right in her childhood

This is a more personal post than I usually make on this blog, but today is Gilda’s 71st birthday, and I just wanted to make a post to recognize and thank her for the impact she has had on my life. I have been a fan of Gilda since I was a shaggy haired, snotty-nosed little 4 year old. I used to watch old SNL episodes and I was enthralled with Gilda. I spent hours at a time imitating her characters to try and make people laugh and be happy. I saw how much joy Gilda brought people and I knew that’s what I wanted to do when I grew up. Over my life Gilda has helped me in many ways. Her words of wisdom always seemed to give me the exact advice I needed at the exact right time. I read and watched interviews where she talked about her childhood and her life and in that I found a person I could truly connect to. I saw myself in her stories of eating disorders, teenage awkwardness, neurosis, etc. I saw that we went through many of the same struggles and it gave me the strength to push forward. If Gilda was strong enough, I would be strong enough, too. By 15, I more seriously started perusing acting. I did a couple improv shows, I got a few parts in plays, I performed theatre for children. Every time I stepped offstage I had a smile on my face and a warmth in my heart. I knew I was were I needed to be, I was doing what I had dreamed since I was 4 years old.
Today, as a shaggy haired, snotty-nosed 18 year old, I have just finished my Freshman year of college as a Theatre major. A few days ago, a girl came up to me and told me that she came to see one of the shows I was in and that show is the reason she decided to become a Theatre major.
All this to say: thank you, Gilda. Thank you for inspiring me, thank you for giving me strength, Thank you for teaching me that life is funny and it’s important to laugh, thank you for shaping me into the person I am today. Happy 71st Birthday, Gilda Radner✨

The Seeds of Chloe’s Redemption

There has been a lot of hate (mostly deserved) heaped on Chloe Bourgeois by the ML fandom, as well as theories of a redemption arc that she may go through to become the Bee Miraculous holder.  Chloe is one of my favorite characters.  Most people see the nasty personality she shows to the majority of Paris and immediately hate her.  Her peers, the fans, even the main characters usually treat her with disdain.  Again, mostly deserved.

However, there is a lot more beneath the surface of Chloe’s world that we don’t see.  How much do we know about her home life?  We’ve seen how miserable Adrien is.  Chloe also doesn’t seem to have her mother, Adrien and Sabrina are her only friends and even though her father dotes on her, does she really have a healthy father/daughter relationship with him?  

I’ve mentioned before (in this post) that I believe Adrien is friends with Chloe because he saw glimpses of humanity in her and wanted to help her become a better person.  Things like…

In “Darkblade” (Le Chevalier Noir):

  • Chloe is being her usual nasty self and an akuma attacks
  • Sabrina grabs Chloe for protection
  • Chloe puts her arm protectively around Sabrina
  • Is this the first glimpse we get of our budding bee?

In “Antibug”:

  • Instead of accepting Mylene as a scapegoat, she’s honest and blames an “invisible force” for pulling her hair
  • She risked the ridicule of the class to do this
  • I dunno it was like a unicorn or leprechaun or some shit
  • wtf, Chloe?!
  • Not a ghost.  Or the wind.  A LEPRECHAUN.

See where I’m going with this below the cut…

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Hi! I've wanted to see the Superfriends+grumpy space dad on the beach or something else vacation-y, so I thought you might be able to do something with it.

Maggie’s used to waking up alone.

It used to be because even when they would stay the night, they’d slip out in the morning.

Now, it’s because Alex Danvers likes her morning runs. A lot.

Maggie prefers her heavy bag, and her sleep, so she’s perpetually in charge of breakfast and coffee.

And that works just perfectly for her.

But today, she doesn’t just pad out of the bedroom and find herself in the living room.

Today, she finds herself in the house Alex grew up in, in Midvale, and she smiles as she tip toes downstairs, taking her time to gaze at pictures of Alex and Kara in various stages of adolescence, her heart swelling with each moment.

She sneaks past James and Winn sprawled out in the living room, Winn wrapped in blankets upon blankets on the floor, limbs all akimbo, James taking up less space, arms above his head, breathing slowly on the couch.

She loves that Eliza and Jeremiah invited them all to Midvale to get away, to crash together at a beach house without having to shell out a half a month’s worth of rent, after their latest, decisive, victory against Cadmus. They certainly all needed it.

Maggie knows that of course she was invited – she’s Alex’s girlfriend, she was instrumental in rescuing Jeremiah, of course she was invited – but she can’t quiet get over the feeling of shock, the feeling of awe, that Kara and the other Superfriends seem to feel like she actually belongs. That she’s in the house her girlfriend grew up in and her parents aren’t threatening to run her out of town and back to wherever she came from for corrupting her daughter.

