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My dear @cat-sophia

Thank you for your lovely post - obviously I saw from my notes that you were reblogging a number of my old fics and I suspected you were working towards something! You dug up one shots *I’d* forgotten about and rereading some of them really showed the evolution of my writing in the past few years…what a ride that was. 

You’re a gift to the fandom for all your support of writers, artists, and the ship in general with your posts. I appreciate what you do so much, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that. 

From the bottom of my heart, truly.

I present to you the fluffiest thing I’ve ever written, AKA..

The Eleventh Time It Happened! (Part ½)

Yes, you read that right, shipmates! This Time it Happened was just too fluffy and long for one post so it’s a 2 parter! First of all, I would like to formally apologize for the RIDICULOUSLY LONG TIME it took me to update this story. Aside from being busy with school, dealing with personal stuff, and having a bad case of writer’s block, this part of the story is so special to me that I refused to post it until I felt it was just right. It’s a big thing for me because this part basically opens the door to the 993923840234 fluffy fanfics I plan to write in conjunction to this story in 2017. (Trust me, you’ll understand why at the end of this half.) So before you read, I just want to say a huge thank you to all of you for your patience and support. It means so much to me that so many of you enjoy this little fluff series. I am tagging as many of you as I can think of and if you aren’t tagged and want to be in the future, just send me an ask about it and I promise to always always tag you in the future. I love you all! Enjoy this heaping dose of daddy!Killian and Mommy!Emma fluff.

Also, if you are new to the Nth Time it Happened fluff series, here are links to EVERY single time It’s Happened so far. Daddy!Killian. That’s all you need to know.


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The eleventh time it happens, Killian is fuelled by a mixture of excitement, and well…fear. It’s harder than usual to extricate himself from he and Emma’s bed, because he’d opted to hold her extra close tonight. Slowly and gently he untangles their limbs, unable to ignore the nagging feeling in his belly that seems to do nothing but order him to creep down the hallway. When he opens Leia’s bedroom door, he can’t help but chuckle to himself. Leia is three years old, and she’d outgrown her crib some time ago. In its place is a gigantic Jolly Roger-shaped bed, complete with yellow and navy trim. Leia had begged for it, and although Emma usually doesn’t use her magic to conjure material things (she thinks it’s brutally unfair, and that one should have to earn things if they want them) she’d made an exception, just the one time. It’s colossally ginormous, resembles the real ship uncannily, and Leia looks tiny in it. (Just the way Killian likes her to look.)

He crosses the room to the side of the ship and climbs aboard, gently moving his daughter over to make enough room beside her. Leia wiggles as Killian pulls her against his side, and she surprises him by nuzzling into him, raising her little hand to tickle at his stubble. He hadn’t meant to rouse her from sleep.

“You okay, Daddy?” she squeaks quietly, nestling her head on his chest.

Killian feels his heart clench at his little love’s words. Even when she’s three quarters of the way asleep, she still finds it in her to be concerned for him.

“Aye, my darling,” he assures her, rubbing at her back with the blunted end of his left arm.

“Just miss Weia a bit?”

Killian chuckles, placing a soft kiss in her messy dark hair. “Something like that, sweetheart. Now, go on back to sleep, love. I didn’t mean to wake you.”

Leia yawns, finishing up the patterns she was tracing on her father’s cheek before letting her hand go slack against his neck. “I w-ove you so much, Daddy.”

Killian tightens his hold on her instinctively. “And I you, my littlest love,” he whispers, resting his chin gently atop her head.

In less than a minute Leia’s asleep again, her little breaths deep and even against his chest. Killian tries to just focus on her breathing, but it doesn’t take long for his mind to start wandering, that mixture of excitement and fear bubbling back to the surface of his thoughts.


Emma had shown up at the docks that very morning, quite unexpectedly, just before he and Leia had set off for their morning sail. At first, upon seeing her, he was worried; she’d said this morning that she was leaving for work, and seeing her in the midst of a work day usually meant there was a crisis. But upon closer inspection he found that she was beaming, a smile so wide it threatened to fracture her cheekbones. They locked eyes and he felt his heart stutter, overcome by how much he utterly adored her.

“Mummy!” Leia squealed, darting across the deck of the ship toward Emma.

