right in the mcr feels

For real my dudes it’s been 4 years and I’m still not over it. I feel like I’m about to write a long and sappy paragraph so I’ll just keep it short instead. I love them, always will and this day always makes me very sad. They’ve got me through so much shit in my life and I couldn’t be more thankful that MCR existed. Even though the band is gone now, we’ll carry on 💕

okay but honestly my chemical romance was (and is) such an amazing band like

these four guys from jersey who started making and playing music together and something about their chemistry was just unbelievable, ray’s ability to write intricate, very classic and operatic guitar parts mixed up with frank’s thrashy punk inclinations, and mikey’s hard, very heavy metal basslines and gerard’s songwriting and singing drawing everything together—that songwriting that feels a little like 80s and 90s post-hardcore and emo stuff, like something almost like the cure or the smiths or placebo but simultaneously very theatrical and misfits-esque punk, sometimes angry and harsh and desperate like a fistfight in an alleyway and sometimes very intensely fast and wild, and it’s just so totally my chemical romance, that’s a style that only those four guys from north jersey could pull off and it’s amazing 

My feelings right now

MCR official Twitter and Facebook pages are updated with a new logo, as well as their website

A video is posted with a flag displaying this mysterious new logo, it plays the intro to Welcome to the black parade in the background and shows the date 23/09/16

This year marks 10 years since The Black Parade

The goodbye message from the website is gone