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Baekhyun’s EX’ACT Interview, « Monster » ver.

- Baekhyun -

Keywords: mischief, consistent, clarity

Q. What’s your earliest memory?

B. I think I was holding a baby milk bottle. (Laughs.) It was at my mother’s friend’s place. I think they had a baby there. I was maybe about 4. I remember my mom’s friend was doing the dishes, and I was holding an empty milk bottle. It was around sunset. They had an entryway right next to the living room, and there were three rooms total. It was a brownish-feeling house.

Q. Do you ever feel like you’re all grown up?

B. Grown up? I can’t believe I’m already 25. Oh, I do feel that way when I do something nice for my parents.

Q. Do you think you’re a consistent person?

B. I’m not really a consistent person. I act more according to how I feel. Spontaneous, I’d say. (Laughs.) I’m quite fascinated by people who are consistent. Like D.O.

Q. Do you think people change more because of internal factors, or because of external factors?

B. The external factor is big. If people around you say you’re doing well, then you seem to yourself like you’re doing well, and if they say you’re bad, you feel like you aren’t. I’d say the internal factor is not so relevant. Because people can’t be totally objective about themselves anyway, and because we give ourselves too much credit. So I don’t think internal factors are enough to propel someone to really change.

Q. What would you say is a fundamental element of you that does not change even when the environment changes?

B. My goofiness, my bright personality.

Q. When do you feel most yourself?

B. When I’m goofing off with the members in the offstage waiting rooms. But then, I don’t really change that much or act differently in front of different people. I’m the same on stage and off. It’s just a matter of degree.

Q. Are you ever burdened by other people’s expectations? When do you feel that you become free of them?

B. Always. What if I can’t sing well, what if I can’t dance well, those are the things I’m most worried about after becoming an entertainer. To get away from the burden, the thing to do is practice, work out, building yourself up. Then you feel the burden a bit less, as you solve issues one by one.

Q. What’s the thing you’re most afraid of?

B. Dying. Dying from a severe disease, not being able to live long. I want to live a long life without falling sick, peacefully. Because I’m a pacifist.

Q. Which do you believe in more, coincidence or fate?

B. I’d say fate. You know how they say, “that other thing happened because it was meant to lead to this.” I believe that kind of thing. I feel like this is all fate. Being cast for this company at the beginning was also like that. Debuting as EXO was also fate, it seems.

Q. Do you like things to be clear or ambiguous?

B. I prefer clarity. Even when I’m discussing our schedules, I like things to be exact. Either it’s yes or it’s no, I don’t enjoy it when someone goes, “Oh, I don’t know.” Either you like it, or you don’t. Saying “I don’t know” seems to be something you do when you’re not comfortable saying something, or for some other such reason.

Q. What’s something that you think is valuable, that can’t be seen by the eye?

B. The affection between people. You don’t see it, but it’s the most amazing thing, right. You meet a lot of people one by one but you can’t have the same size of affection for each of them. Your heart just goes out more to certain people, and that’s really fascinating.

Q. If one thing in life could last forever, what would you want it to be?

B. If it could last forever, EXO. I’d like it if the name EXO could stand forever, maybe as a role model for lots of musicians, to be remembered and missed in people’s memories, like Michael Jackson. It would be lovely if EXO could last for a long time in people’s memories, proving that we made an important mark in our field.

My chances of seeing my hero in SNL was destroyed today in the most ridiculous of ways, right at the entryway into the studio:

Six of us were waiting for standby tickets for SNL to see Benedict Cumberbatch host. Our group was first in line. I was #5. There was a woman on the stand-by ticket line as well who has been camping out for every SNL event for 10 years, and she was probably #8 in line.

The woman made a stink abt us leaving to get food, go to the bathroom, etc. (even though everyone did this, including her), and thought that we were cutting in line. She complained multiple times. The security guards, ppl in line, and even NBC Today staff said it was fine and that they’ve seen us waiting throughout. It was just her that had a problem.

