right on brothers


Symphony Bell: I’m sorry,I think I’m imagining things. I swore you just said you hooked up with my BROTHER.

Elegance: …I’m sorry,Symphony.

Symphony Bell: You…hooked up with TENOR?!

Elegance nodded before covering her mouth,stifling her sobs.

Symphony Bell: I…I don’t understand. You two were there as friends! How in the world did you end up hooking up??

Elegance: We…*shaky breath* we weren’t just friends.

Symphony Bell: …what?

Elegance: We’ve…we’ve been together since Taffy’s party. Oh Berry,Symphony. I’m so sorry…please don’t hate me.

Symphony Bell: Let me see if I have this right. You and my brother were secretly dating behind my back for MONTHS and you hooked up at a school dance and now you’re pregnant with his baby. Is that right?

Elegance: Symphony…

Symphony Bell: Does he know?

Elegance: N-no. I…I haven’t told him yet.

Symphony Bell: Well,you better go tell him before I do.

Symphony turned on her heel and walked toward the bathroom door.

Elegance: Symphony,please…I…I can’t do this alone.

Symphony Bell: Yeah well,you should have thought of that before now,Elegance.

She opened the door and walked out,leaving Elegance sobbing…alone.

Letters: LeoxGilesxLouisxAlyn

Attention this is a test. I’m training Sebastian to become my messenger. Please send back a response to confirm he delivered it to the right person (Alyn my dear brother).

All the best- Leo


Leave-me alone!


Attention this is a test. I’m training Sebastian to become my messenger. Please send back a response to confirm he delivered it to the right person (Giles Christophe).

All the best- Leo


Dear Leo

I have successfully intercepted your message. I am glad to see you are working hard on improving the communication efficiency in the castle. Sadly, this task lies beyond your field. You should be working Leo, not sending messages across the castle with Sebastian.

Yours truly

Giles Christoph


Dear Giles,

You’re no fun. Think of all the possibilities this system could have. If I have a problem or if I need you urgently then I can just send Sebastian.

P.S.: I barely sleep so I have plenty of time to work.


Dear Leo,

Your office and the library are just next to my room. I can hardly imagine you’d need to contact me with Sebastian when you can just walk out and knock at my door. Please, resume your work and stay focused.

All the best (this is the last message),

Giles Christoph

P.S: Your sleeping pattern will be discussed another time.


Attention this is a test. I’m training Sebastian to become my messenger. Please send back a response to confirm he delivered it to the right person (Louis Howard).

All the best- Leo


Dear Leo,

I have received your message and I was quite surprised. Lucia is my faithful messenger and if you have any questions regarding this useful way of communication then I will gladly provide you with some advice.

Kind regards,

Louis Howard

P.S.: Giles warned you’d contact me and asked me to ignore you. However as a fellow bird owner I support your initiative.


Elias: …hi.

Luz: Hi. You’re Elias, right? Althea’s brother. 

Elias: Uh…yeah. Is that really how people know me?

Luz: I mean…how else should we?

Elias: As the most awesome monster-slayer this side of the Southern border.

Luz: Uh-huh. And I’m not a witch, I’m a tree nymph.

shoutout to george, fred, and especially ron weasley for realizing that harry was stuck in abusive and unhealthy household and, in spite of the massive trouble they knew they could get in, taking immediate steps to personally see him removed from that environment, something no adult in harry’s life did.

Something I can’t get off my mind

This has been on my mind for days, now, and I can’t shake it. Am I the only one noticing this?

We are all hyper aware of the net neutrality fight that is currently happening and what it would mean. The internet would be walled off by major companies who can then control what we are allowed to read and watch. This is horrifying, but things are in worse shape than that, though.

It was either today or yesterday, the magazine Time was purchased by a conservative group and the sale was financially backed by the Koch brothers. Time is not alone in this. National Geographic was bought by Rupert Murdoch a year or two back, as well. Local news papers are being snatched up left and right by conservative groups. Local news stations are all ending up owned by the ultra right-wing group Sinclair Media (which just got approval to buy even more than the 75% they already had). The extreme right, who is known in the past 20 years for propaganda, bigotry, and general misinformation, is seizing control of every facet of old media. They’re able to do so because progressive sources have consolidated online, rightly so as it’s the logical progression. But now, with the extreme right in office, they’ve decided to stop playing fair and turn off parts of the internet.

It doesn’t take a leap of logic to see that it highly likely these massive telecoms would like to ban any and all sources of left leaning or even centrist news that would criticize their practices. By doing so, the only media the public would have left is the old media, which is now controlled almost exclusively by the far right.

We are potentially about to be hit from two sides at once, here. Unless we can stop this battle to end the internet as we know it, we are in a lot of trouble.


you’re still our brothers———-
and we will F I G H T for YOU.

The signs as Monster Factory monster descriptions
  • Aries: looks like a human goldfish cracker
  • Taurus: looks like darth maul undercover at a high school
  • Gemini: looks like if you saw someone who you suspected of being two kids standing on each others’ shoulders and then you ripped away the trench coat and it was one single human person
  • Cancer: looks like the movie the fly, if instead of a fly in the chamber with jeff goldblum it was like a big bowl of pasta salad
  • Leo: looks like a ghost chef boyardee
  • Virgo: looks like someone cut their face out of a magazine, is a human ransom note
  • Libra: looks like they’re from a dark version of gift of the magi where they sold their face to buy a gift and their wife bought them like, a face scarf
  • Scorpio: looks exactly like benedict cumberbatch
  • Sagittarius: looks like one of those optical illusions; can you see the other face in this face?
  • Capricorn: looks like they’re holding a bundle of dry spaghetti but the spaghetti is them
  • Aquarius: look likes they’re being permanently pinched by two grandmas
  • Pisces: looks like the crypt keeper is trying to sneak into a rave in the old west

“I am but a simple idiot wizard”