Quite the opposite; two of Alex’s parents are sitting quietly in the kitchen together, Jeremiah’s hand on Eliza’s, drinking coffee in whispers so as not to disturb their girls’ friends in the living room, and seemingly utterly unsurprised to see Maggie up so early, to see Maggie’s hair tousled like she’d had sex with their daughter in their daughter’s childhood bed – because oh, she did – to see Maggie in their house as part of something natural, as part of something good, as part of something right.

“Sorry to intrude, I didn’t think anyone would be up – ” Maggie whispers, and Jeremiah shakes his head at her and taps the kitchen’s bar stool next to him.

“When Alex was a girl, she’d wake up every morning to go surfing. She’d be quiet and considerate – too considerate, always, that girl – ” He smiles broadly, fondly, gratefully, when he sees Maggie nodding emphatically in agreement – “but I always knew, and I could never sleep while she was out there. She’s excellent, of course, I just…”

Maggie thinks about every time Alex goes into the field without her, and she nods.

“I know what you mean.”

Jeremiah smiles and Eliza sips at her coffee with her eyes glued to Maggie’s face, and Jeremiah shrugs. “The water’s too calm for her to get any good waves this morning, so she’ll be swimming. But still – I guess a decade of being locked away by Cadmus doesn’t kill all the old habits, huh?”

There’s a pattering of feet upstairs and Jeremiah chuckles.

“Well, the boys are about to get a rude awakening. Kara’s up.”

Maggie grins and Eliza sighs affectionately and sure enough, faster than humanly possible, Kara is downstairs and Winn is yelping and James is groaning and Jeremiah and Maggie are laughing because Kara is come on come on come on time to meet Alex on the beach, the beach, when do we get to go to the beach all together like this, and J’onn’s gonna meet us soon, come on come on!!

“Yeah, the beach is great, Kara, but when do we get to sleep?” Winn wants to know, yanking the blankets back over his head, but James leans down and rips them off, knowing it’s better to surrender than try to fight, because when Supergirl is determined, she gets her way; even moreso, Kara Danvers.

“Alright, alright! I’m up! It – Maggie, why are you already up? You’re making us look bad!”

“I think your bed hair’s already doing that for you, Schott.” Winn groans and his hand flies to his hair. “No, I’m joking, it’s cute.”

The banter and the teasing and the laughter and the sweet relief of just being together and not strapped into armor, lives about to be taken away at any moment, echoes throughout the house as Maggie slips into a bikini under one of Alex’s t-shirts and basketball shorts, as Winn slathers himself in sunscreen and Kara bounds through the house checking on everyone because are you ready yet are you ready yet are you ready yet.

When finally, everyone is, Kara squeals and leads the Superfriends – Jeremiah and Eliza elect to let the kids have their fun – way down to the beach, waving her arms wildly above her head and shouting to the figure way out in the water. “Alex! Alex! Alexxxxx!!!!”

Alex pauses and waves and does something with her hand that Maggie can’t see, but Kara can, of course. “She’s got five more lengths to go, she’ll be in soon,” she translates, and Maggie smiles at her girlfriend’s consistency, her girlfriend’s sheer power.

J’onn joins them as Alex is starting to swim back to shore, and he hugs Kara and covers Maggie’s bare shoulder with his hand, and Maggie beams, still unused to the growing fatherly affection from the man, but loving it.

“Nice shades, sir,” she tells him, and he gives her a rare grin.

“I quite like yours as well, Detective Sawyer.”

“What about me, J’onn? Do you like mine?”

“Mr. Schott, your sunglasses are no doubt calculated to make you look sophisticated and cool, which you might have been able to pull off if your swim trunks weren’t emblazoned with the crest of the House of El.”

James snorts and Maggie tries to hold down a chuckle. Winn brandishes the plastic shovel he’d brought to help him build the perfect sandcastle and splutters. “Well hey, listen, I’ll have you know that these shorts were super popular – ”

“In the sixth grade. Before your best friend was Supergirl.”

“Hey, Guardian, did anyone ask your opinion? Mr. Look at My Six Pack I’m So Cool I Don’t Even Need to – to – hey! Wow!”

Everyone turns to follow Winn’s gaze, and Maggie’s jaw drops and her knees go weak, because Alex is striding out of the water, body dripping, hair tossed just so, black bikini highlighting all the right things, a small, cocky grin on her face.

James whistles and Kara whoops and J’onn grins and Maggie just can’t speak, because Maggie’s whipping off her sunglasses to get a better view and Maggie’s brain is short-circuiting.