So after literally sleeping in the street, we finally got our SNL stand by tickets at 7am (we chose to see the dress rehearsal instead of the Live showing). We went home, slept properly, and came back to the NBC store at 6pm to wait in line. We were there. We made it, and we were so fucking stoked to see Benedict practice.

But, of course, the woman still wasn’t happy. She spoke to the staff (and they obv know her cuz of her coming to every show), and they spoke to each other, and a man called the six of us to the front.

He said, “Listen, she’s been coming here for years, so i’m taking her word over yours. So, here’s the deal; three of you can stay, and three of you can leave. If you guys don’t decide who’s staying in three minutes, you’re all leaving. No discussion.” So we chose the three friends who got there first, to be fair on our group.

He took our tickets away, and then offered us to go to the back of the line, so I went from #5, ticket in hand, ready to walk into the studio, only to go to the back of the queue. (Only to later to forget he said that and came yelling over to us like, “What are you guys doing here?”). The studio filled, so we didn’t get in anyway.

That woman, though, is in there right now. She got in without consequence.

So this SNL regular decided to ruin our day because we were in front of her in line and need human resources. I left crying and I’m heartbroken. She ruined our chance to see our favorite, and my personal hero, Benedict Cumberbatch, and she just couldn’t let it go until she won. And she unfortunately did.


Group/Member: GOT7 // Jinyoung

Collection: GOT7 Christmas Drabbles ⛄🎄❄

Word Count: 860

Prompt: Christmas AU w/ Jinyoung 23
What no i totally have no idea how mistletoe got under every doorway in our house… *cough cough* …but since it’s there we should really honor the tradition right

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What a shame it would be if someone found the key to yesterday—opened its doors and went through the vestibule. Everyone would be so tempted to follow. Even worse, what if someone figured out the password to tomorrow? Would not everyone feel an urge to hack its system?

Yet, without any critical thinking, we are here right now in this moment. We are not in “what was” or “what will be,” but “what is.” What will we make of that?

In the future, we want to be successful at our dream career. Right now, we are glued to the couch.

In the past, we were living. Right now, we’re settling to exist.

Right now, we have a decision to make—have. Not had or will have. Have. Right now.

So, don’t live for what could’ve been or what could be. Live for what is. Live for what’s right in front of you.

Yesterday is history. Its entryway to life is blocked off with the word, “never,” and it locks its doors with, “impossible.” Tomorrow does not yet have its foundation. It depends on today.

So live today.

No matter how much you love the stories told behind yesterday’s doors or would like to add another lock to ensure that the day will never come again, it’s over. Not even the smartest scientist can redo yesterday.

That’s why something beautiful happens. Today begins.

Whatever was once lifeless in the night gets a heart when the sunrise announces morning. Time vacuums the pollution out of the new born day so every new opportunity is in your reach. Just reach out and touch it while it’s still there, while today—right now—is still here.  

The reality is that today has an expiration date. The sun will eventually set, and the twenty-four hours will be accounted for. Until then, what will we do? What will we do to give the sun a reason to shine? How about getting up and off the couch? How about putting down your phone? How about going out and exploring your city? How about making memories?

Today is so precious, so beautiful, and so short. How will we make it worth living?

Let’s forget about yesterday and tomorrow and shift our focus on today. Let’s not be so far gone into the past or into the future that we forget about these special moments we have right now.

So, let’s excuse ourselves from yesterday. Let’s excuse ourselves from tomorrow. We can’t let them hold us back.

We have a day to enjoy.

—  live life abundantly, live life now 
[TRANS] EXO Monster Interview : Baekhyun

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Keywords : mischief, consistent, clarity

Q: What is the earliest memory you have?
I think it’s of holding a bottle. (laughs) We were at my mom’s friend’s house. I think they had a baby, too. I think I was maybe around 4 years old (2~3 international)? My mom’s friend was doing the dishes, and I remember holding an empty bottle. It was around sunset. Their entryway was right by their living room, and they had three rooms. I think I remember the house being sort of brown.

Q: Do you ever feel like you’re an adult?
An adult? I can’t believe I’m already 25… Ah, (I feel that way) when I’m filial to my parents.

