right now he's married to zero and he's juice's and zero's bodyguard

"You're really gonna make me join this party, aren't you?"

Magic Anon Submission List

Affection Compulsions:

Decadence: I will kiss everyone who talks to me for 12 hours.

Mine: I will be obsessed with (anon specifies) for ten hours.

Forever Yours: I will fall madly in love with the next person I see on my dashboard and remain in love with them for three days.

New Allegiance: For the next (anon specifies), I will love those I hated and be scared or hate those I loved. Any relationships I have that are in the middle ground are unaffected.

Perfect Insanity: For the next (anon decides), I will be on a quest to make out with the one person I know I shouldn’t.

This Moment: I will be in love with (anon specifies) for two days. 

Emotional Upheaval:

Anthem: I will be followed by music that fits my mood for (anon decides).

By Myself: I lose (handler decides someone or something important) for ten hours.

Severe Emotional Distress: I will be obsessed with an event or occurrence (anon decides what) that will cause me to express related, overwhelming emotions for two hours.

Tear Away: I distance myself from a close friend (anon decides who) in favor of another person (anon decides who) for 12 hours.

Enforced Compliance:

Administering Control: I have to accept and act upon the commands given by the next (anon decides) people in my ask inbox.

Answer!: I will have to answer anything asked of me completely truthfully for one day. Failure to comply will result in an unpleasant event (anon can specify what).

Bound: I will be physically chained to (anon decides) for (anon decides). Please include the length of the chain.

Fire and Ice: I will become best friends with someone I normally don’t get along with (anon specifies) for (anon decides).

Follow You Home: I will follow (anon decides) for four hours.

Free Will Sacrifice: I will become a butler [male character]/maid [female character] of (anon decides) for twelve hours.

I Walk Beside You: I am the loyal guardian to the next person to post a message in my Ask inbox for two days.

I Will Be Your Witness: I have to confess something that I think of or feel toward anyone who speaks to me each time they speak to me for six hours.

Mutter: I will say everything that crosses my mind for one day.

My Child: I find a baby in a basket and am required to take care of it for (anon decides).

Taking Over Me: I am the unwilling servant of the next person to post a message in my Ask inbox for eight hours.

Zero Becomes One: All decisions I make for 12 hours must be decided by chance (dice roll, coin flip, random number generator, etc.).

Fear Compulsions:

Asylum: I will think that they are coming for me and do everything in my power to escape them, fleeing for my life until they give up the chase in (anon decides).

Blood and Tears: I will be plagued by horrific images and scenes, while asleepand awake, for two days.

Easier to Run: I will believe that I am being stalked for (anon decides).

Fear Catalyst: I will be extremely terrified of (anon decides) for six hours.

It’s the Fear: I will be extremely paranoid about (anon decides) for (anon decides).

My Own Savior: I will believe I have been betrayed by the people closest to me for the next three days.


Darkness: I will be blind for six hours.

Echo: I will suffer from an irresistibly cute stutter for (anon decides).

Nothing Left To Say: I will be unable to speak for four hours.

Why So Silent?: I will be deaf for six hours.

I Require Medical Attention:

Body Breakdown: I will be sick with a unique flu for (anon decides) with variant/unusual/odd symptoms (can be determined by anon). If anon does not provide symptoms, my handler will.

Diagnosis Terminal: Despite all efforts to convince me otherwise, I will believe that I am dying for (anon decides).

The Infection: I will be ill for eight hours.

Stricken: I will suffer an injury (type and severity determined by anon) that will persist for (anon decides).

Jekyll and Hyde:

Another Strange Me: I will split into two versions of myself—one good, one evil—for (anon decides).

Betrayal: I’m a nice guy? Now I’m bad. I’m a bad guy? Now I’m good. I’m somewhere in between? …Damn it, I’m a fucking cat. Nyan, mother****er. Lasts for (anon decides).


A Chore for the Lost: I become obsessed with making everything perfect for six hours.

All I Want: I will have an unusual craving for (anon decides) for eight hours.

The Animal: I will believe that I am an animal (anon chooses what) for one day.

The Courtesy Call: I will hear an alarm go off sporadically for the next 18 hours but be unable to find the source.

The Dimension Gauntlet: I will be stuck in an alternate universe (anon can specify the conditions of the AU) with [total/some/little/no] (anon decides) recollection of my home universe for seven days.

Dream Weaver: I will have the ability to trespass in the dreams and/or nightmares of others for (anon decides).

Fragments of Memories: I will suffer from full or partial amnesia (anon decides) for five days.

The Grand Illusion: I will experience vivid hallucinations for two days.

Like You: I believe myself to be (anon specifies another character) for five hours.

Memory Of…: I will lose all memory of the person closest to me for (anon decides).

The Obsessive Devotion: I will have OCD regarding (anon decides) for (anon decides).


A Gift or a Curse?: I will switch gender for (anon decides).

Bark at the Moon: I will transform into a dog (anon can choose breed) for (anon decides).

Dead to the World: I will be found ‘dead’ and must watch my loved ones mourn my loss until I ‘come back to life’ in (anon decides).

Embrace of the Endless Ocean: I will transform into a merman [male character]/mermaid [female character] for three days.

Enemy: I will take on the appearance of someone I hate for 16 hours.

Everybody Wants to Be a Cat: I will transform into a house cat (anon can choose breed) for (anon decides).

The Flame of Youth: For (anon decides), I will be seen by everyone I interact with as a child, although I do not perceive the change myself.

Great Spirits: I can talk with nature for three days.

Innocence: I will transform into an (anon decides)-year-old child for three days.

Maybe I’m a Lion: I will transform into a big cat (anon can choose species) for (anon decides).

Pure Spirits of the Forest: I will transform into a fairy for (anon decides).

Strange Wings: I will have cute little wings for (anon decides). The wings are big enough that I need to account for them when getting dressed but too small for me to be able to fly.

Two Worlds: I will switch bodies with (anon decides, but handlers must agree) for (anon decides).

Violence Compulsions:

A Beast Am I: A demon will possess my body for four hours.

Another Way to Die: I will want to kill every character I interact with for (anon decides), and the only way to stop this is by killing me or making me kill myself. I will come back, but whether or not I am aware of such is the anon’s decision.

Battle of Sudden Flame: I will be quick to anger and overly violent for the next (anon decides).

Let the Monster Rise: My thirst for blood is all-consuming and insatiable, but rather than being a vampire, I simply thirst for blood for (anon decides). Failure to find an adequate supply will result in starvation and attempts to consume other food or drink will result in vomiting.

Tattered Banners and Bloody FlagsI will attempt to overthrow anyone in a position of power for 12 hours.

You’re That Jerk:

Better Than You: I am incredibly cocky and refuse any and all criticism for two days.

I Made It All Up: I will attempt to con others into doing things for me for ten hours.

I Rule: I become power-hungry, trying to rule over everyone that I interact with for one day.

Intoxication: I will talk and act as if inebriated, hitting on everyone I interact with, for four hours.

You Give Love a Bad Name: I will do everything in my power for (anon decides) to tear couples apart, enjoying the pain and distrust it causes.