Edge to take a break as Edge is one big workaholic by using his charm which is very effective though also a bit irritating at times because just let him work xD also Edge is so damn short when it comes to Stretch, as when Stretch isn’t slouching he’s 7'3 aka 221 cm while Edge is 6'10 aka 209 cm without his boots

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hey there!! i loved your comic about the senju pout SO MUCH and it made me wonder: the senju bros are indeed so incredibly different but what do you think are some other quirks or details or something that makes them similiar instead?

  • they both stand with their arms crossed (usually right next to each other)
  • or if they don’t have their arms crossed, they both unconsciously adopt the same general stance
  • they both purse their lips when they’re thinking hard about something
  • lots of inside jokes, lots of moments where they say the same thing at the same time with the exact same inflection
  • similar hands/fingers and similar mannerisms related to their hands (nervous finger movements, nail biting, etc especially when they were younger)
  • if they’re in the same space cooking together or working on a jutsu or something it’s very fluid and efficient and they both know how to get around each other in order to reach things with barely any communication, it’s incredible to watch
  • they both get the very Soft Melty Look when they see their loved ones
  • chakra flares (even a non-sensor can tell they have very similar chakra….not necessarily identical, i imagine hashirama’s chakra is very warm and tobirama’s is very cold, but the intensity and the general vibe is about the same)
  • the way they stand up a bit straighter and puff out their chests and sort of preen a little bit? the motion is nearly identical for both of them (although tobirama looks puffier because of all of his fur)
  • one time tobirama fell asleep at the table with his mouth open and then hashirama very dramatically flopped down and made the exact same face

Gwindor was always fond of watching the sun break through the early morning mists. After so many years with it out of sight, Gwindor found an even deeper appreciation for the scene. He would rise in the mornings well before the sun’s first appearance, always afraid he might miss it.

“You do not need to wake for this,” Gwindor insisted each morning when he went out the ramparts, always met by the same bright-eyes.

“I know,” Finduilas answered.

She would lean against the stone and watch the golden rays chase away the mists with him. Sometimes they would watch in silence and other times they would speak of inconsequential matters, never anything of importance. Finduilas always seemed to know when he wished for conversation and when he sought silence. Gwindor loved her for that.

“Thank you.” Gwindor said those words only once in all those mornings. It seemed the right thing to say, with Finduilas’s head against his shoulder as she hummed some nursery song.

“I do not deserve your thanks,” Finduilas said, her voice heavy with guilt.

“You do.” Gwindor kissed her temple in reassurance.

Finduilas closed her eyes and sighed deeply. “I do love you.”

“I know.”

Finally/Archie Andrews x Reader

Pairings: Archie x Reader


This is based on episode 2x9

Myself and Archie have been friends for years and have always had each others’ backs however, over time I’ve started having feelings for him but I know that he doesn’t feel the same back.

We’re currently trying to find out where Mr Svenson could be after he disappeared.

We’ve looked through books and scrapbooks until we finally find a picture of himself and a few others stood beside a tree.

“Archie, I think I know where Mr Svenson is.” I say, figuring out that he’s in a park not that far away.

“Right, let’s go, you call Sheriff Keller on the way.” Archie says and I nod, picking up our jackets and putting our shoes on.

It isn’t long before we reach the park and we look around, our torchlight shining everywhere until it lands on a cross nearby that reads ‘Here lies Joseph Conway, Sinner.’

Archie picks up the shovel and starts to dig whilst I shine the torchlight and look around to make sure no one is there.

A while later, once all the dirt is up, we spot something.

“It’s a coffin.” Archie says as we both kneel down, wiping away the dirt and we look at each other, nodding, before opening it up to find that it empty.

“Where’s Mr Svenson?” Archie asks “Why would the black hood bury an empty coffin?” He continues and just as I’m about to say something I’m cut off by the voice of the black hood.

“Get in the coffin.” They say, as Archie looks to me, both of us scared.

“No. No way.” Archie replies, attempting to stand up to him.

“Get in or I shoot her.” 

Without protest, Archie gets in and lies down. Taking one last look at Archie, I close the lid, muttering a ‘sorry’ as I do so, shaking, I stand out of the grave.

“Fill it in.” I look to the shovel and pick it up, and start to fill it in slowly.

I begin telling the black hood about us knowing what the sin is until we hear sirens in the distance.

Lifting the shovel up I hit the black hood with it and he falls to the ground as I begin wiping away the dirt and helping Archie out.

“Where is he?” he asks and I point in the direction he ran off to and we follow him to the bridge, Archie running faster than me when he spots him.

