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  • Slytherin: Hey, how old are you?
  • Ravenclaw: *hesitates*
  • Ravenclaw: I don't know.
  • Slytherin: How do you not know?
  • Ravenclaw: I lost track.
  • Slytherin: How did you lose track, and can't you just do the math?
  • Ravenclaw: Too much effort on both counts.
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The first chapter of my Vigilante AU, if i’m never your hero, is now out!!! I hope you like it!!! ^.^

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #34
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Dan:</b> do you wanna make out?<p/><b>Phil:</b> sure-<p/><b>Dan:</b> cornflakes<p/></p><p/></p>

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Im a trans girl who doesnt pass at all and i worry that no lesbian girl will date me bc of that :c

any lesbian that won’t date you because you don’t pass well is transphobic and gross. you’re gonna find the right girl for you. you’re beautiful no matter how well you pass.


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The 100 Tarot for @storyskein

part 1 * part 2 * part 3

I think the core thing that caused The Last Airbender to be the horrible, piece of shit movie that it is was the fact that Shyamalan clearly looked down on the TV series as just some dumb children’s show and not for the good thing it is. It really shows through in the movie that he thought that the show’s just a mindless cartoon made to momentarily distract children too dumb to comprehend the world around them. That was his first of many mistakes, and that, combined with his incompetence, laid the foundation for the film.

i had a dream last night that i met Joji and everything was going great and everything was chill but when he told me that he had to get going i was like “oh okay! tell Pink Guy i’m proud of him and that I love him!” and he got the most concerned look on his face ever and even though it was a dream I can never live this down.


📷 No Filter Challenge 📷 by @butterfly-tattoo ❤

I was tagged by the beautiful @dank-owski @ohnikkinikki @skadisim Thanks a bunch bebs!!!! 💕💕💕

RULES: take a picture of the sim that’s normally associated with your blog (your legacy founder/lead character in your story etc.), now take away all their cc (except their hair, eyebrows, and skin color), then do a before and after picture.

Well, of course I chose my dear dear Bunny! 🐰 She doesn’t look that different! It actually looks like she is wearing heavy foundation without cc!! Like a baby’s bottom! AS SMOOTH AS A BABY’S GLUTEUS MAXIMUS!!! ((She also got a wee amount of plastic surgery beforehand))

I think a lot of people done this or have been tagged already so if you want to do it you should because it’s fun! Expose your cute sims!