“Hot damn, Danvers!” Winn shouts, and then his eyes grow wide with giddy excitement. “Hot Damnvers!

James laughs and Kara groans and J’onn chuckles and Maggie gulps and Maggie wets her lips and tries to remember that little thing called breathing, because water droplets are dripping down Alex’s nearly naked body, and her eyes are fixed, only, on Maggie.

“I don’t care that my sister’s the one with the superpowers, I will personally throw you into space if you say that again, Schott,” Alex calls as she strides closer, and Maggie thinks she should try to speak, try to do something other than stare, other than let her jaw rest in the sand.

She inclines her head toward J’onn, not taking her eyes off Alex. “I um… your Earth daughter’s very… um… very beautiful, Director Henshaw.”

“Yeah, I’m sure beautiful was the word you were looking for, Sawyer,” James teases, and J’onn laughs.

“I’m sure you’re right, Mr. Olsen, but at least Detective Sawyer was raised with some level of decorum.”

“Yeah, you should’ve heard the sounds coming from Alex’s room last night, decorum my – ”

But Alex has reached them, now, and Alex is smacking Winn upside the head, and Winn is flinching and everyone is laughing and Alex is putting her hands on Maggie’s bare hips.

“See something you like, Sawyer?”

“Good god, Agent Danvers, can you not wait until I’ve had the chance to absent myself before you – you – ”

Everyone, even Alex, turns to J’onn, waiting for his wording, shocked because he’s never spluttered before.

“Seduces her girlfriend right in front of you?”

“Makes sweet love to her right here on the sand?”

“Right in front of her childhood home?”

“Because really, what else is vacation for if not to abandon your friends and bang your girlfriend?”

“I’m right here guys.”

“No one’s abandoning anyone, I can just take her right here right now, yall can stay or leave, I’m not particular, but it’s your call – ”

“Oh, yeah, real nice decorum, Sawyer – ”

“Lalalalala, I am not hearing any of this!”

“Good god, if this is why there were no beaches on Mars, I am eternally grateful.”

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supercorp and 13. or 14. or 06. this list is a lot, i'm sorry i want them all.

ok you’re getting #13: stroking hair


It starts out like any other weekend. They’re sitting on Kara’s couch, because Kara has the night off from everything, Supergirl included. There was brunch, and then coffee, and then Lena mentioned that she’d never seen an episode of Friends and Kara’s not even from this planet and she’s seen every single one.

“This show’s not bad,” Lena mutters thoughtfully.

“Not bad?” Kara says. “This show is iconic. I mean, I didn’t really get to watch it while it was on TV, but when I first came to stay with my family, it was in reruns all the time.”

Lena frowns, the way she always does when Kara mentions her past. Kara still hasn’t found the right balance of half-truths yet, when it comes to talking about her childhood in front of Lena. The sadness in Lena’s eyes tells Kara that she’s probably assuming the worst. She nudges Lena’s side, trying to change the subject. “I was such a dork, I wanted to get Rachel’s haircut for like a month before Alex talked me out of it.”

Lena tugs at the ends of Kara’s hair, playfully. “I think you could rock a Rachel, if you wanted.”

Kara hears herself laugh in an out-of-body sort of way, too loud and too big. “Yeah, eight years too late.”

“Nevertheless,” Lena says, laughingly. She reaches up and trails her fingertips along Kara’s hairline, then drags them across her scalp and over, combing through.

Kara’s response is instinctive: she shudders into her touch, eyes fluttering closed and it takes every last bit of her self-control to keep herself from sighing. Kryptonite may be her one weakness, but this is a close second.

When Kara opens her eyes, Lena’s watching her with a thoughtful look on her face. She cards through Kara’s hair once more, taking extra care to scratch a little at her scalp, and Kara feels like her whole body shivers. Having her hair played with always makes her so - she doesn’t even know the right word. It’s not sexual or anything like that but it’s intimate, making her feel soft and calm in a way she can’t quite articulate. Melty, like a popsicle on a hot day, like she could just fuse right with the couch if Lena kept playing with her hair like that.

“Sorry,” Kara whispers. “I’m really, um. Sensitive.”

She smiles, like it’s normal. Like she feels normal, and not dreamy and content and really connected to Lena. But then - gosh - Lena smiles back. “You know, as much as I loved Lex, he was terrible for working on my hairdressing skills.”

Lena gestures to the space on the floor in front of her, and Kara sits, settling her back against Lena’s crossed ankles. Lena braids her hair, twisting and combing out and twisting, over and over. Kara listens to Ross and Rachel bicker on the TV, and lets herself float away to the feel of Lena’s touch.

