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Everything that is right about today episode

Ok, just to start things off, this episode is lit! We’ve got plenty of action scenes and amazing animation. Did I mention the action sequences? Yeah, those are superb and eye-pleasing and wow-enticing.  

But the best things about this episode do not stop there.

We have Shouto walking around in his new hero costume, using fire with apparent ease.

Fiery red, cobalt blue and icy blue. What could possibly go wrong?

Then we have Shouto saying Izuku’s name several times throughout the episode. In various tones, I might add.

To a Tododeku trash like me, it’s a dream comes true!!

Shouto reflects on himself and sees how Iida is the same as he was before.

And the best part is the motivational speech from Shouto to Iida!!

You’re pulling a Midoriya right there Shouto. Midoriya has a positive effect on everyone. Tododeku is canon.

listen wynonna earp is good, i’m not disputing that at all, but i don’t want wynonna earp. i want a continuation of season 1 of supergirl. just because you have a show about 2 sisters, with one being queer, doesn’t mean that they’re the same thing. that’s like looking at two photos and saying that it’s of the same person just because they’re both wearing the same blue shirt.

wynonna earp is incredibly gory, for starters, and you know what both me and small young girls can’t really watch that for this reason tbh. and i want space fam and the superfriends, kara working at catco and dealing with being the last survivor of a dying planet, figuring out how to live in a world where her culture and language and entire family is dead and still learning to be the sunlight in her loved one’s lives

But she’s all of sunlight, illuminating and soft warmth and life bringing, helping other people to grow, but also burning and unrelenting and sometimes even painful–but ultimately it’s a show full of hope, of optimism. It’s a show about how to continue on and filling the hole in your heart and fighting like hell against the worst demon you can possibly imagine: your own self. Of losing every single thing and building your life back up and fighting tooth and nail to do good.

Of finding your own family, of juggling the balance with work and life and navigating how to be a person again, figuring out how to come back from losing literally everything and not let it eat you alive.

a man who has lived for hundreds of years and lost his entire planet to genocide finding a new family and a girl who’s actual world exploded in front of her struggling to figure out what parts of herself can be deemed “acceptably” human, figuring out how to live life as the very last of her culture while also doing good not because she has to but because she wants to, finding a new family again and continuing on, and the woman who is technically weaker but would still jump in front of a bullet for them because she do anything to protect them because they are hers and she loves them so much and she knows how much pain they’ve gone through and like hell are they going to go through anymore.

Wynonna Earp is great and it’s not a criticism to say it’s not supergirl–it’s not a criticism to say that i like italian but i love sushi but now every single piece of fish is poison, and you can only eat italian.

there isn’t anything wrong with wynonna earp, but it is still a drastically different show and i don’t want wynonna earp. i want supergirl again.

Never be the same

Hi, unfortunately this is going to be the last installation for the first imagine I ever did about Peter Parker (which I turned in to a short drabble series!). It has been really fun writing this and I absolutely adore this too. Hopefully, everyone will enjoy this last bit! I honestly had a fun time writing it. Thank you for the endless support, everyone! 


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Peter looks at May when she comes to a stop right in front of your house. She parks the car and turns to look at Peter. “Remember what we practiced earlier?” May asks her nephew and Peter swallows the nervousness in his throat before nodding his head a couple of times.

“Compliment her but not too much because we do not want to creep her out, ask how she is doing, remember to always listen to whenever she talks and,” Peter continues to list out every single thing he can remember from what he had practiced with May earlier.

You had been putting your books away when you feel a tap on your shoulder. You jump slightly, surprised by the sudden tap, before turning around. A smile appears on your face when you realize that it is Peter standing in front of you.

Peter is looking at you with a rather nervous expression on his face and he looks even more adorable today. You immediately remember the night where he had saved you and you try to keep the smile at bay. “Hi, Peter.” You greet him softly, hugging the book you had been holding on to your chest, tucking your own hair behind your ear, looking at him with a somewhat shy expression.

Peter tries to control the smile from breaking out on his face and he nods his head at your greeting. “H-Hi, Y/N. How are you?” He asks dumbly and almost immediately; Peter shakes his head before looking straight in your eyes. “I, I wanted to ask if you would want to go out. Tonight. With me, for dinner. Like a date kind of thing.” Peter stumbles over his own words and your cheeks are really starting to hurt from all the smiling you are doing. Why is Peter so adorable like this? You really want to hug him!

