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I pray to God that Ethan Dolan will soon be able to smile like this again! I pray that his smile never leaves his face and that he will continue to change the world with it.
I pray that the day never comes when he forgets how to smile. We are always here to remind him how to smile.

In light of recent events, I think this post should definitely be made. It’s important to remind those around you, those you care about how much they mean to you.
I’d like to encourage everyone, not just those who are mentioned in this post, to reach out when things get rough. I’m not always the best to talk to, but if you need someone to talk, I’m always here. If Tumblr isn’t the best platform, I have no problem giving out my Facebook or phone number. Please don’t hesitate to message me. 
Let’s put aside our differences and show each other respect and love.

@maexchen-therescuemutt You’re such a kind person. I really enjoy reading about yours and Mäxchen’s accomplishments and what you did during your day.
@romatheacdmix Another truly lovely person. I’ve followed you and Roma since you were norestfortherescue and it’s been an absolute pleasure to see Roma start overcoming fears and the two of you start really becoming a team
@aelthen Okay so maybe you’re not a dogblr (#bringbackcaninesandcomplaints2k17) but you’re still wonderful and I love ur poodle. I followed you way back when you were fostering Maybeline (I believe her name was?) Seeing you become comfortable with your sexuality on Tumblr has been wonderful and someday hope to be where you are with that.
@coonhoundchronicles I love you dogs so much, just absolutely adore them. It’s wonderful to find someone who is equally in love with plain ole’ hound dogs. You’re such a genuinely lovely person and I’m so glad that I still get to see your pups, even after Wagtail ended.
@blueboyluca A gem, honestly. You’re so sweet and I love interacting with you (even if I suck at it lol) Luca is a such gorgeous dog. I’ve learned so much about Schipperkes since following you.
@sidetongue Reading your captions and tags is honestly one of the highlights of my day. It’s so obvious how much you love Henry and Miller. I love reading all about your shelter and foster shenanigans as well.
@achoirofcritters I’ve been following you for forever it seems. I’ve loved seeing your photography and editing skills progress and you get more confident in your photography (which dude !!! incredible)
@tempurafriedhappiness Another amazing tumblr photographer. It’s been absolute joy to watch you develop a photography style and really work towards your goals. I hope Colorado treats you well
@bandizoi / @noodle-dragon One of the first dogblrs I followed and a core component to my dogblr experience. Whatever life throws at you, you seem to take in stride. I admire your dedication to your dogs. Also, a big thanks for introducing me to Silken Windhounds; they’re pretty neat
@pulldogs It’s so clear how much you love your dogs and do the absolute most for them. I’ve loved being introduced to a breed I’d never considered before and whole different side of the dog world.
@herebelife Thistle and Thyme are wonderful dogs with an equally wonderful human. Watching Thistle grow and triumph has been, in the simplest terms, incredible. You’ve put so much hard work into making life great for her. It’s also been a joy watching Thyme grow into the precious old man he is.
@tinybigpaws Despite everything that’s happened regarding Lotta and your health, you two are still here and still achieving amazing things. It’s so clear how caring of a person you are.
@perfectdogs I seriously love Aska and Goa so much. Before your blog, I’d never give Schnauzers a second thought and I didn’t even know Tibetan Terriers were a thing. Your photography is absolutely stunning, as well. And once again, despite all that’s happened, you guys are still here and you’re still accomplishing incredible stuff
@mango-pup Seriously one of the sweetest, most understanding people on here. When you posted your list of mistakes, I can’t imagine what that took, but it was an remains an important document. I admire your ability to put that out there and I admire your dedication to Mango

As much as I’d love to shout out everyone, there’s simply no way to do that all in one post, but I do hope to continue spreading positivity of some sort. I do intend to add to this eventually because I haven’t even scratched the surface of all the amazing and inspiring people dogblr has within the community.

it’s just… winn and kara are only friends. but jeremy never ever would have used that in a song like that, screaming it at the camera like that, laughing about it. the difference is that two women, two best friends, being perceived as more than that by people is absolutely hilarious and absurd to him. that’s what hurts me. my perception being the butt of his joke, my feelings being the butt of his joke, my existence being the butt of his joke.