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Can you imagine Young!Tiki when she sees her adult counterpart in swimsuit? She probably ask Bantu, Marth, or Nagi if she could have a bikini like that in her size because it looks so "pretty". Then Adult!Tiki would say no, and tells her to wait until she's older. Young!Tiki would then pout and counter with Nowi wearing clothing that is similar to a two piece. Then a big argument between the past and the future with Adult!Tiki being boring by the young, and Young!Tiki being immature by the adult

As much as I don’t really like Nowi’s outfit, Young!Tiki would look so cute in it (with the color palette of her original clothing).


title: Falling and Falling (Charles Xavier Imagine)

characters: reader x charles xavier, sister!reader x erik lensherr,

word count: 1,292

warnings : swearing (are you even surprised at this point?)

:: :: ::

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From Paris, With Love

Genre: Fluff?? Angst??

Characters: Jung Jaehyun x Reader

Warning/s: Some smut mentioned *blushes* and cursing.

A/N: Okay, I’m not sure what this is? This isn’t a request, but it’s been sitting in my computer for a while. I have a happier version of this, but I liked how the angst turned out to be. Anyways! Enjoy our lovely Jung Jaehyun! ❤︎

Originally posted by neotechs

Y/N has no idea what she’s doing in Paris right now.

Sure, Taeyong invited her as his childhood friend, but he was never aware of her unrequited love for him. He thinks that Y/N sees him as her older brother, but it is far from that.

Paris is the best location for sweet weddings, but it’s not fair for those who have no one to love. It’s called the city of love for a reason. Everywhere she looks, the couples are clinging onto each other like they couldn’t in South Korea.

Last night’s wedding bummed her out big time, and now, she’s in the hotel’s restaurant catching up with her food intake.

She got painfully drunk last night, that she actually ended up in someone else’s room.

And she was bare naked, too.

She groans as she remembers. Who in this beautiful city did I sleep with last night? The guy was actually taking a shower when she had woken up, and she shuffled her way out this morning to escape the embarrassment. She remembers the voice calling for her though, yet she didn’t turn around to take a good look at him.

“Hello,” a tall guy wearing jeans and a plain tee greets her with an adorable smile. “May I sit here?”

She nods, unable to say anything. That voice sounds way too familiar…

She peeks on the guy’s collarbone and finds a purpling mark that he is obviously trying to hide.

“Why did you run away this morning?” The male whispers lowly, sending chills down her spine.

I’m screwed.

“My name’s Jaehyun, by the way, in case you forgot,” he eats some of Y/N’s breakfast that she doesn’t touch anymore. “My real name’s Yoonoh, but whatever floats your boat.”

Y/N cannot believe her eyes. How did we end up having sex last night?

“We were both drunk as fuck,” Jaehyun informs her as she begins to look conflicted.

“You look lonely,” a tipsy Y/N elbowed the drinking Jaehyun beside her.

“My girlfriend just dumped me over the phone, then I heard a guy’s voice,”

“Maybe it’s her dad?”

“Telling her to come back to bed?” Jaehyun chuckled as Y/N frowned after hearing the next line.

“Well, she’s bullshit!” Y/N continued drinking her tequila, and then the loud music jammed throughout the venue.

“Come on, big boy, let’s dance!”

And so she pulled the unwilling Jaehyun on the dance floor. Right after she saw Taeyong and the bride’s sensual dance moves, she stopped moving and slumped despite her bleary eyesight.

Jaehyun noticed and turned to where Y/N was looking at.

“Hey,” Jaehyun tried to get her attention, but she was focused to the newlyweds’ erotic dance. Out of nowhere, he grabbed her face and passionately took the breath out of her.

“Make me forget about it,” Y/N pleaded as she tightly embraced his waist.

They abandoned the rest of the party, giving in to their deepest desires in bliss.

“I’m an embarrassing human being,” Y/N hides her face.

“You’re not,” Jaehyun disagrees. “You’re actually pretty good. If you weren’t, I wouldn’t have this hickey.” Jaehyun lowers his collar a bit.

“How can you remember? I can’t even remember a single thing!” Y/N mutters.

“Do you want me to remind you?” He leans into her ear and whispers.

“Shut up,” she whines as she bangs her head on the table.

“Shut it, sweetheart. Now, finish your food because we’re going to the Eiffel Tower today!” Jaehyun announces ecstatically.

“Said who?”

“I did! And it’s a date.”

Y/N promised to stay in touch with Jaehyun after that wonderful date around Champs-Élysées.  They took pictures, they held hands, they kissed, and they had a repeat performance of the previous night’s rendezvous.