“Yes, of course!” You reply excitedly. Peter looks slightly taken aback by your reaction and he gives you one of the brightest smile you have ever seen coming from him. You almost feel blinded by it even. “I mean, of course.” You immediately take out a piece of paper from your book and quickly scribbled down your address as well as your phone number on it before handing it to Peter. “Unfortunately I have to go now – I am running late – for my meeting with the rest of the student body so I’ll see you later, right?” You look at him, not wanting this moment with Peter to end. Even if it’s just talking with him.

Peter nods his head, holding the paper you gave him tightly. “I’ll pick you up at 7.” He tells you and you nod your head before closing your locker behind you. “Do, do you mind if I, I walk you to your meeting, Y/N? I mean, you don’t really have to let me but I just thought, like, maybe I could walk you to your meeting and,”

“No, of course not,” You immediately cut him off and Peter grins at you, making him look at the more adorable. He falls in to steps with you as the two of you walk to the room where your meeting has been assigned. The entire walk to the room had been silent – except for the several whispers that went around when people saw Peter with you – but the silence was not unwelcomed. In fact, it was very comfortable.

After walking you to your meeting and telling you, he will be seeing you later, Peter had rushed home. The moment he had reached his floor, he threw his door open and skids to a stop right in front of May, surprising his aunt from whatever book she had been reading. “I need help, May!” he rushes up to his aunt. “I asked Y/N out on a date tonight and, and I need help!”

Which brings Peter back to the situation at hand. May gives him a reassuring smile. “And do not forget, just be yourself, Peter.” May reaches out to place her hand on Peter’s cheek, caressing her nephew’s cheek. “That is the most important thing.”

Peter nods his head. He is really beginning to feel nervous now. “Right, yeah, be myself, of course.” He mumbles to himself as he nods his head again and he takes a deep breath before opening the door.

May smiles at him once again and keeps her eyes on her nephew. “Hey, Peter!” May calls out just as Peter closes the door. He turns to look at his aunt and the smile on May’s face grows wider. “Have fun tonight, Peter. I love you!”

Peter chuckles, nodding his head. “Thanks, May and I love you too. See you later. Drive safe!” He tells his aunt before heading towards your house. Once he reaches your front door, that is when Peter begins to panic again. He is not as ready as he thinks he is – but to leave after telling you he would be picking you up at 7 would be really bad and he is not about to do that to you at all. He has been looking forward to this for the longest time!

So with feign confidence, Peter rings your doorbell. There is no response for a few seconds and just as Peter is about to raise his hand to knock on the door, said door swings open and you step out looking absolutely beautiful. Even though you are wearing casual clothes, Peter still finds you absolutely beautiful and he flushes as he stumbles backwards.

“Hi, Peter!” You close the door behind you, tucking your hair behind your ear – you seem to be doing this a whole lot whenever you are with Peter.

“You, you look really beautiful tonight, Y/N. Not that you don’t any other night – I mean, not that I am seeing I look at you every night or anything but this is not going as well as I had hoped!” Peter groans causing you to chuckle at his rambling.

You shake your head. “I know what you mean and I think you look really handsome tonight too, Peter.” You tell him and Peter smiles at you, momentarily forgetting his word vomit.

He clears his throat. “Are you okay with Thai?” He asks you – he has been there a couple of times with May and he likes the food there too. When you nod your head, Peter feels relieved. “It’s not far from here and I didn’t realize you live so close.” Peter tries to make conversation.

You giggle as the two of you begin walking to town, chattering about this and that. This is the first time you have ever actually talked more than just a few sentences with Peter and surprisingly, the two of you have a lot of things in common too. The date has only just started and you really do not want it to end!

“Thank you so much for tonight, Peter.” You tell him once Peter paid for the both of your dinner. He had insisted and even though you had initially wanted to split the bill with him, looking at his determined expression, you simply let him pay for the both of you.

Peter smiles, the flush on his cheeks does not seem to want to leave his face. Occasionally your hand would brush against his and after the third time, Peter simply reaches for your hand and holds on to it causing you to smile widely.

“It’s nothing, Y/N. I really enjoyed tonight.” Peter confesses, turning to glance at you. You are looking at him with a smile on your face and Peter could not help but grin too. He is feeling very happy, giddy even – all the nervousness he had experienced earlier had flown out of the window the moment the two of you started talking animatedly about a whole lot of things.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and you find yourself right in front of your own door, staring at Peter. Peter keeps your gaze and you can see him occasionally looking at your lips – it makes you feel happy and hopeful that Peter seems to want to kiss you too.

