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Summary: The reader spends a fall weekend in Austin with Jensen but the weather takes a turn and makes for an awkward situation…

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Word Count: 3,100ish

Warnings: language (but mostly cuteness)

A/N: Written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing ‘s  Seasons of Love - Colors of Fall Challenge where my prompt was “Storms.” 

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Wait. How can you be so sure it's Gillian? From the pic you rebloged, it could be anyone. Maybe a body double? I think she's in London.

She’s not in London, she’s here in Vancouver, and right now, she’s filming with David. We were far and it was dark, but you can’t mistake Gillian’s laugh with anyone else.
Plus, we clearly and undoubtedly saw them chilling inside the building through a big window in a well lit room. It was maybe a few seconds, but it was Gillovny in the wild and you can’t take that from me now! 🤗

Perhaps because its LED !
Robert Plant
Perhaps because its LED !

“Good Evening. Oh, Who’s a lucky girl? Jimmy scores a nice little thing for his neck. All I get is a pencil. Perhaps it’s because its Led. Hey. Alright you lucky guys and girls. Ladies and gentlemen, a very serious part of the night has now arrived , where I nip off to the dressing room to get a blowjob. We’d now like to feature ah, how coarse, how coarse these English people can be, as England sinks into the British channel, here we are in North America. Right Vancouver, we give you an experience you’ll never forget, more stunning than Lysergic Acid Diethylamide titrate, a man over there has just had diarhea. Ladies and gentlemen, the man with only two cavities, John Bonham. Moby Dick. “

Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, BC, 1975, before “Moby Dick”

Alight Horizon, shenko fanfiction

For shenkoappreciationweek2015: Day 3, December 19th: We Are Family.

(It’s all @vorchagirl’s fault! Oh and sorry, there is no sex. I know! How did that even happen?)

Also on AO3 and on ff.net.

Kaidan pressed a little kiss on the young girl’s forehead, “I’ll be right back, you wait here okay?”

The girl nodded, an earnest frown between her brows. “I wait here, just here.”

“That’s right,” Kaidan said, “I won’t be long.” He nodded towards the young woman manning the desk who had agreed to watch over his daughter. She smiled and handed the girl a few pens and paper.

He turned towards the hallway, looking for Admiral Anderson and the smile fell from his face. Something had happened. He could hear it in the clipped orders, hissed into omni-tools, see it in the brisk walks of officials, who were much too highly decorated to walk so fast through the hallways of the Alliance headquarters. He had been called here for a meeting just as he had been in a neighboring park with his daughter and then suddenly everyone went into high alert.

He searched the crowds for a familiar face. He finally saw the dark and stressed face of Anderson and began shouldering his way through the crowd. But then he froze. She was with him. Shepard.

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