Poor Jaehyun for holding on to her empty promises.

He receives no call from Y/N, even after five days of their return to Seoul. He could ask Taeyong, but it appears so that the female does not want to see him, nor does she want to involve herself with.

Still, it makes Jaehyun incredibly lonesome.

“Cheer up, hyung,” Mark pats his back before he prepares to go to university.

“Maybe I should go out now. I don’t think moping would be of any help.” He’s usually so cheery, but because of one girl who does not want to keep in touch after two amazing nights (at least to Jaehyun, it is), he is in a funk.

“Yeah, just go to Ten hyung’s bash later, hyung. I wish I can go, but I need to worry about my future.” Mark grumbles before tugging on his backpack and leaving their apartment.

So Jaehyun does go to Ten’s party, and it may have only consisted of some friends, which includes Taeyong and his new wife.

“Hey, Ten, I hope you don’t mind but I invited someone,” Taeyong sheepishly informs, his hands on his wife, Yerin.

“No problem, hyung! The more, the merrier! What’s your friend’s name?”

Jaehyun somehow wishes that Y/N’s name will come out of Taeyong’s mouth. He hopes that she will appear in front of Ten’s door, and she will see how miserable she has made Jaehyun by not reaching out to him.

“Her name’s Jennie,” Jaehyun downs his beer to hide his dissatisfaction.

“Sounds like a girl,” Yuta points out as he gets himself some chips.

“Because she is, stupid,” his girlfriend, Sorn, hits his head. Yuta groans in pain and asks for Sorn’s unneeded forgiveness, but she lets him anyway. That’s how nauseating they are.

Or maybe Jaehyun is just bitter.

“Ten, Jen says she’s here. Let me open the door.” Taeyong rushes to the main door of Ten’s house and opens it to reveal a tall brunette female along with a blonde one beside her.

“Hi, oppa,” Jennie greets Taeyong with a hug. “I hope you don’t mind, I brought some friends. This is Lisa, and I thought Ten and Yuta’s girlfriend would like to meet her because she’s Thai as well.”

Lisa and Ten both exchange pleasantries in their own language, and Ten’s smile has been worn since he saw her.

“Oh, and another friend came by. I finally forced her to come with us since she doesn’t want to leave the house since we came back from Paris,” Jennie fills in some information, but Jaehyun decides to drown it out. He does not expect to see Y/N anymore. “She’s just parking across the street.”

Taeyong smiles at the last friend’s appearance.

“Y/N, you finally came out of your hellhole!” Taeyong exclaims as he tackles the female with a hug.

And Jaehyun almost spits out the alcohol. Suddenly, he’s sober and all traces of his tipsiness is gone.

He turns his face away from the said female, hoping that she wouldn’t notice him. He may have expected her to come, but he hasn’t thought of what to say to her. Suddenly, all the questions in his mind are erased from him.

He misses her face, though. He traced her featured during the second night after she fell asleep, hoping that even if she leaves the next morning, he will remember the contours of her face, the high rise of her cheekbones, her dimples, and her wide eyes.

He remembers it surreally, and he so much wants to catch a glimpse of it once again.

Giving in to the temptation, Jaehyun decides to take just a little peek of her, and to his grimace, she is looking right back at her.

She looks utterly surprised, but relief is visible through her features. Jaehyun sees that her fists are balled, knuckles already turning white. Jaehyun looks away, once again feeling bitter after she completely cut him off after promising that she wouldn’t.

Don’t waver, Jung Jaehyun. Don’t.

The night goes on like that, with him stealing glances at Y/N and Y/N doing the same, and whenever their gazes meet, Jaehyun always turns away first.

It’s a cycle so cruel, but Jaehyun wants to make her feel how he did.

Jaehyun escapes the stuffy house. Yuta and Sorn are already drunk, but they’re the same as when they are not. They’re still overly cheesy and unnecessarily touchy. Ten is as well, flirting with the quiet newbie Lisa, who is now sleeping on his shoulder. Jennie is the only one sober, as she is assigned to drive home.

Y/N is nowhere to be found.

Jaehyun later finds her sitting on Ten’s yard, staring up at the night sky. She does not notice the intrusion of another person.

“Ah…” she slurs, pointing to the sky. “I hate myself.”

Jaehyun assumes that she’s intoxicated as well by the way she is speaking to herself.

“Because of your silly fears, you lost the chance with an amazing guy, Y/N,” she giggles to herself and chugs down the contents of her bottle. “He must hate me so much.”

Jaehyun decides not to speak, wanting to hear how she feels.

