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Ahhh, a fresh Transparency Report has arrived. 

Autumn is upon us once again. The leaves are turning, the ice cream trucks are gone, and the most hellish election cycle in memory is coming to a close. It must be time for Tumblr’s semi-annual Transparency Report.

As with previous editions, this report comes in two parts. The first is a review of requests for user information from governments foreign and domestic between January and June of 2016. The second part covers any copyright or trademark claims we’ve received during that same time.

Need some numbers to whet your statistical appetite? Okay. We received a total of 274 requests for user information from federal, local, and international governments, relating to 384 different blogs. That’s 0.0001% of all blogs on Tumblr, which means any given blog has about one-in-a-million chance of being subject to a request—slightly less likely than your chance of being killed by a meteorite. Hm!

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What Sanji’s experiencing here is devastatingly cruel and overwhelmingly moving at the same time… the feels this sequence of panels delivers is so myriad and intense that I can’t find the right words for it :’( 

Why is Sanji remembering the painful moment when he got beaten to a pulp by his brothers just for cooking as he listens to Luffy’s words? I’d say it’s because being reshackled to his nightmarish past made him realize how tremendously happy he was for feeding a captain and crew who valued and loved him just the way he was, unlike his blood family who didn’t acknowledge but derided his kind heart. Luffy in particular always enjoyed Sanji’s food with passion, thanked his chef and took pride in him no matter what he cooked for him - and even when he got beaten mercilessly by Sanji he still doesn’t want anyone else for his cook. Sanji’s grateful, honored beyond words… and more than anything, guilty, that he inflicted such harsh words and physical pain upon the captain he’s ready to die for. His brothers from his nightmares have reappeared in his reality and are sitting right beside him, laughing their heads off at his distress, but Sanji hears Luffy’s words only as he weeps uncontrollably in a whirlwind of emotions… His tears speak of the terrible grief and regret that have swallowed him whole, but I daresay he’s also happy to hear such honorable praise from Luffy and maybe that’s what pains him the most.  

UPDATE: Capay's move to new cell due to construction
According to Michael Lundy, a correctional officer at the Thunder Bay District Jail and president of OPSEU 737, Capay was moved to a new cell due to construction on the segregation unit at the District Jail.

Adam Capay, who has spent the last four years in segregation at the Thunder Bay District Jail, has been moved to a different cell, but jail officials say the move is only temporary.

According to Michael Lundy, a correctional officer at the Thunder Bay District Jail and president of OPSEU 737, Capay was moved to a new cell due to construction on the segregation unit at the District Jail.

“There is construction going on there right now,” he said. “They are modernizing our segregation unit. They are adding a solid door and better observation for officers.”

Capay’s move to a new cell was mentioned by Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, David Orazietti, during question period at Queen’s Park on Wednesday.  

“This individual has been moved from their cell,” Orazietti said. “They are no longer in that same cell, they are in a different location with appropriate lighting, access to a day room, spending time out of their cell for showers, phone calls, and access to TV.”

“My understanding after I’ve been speaking with officials is that the inmate is satisfied with the conditions they are presently in,” Orazietti added.

Lundy called the government’s comments at Queen’s Park a pretty good sell job.

“I know it’s a good sale story right now at Queen’s Park, but [Capay] moved because there is a construction project going on, that’s 100 per cent the reason why,” Lundy said.

Capay was charged in connection with the murder of 35-year-old Sherman Quisses during an altercation at the Thunder Bay Correctional Centre in June, 2012 and is still awaiting trial.

Capay has been in segregation for more than four years, which includes a cell with plexiglass, 24-hour light, and no access to natural light.

Lundy said construction on the segregation unit at the District Jail should be completed in roughly six weeks.

“When the construction project is done, [Capay] moves back to segregation I anticipate,” Lundy said. “That’s a management decision, but that is where I would anticipate he would end up.”

The conditions will be much the same for Capay, with no natural light and 24-hour light. Lundy added that Capay could even have less contact in the new units due to the addition of solid doors.

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I’m Dying

After chapter 844, I am totally loss for words. My heart is aching so bad.

But through this chapter, I can see how much Luffy treasure his cook. Throughout the whole fight, he just refused to lay any hand on Sanji. Because he knows Sanji is already emotionally hurt and he couldn’t bear to give him any more pain… 

And we all know how much Luffy LOVES food and he is willing to starve to the death. 

Imagine how is Sanji feeling after that line. He is the most precious cook who will cook for enemies, cook for rats, cook for ANYBODY. And right now, his captain had showed his trust through this way. 

To be honest, I am a little bit disappointed in Nami. But at the same time, maybe she also know the truth and she needs to protect his captain too. BUT WHY SHE SLAPS SANJI T.T WHY

The way Sanji cried just killed me. 