Q: Do you think you’re a consistent person?
I’m not a consistent person. I act differently depending on how I feel. I’m go on impulse. (laughs) Really consistent people, like D.O., are really interesting to me.

Q: Do you think people change because of something within themselves, or because of outside forces? 
Outside forces play the bigger part. If people tell you that you’re doing well, you feel like you’re doing well, and if they tell you you’re really bad you start thinking you’re doing bad. I honestly don’t think your own thoughts really play that big of a part. People aren’t able to judge themselves objectively, so they judge themselves more liberally than a stranger would. That’s why I think people can’t change simply based on something within themselves.

Q: What part of your nature won’t change no matter what environment you’re in?
Being mischievous. My bright personality.

Q: When do you think you’re the most “yourself”?
When I’m joking around with the other members in our waiting room. But I don’t like, change or act differently in front of different people. I’m the same as I am on stage. I think there’s only really a small change between me on and off stage.

Q: Do you feel burdened by others’ expectations (of you)? When do you feel like you’ve escaped that burden?
Of course I do, always. What if I can’t sing well? What if I can’t dance well? Ever since I became a celebrity that’s been my biggest worry. I practice, and exercise, to relieve that burden some. I take care of myself. When I do that some of the burden seems to go away, working things out one by one.

Q: What are you most afraid of?
I’m afraid of dying. Dying without being able to live much, because of a serious illness. I want to live long and healthily. Peacefully. Because I’m a pacifist. 

Q: Do you believe in chance? Or in fate?
I believe in fate. People say that all things happen for a reason. I believe that. I think everything is fate. Being casted by the company (SM) was. And becoming part of EXO seems like it was fate, too.

Q: Do you like things to be clear, or vague?
I like things to be clear. I like knowing exact details when we talk about our schedules, too. It’s better to say yes if it’s a yes, and no if it’s a no. It’s boring if you just say you don’t know. You like what you like, and you don’t like what you don’t. I think people say they don’t really know when it’s inconvenient for them (to answer).

Q: Among the things that can’t be seen, what do you think is most valuable?
Connections between people. You can’t see it, but it’s really amazing. Even if you meet people one by one, you won’t like them all the same. It’s really interesting how people just tend to like some people more than others.

Q: If one thing in the world could be forever, what would you want it to be?
If something could be forever, I’d pick EXO. I want the name “EXO” to be around forever. Like Michael Jackson, who is a role model to so many musicians, and remembered and missed by so many people. Remaining in people’s memories would be like proof of us leaving an important mark in our field.


Hey @sixpenceee !

I thought you’d be interested in this fellow. He’s a statue that makes his home at my workplace. His name is Shifty and although he’s creepy af during the day, he’s 10x more unsettling during closing time.

His eyes look almost disturbingly lifelike and despite working there for almost 6 months, he still scared the shot out of me.

The best part? He stands JUST far enough to the right of the staff entryway that he’s hard to notice when you’re first turning the corner. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve screamed at that mother fucker.

Oh and people also like to oh so kindly shift him around so you never know what position he’s gonna be in when you see him.

Dreaming To Reality: 02 Remix Chapter Forty - 17

Ken walked forward, right past the entryway into the living room as he headed for his bedroom. He felt the hair on the back of his neck raise as he walked by, keeping his footsteps even despite the tense anticipation he felt.

True to his expectations, the stern voice of his father called out from the living room even as he made it to his bedroom. “Ken.”

Ken paused at his door, then swiftly unlocked it and opened the door just enough to slide his dufflebag - and by extension, Wormmon - into his room. With his precious cargo safe, he turned back and headed back to the living room.

It seemed his actions were unexpected, as Ken barely made it back towards the entrance before he nearly bumped into his father Haruto - a square-shouldered, middle-aged man with short, dusty dark blue hair with a widow’s peak. Ken’s father jerked back in surprise at the sudden appearance of his son, stepping back before scowling.

“Didn’t you hear me?” Ken’s father asked, his voice stern.