“I miss Jaehyun,” she suddenly sobs. “Moon, how come he doesn’t want to look at me? I pushed him away, right? Did he hate me because of that? I was afraid that it maybe something he doesn’t want to happen. Maybe it was only the sex that he liked, and I was afraid because I felt something special between us.”

Jaehyun suddenly feels relief wash his senses.

“Stars, can I have one wish, even if I’m selfish?” She does not receive an answer of course. “I wish Jaehyun won’t hate me anymore. I don’t know if I can explain this to him, but I really, really like him. Do you think he feels the same?”

“I don’t think the stars know the answer to that question,” Jaehyun finally makes his presence known, and in a flash, Y/N turns her head to him. “Only I know it.”

“You’re here,” she smiles, staying at where she’s seated in case he doesn’t want her to go to him.

“I was only waiting for you, Y/N,” Jaehyun sits beside her, taking ahold of her beer. “I would’ve understand, and it would’ve saved us a lot of heartbreak if you decided to confirm it with me first.”

Y/N remains silent, knowing that Jaehyun is right.

“I like you too, Y/N,” Jaehyun holds her face between his hands, in joy to finally touch her beauty. “Much more than you think. I can’t forget about you, and I didn’t want to. Those nights weren’t just usual nights for me, but what I felt when we were together was something that I’ve never felt before.”

Y/N smiles, then sobs afterwards and falls to his chest.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Jaehyun hushes her and holds her close.

“I’m sorry,” Y/N apologizes.

“It’s okay now, baby,” Jaehyun kisses the hollow of her temple. “I’m here now. We’re okay.”

Childhood Friends

Request: Could you write one where the reader is kind of like a fairy and she’s been deserted on earth? The avengers are looking for her before hydra gets to her but she’s afraid of everyone and a bit shy. Wanda manages to track her down and when they find her she’s too afraid to go to them but when she sees Thor and Loki with the team she recognizes them as her childhood friends and she runs right to them. 

Warnings: I don’t really know anything about Thor so.. But I still love him.

Originally posted by thorduna

weren’t really a fairy. But your petite figure and magical powers sometimes made people think otherwise. You really didn’t know how you had ended up in such a strange place, but, people kept giving you odd looks.

Even after having been there for months, and things had seemed to be going fine, until..

One day you got a heavy knock on your door, so you approached it with cation. This may have been the first time someone had knocked in your door here.
You jumped up a little so you could see who it was from the hole in the door. Having failed that attempt you creaked the door open the slightest bit and looked out. You were met with someone’s elbow in your face. Holy crap where they tall. You looked up and saw the mans face. He had dirty blonde hair and a determined look on his face. (Btw its Steve it wasn’t obvious idk)

You whimpered slightly at his appearance and used your powers to shut the door.

You weren’t quite as brave as the others from Asgard, and you were deeply in need of some protection.
You locked the door and sat down. You didn’t know who this man was, he was about two feet taller than you, and he looked like he could easily take you away.

You frowned, sat down at on your little couch and started thinking about who this man could be, and hoping you would never see him again.

You hadn’t seen the man for a week since that day, and you had almost forgotten about him.

You were walking on the street searching for a place to buy some food when..

“Y/N?” You heard a voice from behind you. You turned around quickly and saw a pretty brunette girl behind you. You walked backward a few steps until you were backed into a place alone with her.

You looked behind you for a second, and when you looked forward there was a group of people behind her. You were terrified. Who are these people? Why were they following you?

Then you saw the same man from earlier. When he attempted to walk closer to you you created a ring of fire surrounding you, and he jumped back.

“Steve” Someone called from behind him.

“Y/N?” The fire stopped immediately and you stood up.

“T-Thor?!” You ran up and hugged him. It was the first of anyone you knew here on ‘earth’

“Y/N/N!” He said as you hugged him. “We were so worried!!”

You turned for a moment and then saw Loki.

“Loki!” You hugged him as well.

“You, know each-other?” Steve said, pointed at each of you.

“Childhood Friends” Loki replied.

Thor was now slightly in front of you in a protective manner.

“Y/N, Will you come with us?” Thor asked you lightly.

You looked up into his eyes for a moment, and then nodded.

Try not to think about Emma alone in their bed, thinking he’s not coming home.

Don’t think about her being unable to sleep, so she takes one of his shirts and crawls back into bed, breathing him in.

Don’t think about the fact that being alone in the dark is going to send her right back to her childhood assumption that Everyone Leaves Her.

Don’t think about Emma Swan panicking that she’s alone again after letting herself love deeper than ever until she cries herself to sleep.