Okay so I know a lot of people are getting upset that Yuri outright rejected Victor’s proposal to being his boyfriend, and while this is a huge indicator that this isn’t going to be the anime that we wanted, I’d like to point out that if I was in Yuri’s position I’d do the same thing. Not because I have a similar past as Yuri, but whatever experiences I went through make it extraordinarily difficult for me to:

1. Verbally admit I have feelings for someone
2. Need a lot of time before I can open up to them on a emotional level
3. Can’t handle people being straight forward, despite needing them to be

We’re also not paying attention to the fact that Yuri does hold special feelings for Victor, and whether that’s romantic or not right now isn’t important. Yuri just poured his heart out because he was unable to hide his anxiety of the guilt he felt, and Victor hadn’t given up until he found out. I was in awe when he started telling Victor about his past, and his regrets, because that takes toll to go down memory lane. 

Victor responded perfectly, because in the end even though all Yuri only wanted Victor to stay as he is, isn’t that the best thing for someone whose finally done living in the past? 

Because it’s working. And changing something that isn’t broken or is hard to work with would be frightening. 

Yuri finds comfort in Victor.

Yuri wants Victor to continue being himself- meaning; invading his personal space, being goofy, and all the things that make his coach, him. Yuri isn’t asking for his idol on the ice, he wants his idol from a personal perspective, and I think Victor is slowly understanding that Yuri isn’t interested in being pampered. Yuri wants to be independent, and the person who Victor is, right now, will support that. He even said his family was the best thing for him at the time of his struggles, because they always believed in him. And Victor, in his own way, is doing the same. 

He’s meeting Yuri halfway, and letting him meet him there on his own. 

So my hypothesis is (in regards to romance), Yuri isn’t ready for a relationship, and he wants Victor to stay as he is so he can continue his journey with him beside him. He wants more “time” with him because he knows that all great things come to an end, and until it doesn’t really hit him in the face that Victor may be leaving him, he won’t pursue him. 

But this is all assuming there is a path for a romantic relationship between them. If not, then this is all platonic love and I still support that 10/10. 

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I thought the same thing at first about that tabloid. But it honestly sounds like Kendrick to me. And if it is fake, that's a really random thing for them to make up and put in the magazine. I feel about 90% confident that Kendrick did make this comment.

Oh God, at first I also thought it sounded like Kendrick. Even though, I still have my doubts about the source, you’re right, this is super random.

And also, looks like they got the script? Cause Kendrick might say she has no idea about the plot so that she won’t get questions she can’t answer to, but Camp said there will be some “juicy things” in pp3? I’m super confused because everything seems like bechloe has a chance to be a canon.

Was it the same when Pitch Perfect 2 was in pre-production? I wish I was in fandom at the time

Here’s the thing, y’all. Kurt/Nas is weird, but think about this: it’s so easy. Too easy. Everything happened super fast between them, and things are just fine and dandy at the moment. Kurt forgave the bug thing, it’s all good. 


You guys, we all know what happens when things are too easy and people are happy on Blindspot LOL. The fact that things are so easy and good for Kurt and Nas right now is EXACTLY why things will be absolutely terrible for them VERY soon, and at the same time SUPER GOOD for Jeller fans. (Even if I think we all know by now that terrible things await Jane in the mid-season finale. But that’s separate from the ship itself.)

All is well. <3

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I thought the reason Feferi couldn't do the lifey thing is because she and Jane are totally different classes. They have the same aspect, but a Witch and a Maid don't have the same abilities. Jane is Maid (made) of Life, it makes sense that she might spontaneously resurrect herself. Also, only humans have been shown to do a whatever-y thing (without being godtier first), right? Not that that necessarily means much.

Well yeah, that too. But trolls can do aspect stuff pre-god tier too, just look at TZ man, she does that shit all the time

I’ve been pretty good at dealing with non-canon gay ships and shows teasing me. I let my guard down this one time, because all the signs were pointing to canon and immediately get burned.

Not sure if they did this to please both sides of the audience in some weird way? They can tell us “well okay, Oswald is in love with Ed” and in the same breath turn around to the homophobic part “but Ed still likes women so they won’t be together, don’t worry!”.

Gotham, you do realise you just pretty much made everyone upset now, right? Why did you even open this box if you’re not gonna commit fully? I was so proud of you for taking the risk and now … sigh.

I won’t stop watching of course, I’m too invested and I won’t be like the homophobic fans who want to drop it the second they see something they don’t like. But I have more trust issues now lol.

Some people say, well there is still a chance this will turn around. I would love it if that happened, and a small part of me still has hope but … I’m not letting my guard down again. Until I see both sides confessing their love I won’t believe it.

I should’ve known it was too good to be true.


For anon…reader is mortal as requested. They have the same mother. Enjoy!

