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There’s been an outpouring of love for Carrie Fisher over the past few days that, quite rightly, isn’t only focused on her work and the iconic character that she played, but who she was as a person and the strength she inspired in people. It makes me sad that I’ve only seen Debbie Reynolds being celebrated because she was an actress of Hollywood’s Golden Age. Or Carrie Fisher’s mother.

It’s understandable. She was of a very different generation and most of us are probably less familiar with her. However, I want to talk about how Debbie Reynolds was an incredible woman in her own right.

Debbie Reynolds was a survivor of childhood abuse. She was a mental health advocate for most of her life. In 1955 she became a founding member of the Thalians — an organization dedicated to mental health causes — which she led for almost 60 years.

She was a valuable and fierce ally to the LGBT+ community. She hosted AIDs benefits years before Reagan even publicly acknowledged the disease. She bearded for gay men to protect them from homophobia and discrimination that would prevent them from getting film roles.

She was a strong, compassionate woman who — on top of raising her own two children, with no help from their father — raised the three children of her second husband by his late ex-wife, even after he gambled away all of her money and left her flat broke.

So here’s to Debbie Reynolds. Her legacy — like her daughter’s — is more than just who she was on camera. I’m full of gratitude. The world is better place for all that she left behind.

R.I.P., space grandma.

I haven’t seen Moana yet

But her design is my favorite, ever. I mean, I think about it all the damn time. I love everything about it. I think she’s the most beautiful Disney Princess yet.

Hey guys.

I apologize for being the wet blanket at the mo. The news about Carrie Fisher is really getting to me. Like, bad. The kind of bad where I’m gonna need to call my therapist while she’s on vacation bad.

Yeah, I know the whole “But you never even know her! Stop making this about you!!” thing and I get that. I’m not trying to make this about me.

I grieve for her family. I grieve for her. I grieve for a world without her in it. I grind my teeth at the fact that just yesterday, we were being told she was stable. I grieve for the complete suddenness of this. It feels like I’m one big ball of grieving.

I’ve always been attuned to people’s emotions. Call it bullshit if you like, but when enough people are sad or hurt or angry, you *feel* that. It’s in the air, in your veins. It becomes you.

Today is a grieving day, and the fact that I can’t lay in bed and sleep through it is turning me into a major depresso grump. I don’t take feelings like this and turn them into art, as much I’d love to for Carrie Fisher’s sake. I shut down, I reboot, I make things than after a nice joke or two.

I’m in shut down mode right now.

And the plain fact is, I can’t be on here (Tumblr) right now. Every other post is a tribute to Carrie Fisher, or a gifset, or whatever. Which is good, it’s deserved. But man, I can feel my chest tightening up just thinking about. I’ve been crying most of the day, and lemme tell ya, that is not easy when you sit in a crowded office answering phones for eight hours a day.

I probably won’t be on for a bit. I just can’t handle this place right now, and I hope you peeps understand. (I’m not even sure why I’m making this post. Trying to explain, I guess, but words are just *pzzzrtblght* right now. It feels like I’ve lost someone I knew.)

Thanks for understanding, and if you don’t *shrug* You are who you are.

And, sorry for being the drama llama. Happens. I’m gonna go now.

erin gilbert lets a ghost out of its trap because her years of childhood bullying instilled a need to always prove herself to others. erin gilbert pushes pull doors and does finger guns. erin gilbert dances with her fingers. erin gilbert punches a guy for taunting her and calling her “ghost girl”. erin gilbert uses a swiss army knife to save her friends. erin gilbert has a phd in particle physics but she thought all the windows were doors. erin gilbert jumps head first into a fuckin portal to save abby bc she wasn’t gonna leave her again. erin gilbert kisses ghost traps because she’s so happy she was right all these years. erin gilbert proudly reclaims her cruel childhood nickname and is now finally happy because she is surrounded by a supportive family that believes in her and loves her.

Srydia fanservice shit feast in 6x01

Let’s count it down:

  1. Malia doesn’t run after Lydia, when the banshee realizes Stilinski is going to be taken.  Lydia is distressed and in panic mode but Malia – her FRIEND – just leaves her. RIGHT. Why? Because Srydia needed alone time in the car. RIGHT.
  2. Stile’s childhood best friend, father and ex-girlfriend – don’t remember him, but a girl who doesn’t love him and is his friend for like two years, remembers. If it’s not a banshee thing, then it’s fanservice. I also guess, that Scott, Sheriff and Malia don’t love him. Poor guy.
  3. “I won’t leave you.” Recycled Stalia’s line.
  4. Let’s run like two headless chickens, so we can hold hands.
  5. Thank you, Wild Hunt Riders, that you waited long enough, so Stiles could say his cheese lines. You are too KIND.
  6. “Remember how you were the first girl I ever danced with. ” First you called her lifeless inside, then you said she had to move her cute little ass. Basically you FORCED her to dance with you.
  7. “Remember how I had a crush on you freshman year, sophomore year, junior year. ” So, he was in a sexual relationship with Malia (probably he was not true about his feelings too?) while he was still crushing on Lydia. Friendly reminder that they were singles in the beginning of s3 and he didn’t even try. So what? Malia was a pretty doll used for his sexual experiments? Stiles is a fuckboy – confirmed fact. Plus, oh, suddenly he was “crushing” on Lydia, not in “love”with her?
  8. “Remember how you saved my life.” When she saved his life, again? Because in s3 it was a pack cooperation. When he saved her life? Because in s5 it was also a pack cooperation.
  9. “Remember I love you.” Right, nice to know. The fact you didn’t look like being in love since s2, doesn’t mean a shit.
  10. Oh, looks like Lydia forgot about him, anyway. Boo!
  11. Btw, didn’t Srydia fandom cheer some time ago that Dylan and Holland were seen kissing on set and a “Srydia kiss in ep01 is basically confirmed!!!”? Lol?

 Did I forget about something?

🎶 There is a castle on a cloud… 🎶

X FILES AU: Enjolras, steadfast believer, and Grantaire, the inveterate skeptic assigned to monitor him, team up to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Cosette’s long-lost mother. Together they uncover a vast conspiracy designed to conceal from the general public the existence of a floating sky city that the government is trying to quietly track down and invade…

Character Questions - Mhinou Linar

The Basics:

❖ Name: Mhinou Linar
❖ Age: 19
❖ Zodiac sign: Menphina, the Lover
❖ One good trait: Caring
❖ One bad trait: Often naive


❖ One bad habit: Tends to be a bit too careless when traveling around
❖ One good habit: Always tries to help and be there for others
❖ One habit they can’t break: The need to be in water/swim almost every day
❖ One they’ve broken: She used to be the complete opposite of herself for a while, now she changed, not because of her own doing though
❖ What they’re afraid of: The dark, being alone and partly also remembering certain memories


❖ Their parents names: Khanoa Linar (Father, alive) and Astae Linar (Mother, alive)
❖  Their siblings names: Mikesh Linar (Brother, alive)
❖ Favorite childhood memory: Her first time diving deeper than just right beneath the surface and seeing her brother smiling proudly right next to her
❖ Favorite childhood toy: A very fluffy gaelicat that was gifted to her by her grandma
❖ Embarrassing story: Loosing her top while swimming with her friends and the guys they liked
❖ Favorite family member: She loves everyone in her family (one probably not as much would she be able to remember certain things)
❖  A story about that family member: Mhinou always spent alot of time with her family, they would gather at the beach and enjoy the day there. Various people from the family, but mostly Mikesh, taught her how to swim, dive and surf. It was always fun to learn different kinds of tricks or techniques from them

What they prefer:

❖ Coffee or tea? Tea
❖ Showering in the day or night? Whenever is fine
❖ Taking baths or taking showers? Bathing, especially with flowers and scented bath products (salt/oil/etc)
❖ Tv or movies? //
❖ Writing or reading? Reading
❖ Platonic or romantic love? Romantic
❖ Iced tea or lemonade? Both
❖ Ice cream or smoothies? Smoothies
❖ Cupcakes or cake? Cupcakes
❖ Beach or mountains? Beach

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I should be sorry...
  • Sherlock: *knocking*
  • Molly: *opens the door, dressed as a pirate; beaming* Oh, it's you.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Molly: *confused; glances down* Oh, right. Um, there was a mix-up. Mary brought me the wrong thing *tugs on the shirt* The waistcoat's a bit tight, though *hands on her hips* What do you think?
  • Sherlock: *urgently* Why are you wearing it? If it's wrong...why try it on? Why wear it now? Why, wh-why do such a thing?
  • Molly: *hurt* It's not that bad, is it? I have a hat, if that helps *places a pirate hat on her head*
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *quickly closes his mouth*
  • Molly: *sighs* I know...I look ridiculous. I mean, Captain Molly Hooper of the High Seas *giggles* Can you even imagine?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Molly: Sherlock?
  • Sherlock: *snaps out of it* Sorry, Capt- err, Molly? *swallows; tugs his collar* You should, um, do something about your heating system...
  • Molly: *blinks* You haven't moved.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: No.
  • Molly: *suspicious* Are you okay?
  • Sherlock: *breathes deeply* No, I'm not, Molly *steps into her flat* You're wrong. You look fine. Better than fine. In fact *closes her door; staring at her outfit* You only got one thing incorrect.
  • Molly: *folds her arms* Which was?
  • Sherlock: *lifts the hat from her head; smirks* I'm the Captain of this ship *snogs her passionately*