Discord - daily prompt challenge
“You don’t get to pick and choose. You’re stuck with me/us” + bonus if you make a story with characterswho aren’t seen together often
(Yoshi suggested Nozo and her mom, I couldn’t resist xD)

note: it’s late, I didn’t beta, so there are probably tons of mistakes. I am sorry.

For Nozomi, being 21 years of age, the situation in her kitchen was entirely new. She bet that others would laugh at her for this, but who were they to judge? They didn’t know the whole story. But she had to admit that she was actually enjoying it at the moment.

“Nozomi, dear. Where do you keep the spoons?”

She turned around to an older woman, her long purple braid had already strands of grey woven in. If it weren’t for her amber eyes one could have mistaken her as an older version of Nozomi. But although being different in colour there was the same mischief hidden beneath them.

“In the drawer to your left, the last one.” She replied, smiling at her mom before concentrating on the dough right in front of her again.

In her childhood, Nozomi and her mother never had the chance to spend this much time together due to her parent’s work. But she didn’t hold a grudge. By now she knew that it had been necessary to support their family. The more she cherished the moment they had now, though. Even if they were a little unexpected.

Nozomi’s parents were still working all over the world. Her father had accepted a small assignment in Japan that would probably take a week. And instead of travelling with him her mother had asked if she could stay at Nozomi’s and Eli’s apartment for the time being.

There was no way Nozomi could have turned her down. That’s why they were baking cupcakes, waiting for Eli to come back from university.

“Mom, can you give me the chocolate?”

“Do we really have to make chocolate cupcakes? You know that I am not a fan of this stuff.” Nozomi chuckled, seeing her mother pouting and with the chocolate in hand.

“Well, you don’t get to pick and choose. You are stuck with us and someone living here is actually quite fond of chocolate.”

Her mom laughed. “More like addicted. I have never seen someone eat as much as Eli does.”

“That’s certainly true.” Nozomi laughed, too, careful not to add too much chocolate so that her mother would still enjoy the cupcakes.

“Hey, Nozomi? How about a small gamble?” Judging by the tone of her voice, her mom was up to no good.

And indeed, once Nozomi turned back around her mom showed her a small glass with pickled plums.

“Before you argue that we can’t cut them in, listen to my idea. We will only prepare one cupcake with pickled plums out of the 24 we are currently preparing. And once they are done not even we will be able to tell which one is special…” Her mother explained.

“And where is the gamble in this?” Nozomi couldn’t deny that she was getting interested, even if Eli would end up being the ‘victim’. Again.

“If Eli actually picks it, I win. If you or I eat it, you win. Loser has to invite the winner to dinner.”

Nozomi smiled, taking her mother’s outstretched hand to seal the deal.

Later that day, once Eli arrived home and walked into the kitchen, the two women just heard a muffled scream before breaking out in laughter.  

Leading Suspects - Chapter 5

Today is @peetabreadgirl‘s birthday, which means..two chapters today! One through four are up on AO3 and FF.net. Chapter 5 below the cut. Chapter 6 posting later today. Happy birthday, Beyotch. You know I have to make it hurt a little before I fix it, right? Enjoy!

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“Go back to his rippling pectorals,” Johanna says and I toss aside my towel in frustration.

“Have you hear a word that I’ve said? I’m having a crisis here!”

“Calm down, drama queen. Of course I heard you. I’m just choosing to focus on Thor’s hotness right now.”

“Ugh, Jo! My childhood friend has been abused by her husband almost since the day they were married and you want me to talk about Peeta the Ass.”

“Oh his ass! You haven’t talked about his ass yet. Tell me about it’s tone and proportions and flexing power. I need to know these things. And you do too by the sound of it. Did you know your voice gets all breathy when you say his name, like a god damned sex operator or something.”

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🎶 There is a castle on a cloud… 🎶

X FILES AU: Enjolras, steadfast believer, and Grantaire, the inveterate skeptic assigned to monitor him, team up to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Cosette’s long-lost mother. Together they uncover a vast conspiracy designed to conceal from the general public the existence of a floating sky city that the government is trying to quietly track down and invade…

The Black Pearl Ring 1/5

Inspired by the Donovan family books by Elizabeth Lowell. An Olicity AU where Felicity comes in possession of the much sought after Donovan Black Pearl.

I’d like to say a very special thank you to @captainolicitysbedroom for creating such beautiful artwork and to @almondblossomme for all her support being willing to proof read. I’m very, very grateful!

Also available to read on AO3


                                 Chapter 1: A Surprise Inheritance

Las Vegas

Felicity looked for her mother as she walked through the arrivals door. She really wished she was coming home for a happier reason but when her mother called to inform her of her aunt Mary Ellen’s death she knew she had to be there for her funeral.