“I had a really great time tonight, Peter.” You bite the inside of your cheek to stop yourself from grinning too much. Peter has that effect on you. Peter flushes and nods his head.

“Yeah, I had a great time tonight too, like a lot, a lot.” Peter tells you causing you to giggle at how adorable he is. The two of you keep quiet for a while – you waiting for Peter to make the first move and Peter contemplating if he should make the first move or wait until the two of you are at your second date.

Fortunately for him, you decided to help him instead by pressing a kiss on his cheek – akin to the one you left the night he had saved you – and Peter stares at you in surprise, jaw hanging slightly before grinning boyishly at the adorable blush that covered your cheeks.

Peter leans forward to kiss you and you meet him halfway, closing your eyes the moment his lips presses against yours. You relax in to the kiss and Peter places both of his hands on your hips, pressing his head closer. He smiles triumphantly against your lips before pulling away.

“We should do this again sometime, soon, that is.” Peter steps back. You nod your head happily. “Good night, Y/N and I’ll, uh,” Peter scratches the back of his neck – he was not sure about what to do now. He wants to stay with you longer – but that’s not possible since it’s still a school night and he also needs to go on patrol soon.

You lean forward to give Peter another kiss, catching him by surprise and the look on his face had been worth it. “Text me when you get back okay? Or when you leave for your… you know, spider business.” You whisper the last words at him and Peter nods his head, grinning at you. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Peter.”

“See you tomorrow, Y/N! Good night.” Peter waits until you walk in to your house to finally leave for the subway station. He could call Aunt May to pick him up but right at that moment, he just wants to bask in the aftermath of going on that date with you. Peter realizes that he really, really likes you a lot! More than he had initially thought and he honestly cannot wait to see you tomorrow!

I love this so much

Warnings: None

Female pronouns used

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“Dwah! Gabe and Y/N sittin in a tree. F-U-C-K-I-N-G”

“Sombra I will kill you if you don’t shut up”

“But I cant heeeelp it. Big ol reaper dating a tiny lil flower. Its adorable”

“Sombra! Don’t you have work do!”

“I can work and make fun of you at the same time. Right Widow!?”

She lets out an audible grunt and rolls her eyes

“Sombra jutst shut up and hack” He growls as you walk in

“Ah! there you are Gabriel!” You say running up and hugging him tightly “I was looking for you babe”

He instantly snaps around to you lifting you up a little bit “Hm? I wasn’t anywhere special. Where were you looking?”  he asks as you take his mask off to kiss him

Sombra literally turned off her computer to watch the scene unfold “See widow. If you had feeling wouldn’t this be adorable”

She scoffs again and looks away as you nuzzle Gabe’s cheek

“I wanted you to get some sleep I know you have been so busy”

“Ill come to bed when Sombra decides to not be useless”   He says kissing your cheek

“Okay sweetie. You better” You smile running out

“Reaper and Y/N sittin in a tree-”


All my life I’ve looked for this slow light, this smallish light
Starting to seep, coppery blue,
                           out of the upper right-hand corner of things,
Down through the trees and off the back yard,
Rising and falling at the same time, now rising, now falling,
Inside the lapis lazuli of late afternoon.

Charles Wright, from “Opus Posthumous III,” Appalachia (Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 1998)

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"When One Stops The Kiss To Whisper “I’m Sorry, Are You Sure You-” And They Answer By Kissing Them More" (from the kissing prompt) for gajevy obvs

Uhh, yeah this took longer than I wanted. Luckily, the final chapter helped me out a little bit. I’m so sorry this is just getting out right now. I haven’t been in the greatest place mentally lately. But here ya go and you guys can send me a request any time!

Gajeel’s eyes widened as Levy told him the most important news of his life. He was going to be a father. His cheeks darkened, the same crimson color as his eyes, as she looked up to him with tears in her eyes. He could tell that she was scared. So was he.

“Gajeel, please talk to me. You’re scaring me,” Levy sniffled as tears fell from her warm hazel eyes.

“You’re so damn beautiful,” Gajeel smirked as he cupped her heart shaped face.

