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[TRANS] YoonA ELLE China April Issue Interview

When i entered the keywords “Korea No. 1 Naturalism Cosmetic brand Global Endorser YoonA” on search engine, the results that i got  "The most beautiful face", “Female idol that you want to hold hands with”, “Female celebrity with the prettiest smile” etc of news of her winning no. 1 for different kind of polls. “The Top Asian Beauty’ this title make me full of curiosity towards this national goddess who is born in the 90s. Fortunately, due to a press conference by Innisfree in Shanghai, YoonA came down personally and an opportunity arises for a exclusive collaboration with ELLE China to film for Spring 2015 Makeup edition. At the filming site, YoonA appeared infront of us wearing a hoodie, jeans and sports shoes, her slender figure, her flowing long hair, her exquisite small face, and also her fair and dewy skin left a deep impression. To YoonA, it seem like "Right now its Girls’ Generation” is not just a slogan, but the feeling she brought to the people around her. During the filming process, she has her eyes opened wide looking at the photographer and translator, patiently listening to everyone’s opinions, times to times she has her right index finger pressing down her lower lips, looking like she is thinking over something seriously, making everyone on the set cheering “cute” loudly. Also, there is one thing i have to mention, YoonA’s skin is really very good. Each time the makeup artist applied a makeup style for YoonA, there is no need to use cushion, brush to touch up on her makeup. Under high definition and zero beautifying camera , one cannot detect any flaw on her skin too. This is considered rare among celebrities. However, if you think that she must be an expert in taking care of her skin then you are wrong. ELLE realized that compared to using many different luxurious skincare products, YoonA focuses more on giving her skin “less burden”, she is into simple skincare methods

Taking this collaboration opportunity with YoonA, ELLE also had an exclusive interview with SNSD’s makeup artist Jo Juyoung, for her to share with us her secret of applying makeup for Korean stars (t/l note: Not translating this, I will only translate YoonA’s portion interview)

ELLE: Other than the makeup applied by makeup artist, what kind of makeup do you go for usually?
YoonA: Dewy foundation and straight brows that can help to make one looks younger than actual age are the 2 most important points for me. I don’t really like to apply eye shadows. If i want to apply some highlights (on my face), i will go for lip gloss. Other than applying it on lips, i sometimes use it as blusher, spreading it on my cheeks can make one looks better

ELLE: Share with everyone your skincare secrets to maintaining skin of a young girl.
YoonA: Cleansing step must be done well, especially when removing makeup, and also replenishing your skin with moisture. Usually, i like to apply moisturizing serum that is easily absorbed after cleansing my face, for example Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum. As for my diet, i opt for food that are light and avoid oily food and drink more water, eat more fruits. Unlike many girls in Korea, i don’t drink coffee, and only drink orange juice, because orange juice is full of vitamins which are good for the skin.

ELLE: As a celebrity you often need to fly, what are your skincare tips?
YoonA: The air inside the plane’s cabin is very dry, so everytime when i board planes i will carry facial mist and moisturizing masks with me. If your skin is lacked of moisture, it will look dull, so moisturizing is very imprtant.
(YoonA’s airport photos are one of the top among celebrities, her photos are often used as outfit matching examples. But ELLE thinks that knowing how to match outfits is not that amazing, what is more amazing is that her makeup are all done well! Even though most of the times she has her sunglasses on, but one is still able to tell and be amazed by her overall skin condition, seem like her skincare tip in plane’s cabin is done well)

ELLE: What are the makeup items in your bag?
YoonA: I don’t like to wear makeup when i’m not working, so i don’t have much makeup products in my bag, but lip balm and cushion foundation are things i definitely bring along with me, sometimes, i also brought a small bottle of perfume with me.

ELLE: Teach us some tips on how to take beautiful selcas.
YoonA: I think that lighting and angle are very important, you can take beautiful selcas under good lightings! If the lighting is bad, get your good friend provide lightings for you with their phones.

Source: Interview images by 没有那么多的你以为
Trans: mystarmyangel

Right Now It's Girls' Generation

SNSD : *On laptop screen* Right now it’s Girls’ Generation! Tomorrow it’s Girls’ Generation!

*Jessica smiles bitterly at her laptop screen with tears falling*

Jessica : Forever it’s Girls Generation… Girls’ Generation, Saranghae…