Felicity saw her mother right away, never one to blend into the crowd, Donna Smoak stood out in her canary yellow dress and spiked heels, she rushed toward her “Oh baby girl,” she hugged Felicity tight, “so glad you are here. Mary Ellen would have been honoured that you came all this way for her memorial.”

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(This is part of the ‘famous like the Kardashians’ AU)

<<I’m not sorry that I’m actual Hamilton AU trash and I’m pumped to write more from this universe.>>

All parts-plus character studies, oneshots, and anything related to this universe can be found HERE

“Stepping Into Style: Schuyler Sisters School Us All" 

Our favorite trio has once again graced the streets of New York City with their presence. The Schuyler sisters made the hearts of Manhatten simultaneously palpate and grow six sizes Monday morning in the true fashion of their sisterhood; linked arms, coffee cups pressed to freshly glossed lips and heads tipped back in laughter to the inside jokes that make all of us wish we were the daughters of this New York Senator too.

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All I Want

A Christmas party on board the Enterprise leads to a late night exchange of rather intimate gifts between Bones and their newest passenger.

Warnings: Smutty goodness darlings. Welcome me back and to a new fandom. Unprotected sex. 


It was at the first annual Christmas aboard the Enterprise’s five year voyage when Admiral Farah learned that Leonard McCoy was a smooth kisser. Behind the layers of sarcasm, metaphors and perpetual scowls waited a man just looking for someone to pour into.

As his lips meshed with hers, the scent of peppermint wafted up from her steaming coco. The mistletoe Sulu brandished much like his saber, brushed her cheek as he declared the kiss satisfactory to the tradition. Chekov let out a long whistle when neither she nor Bones pulled away immediately. Bones’ hands had somehow wound up in her hair, and hers clutching at the back of his shirt. His nose skimmed her cheek, their breaths mixing together while both struggled to separate hormones and Christmas cheer from solid, trustworthy feelings. Farah broke it off first, lips already aching in the absence of the doctor’s.

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anonymous asked:

Based on my perspective; i dont think you have a healthy relationship with your mom. I think that shes trying to sort of vicariously live through her children??? Maybe based on something wrong with her childhood?? Idk tho

Nah, you’re right. It’s just become a lot more prominent in recent years now that all of her kids are over the age of 18. It’s sort of funny actually. When I got bit by a spider the first time and went to the E.R with my mom, they ask you what your Religious preference was, and while my mom said I was Mormon, I said I had no preference and the look she gave me was so dirty before repeating, “She’s Mormon.” And IDK, that event sort of spurred me to stand up to the bullshit she says for me, because I know she’s trying to live through me and she’s done it pretty much my entire life, so, it’s time for me to be my own personal, you feel?

It’s sort of shitty too in the sense that I’m the only kid she does it with. I have 6 siblings, so there’s a total of 7 of us, and my mom is so keen on living through me and making me what she wants me to be. Lmao, it pisses me off.

s y n d r o m e s - pt. 10

Group : BTS

Members : All seven (Park Jimin is main, tho)

Genre : Criminal!BTS, psychology themes, fluff, angst

Words Count : 6,145

Description :  “Lima syndrome is the result of the abductor / kidnapper sympathizing with his hostages”. And Park Jimin had never heard of it before, when he took you as his hostage.

A/N : Because I promised my mom that I would post it today. 

previous : part VIIII | next : part XI 


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Character Profile: Lillian Gish 

Age: 32

Occupation: Silent film star, but currently taking minor time off in Europe after the scandal that was her involvement with producer Charles Duell

A great silent actress in her own right, Lillian has been friends with Mary since childhood. Hoping to watch her friend succeed once again, Lillian meddles a bit behind the scenes to aid the picture that will be Romeo and His Girl. Kindhearted and well meaning, she enjoys speaking French and German to entertain both herself and those around her. Lillian sees a chance at friendship between Buster and Mary when she realizes they are both facing similar person turmoils, and turns to nurturing it as best she can.


Can we discuss that this is a thing that actually happened?!?!?

If and Then || Seokjin || Pt. 2

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Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5 // Pt. 6 // Pt. 7 // Pt. 8 //

Word Count: 4057

Genre: romance, angst, fluff, single-parent au

Summary: Some days you wonder how your life would be like had you not left the alter

“This one goes to table three.”

“Okay,” you pulled the pizza plate from the counter and began walking over to table three. You placed the pizza down and looked at the empty cup. “Would you like a refill?”

The high school student smiled politely, “Yes please.”

You nodded and asked her what it was before taking the cup and then walking to the back to refill her drink. You came back, placed the cup on the table and walked back to the counter.

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