This seems like some A+ me analysis haha

It’s hard…

And I think every sheith shipper feels the same?

Because you see “something”, but you also know “that something” never actually happens.

Like I have hope, of course I do, but honestly it’s very small. Because I know how these stuff work and that after all Voltron is a bsns. (And I have to admit my hope was kinda high for awhile, because you know.. netflix, dreamworks, creators seem like they really care about the subject, but then I read some stuff that really made me go from like a 7 out of 10 about seeing some of the main characters as a gay couple in the show, to like a 2…)

I think simply put it, Sheith just seems like something that’s too good to be true. 

Like If it actually happens I’d be mindblown! haha.

Because I think deep down we all know that no matter how much their characters revolve around eachother in canon, eventually Shiro is gonna be smoochin Romelle (or dead) and Keith’s gonna be falling for Allura or something, because it’s basically law that when two men show so much love, affection and devotion for eachother in popular media they gotta be “straight bros with a deep special bond” and nothing else, and if the creators are kind enough they gonna say “oh but fans can think whatever in their head, we’re cool with them being gay too” and if they’re REALLY KIND, they just gonna leave things ambiguous.

And I have nothing against strong brotherly relationships, I love them, and I think romantic relationships are overrated and well romanticized to the point people consider them to be the pinnacle of love. Which they definitely aren’t.

Personally what Shiro and Keith have right now, and where I see them going in the future is enough for me. Because to me that’s kind of a level above romance. 

But I really REALLY want them to go the romance way with them for different reasons, because I understand the kind of impact having two characters like Keith and Shiro specifically, end up in a romantic relationship with eachother in a popular kids cartoon would have. And I want that. BADLY. Words cannot describe even.

And also because I love these characters, I love Keith and Shiro and I want them to be happy, and I think they are the best partner for eachother, the person each one of them really deserves to always have by their side, so ofcourse I’m rooting for them to end up together eventually. I mean cmon, they’re so good for eachother.

But I also know that Voltron is not a drama, they are not writing a love story, they are writing an adventure for kids that centers around family and friendship. So in my mind I know that any kind of romance will probably not get the center stage like Keith and Shiro seem to get so far.

And I don’t expect any romance to happen in the show at this point in time but closer to the end of the series. So I can’t be disappointed yet with it not happening haha, because it’s not even at that place for me right now.

But it’s like I’m waiting to be disappointed haha, just so I could finally get this idea out of my head and focus on other things.

I dunno, I feel like part of me is drinking up all this sheith they are giving us and part of me is screaming at the writers and show runners like “Stop doing that!!! You know you’re not gonna pull through with it! Just make Keith act like a fucking brother to Shiro already and not like Shiro is the air he breathes!! What is wrong with you??? Just go ahead and make me choke on the Ka/llura and Shom//elle already, I can take it!! ” haha

‘jon and sansa are cousins, i can’t believe people ship sansa in such an awful relationship’ yell the people who ship sansa with one of two guys who are at least twice her age, one of whom is creepily using her as a stand-in for her mother and the other of whom has repeatedly made her cry and is consistently awful to her aside from occasionally saving her life.

like disclaimer, i don’t really ship it much (sansa/brienne ftw) but it’s pretty clear that jon and sansa being cousins but otherwise relatively well-adjusted is by far the least of those three evils.


Some traditional art i’ve done recently while waiting for my computer to come back from the shop!

“’I must be getting to bed, my dear Readers,’

“the Host says. ‘It is a little late, but thankfully I don’t necessarily feel bad. Though, I had better start going to bed earlier, because next week I’ll have work every morning. While unfortunate, especially since I usually like staying up kind of late, it’s not the end of the world. That’s about all I have to say tonight. I hope you all have wonderful days/nights. Goodnight.’“

It’s kinda unbelievable, but I think I’m starting to be in a better mental place to follow more people :o

Two sweaty men, two cheap suits, and one murder.

you know when you haven’t listened to a band that you used to love with all your heart years ago and you stumble upon some of their old songs and listen to them and you just remember all the small things, like tears rolling down your face when you first hear a song that soon becomes your favorite or staring at the night sky in the middle of the summer, while mouthing along the lyrics, it’s just small stuff like that that makes you think “wow, i really don’t know why i ever let this go”