The Black Hood stops and Archie walks towards him and begins to threaten him, as I hold the tears back, letting a few slip every once in a while due to us finally finding out who the Black Hood is.

Sheriff Keller shoots his gun and the Black Hood falls back. Dead.

“We did it Archie.” I say, shocked about the whole thing as he comes up to me and hugs me tight, a few tears slipping from his eyes too.

“I can’t believe it’s over.” Archie smiles and I wipe away the tears from his eyes.

We stay and talk to Sheriff Keller for a while about what happened tonight and we begin to walk home.

“Do you want to come back to mine and stay the night?” Archie asks me and I nod, Archie extends his hand out to take mine and I accept.

We reach Archie’s house not long later, both tired from what’s happened and the fact that it’s late at night.

“We did it dad. The Black Hood is no longer around.” Archie says, smiling as he finds his dad in the kitchen. We all sit down and talk about what happened that night.

A while later we make our way upstairs and change out of our dirty clothes, me changing into a top and shorts that Archie gave me.

“What a night.” I say, collapsing onto his bed and I lean my head on his shoulder.

“You can say that again.” he says.

Silence fills the room and he takes a hold of my hand, playing with my fingers.

“You know, I’ve always loved you Y/N.” Archie says after a while and I look up to him.

“You- you what?” I ask, shocked that he feels this way about me.

“I love you Y/N. You mean the absolute world to me and when the Black Hood turned up all I wanted to do was kiss you and tell you everything will be ok.” Archie says, turning his head to face me.

“And why didn’t you?”

“Because I didn’t know if you felt the same way about me.” Archie says and I lean in to kiss him.

The kiss is long and sweet, full of love and passion.

“I feel the same way about you Archie.” I say and we smile and kiss again.

The night is full of kisses and cuddles and eventually we fall asleep in each others arms.

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(not my gif)

“Oh for fucks sake Niall, you little piece of leprechaun ,pick your phone up” Y/N grumbled. But for the fifth time, she didn’t hear her friends voice, ( she was really hoping that this time she will hear him, saying even something like: “sod off it’s five o'clock I’m still sleeping ” but nope). All she heard was monotonous woman voice asking her to leave a voicemail. Annoyed she pressed the end call button. Sighning heavily and pursing her lips, Y/N has taken her suitcaise by the handle. But before she had time to go anywere she heard her name being called from behind.
“Y/N! Hey Y/N!”
The girl turn around just to see a tall man quickly walking in her direction. He was wearing a long black coat and jeans in the same colour, his foots were covered by Chelsea boots and his eyes were hidden behind sunglasses.
“Who in the right state of mind wear glasses in the mid of winter and when it’s still dark outside? ” She whispered to herself. Y/N almost turn around again thinking that he mistaken her for someone else. When he pushed his sunglasses up his head. Before her eyes stood Harry Styles - one of the best friends of her best friend.
“Harry, what are you doing at Heathrow? ”
Her lips formed into small smile. Harry smiled back at her and shrugged his arms.
“Niall called me yesterday saying something along the lines ” you’re too fooking stressed H you need to loose your pants a little and be like the girl you sing about in kiwi you know like, work your way trough the cheap packs of cigarettes or do some shit like that you understand mate?“ Of course with more slurring because he was drunk out of his mind” He laughed a little, his dimples popping and eyes crinkling “ but long story short not an hour later I found him on my doorsteps singing ‘we don’t talk anymore ’ - which really is true but we were both busy with out careers, and due to that believe me I’m so happy I’m not going on tour next year,don’t get me wrong I love my job and fans but I’ve been really tired lately and yeah let’s get back to the point - he came through my doors, and gave me the plane tickets to USA. I guess he was going to fly by the private jet because the plane ticket is for him so the guards wouldn’t let me get aboard… ” He trailed off when he saw Y/Ns expression “Love? Are you alright? You look really pale.”
The girl slowly shook her head, feeling dizzy. If Harry has Nialls tickets than it means…
“You’re going to the trip around the states with me instead of Niall” She whispered slowly . The realization sinking in. Harry looked at her shocked.
“He was supposed to fly to the States with you? ”
Y/N slowly nodded her head. Harry’s eyebrow furrow.
“But it doesn’t matter I’m sure this trip with you will be as good as it could be with him. Maybe even better. He’s really a lazy bum sometimes and hates visiting. He would probably spend every day in a hotel room. But I got this feeling deep down that you aren’t like him and with a start like this? This trip will be sooo full of surprises!”
They smiled at each other.
They didn’t know how right she was.

This is so good. I kind of need more to read because I want to know what surprises there are! xx