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MBLAQ MBLAQ MBLAQ gosh so many memories…..

well i’ve been supporting these guys since their debut but i officially became an A+ in 2010. They were & still are the reason of my happiness. They play a very important part in my life. I think the reason i fell for them is because of their individual characteristics, their playfulness, their no-care for their idol image attitude. My personal life is not a bed full of roses, i suffer from depression from time to time & these guys always helped me to get out from it, encouraged me, made me smile. They will never know about it but i will always be thankful to them. So MBLAQ thank you for these glorious 5 years of emotional roller-coaster of entertainment that you have given me and the other A+s… thank you!!

Now i know this is a heartbreaking news, Curtain Call is the last place where OT5 will stand together for the last time, even thinking about it makes me….. i can’t describe the feeling (sorry). You can cry your heart out, you have the right to do that but you should also be practical about this entire situation. Me & some of my friends kinda knew about this expiration of LEE JOON’s contract, heck even the K-A+s knew that it will be expiring this year but nobody knew when the announcement would be made. So the 87 line going to the army & Lee Joon & Thunder’s leaving decisions really didn’t surprise me that much.

Lee Joon always wanted to be an actor, i guess all of us knows that, it was his dream so to achieve his dream he worked his ass off as a MBLAQ member, on variety shows, on small roles in dramas, in CFs, etc. His big break came through the movie “ROUGH PLAY” & after that he hit big with “GAPDONG”. Right now he’s at the peak of his acting career, he’s already 27 & sometime soon he also have to leave for the army so he knows that this is the time where he can actually try to fulfill his dreams. So plz don’t say things like “comeback” “don’t leave oppa”… NO do not say that, let him go & let him live his life as the way he wants. Don’t try to make him stay so that u can just fangirl over him through MBLAQ’s songs & MVs, he’s not your entertainment-doll. He’s human, his 1st passion is acting & so it’s impossible for him to continue both. It will be too much for him. So plz understand and respect his decision and support him. He’s not going anywhere, he will always be our LEE JOON aka ACTOR LEE CHANGSUN… a great person, a great friend, a great son, a great singer & a great actor and of whom i am so very proud.

Same goes with Cheondung, i guess many have noticed that he’s the only one who released more solo singles than any other MBLAQ members. Yes he wants to become a solo artist & it’s not a bad thing. It will give him the opportunity to show his potentials like other solo artists. He can prove those people wrong who always made fun of his talents, who thinks that he’s the black-hole of the group. This is the time where he can come out from the shadows of his sister and i think he will be successful because he’s a great composer & he has even improved vocally. (btw i feel he will be joining YG… just a feeling). I wish him the best.

Ok now i wanna talk about those A+s who are blaming MAD TOWN for everything that is happening with MBLAQ. Plz tell me what MADTOWN have to do with any of these?? Is it their fault that JTC decided to promote them? Is it their fault that Joon & Thunder are not renewing their contracts? All your hatred & arguments for these boys have no sense of logic at all. If you don’t want to support them then don’t but also don’t blame the ones who are supporting them. You have no right to judge them. Many A+s support EXO & other boygroups but does that mean that they don’t love MBLAQ anymore? Then why is it so different with us who are supporting MADTOWN? and plz don’t give the reason of that audio scandal thing becoz there is no proof whatsoever & i can write an entire essay on how wrong you are in blindly believing something which doesn’t even exist..!

Well that’s all i wanna say, i was thinking whether i should write this or not then i thought what the hell, it’s my personal blog, i can write whatever i want.

To all the A+s & to my precious OT5 i.e MBLAQ

Be happy, Be strong, let’s keep & cherish those precious memories forever. I really really love you guys from the bottom of my heart.