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Naoki smiling/laughing (sarcastically or not) because of Kotoko (requested)
                    Episodes 1-3
                             Part 1

thesurfingraichu  asked:

This question is a bit rabdom, but have you thought about what kind of warrior names the Neko Atsume cats would have? I imagine Snowball would be Snowcloud since they're described as mellow and Fred would probably have the suffix of -face, since it's implied he's handsome. And Smokey having -storm as a suffix since his personality is described as "hot and cold".

Actually, uh… a couple times I renamed all the cats to warrior names. Just for funsies.

Except Tubbs. Tubbs is a fat bastard and he will be always known as such. 

sellsoulstome  asked:

if you don't mind me asking, are you okay? what happened?

i’ve been in recovery from my drug addiction and made it over a month clean (without my parents knowing i was an addict at all), relapsed, and my mom found me unconscious and had to give me CPR. apparently i had taken almost the whole bottle because i definitely blacked out and wouldn’t have taken that many if i was ‘there’. im just so, so terrified and distraught for my mother. no mother should have to have to resuscitate her child. she couldn’t find a pulse. if she didn’t find me when she did i would be dead


Jang Yijeong Moments 4/ (ft. Dokyun)