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I'd like your opinion on a fahchc. Cause Geoff was in the army (in Kuwait) and that Ryan has a scary proficiency with weapons (on AHWU), and the fanon of Jack being amazing at flying. What if fahc Gents served overseas together. Jack flying Apaches and Geoff and Ryan on the ground? Afterwards Geoff and Jack comes back to Los Santos but veterans get jack shit so they turn to crime and build their empire from there. Ryan becomes a mercenary and that's how the Vagabond legend is created (1/2)

(2/2) cause it also ties in with Ryan actually being the third AH member employed but was a behind the scenes guy/loaned to the animation department so vagabond was very much in the background until it was decided that he was needed in the crew. Jack, Ryan and Geoff all sat around drinking about how fucked up war was while thankful that they learned some valuable crime committing skills thanks to the army lol

When Geoff was deployed, he wasn’t too worried about it. He didn’t have much going for him anyway, no family, no friends that would miss him. Joining the army was just something he could do, something he’d be good at. He met Jack first, a quick witted pilot that flew him overseas for the first time. She could tell flying over water made him uneasy, and was gentle with him until his snappy side kicked in. She was kind, but she took no shit. She threw his attitude right back at him and he knew she was his first friend he’d made there. He didn’t see her much, considering her specialty was in the sky and he preferred to stay firmly on the ground. Then Geoff met Ryan, a seemingly harmless guy that served in his squad. He was polite, relatively reserved, and he seemed like the type to be on the techy side of things, if even in the army at all. Geoff quickly realized that Ryan had a totally different side to him and that killing people was exactly his thing. Ryan was brutal, completely detached, calculating, and the best shot in their squad. It took a little longer for Geoff to warm up to him, but Ryan was invaluable and was good at what they did. The three of them became a group. They were the only ones Geoff gave a shit about in that desert that took lives as the sun rose and set. When they all came back to the states they went their separate ways, Geoff kept in touch with both of them, but Ryan sort of disappeared for a while. There’s fuck all in job opportunities for vets and Geoff quickly realized he’d have to start his own business, and that just so happened to be in crime. He recruited Jack with only a few hours of convincing and the two of them started building their empire. Jack was tactful and skilled in both air and land vehicles, and Geoff had the mind for plans, the crazier, the more rewarding. He managed to track down Ryan and was surprised to find he was already a gun for hire. He wasn’t ready to be attached to any particular person, though he was always ready to take a job for Geoff. So it was Geoff, his right hand man, Jack, and his sometimes member, Ryan that tore the city apart and rebuilt it to his liking. Ryan, the Vagabond, eventually joined the trio, preferring the stability of Geoff’s empire and therefore the guarantee of kills. They were never really meant for a quiet life. They needed the chaos and bloodshed. They survived the desert together, and now they reveled in their oasis.

The other half of my soul


‘Across the airways’


Day 5

Saturday mornings at the cafe are always busy. Lena leans over the counter to hand a sneering woman her coffee and shines a bright smile at the next customer. Her fake smile warms into a real one.

“Jack!” She exclaims, “Good morning, love.”

Jack Morrison smiles tiredly at her, a backpack slung over his shoulder, glasses perched on his nose. His other hand is shoved into the open pocket on the front of his blue hoodie as he searches for his wallet.

“Morning, Lena. The usual please.”

She shouts his order over to Amelie who bends lower over her machine and grumbles.

Lena leans forward onto her elbows and points to his backpack, “Isn’t it saturday, do you have class?”

He shakes his head, finding his wallet and handing her the money, “I wasn’t at home last night, so this is me, heading home.”

She frowns, “Did you pull another all nighter?”

He grins sheepishly, “I always do. I work weekends Lena, you know this.”

“I know. Just a bummer that you have to work graveyards on the weekend.” She sighs, “I don’t know how you do it, Jack.”  The coffee slides across the counter and Lena catches it before handing it to Jack, “Take care of yourself, see you next Saturday.”

He nods, adjusting his backpack and maneuvering through the crowd to get through the door.

“Who’s the white boy?” Gabriel leans over Amelie’s side of the counter, coffee mug in one hand. His beanie is secured tight on his head and Lena notes that his beards been freshly trimmed.