Y/N giggled loudly as she ran through the cabin. Her brother, Percy, was right on her heels in an attempt to catch her. Having gotten permission from Chiron and Dionysus, Percy was able to spend time with his family. It turned out that his mom and sister were about to stay in a cabin when he met up with them.

“Percy,” she called with a chuckle.

Percy smiled as he hopped over the couch in order to cut her off. He quickly grabbed her by the waist and held tight. She let out a playful shriek as she and Percy barreled onto the sofa.

“Don’t you do it,” she warned through giggles.
The brother cocked a brow. “Do what? Oh, you mean this?”

Percy unleashed a barrage of tickles on his sister. She squealed and jerked as he did so. Eventually, he ended up laughing as well. His sister had the most contagious laugh, he couldn’t help but join.

Soon, Percy relented his attack on his sister, allowing her to calm down. Grinning maliciously, Y/N stuck her feet in her brother’s face. He turned slightly in disgust.

“Oh, that is…why?” he questioned.
“Because, you’re my brother,” she replied, hopping onto his back, “Now let’s ride!”
“You are insane,” he commented with a sly grin.
“Where do you think I got it from?”

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It was unlike any argument that you and Klaus had engaged in before, although this one started the same way it ended with one storming out.

“We have this fight every single time love, I am who I am and if that bothers you so much no-one is forcing you to stay”. Klaus stated, as he had done so many times in the past.

You watched as he looked on smug and proud of himself. “Do you know what your problem is Klaus, you always have to be right, you always have to be the man who has the last laugh. Well I hope you’re happy, because I’m done”. His smug expression fell as he watched you leave the compound, completely frozen unsure of what just happened.

New Orleans at night was wonderful, the music, the people, the city itself all came to life. The constant buzzing in your pocket was starting to get in the way of you enjoying the nightlife, pulling it out you weren’t surprised that Klaus name lit up the screen - 15 missed calls and 7 voicemail’s.

Deciding to listen to those voicemail’s, each one after the another said the same thing, expect for the last one. “Y/N I know you’re angry at me love, I was being a jerk and I apologize. But please I beg you to put your anger to the side for one moment and call me back, I need to know you’re safe”.

Klaus wasn’t always the easiest person to be with, but there were rare times just like this one that he revealed he had a good heart. So with that in mind you set your anger aside and went back home.

Str8 parents are so fucking wild like after I came out to my mom she confronted me like “but (dead name), have you even TRIED to work with Jesus and pray the gay*** away” (I am not gay, I am trans, but it’s all the same to them) like ohhhhhhhhhh my gosh they just have ZERO idea of how the world works and what their children go through like damn mom I *TRIED* to be your perfect little str8 cis Mormon child for sixteen years!!! Sixteen years that caused untold harm that I might never get over! EVERYONE *tries* to be cis and str8 and allosexual and alloromantic because that is what society (and specifically our parents 99% of the time) shoves down our throats as the “right” if not the “ONLY” way to exist as a human being literally from BIRTH. And then when I called her on that bullshit because “correcting” queer kids is 1) fucking disgusting and wrong 2) impossible and 3) I am HAPPY the way I am, she had the fucking GALL to be like “do you even really love me” like what kind of manipulative emotionally abusive bullshit is that

Thinking || Nygmobblepot

So this is my first real attempt at writing Nygmobblepot, and my first time writing again since I haven’t done so or a while, its not great but its an attempt?

Anyways. In summary this takes place as Oswald is waiting for Ed to return after going out to buy wine, I suppose its a sort of alternative way the events could have turned out?

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Do you ever just finish a series and want to reread the whole thing right away.... I don't know how to get past it

yep, and sometimes i do!! no shame. people re-watch movies all the time, so why can’t we do the same with books? :)

My thoughts ..

These are completely my thoughts based on certain things I know and what I see going on ..
I may be completely wrong …but I have been watching and reading things for a couple of years …and this is the way I see it ….

I was talking with a friend earlier today and as usual , the subject of Darren came up . I made an analogy of how I perceive things as they are right now .
To me he is like the caged dogs and cats that we see in SPCA commercials . The ones that are caged and have been mistreated at the same time . They want nothing more than to be freed, but circumstances prevent it from happening .
I also feel as though he has been bullied …possibly into submission .
We get infrequent glimpses at Darren ( Daisy ) when he is happy and carefree…unfortunately those are far outweighed by the glum even sad Darren .
As a victim of bullying myself , it is hard to fight back and when one tries, the bullying worsens .
Bullying also leaves wounds that do heal but leave “scabs” in some cases and occasionally those wounds are reopened and they take even longer to heal .
This is perhaps a dramatic way of seeing things , but to me it could explain why we see very little change in the status quo .
I could be very wrong , but I have this urge to set him free from the cage he currently appears
to be in , but all I can do is offer him affection and appreciation from outside the cage …
Until such time as he frees himself or is set free by those “in charge” .

