right in the campo


All over the city of Rome this evening, altars of repose were set up for the Blessed Sacrament at the conclusion of the Mandatum Mass of Holy Thursday. These seven are all in or near the Campo Marzio region. From left to right, from the top: Santa Maria sopra Minerva; Sant'Ignazio; San Luigi dei Francesi; Santa Maria dell'Anima; Sant'Agostino; Sant'Apollinare; and San Marcello al Corso.  

i was watching black orpheus earlier and it reminded me so much of early DR and when i was a little kid, even one of the characters looked exactly like me!!

anyway it reminded me of the mountain areas of la vega and the tin roof wood houses before they started using the cement. since before the internet it took mad long for fads and certain media to reach the masses in DR, especially those of us from el campo right by la lomas and shit,  we get it even slower. so since I’m’ a late 1980s baby that means DR felt like a mix of the 60s/70s/and 80s Western/ U.S. influence. Black Orpheus was a late 1950s movie (1959?) so I felt a wild nostalgia with it from start to finish, it felt like home. and tbh that ending tore my heart up.

all this reminded of that last quote I reblogged where Junot Diaz talks about how going from DR to NYC felt like time travel. it really did feel that way. probably still so in my family’s case cause Villarosa is still pretty much el campo.