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“He thinks it’s the coolest thing that’s ever happened to him. Part of it’s finally knowing what’s going on. And he’s excited to have his friends back– to be part of the in-crowd. Shouldn’t be surprised, I guess. It’s so Quil.” 

Drew me (like one does) to test something (test worked great!) It was how I was dressed 2/22/2017.

Portal Gun blueprints, regular sized pants rolled up cause I have stubby legs, and Darthvader shoes. Like one wears.

Gold paint in the back.

What is distance?
  • Distance is a number.
  • It’s what makes me wish I lived somewhere else,
  • just to be close to you all.
  • If I could,
  • I would be with you in a heart beat.
  • I'd hug you tightly
  • And spend hours talking with you.
  • Watch movies
  • And laugh under blankets
  • Like we already do.
  • But in person.
  • Because while distance is just a number
  • The ache I have when I want to be there -
  • When I want to hug you
  • And shower you with my love
  • And remind you how much you mean to me -
  • Isn't dulled easily.
  • Because you're so far away.
  • And distance is a number.
  • A big number.
  • It doesn't stop me from loving you.
  • From sending you every bit of my affection
  • And good thoughts
  • And happiness.
  • It doesn't stop me
  • From wanting to talk to you for hours
  • And tell jokes
  • And be silly
  • And sit in silence.
  • It just stops me,
  • Momentarily,
  • From giving you physical affection.
  • But, really,
  • That won't stop me for long.
  • It's just delaying me for a little.
  • Don't worry.
  • One day,
  • I can't say when and I can't say soon,
  • But one day,
  • I'll see you.
  • Remember,
  • Distance is just a number.
  • And numbers, we can work with.
  • And though I'm not great at math,
  • And crunching the numbers will take some time,
  • It'll be worth it.
Drabble #2: Somnium

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Written using these self-imposed rules:

(1) Most of the fic must be written in 100-word drabbles.
(2) Non-drabble sections must be rare, and must have word counts that are multiples of 100.
(3) To prevent the drabbles from becoming oddly-spaced paragraphs, five minutes must elapse between each drabble, or there must be a change in perspective.

thank you @hiyaitsberry for this prompt!

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