These “Viktor is dying” theories are interesting (and god I love me some angst) but they’re totally random??? There’s been nothing to hint at anything wrong with him. I think with every show there’s always a “coma theory” or “death theory” but this one just doesn’t sit right with the show theme to me, honestly.

Him retiring?
He’s twenty seven and figure skating is a HUGE strain on his body, especially for a guy who’s done it for ten years. You can see he can’t keep up with Yuuri’s stamina ( a comment he clearly made ) and you see bruises on Yuuri’s feet after he removes his skates. If that’s only one day of training imagine that every day for ten years. In time, your body would give in and it wouldn’t be the same as it was. I can see him having pain troubles later but that would be the max I can see this anime taking it to. 

His hair comment?
The guy has thin hair. I dunno about anyone else but his hair is animated in a style that makes it look thin to me especially when you compare it to Yuri who has very lush, thick locks and even Yuuri seems to have thicker hair than Viktor. In his younger days, he had very long and luscious hair so no doubt his hair is a big part of him and something he really enjoyed having and took pride in especially since he seemed to have his costumes styled to suit it. As someone who uses her hair as a security, the thought of losing it is terrifying and it’s highly likely that he is scared of balding as he’s reaching his thirties. His hair is shown being swayed and used as a characteristic he really does take pride in so of course he would be. Hell, the first clip that was ever shown of him in the PV was of him swaying his hair as he winked at the camera. I know plenty of guys who have been bald by their mid-20s so it isn’t a false fear.

I just don’t think the show will take it down that route. If it does then holy shit end me right now but it’s highly unlikely. I think the show loves to focus on insecurities. Yuuri’s ability to gain weight easily and his lack of confidence, Yuri’s comment on puberty changing his body so already feeling that this is his last shot – So it isn’t strange for Viktor to have his own insecurities and worries when it comes to his body and endurance.

The previous owners of this house had a housecleaner who is ridiculously cheap.  Honestly, they were paying her 35% less than what I had paid to have our old place cleaned, and that place was a third the size of this one.  

Ordinarily, , I only pay to have my house cleaned during times when I’m feeling overwhelmed, and then only once per month.  But I figured it was a good deal, and they cleaning person knew the house and was trustworthy, so I kept her on the same schedule as the previous owner.

I did, however, increase her pay by 35%.  I know it’s more work for her to clean up after a family of 5, rather than two senior citizens.  

Anyway, I feel like a total spoiled housewife, but I love having the help, especially right now with all the health stuff going on.  My granny had weekly housecleaning when I was growing up, and I used to complain about how she made us clean up before someone was coming to clean, but now I totally get it.

Every week, husband and I get the house totally picked up.  Then, while she comes and does the scrubbing, I do laundry or pay bills or handle paperwork or do some organizing.  Eventually, I’ll start tackling the deep cleaning that’s not her thing, like washing windows, cleaning trim, getting fingerprints off the wall, things like that.  But I think that will have to wait until after they cut this tumor out of me.

Anyway, outer order does contribute to inner calm, and the wonderfully clean house is definitely contributing to mine.  I’m going to light some candles, fold some laundry, and hang out with my little Chewbacca over here.  The boys have homeschool co-op this morning and a playdate at a friend’s this afternoon, so it’s just me & my little guy today, who has absolutely insisted on wearing his Halloween costume.  It’s hard to feel too depressed with a tiny Chewbacca by my side.

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4, 8, 12, 14, 16, 19, 22 for the art questions thingy (quite a bunch, i know, but i am curious)

4. What defines your artistic style?
Uuuuuh… My style is ALWAYS changing, but normally the eyes stay the same. Yeah, that’s it, the way I do the eyes.

8. What is your favourite piece that you have done?
Idk why but I reaaally like this one I did of Prompto a while ago (ITS SUCH A LAZY DRAWING TOO):

12. Have you ever considered taking commissions?
I HAVE and I’d reaaaaaally love to do commissions but idk if i’d get any requests and TIMING is something I have a lot of trouble with but maybe with some $$$ involved I can do it right ayyy I’m such a greedy person I am sorry.

14. What do you like drawing the most?

16. Do you draw more fanart or original art? If fanart, what fandom do you draw the most of?
I rarely draw original stuff. I mostly draw stuff of the ff fandom (lately JUST xv).

19. What medium/program do you use the most in your art?
I use that god forsaken program that always crashes on me called SAI for lineart and photoshop for coloring.

22. List at least one of your “artspirations.”
Anything with watercolour. It’s just… SO BEAUTIFUL. I looooove seeing colorful stuff even if I can’t do colors right.