He leaned down and tenderly captured her lips with his. One of his arms snaked around her waist and pulled her closer to him. Her arms made it to wrap around his neck. They were so lost in each other. Two people hopelessly in love.

“I’m sorry, are you sure-“ Levy was getting ready to ask as Gajeel brought her back in for another kiss

Hoots and hollers were heard around Lucy’s party to celebrate her award for her book. Especially from the Fairy Tail group. Gajeel spun Levy around and around, grins on their lips. Her giggles filled her ears and to him it was the most beautiful sound in the world.

The sound of their guildmates hollers died down and Gajeel soon let Levy’s feet touch the ground again. They broke the kiss and smiled at each the other. His hand gently rubbed her stomach as a blush formed on both of their faces.

“I’m gonna be a daddy.” He grinned

“And I’m going to be a mother,” She purred as she looked up at him with concerned eyes “You’re ok with this? I mean this is a huge responsibility.”

“As long as I’m with you Levy and we stay by each other’s sides, I am 100% okay with this. We’re having a baby.” He chuckled as he kissed her softly

Levy yawned and snuggled into Gajeel’s chest and a warmth spread through his chest. They both knew that this wasn’t going to be a walk in the park, but if they had each other they could make it through this journey. This was going to be the most difficult, but most rewarding quest they would ever go out on.

“Let’s skip the rest of this party and get you to bed. Little Mama needs her rest,” He chuckled as he rubbed her belly

“Even though I want to stay here and celebrate Lucy’s achievement, I think that would be a good idea. I’m so tired and I need to rest up to make sure the baby grows properly. I might be feeling a little queasy too,” She grumbled as she nuzzled his chest and rubbed her stomach

“Well then,” he chuckled as he scooped her up into his arms “Let’s go home, Little Mama.”


Notes so far: (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (#5) (#6)
Might as well post this already. Info post incoming.(points to anyone that takes time to read)

So a bit of an excuse for me to not have to draw my characters carrying their weapons all the time, yeah, pulling a hammerspace here. Their weapons are fairly simple in design,but doesn’t mean I want to draw them a ton if I don’t have to. :P 
This has been a long time thing they’ve had, but never bothered showing it til now. It’s why you sometimes see Sparks with a thing on the right side of his belt.
That thing is a ‘Pocket Dimension’ or “PD” as many call it in the story. 

They come in two designs: Button-type and Mirror-Type
Both of them do the same thing of weapon storage, it’s just user’s preference in looks. Pretty much your choice is a pokeball(button) or a digivice(mirror), given how they work. ha!
Like notes say, they can only store one weapon and the size limit is what one can normally carry. No loopholes of “if Trask can carry a tank, then it can fit in the PD”, They just can’t handle that massive size. 
The Gorm, Trask’s race, are exceptions to this since some have them integrated to their bodies, like Krosser, or just experimental, like Cyan.

If there are more questions on this, remember this, first, “Use CARTOON logic” these guys are cartoon characters so not everything needs to be explained in tiny details.


Princess Aurora of Deluce, from Spindle Fire

❝One night reviled, before break of morn, amid the roses wild, all tangled in thorns, the shadow and the child together were born.❞

I’m in such conflicted emotions right now. They are going to suffer lots. Tony, Peter… but at the same time it looks so epicly awesome like… Peter Parker saying “I’m sorry. Tony I’m sorry.” Just broke my heart into million pieces. Like Tony protecting his new adopted son Peter Parker with his body. The new Iron Man armour is so bulky. Like Jesus he thought on protecting himself with tons of gold-titanium alloy at least. Oh God someone just hold me it’s going to be a very loooong year.

I’m sure this will end on a wild clifhanguer and then 2019 is going to be an even loooonger year. I’m so sure of this. Like everyone dead or nearly dead and maybe the Infinity Stones solve it all in Avengers 4. My nerves.

On top of other fanbase issues, there’s literally nothing interesting being discussed about Halo any more.

It’s just a never ending back-and-forth about the art style and movement mechanics, those are pretty much the two hot topics that are dominating every ounce of Discourse™ about the series.

Nobody gives a toss about the story now, obviously, because of Halo 5, and any discussion about that is just going over the same issues we’ve talked about time and time again to the point of being utterly numbed to it.

The long and short of it is that Halo 6′s story is fucked right out of the gate, there is no creative talent that’s going to be able to salvage anything worthwhile from this - they literally had to set Halo Wars 2 outside the galaxy to tell a story that didn’t have to deal with the Created just like Andromeda had to move to a different galaxy to drop the baggage of Mass Effect 3.