She beams, “That’s Jack. Poetry minor. Criminal Justice major.”

“He looks like he contours better than Amelie.” Gabriel chuckles, “I can spot the make-up on him from a mile away.”

“Probably to hide the hollow holes he calls eyes.” Amelie snorts, carefully crafting a mobile order, “I’m pretty sure the man doesn’t sleep.”

Gabriel shrugs, “Not my problem. I still have a whole set to plan for the show.”

“You mean you haven’t already?” Lena gasps dramatically, “You’re losing your touch.”

“Fuck off.” Gabe snorts, slinking away to his table in the corner of the shop.

“I wonder where he works.” Lena says, staring out at the large glass front of the store.

“Pretty boy like that? Probably a stripper.” Gabe laughs from his chair.

Lena shoots him a glare, “Not your problem, remember?”

Gabe just shrugs.


“Come on, pretty boy, is that all you got?”

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Before the Fall - Part 4

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Part 3

Summary: Before he was known as the Joker, he was Jack. Just a normal man, who fell in love with his bosses daughter. After being caught, he’s thrown onto the path of madness and has no choice but to become the clown prince of crime.

A/N: Im so happy with how this is going, this has fic is becoming my baby xD Well be seeing the Joker soon, hope you guys are excited

Pairings: Normal!Joker x Reader, Joker x Reader (later on)

Warnings: Violence

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Incredibly Terrible Unfunny Borderlands Puns/Jokes

I should work for fuckin laffy taffy this is all I’ve done the past two days:

Why does Handsome Jack wear cologne? To mask his scent

What’s Nisha’s favorite dessert topping? Whipped cream

What does Axton like most about his girlfriend? Her guns

How many exes does Moxxi have? Just two

What size bed does Timothy sleep on? A twin

Why is Lilith so loud? She’s a siren

How many enemies know they were killed by the Assassin? Zero

Why does Tim love his digi Jacks? For their electrifying personalities

Why is Vaughn friends with Rhys? So Rhys can help him reach his goals

Why does the mechromancer scope out her fights? So she can gauge them

What was AI Jack compared to the original? Just an echo

Why is Jack so sad? Because he’s blue under his mask

Why does Wilhelm like Black Sabbath? Because he’s really metal

What’s Janey’s favorite mechanical part? Springs


Dangerous Snapping

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A/N: Why aren’t there that many gifs of this cutie pie? Or the rest of the Squad at that? I’m super tired right now, so this is gonna be short

     Jack was somehow accident prone. He was a risk taker and had dumb luck when it came to not being injured. Unfortunately luck wasn’t on his side today. You were half asleep when you heard Jack starting to talk on snapchat. He greeted his fans and like usual told them what was about to go down. You heard silence after a few minutes and began to drift off back to sleep. As you were almost asleep, you heard a loud bang and soon Jack was calling for you. Letting out a sigh, you pushed the covers back and sat up. Your feet was cold against the hardwood floors, Jack still calling out your name. “I’m coming!” you huffed out, wiping at your eyes as you walked to the top of the stairs. Your eyes widened in surprise as you saw Jack laid out at the end of the stairs, one hand holding his right arm. “What happened!?!” you questioned in shock, jogging down the stairs and stopping at his side.

“I think I broke my arm…never snapchat and slide down stairs,” Jack chuckled, letting out a groan when he moved his arm. 

“I told you it was dangerous sliding down the stairs,” you sighed, helping him off the ground. “I’m surprised it even took you this long to actually get hurt by it.” 

“Yeah yeah,” he grumbled, “Just-when has this ever happened? For all the times I’ve slid down these stairs, not once have I gotten hurt.” Jack followed you to the kitchen, sitting at the table.  

“Hate to break it to ya babe, but I think you’re no injury luck has ran out,” you said, accidentally patting his injured shoulder. Jack winced in pain, quickly moving away from your hand. Your face scrunched up at his pain and you mumbled out an apology. He pouted up at you and gave the best puppy dog eyes he could muster up. “What?” you asked through a yawn. 

“Can you take me to the hospital?” he asked, “My arm really hurts.” You mentally face palmed yourself for forgetting he was still hurt. The possibility of his arm being broken hitting you. 

