I was sure there’d be time for us again. But then you were gone. And time seemed finite again, and I was afraid.
—  Bonnibel Bubblegum to Marceline Abadeer (Marceline Gone Adrift, Adventure Time comic)

Some might argue that the best scene was the fight against the Red Tornado.

I think the best scene comes after the Black Mercy.  Anger is a powerful emotion, but that thousand yard stare we get when Kara wakes up is heartbreaking.

What makes the scene so powerful isn’t the fact that Kara has to relive losing Krypton for a 2nd time, it’s the fact that she has to choose.  The choice between two loving families is absolutely killing her inside.

I’d gladly conquer any emotion, but loss?  Loss is something that you never truly get over in my opinion.  Anger can subside over time, but pain… sadness… on the level that Kara has endured is something that will never go away.

And god bless Melissa.  She’s excellent at playing the awkward geek, but hot damn she can fucking act.

TL;DR  The scene after the Black Mercy releases Kara is the best scene of the show, not the Red Tornado fight cuz she has to choose which family she will never see again. Anger is a shitty emotion, but loss is worse.  Oh and Melissa can fucking act.


The minute I saw this image a fic idea popped into my head - but in true me form it took 2 weeks to actually come together into anything. Unbeta’d and about 1100 words of fluff. Post CS wedding with a side of Captain Charming feels.

A Picture Tells a Thousand Words

For close to three hundred years, the memories of Killian Jones had been curated solely by the power of his mind. Highly reliable, of course, with impressive attention to detail - as he frequently reminded Henry when he shared tales of his past life with the young author.

(And he had yet to find the lad’s eye-rolling any reason not to continue.)

With such a power of recall, there seemed little chance any of the intimate details of the day he married Emma Swan would slip into the shadowed recesses, no matter how many dark curses or damned fairies were thrown at them.  

Yet he found himself drawn again and again to the simple black frame that hung on the wall of their living room, a moment of utter bliss captured perfectly in the curve of their lips and the light in their eyes as they danced together for the first time as husband and wife. He had known many a treasure over his long years on the sea, but none of those would ever be more valuable than this image, he thought, lovingly tracing a finger along the contours of Emma’s face.

“You are going to wear a track in the glass, Killian, if you don’t stop doing that.”

Emma’s arms snaked around his waist, her chin coming to rest on his shoulder. Though he couldn’t see her face, he had no doubt of the smile she was wearing - yet another image firmly locked in place without need of a photograph.

“Of all the magic I have ever come across,”  he said, turning in her arms until their foreheads came to rest together, “I think these photographs are the most powerful of all. A single moment preserved in time and yet it tells so much more of the tale.”

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