Ken’s mask was still firmly in place as he met his father’s disciplinary stance with cool indifference. “I heard you. What do you want?”

“We’re long overdue for a talk,” Haruto said. “Come with me to the living room right now. Your mother is waiting with your brother.”

Ken’s expression barely changed, save for a vein twitch. He then gave a small nod as he proceeded into the living room, with slow and measured steps. “I agree. We’re very long overdue for a talk.”

In the living room, his mother was already seated on the sofa beside the shrine to Osamu, which took up a large portion of the wall space. The smell of incense hit Ken’s nose and he could see her eyes were red-rimmed, hinting at her activities before he came home.

“Sit,” his father ordered, voice severe. “We need to talk about your behavior recently.”

“I prefer to stand,” Ken said, his tone icy. “So, shall we start with you first or shall I?”

Me?” Haruto stammered for a moment before his eyes narrowed. “Listen right here, young man, this is exactly the type of attitude that’s the problem. You’re disobeying me, keeping all hours without telling me where you’re going, and terrorizing your mother. This stops right now!”

“Since when have you ever cared where I am?” Ken asked, his tone deceptively light. “You’ve never showed any interest before.”

“Don’t you talk back to me, young man!” Haruto snapped.

Ken arched an eyebrow, seemingly unperturbed by his father’s anger. “We’re having a talk, you said so yourself.” A smile appeared on his face, sharp and pointed like a knife. “Or did you mean that you intended to talk, and I’m only allowed to listen and not defend myself?”

“I am your father!” Haruto said, pointing an accusing finger at Ken. “You will treat me with respect!”

Quietly, Ken heard his mother starting to sniffle again and mutter prayers to the shrine. He only caught the occasional word, but it was enough to inform him that his mother was asking Osamu to help ‘bring back the real Ken’.

It was enough to set a hot lick of flame inside him, spurring him forward in his anger.

When you wake up panicked,
sure that your family
has left you in the night,
stumble first to the closest lightswitch
and then to the one in the hall.
Ignore the fact that you
do not live here anymore,
and try not to wake the family
that’s moved in in your absence.
They haven’t pulled out the carpet
and there’s that spot right outside the bathroom
when the tub flooded
because you had snuck into the boy’s room
to watch The Simpsons
when you knew you were not allowed and
two months ago,
your brother was clearing out your bedroom and
he found this box that you had hidden back behind your baby clothes–
three airplane bottles of vodka and half a pack of Marlboro Lights,
and he texted you a photo, and said,
“Look at the shit you thought was worth saving.”
Turn right into the entryway,
the front door bright red
and still
and not at all like some stranger is yanking at the knob;
Your mother’s mother is dying right this minute
and your dad does not know it, so
he texts you about this season of Big Brother,
which will not be watched in this living room,
where you learned to play Bridge
and practiced cartwheels
and made out with Riley Palmer one Tuesday night
while both your parents were at work,
in this family room that is not your family room,
and it’s so weird, because
there was this dollar bill stuck in that picture frame
for like fifteen years
and we never knew where it came from,
and no one ever took it down,
or I guess they did take it down, right?
but you weren’t there to see it, so
you still pretend like it’s there,
and maybe that’s why you did not go back,
because over to the left there was a doorway
that had everyone’s height on it
every year since like 1986,
and if you walk straight and turn right into the laundry room,
there’s this file cabinet with a lock on it
and you never found out what was in it,
maybe that’s why you did not go back
because if you turn left past the file cabinet
you’re right at Mom’s side of the bed,
and she asks if you had a nightmare
and you say, “Yes.
I dreamt there was someone else in my room.
I dreamt that you’d changed all the locks.”

The Sisters (1884). Abbott H. Thayer (American, 1849-1921). Oil on canvas. Brooklyn Museum.

Dressed in black and set against a muted green background, the Stillman sisters are seen in a doorway. Bessie stands in front. Clara stands behind, and wraps her left hand around Bessie’s waist while resting her right hand on the entryway’s frame. The sisters are noble in comportment and remote in expression. The unusual positioning of their figures implies a complex and intimate relationship.