What I wouldn’t give for that golden period from 2011-2014 where my investment in the series was at its peak…

There simply won’t be another ‘Forerunner Saga period’ for me, will there?

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I love your theory on Dad-Kogane being a druid, but I'm a little confused about what you think happened to him/ where he is; I wholeheartedly love the theory of him and Mom-Kogane both having to leave to protect Keith, but in some of your theories it sounds like you think Dad-Kogane is still on Earth? It doesn't make sense to me that he'd abandon Keith to protect him yet would still stay close on the same planet, so I feel like I'm missing something in your theory.

All right, so, basically my theory goes:

> Initially, whole family is together, somewhere in space.

> There’s some kind of threat which leads to them splitting up- Mom Kogane gives Dad Kogane her knife, and Dad Kogane/Keith head to the Blue Lion, either captured by the empire, or in an unknown location. Keith is probably a baby at this time.

> Blue takes Dad Kogane and Keith to Earth.

> Dad Kogane establishes human appearances for himself and Keith. A while passes, Keith grows to a child/old enough to remember Some Of This.

> There’s some kind of threat that causes Dad Kogane to separate himself from Keith. At present this is a mystery, but, whatever it is, we know he did not leave Earth entirely, because the Blue Lion is still there. We also know it was probably not the empire which might make it a threat on Earth- I don’t like the insinuation the Garrison is evil but there might have been a misunderstanding.

My rough thought behind that is, it could be someone realized Dad Kogane was not exactly human and given his shady history as an ex-druid, it wouldn’t take much for people to consider him dangerous. (Druids can kill people with their bare hands and while I doubt Dad Kogane committed murder, that point stands, and what we saw of the Garrison is that they tend cautious- see, they sedated Shiro as soon as they got a good look at the prosthetic and placed it as unknown technology.)

The thing is, even if this is the Garrison who is fundamentally well-meaning and I doubt they’d keep someone, even nonhuman, tied to a chair in their basement- mostly because I just feel like Garrison technology is not really good enough to keep a teleporting space wizard down unless they resorted to something like keeping him continuously sedated and that’d be like…

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That settles it. If I'm ever able to go to the same con as you I'm gonna ask if you've seen Spn and what you think of Chuck.

“i haven’t, no!”

“ohhh, is that the one in the trench coat i’ve seen all over the place?”

Anonymous said:

Are you going to be in NOLA in October?! Pleeeease!?

that one’s up in the air, but i have a ton of friends going! even if i don’t vend, maybe i’ll take the trip down there, just because NEW ORLEANS AT THAT TIME OF YEAR? I’LL TAKE IT

i can certainly give free hugs if anything

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Raphael doesn’t get enough recognition from the fandom 2k17

YEA and demore barnes is such a cool dude, i wish they would’ve done more with him in general!! i’ve loved seeing him in AG but SHUCKS does it make me long for what could have been y’know

i’d like to do more exploration of his character some time!!

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If Lapis squeezes Peri arm then I'm done. Bury me in a lapidot hell. To me thats it right there. They've been dating this entire time behind our backs. Room for Ruby was when I started suspecting it, if this is true I'm gonna scream

omg same here!! ;__;

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I guess it's a well-established fact that Jeff Davis hates Derek Hale's guts, right? So it got me wondering: does Derek represent to JD the same as women in general represent to Joss Whedon (a target to pour out his misogyny)?

Oh, Joss, Joss, Joss. You started out so well… or maybe it was a more naive time. First you gave us a character we loved, and then you showed us that the only way you knew how to demonstrate a women’s vulnerability was to have someone use her against her will. And then you showed us that same old thing, over and over again, until we finally realised the truth: you don’t like powerful women, you only like to punish them. 

It would not surprise me in the least if JD sees Derek exactly the same way. He’s incredibly beautiful, he’s clearly out of JD’s league, and he needs to be made to suffer. 

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I honestly really want to see Keith being a kickass leader that will prove to everyone Shiro was right to believe he would be good for this role. But at the same time I don't want it to be as if Shiro's leadership was easily replaceable, you know? I'm so conflicted. Imagine if when Shiro returns he sees everything running just fine without him, as if he was disposable in the first place (which he is not!), it would break my heart.