- Name: Caroline Forbes
- Age: 18 (Birthday: October 10th)
- Title: Lady in Waiting to Princess Katerina
- Parents: William Forbes lll and Elisabeth Forbes
- Siblings: n/a 


     Caroline Forbes was the one and only child of the Forbes line. It was not from lack of trying. It also was due to the impatience of the Forbes’, they gave up after two short years. At that point it wasn’t worth it to attempt at it. However, William, did have moments of bitterness and resentment to both his wife and daughter. He had desired a son of course, to carry his name. Caroline had a way of brushing it off her slender shoulders of course. She had always been such a happy child. She always found things that made her happy and the household right along with her. 

     Her childhood was full of happiness and sunshine. She was a lady of course and therefore never wanted for much. Not that she wanted anything at all. She had the habit of speaking to her servants as equals. A trait that her father was cross about her for most of the time growing up. She cared not, only of making light of every situation. She would pick flowers and sing lullabies. She rarely required the assistance of the servants, dedicated to doing what she needed to herself. She would often pretend she wasn’t when her father came in the room. A very amusing fact among the servants that they all caught on to at some point. As they were, they loved Caroline as their own. 

    William’s bitterness and recklessness eventually reached their doorstep. His gambling and scandalous activities brought men to their door demanding payment. The next morning Caroline had awoken to the sounds of horses. They’d taken to the night like villains. Caroline was a small thing and didn’t understand quite so much. Or at all really. They arrived in Bulgaria much later and assumed a nice household and more servants. Caroline’s life went on as usual. She did notice the tense moments in private. The way her father would whisper to her mother in hushed tones. Words not meant for her to hear. 

    Caroline was eventually counseled that Bulgaria had been chosen for a reason. A request from the King and Queen at the behest of their daughter. Caroline, all too pleased to meet new people and get out of the strange, secretive house that she lived in, agreed all too quickly. As if she had a choice. She is devoted and loyal to one person, Katerina. She values her as a sister of her heart. She goes to great links to keep her Princess happy and is quite protective of her. She was invited along to Norway to keep Katherine company and to see to her needs. 


- Sweet, Compassionate, Loyal, Optimistic, Amusing, Energetic, Romantic, Protective, Shy at times, Mischievous, Dedicated, Wise. 


- Katerina Petrova ( @bourbonandheels ): her princess. Caroline is one of Katerina’s ladies, but Caroline sees her as more of a sister than anything else. She strives to protect Katerina at all costs, both physically and emotionally. Knows more about her Princess than people would think. Tends to be slightly spiteful when she feels as if Katerina is threatened. 

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42. Katara eventually got over her childhood fear of bloodbending and realised its value in medicine. However, she only taught the highest of healers the technique and imposed harsh punishments on those caught practicing it unethically.

Got headcanons about the Avatar series? Send ‘em our way!

Outlawing bloodbending was an incredibly childish and far too easy a solution to a complex problem. It obviously has potential uses for healing things like blood clots or whatever, right? So wouldn’t it be even more irresponsible to outright ban a technique that could save lives? 

Also, I refuse to believe that she didn’t use bloodbending to save Zuko’s life after the lightning attack. The lightning would have stopped his heart - she would have needed to restart it by bloodbending

Quickening Hart-beat // Gilderoy & Natalie

The past month had been a nightmare.  Juggling responsibilities between work and war was taking it’s toll on Natalie.  She had bags under her eyes and her hair was less shiny than it had been before the new year.  She felt as if in two months she had aged two years.  Even her professional attire was lacking, her pencil skirt had a button on the side that wouldn’t stay closed, and a blouse that was clearly wrinkled from not putting it in the wash.  She had been yelled at by her superiors for not working fast enough, and she’d been put through the wringer on her last mission with Barty.  But all of her luck was about to change when she bumped into someone in the middle  of the road. 

Her neck snapped up but her apology was lost on her lips.  There, right before her eyes, was her childhood crush, the man who had been featured in all too many of her dreams.  The devilishly handsome piece of perfection that Natalie had pined after for years in school.  The one she thought she was over, and then he came beaming back into her life.  You never could forget your first crush, and for Natalie Dupont, her first crush went by the name of Gilderoy Lockhart.  

