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Cancer / Thelma & Louise update:

(Everyone’s calling it cancer now - i.e. the endocrinologists and neurosurgeons and stuff, so I am too). (Also I’m cutting and pasting from my Facebook update because I’m  too tired to rewrite for Tumblr, apologies!) .

Yesterday I saw the neurosurgeon, and things went about as well as I expected them to go. It wasn’t a total worst case scenario, which is if they couldn’t do surgery at all, so that’s something.

But everything else is kind of shitty, so let’s talk about that.

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good night~

i saw wonder woman a few hours ago but now i can’t sleep cause i’m still buzzing i honestly feel like i could pick up a car and throw it right now

  • Harriet: Er... Robert, ready to go through the service?
  • Robert: Yeah, almost.
  • Diane: Liv's run us ragged while you've been a no-show.
  • Robert: Aaron wanted to sleep in.
  • Charity: Oh, right. That's what they're calling it these days. Speaking of bouncing beds, eh? How's your pet vet?
  • Chas: Shut up.
  • Liv: It's not done yet.
  • Robert: It looks perfect to me.
  • Liv: It will be if she bins her mouldy branches.
  • Charity: This is a woodland wedding.
  • Liv: The theme is rustic.
  • Robert: The theme is 'simple'. Just make it special for us. The three of us, yeah?
  • Vic: Erm... is Aaron up at the farm?
  • Chas: Yeah. No thanks to your useless husband.
  • Robert: Adam will keep him busy.
  • Vic: Right. Cake toppers, yay or nay?
  • Robert: They look cracking, sis. Yeah.
  • Vic: Oh, good answer, groom boy!
  • Robert: Whoa, Marlon, I said finger food. Why is there foam?
  • Marlon: Espuma.
  • Liv: Stick some sausage rolls and some pies in the oven. Now!
  • Kanan: Right that's it. Curfew time loth-kits! Off to bed!
  • Ezra: Hey not fair, it's still early!
  • Sabine: I'm not a Lothalite!
  • Garazeb: I'm older than all of you!
  • Chopper: *grunts with protestation*
  • Kanan: Your captain and myself needs alone time.
  • Ezra: Oh OOOOOH yes boss! *salutes*
  • Sabine: We'll leave you both alone ;)
  • Garazeb: Best of luck Kanan *slaps Kanan on the upper back*
  • Chopper: *continues grunting with protestation*
  • [The four proceeds to leave the room, but stopped outside to peep around the door frame.]
  • Hera: I think they're watching us dear.
  • Kanan: *rubs bridge of nose and lets out a deep sigh* I know.

As a 97% L and a 3-5% B i feel that As have earned their places in the LGBT alphabet. NO QS ASKED. If you cannot support asexuality then you can get the fuck out of my pride parade. 👌

A drink at a fancy party
  • AFD!Ruby, standing awkwardly along the side of a large ballroom, hosting a party by Weiss's mother, grumpily tugging at the sides of a beautiful red dress, quietly to herself: Ahh...why's this gotta be so tight???
  • AFD!Weiss, walking up with her mother by her side, handing Ruby a glass of champagne, whispering sharply before introducing her: /Ruby Rose would you behave!/ And mom!!! I'm sure you remember Ruby?
  • AFD!Kristall, happily brings Ruby into a tight hug: Ahhh! My dear Rhubee! Guten abend!! How are you doing?
  • AFD!Ruby, smiles and laughs nervously: A-ah, I'm doing well, thank you Mrs. Schnee.
  • AFD!Kristall, narrowing her eyes, and softly striking Ruby's shoulder, speaking with a bright laughter though: Nein!! Nein!!! Please my dear, call me Kristall. You are part of da family, ya?
  • AFD!Ruby, awkwardly shuffles with incoherent murmers as Kristall runs off with another group of people (people more adept at speaking in formalities), gives off a relieved sigh: Your mother is so-
  • AFD!Weiss, sighing: Ruby, I know these aren't really your thing but...if you stay by my side, follow my lead, and behave...
  • AFD!Weiss, eyeing the side of the room to avoid looking directly at Ruby, her face blushed: We can...do that dumb thing you like later...
  • AFD!Ruby, her face brightening up, a giant smile on it as she frantically nods: Okay okay okay!!!
  • ~~~~~~
  • AFD!Weiss, closing the door to her childhood room, stretching out a little and looks at Ruby, who's already patiently waiting on the bed, groans: Ugh...that's right I almost forgot. Fine. Fine. Let's go.
  • ~~~~
  • AFD!Ruby, wearing a baggy tshirt and comfy sweatpants, laying down with her head in Weiss's lap, watching the tv: Ahhh!! Go Tex!
  • AFD!Weiss, grumpily sitting with her cheek in her hand, quietly to herself: Hmph. Sometimes I much prefer N-S-F-W things.
  • AFD!Ruby, turning slightly: Something wrong Weiss?
  • AFD!Weiss, looking down at Ruby, and softens up, giving a slight smile: No...nothing at all.

hey uhhhh have I ever said just how much I love and appreciate my friends?? Cause I do and I wish only the absolute best for them because they should have all the happiness in the world ty

@sevi007 replied to your post :  I freaking graduated man. No more…

CONGRATULATIONS! =D (Not for the headache, though, get well soon!) *sends good vibes*

@nofluffynobunneh  replied to your post :  I freaking graduated man. No more…

congratulations! :0 well done! it was probably worth the wait, and now you can get that well deserved rest!

@disasterartistfangirl  replied to your post :  I freaking graduated man. No more…

AHHHH!! CONGRATS!!!!! -throws confetti- Hope your headaches goes away quickly though!

AhHHhHHh//// THANK YOU ALL! <3 ˚✧₊⁎( ノ^ω^)ノ゚⁎⁺˳✧༚ I’m so happy to be done! And my headache has gone away as well! I had some dinner and two frozen lemonades and felt a lot better c: Time for the next walk of life it seems /has absolutely no idea what the hell im gonna do/  It’ll work out eventually I guess xD

anonymous asked:

Heyo, I honestly think that the lil dragons that you draw are so cute and the one in your 'breakfast in bed' cutie drawing reminds me of my snake, Django. I've been going though kinda a hard time atm and your work always puts a smile on my face. Thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️

You’re more than welcome anon — I hope whatever you’ve got going on works out for you okay! Take care

  • everyone: are you getting enough sleep?
  • me: no. I exist in a perpetual state of exhaustion which, overtime, has allowed me to develop a particular knack for operating on minimal to no sleep with no obvious side effects, such as falling asleep behind the wheel
  • me:
  • everyone:
  • me: what I'm saying is I found a new show to watch on Netflix and those 5 seasons can't watch themselves if I'm unconscious