“Leia!” Emma echoed, still smiling, jumping from the dock to the deck just as Leia reached her. Killian watched reverently as Emma scooped Leia up into her arms, nibbling at her neck playfully. Leia laughed and wriggled, trying to bat Emma’s face away but failing miserably.

“What…are…you…doing…Mummy!” Leia panted between giggles. Killian stepped closer to his girls, eyes trained on Emma’s face, awaiting her answer.

Emma ceased her attack, pausing for a second to let Leia catch her breath before she said, quite seriously, “I needed to tell you and Daddy something. I thought I could wait until dinnertime, but I just...couldn’t.

Leia’s eyes widened in curiosity, and she placed her hands against Emma’s cheeks, hilariously staring her down. “What, Mummy?”

Killian watches as Emma takes a breath, and then she makes this face. Her nose gets all scrunched up and the lines beside her eyes crinkle but at the same time she’s smiling but her forehead has lines on it as though she’s nervous and suddenly, Killian feels like his heart is going to explode because he’s seen this face before.

Once before.

“I…” Emma starts, but before she can even say anything else Killian surges forward, almost involuntarily. He wraps his hooked arm around them both but using his good hand, he yanks Emma’s shirt up above her belly button, pressing his large hand against the creamy skin of her belly, against where he knows there is a life that they created.

“Emma,” he breathes, his eyes gone watery, his voice thick.

Emma’s jaw drops in shock, thrown off by the fact that he basically beat her to the punch. Her breath catches in her throat when she takes in her husband’s awed expression of wonder and everything she’d rehearsed in the car just flies out the window. She can do nothing but nod encouragingly at him, pressing her hand over where his lies against her skin.

The smile on his face is one for the ages, and for once her pirate is simply speechless, tears hovering in his eyes. He surges forward to capture her lips with his own, his heart fuller than it’s ever been in all his many years.

“Mummy! Daddy!” Leia humphs in an exasperated tone, “What are you kissing about?”

Killian retracts his mouth from Emma’s immediately. He’d almost forgotten his little girl was even present. He looks to Emma again and she gives him silent permission to be the one to break the news. (She knows in these few seconds he’s planned it out better than she ever could).

“Come here my littlest love,” he beckons, taking his hand from Emma’s tummy to hold his arms out for her. Leia goes to him willingly, her little nose scrunched up in utter confusion.  He crouches down so they’re eye level with Emma’s belly button, and he puts his hand back where it had been. Leia copies him with her own little palm, her touch so soft and tickly that Emma almost involuntarily steps back.

“Mummy’s got a wee lad or lass in there, Leia,” Killian explains reverently, and Emma bites her lip to keep from laughing at the way Leia’s eyes widen to resemble tea saucers. “You’re going to be a big sister, my love.”

“Really? In your tummy, Mummy?!”

Emma laughs at Leia’s bewildered expression. “That’s right, kid. You used to be in there too.”

Leia is quiet for a minute, absorbing this intriguing information. After the beat of silence she lets out an amazed, “Wow.”

Killian chuckles. “Wow indeed, little love,” he agrees, placing a kiss on Emma’s belly button. Leia copies him dutifully, just like always.

“Can the baby feel our kisses?” she asks.

“Probably not. It’s too small right now,” he explains.

“Can the baby hear us?”

Killian’s eyebrows knit together, forgetting just when babies can start hearing in the womb.

“Not yet,” Emma fills in, “but soon. You used to get so excited in my tummy when Daddy would tell you stories.”

“Because Daddy’s stories are the best?”

Emma bites her lip to keep from laughing at her bluntness. “Yes, sweetheart.”

“Have you been to see the doctor, my love? Is everything alright?” Killian asks, a hint of concern laced in his tone. He’d been anxious through Emma’s entire pregnancy with Leia, terrified that something would go wrong.

Emma trips over her words a bit, but manages to answer his question. “I—yes,” she tells him, and his brows furrow at the way she stammers the words. “Everything’s perfectly fine.”

“Mommy?” Leia asks hesitantly, interrupting her parents’ exchange. “Do you think the baby would like to go sailing?”

Emma reaches to comb her fingers through her daughter’s soft hair, thinking about the colossal changes to come in their lives, and how she’s sure her little duckling will handle it with ease and maturity. “Why yes, Leia Swan-Jones,” Emma sing-songs. “I think the baby would love that.”