I get what you’re saying. I honestly think Keith can lead and will be a good leader of voltron based on cannon characteristics. To me personally nobody can replace Shiro as the black paladin, and based on what we can tell of season three, Keith thinks so too. While a leader, Keith is going to have different leading methods and hopefully people will recognise those as “different” and not necessarily “better.” In the show itself, I think Keith finds Shiro a better leader and in Shiros mind Keith can prove a better leader than him. It’s going to be a mess, but I kinda hope Shiro will come back and take his spot as black paladin? Maybe? Idk. It’s hard to say with season 3 not out yet.

Sheith co-leaders anybody? Maybe? Yes? No?

Thank you for the ask! :)

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Hello friend! Do you think Klance will become canon?

I’ll start off by saying I came out as Bi in 1997 and the world was a different place then. It was not a safe place for LGBTQ peeps like myself, and often times it still isn’t, so I come at this question from that reality.

For most of my life, I couldn’t even let myself imagine seeing a same sex couple on TV. LGBTQ sexuality was seen as something to be hidden, particularly from the gaze of children. At best the majority of society had a “I don’t care if you’re queer but I don’t want to see it” attitude; at worst, my right to exist was questioned. Unfortunately some people still feel this way.

It has just been in the past couple of years, a fraction of my life, that I have seen LGBTQ relationships in media and often those shows or films have met with loud angry critism. HTTYD 2 got shit for barely implying Gobber might be gay so I worry Dreamworks might be shy to go there again. Particularly explicitly.

The cynic in me thinks they are setting up Keith to be part Altean as well as Galra and Ka//llura will be end game. That is the safe route and a nod to their inspiration.

However, the hopeful part of me, wants to see
a LGBTQ relationship in VLD so badly and Lauren’s art work with the team and Shiro and Lance’s LGBTQ sign, coupled with the fact that the creators brought us Korrasami, and the fact that we are seeing more LGBTQ rep in the last few years, particularly on Netflix, and that the creators were willing to publicly say all ships were valid and talk about the possibility of a m/m ship gives me so much hope.

Positive rep is exactly what we need to normalize LGBTQ relationships and shake this idea that our exisitance is shameful that too many members of our society have held for too long. The more shows that are willing to take the risk and pave the way, the more shows will be able to go there. I really really hope Dreamworks will take the risk.

Will the rep be Klance? I really hope so. There is so much meta out there predicting why it will be them. They have a lot of chemistry and potential. Scenes like the bonding moment, the elevator shaft, how they usually stand next to and look at each other for a reaction makes me think it will be them.

The creators know Klance is one of the most popular ships ever. I don’t see how knowing that, they can pair either Lance or Keith with anyone else without backlash. Particularly from this fandom where backlash abounds.

But the show might have all ready been written before they knew how popular they were going to be? I don’t know. The elevator scene seemed like fan service and that would have been written before they knew for sure Klance would be popular, unless they wrote it knowing Klance would be popular, making me think Klance is end game.

That was a long heavy answer.

The short answer: I want to think Klance will be canon but part of me is trying to reign the very excited and hopeful part of me in. It’s failing. With every reach, the more I think it’s gonna be canon and I’m gonna be crushed if it doesn’t become so.

Zootopia Feral AU

I’m working more on the feral alternate universe of Zootopia, related to this drawing http://xx-junglebeatz-xx.tumblr.com/image/162692313371. I wouldn’t mind getting more ideas of what could happen in this universe. And possibly drawing them out.

Plus I wouldn’t mind getting more insight of your character’s @trashasaurusrex (Isabelle Wilde) and @feverwildehopps (Waverly Wilde) and how they would interact with their family (Nick, Judy, their 4 younger siblings (My kits), and their grumpy uncle Finnick who lives in the same den as them, and Judy’s family. Sadly not Nick’s family, mainly his mother since she was killed by hunters around the time when Nick and Judy first met) Just to make sure I get their personalities right.

Haha Nick and Judy have so many kits in this universe XD…and may possibly have more….

Hearing that Emilie de Ravin will be back for at least one episode in season 7 reminded me of the same excitement I felt whenever I’d find out that she’d make an appearance in season 1. Like, I actually remember having to lie down on the floor when I saw she was making a cameo in ‘Dreamy’ because I was so eager to have any reference to Rumbelle. 

So it feels like my experience with the show has come full circle in a way, because I’m right back looking forward to brief appearances from one of my faves