“Oh Merlin, I mean – I’m sorry, I – I was looking down and didn’t notice – I mean not that you’re not noticeable I notice you all the time – not that I follow you or anything, I just mean…” Natalie’s voice cracked into nervous laughter, a hand tucking a strand of hair behind her ear as she looked away.  “Sorry.  It’s been a long day.”  She grinned. “I haven’t seen you in quite some time.  Have you been well?”


Always Together (Bechloe oneshot)

Soulmate AU wherein when one pair of a soulmate dies the other promptly follows. (Not nearly as sad as it sounds or as you are imagining it to be. I promise)

AN: So this is just a little oneshot that wouldn’t let go of my brain. Hope you enjoy!  

Beca clung tightly to Chloe’s hand.

Chloe looked over at her.

Beca’s once thick, chestnut, now thin, silver, hair was splayed out on the pillow around her head. Her once proud, sharp features, now softened with age, were all set into a look of peaceful contentment. Chloe couldn’t help but think that she had never seen the little woman look more beautiful than she did right now.

Chloe took a moment to think back over her life, her childhood, her time at Barden, but most of all, her time with Beca. They had shared quite the wild ride over the years, and anytime Chloe had pictured this moment, this finality of their relationship, she always pictured it much different than it was happening.

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My grandma is very very slowly eating a piece of Toblerone and a chocolate biscuit, holding the Toblerone in her left hand and the biscuit in her right and taking alternate bites

She is also telling me the story of how she met her childhood best friend when they were both evacuated to Salisbury

I have heard this story literally upwards of 150 times

It’s mostly verbatim, because these repeated stories are as much routines as anything else, but as her memory goes more wobbly she furnishes the same narrative frame with more obscure details that she’s patched on from books and films, things that she thinks are real but aren’t

Her best friend’s father has been killed in France and on the Isle of Wight. The friend had two sisters and no brothers; a brother and sister; she was an only child. She lived with her mother and her grandmother, and just her grandmother. Her entire family were killed in the Blitz, and her brother survived. God forbid my grandma watches Eastenders at any point. Her best friend would probably have been an East Londoner and had four marriages.

And there’s also the Toblerone obsession, which is one of the more endearing symptoms of her brain killing itself off

So that’s nice

How were you a leader of a civil rights organization group when you were practically doing blackface the entire time?

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In honor of #NationalHatDay, here’s future First Lady Bess Wallace Truman (left, first image) as a young woman. She lived during a time when women regularly wore hats when going out in public, and as the granddaughter of a prominent family in Independence, MO, she always wore nice clothes.

Her childhood friend Mary Paxton Keely (right, first image) recalled that “Bess wore what the rest of us did; the difference was that she always looked more stylish than anyone else we knew.” She goes on to say that “Bess always had more stylish hats than the rest of us did, or she wore them with more style.”

As Bess grew older, and her husband entered the public eye, her style became more conservative. Bess once told Harry’s cousin Ethel Noland that “a woman’s place in public is sit beside her husband, be silent, and be sure her hat is on straight.”

Conservative, however, does not mean unfashionable. Bess kept up with changing styles as much as any lady of her age would, and there are hats in the Truman Library collection from the 1960s that demonstrate the influence of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and her pillbox hats.

The Truman Library has about 55 hats that belonged to Bess Truman, most of which she wore during her husband’s presidency from 1945 to 1953, and some hats from the post-Presidential years.

You can read all about Bess and her hats here: http://go.usa.gov/zwcR


Bess Wallace (left) with her best friend, Mary Paxton, ca. 1901. (Truman Presidential Library)

Bess Wallace Truman, age 13, in elaborate straw hat (Truman Presidential Library)

First Lady Bess W. Truman at a party given by journalist Esther Van Wagoner Tufty in Washington, D.C. in honor of India Edwards, Executive Director of the Women’s Division of the Democratic Party. From left to right: Margaret Truman, Esther Tufty, India Edwards, Eda (Mrs. Charles) Brannan, and Mrs. Truman. (Truman Presidential Library)


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A happy New Year to all of you and thank you for these amazing first months on tumblr! I wish you guys all the best. 

“Welcome to μ’s Love Live!-party!” Jumping up in the air, Honoka raised a scarf with the Love Live! inscription above her head, all the while smiling happily.

“Honoka, be careful!” Umi, standing right beside her, scolded. “What if you are going to break a leg?”

“Calm down, Umi-chan. Nothing happened, right?” As always, Kotori was the bird-like voice between her two childhood friends.

Watching the second years, Nozomi couldn’t help but giggle. The three of them would never change. Not that she wanted them to. Moments like these were the reason why the purple haired girl loved to be around all her friends. But this time, despite them all being together, was different.

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