Now, as Killian lays with his tiny daughter in his arms, he can’t help but worry. It isn’t that he isn’t ready to become a father again — hell, he’d been bothering Emma since Leia was a month old —it’s just….Leia. Leia has been the keeper of his heart for the past 3 years. She’s his every thought, his every smile. She’s used to having him all to herself; whenever they’re together, she has his full and undivided attention. She’s his tried and true first mate, his little girl. How will she be affected by the fact that his heart now rests in two pieces instead of entirely with her? While on the one hand he’s bursting at the seams with joy that she’ll have a little brother or sister, he can’t help but wonder if it’ll prove to be a difficult adjustment for his Leia. Entranced by his thoughts, Killian fails to hear the patter of Emma’s feet coming down the hall or the sound of her breathing just outside Leia’s doorway.

When Emma had awoke alone in her bed, she wasn’t surprised in the slightest. She’d known Killian would get like this, would stew about what a new baby would do to his relationship with Leia. She hadn’t really expected it to be the night she told him of her new pregnancy, but in hindsight, she figures she should have expected it to be that way. Yes. She’d anticipated his fear, one that she’d have to smooth out with soft fingers and loving assurances that they could do this, that Leia would be fine, and that their growing family would be perfect in all imaginable ways.

What she had not anticipated however, was the way her heart was racing at a million miles an hour. She had not anticipated sitting on a life-altering secret all day long, but for some reason, she had. She’d rehearsed it all perfectly in the car —three times through, to be exact —but then she’d gotten to the docks, and the way Killian had just known, and yanked her shirt up, and lit up like a Christmas tree…he’d stolen her breath. And her very, very important words, too.

But she needs to say them now. He deserves to know the truth. Comfort him, then tell him, she mentally chants to herself. Comfort him, then tell him. With one last deep breath, she pushes Leia’s door open and tiptoes over to the side of the giant ship-bed.

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OK just a quickie thing because I’m not sure how much free time I’m gonna have those days…

One of the things that make me worry about this plot is that it’s dividing the fandom. Any extreme storylines tend to make people choose one side and be very passionate when defending their favourite. I’m not judging anyone, I’d just advise all CSers to calm down and stay strong. We can get through this.

That said, even as a Hook fan first and foremost, I understand both characters’ decisions. Had I been Emma, meaning if I had lost all three of the men I’ve ever loved (two of them in my arms), if literally everything in my life had been crap until I found myself a weird, little and broken but loving family, I would have fought tooth and nail and take desperate measures to keep what little I have in my life. I mean, look. Emma has had real, genuine love only for the last two years in her life now. And she was about to lose a huge part of that love. Of course she would put her foot down and say “There’s no way I’m losing again. F*ck fate and f*ck everything that has to do with it.” And honestly, her “That’s not enough for me” broke me in every way possible. Killian simply wanted her to live on, happy and free of the Darkness. Emma didn’t want that. Being alive and free was not enough for her, as long as she didn’t have him. And I completely understand why she did that. She was trying to fight fate, not Killian’s wishes, and she totally knew how much she’d hurt Killian, otherwise she wouldn’t have tried to make him forget before fixing everything - and that’s the thing, she was trying to fix things.

On the other hand, I’ve never wanted to comfort Killian more in my one and a half year of being a fan. The guy is, for all we know, the first person who was forced to become a Dark One. And there’s more. He hates what the Dark One is/does/corrupts/whatever with all his soul, and he specifically asked Emma to let him go. In this show he’s one of the few people who became a villain without the corruption of magic. Just natural darkness that crept up on him and it took him centuries to move on. And now he has the darkest of Darknesses in his soul. If it took him so long to give up on his “natural” darkness, who knows what the most powerful dark magic might do to him. He freaking knew that and he was afraid of his own self. He’d given up so much for Emma, but this time it looked like all those weren’t enough. Emma wanted his very life too. As I said, I totally understand her and I would have done the same, but Killian is just a mess right now and has every right to be pissed off as all hell. No matter how good her intentions were, Emma disregarded his wishes and fears and took away his agency and control over what happens to his own body and soul. 

This is really serious and painful. Remember when we were all angsty and panicking when Killian had lost his heart? That’s nothing compared to what’s going on right now. But keep together shipmates. Don’t lose your hope and don’t get into fights. It’s gonna be painful and some people won’t like it but please be patient.