“Oh, right! Okay just let me get ready and um wait here…don’t do anything to hurt yourself some more,” you said. You ran off to get dress, grabbing the first pair of clothes you saw. Once you were dressed, you raced back to Jack. 

     His hand was in a cast, a few broken bones and two fingers. It was his dominate hand that he used for everything. Even with his hand being injured, Jack didn’t lose his happy attitude. You on the other hand had literally become his right hand man…or in this case woman. As much as you loved Jack, following after him for most of the day was tiring. You were snapchatting for him, writing out his lyrics, and even going as far as feeding him. At some point you had to draw the line. On a few occasions Jack wanted you to shower with him. It wasn’t like you hadn’t done it before, but you knew nothing sexual would be happening. It’ll mostly be just you washing him up. 

“You have to start learning to use your left hand,” you told Jack, helping him zip up his pants. He gave you an annoyed look, playfully hitting you in the arm. “What!?! I’m serious Jack. I can’t keep feeding you when we go out,” you said, laying back against the bed. 

“I can’t learn it in a day,” he said, slipping on his shoes. 

“It should be easy. You play the piano and use both hands.” You placed emphasis on the word ‘both’ moving to the side as he sat down on the bed. Jack knew you were getting tired of his antics. You were both getting sick of each other, there was no doubt about that. All you were trying to do was make things easier. You were just looking out for him. This whole morning had been exhausting and the two of you had made plans to hang out with friends tonight. 

“Hey,” Jack softly said, nudging you in the side. You let out a hum to indicate that you were listening, turning over to face him. “Thank you,” he whispered “For helping me out these past few days. I know it’s not easy dealing with me most of the time.” His hand rubbed up and down your thigh in a soothing manor. You smiled at his words, reaching up to rub your hand through his hair.

“It’s only cause I love you. Besides if I wasn’t here to help Gilinsky would be the one washing you up.” You began to laugh as Jack made a disgusted face. 

“Please don’t ever mention that again,” he grumbled, trying to shake the thought from his head. You continued to laugh, getting up from the bed to get ready yourself. At least tonight you had a break from taking care of him.

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mini fic of Jeremy meeting the FAHC for the first time?

I kind of already have one in my Quiet Little Headcanon series here.

Although, let’s expand on that…

…on the back of the paper was the penthouse number and the words “come on up if you’re serious.”

“Fuck me…” Jeremy mumbled under his breath. “We did it.”

Matt swallowed hard, “Jeremy? I’m not sure I’m ready for this.”

“It’s fine, just let me do the talking.”

They made their way up to the top floor of the tower and buzzed. The door swung open before Jeremy’s finger left the button and the masked Vagabond stood, towering over them; what Jeremy had to assume was a loaded pistol aimed squarely at his chest. Matt’s hands immediately shot into the air, but Jeremy was more relaxed, opening his palms out to the masked man as he waved them inside with a nod, locking the door behind them.

Geoff Ramsey himself was sitting on the large lounge chair with a glass of whiskey; his right hand man, Jack, casually leaning against the adjoining kitchen counter. On the couch, team Nice Dynamite, chaos personified, were practically sitting in each other’s laps, elbowing each other as they played some video game on the TV. The legendary Brownman, Ray, was sitting cross-legged on the floor, his back against the couch arm, face buried in his pink DS, almost studiously ignoring them.

Geoff switched off the TV with an annoyed whine from Gavin and a string of colourful profanities from Michael.

“Shut up you two, we have guests,” Geoff barked and surprisingly, the pair obeyed, turning their attention to Jeremy and Matt.

The Vagabond had followed them in, keeping a close watch on them. He’d put his gun away for now, but Jeremy still knew better than to try anything. He managed to remain calm, although Matt was visibly shaking. It was like meeting your heroes for the first time… except that if they disliked you, you might never be seen by anyone ever again. So it was fair to say it was a little nerve-racking. 

“Jeremy. Matt,” Geoff nodded curtly at them, “yeah, we know who you are. That was an impressive stunt. Was wondering if you’d have the balls to pull something like that off – try to get our attention. Gotta say; we weren’t disappointed.”

“Fuck no!” Michael jumped in.

“That was top!” Gavin added.

“It was fuckin’ funny, dude,” Ray threw in without looking up.

The Vagabond huffed.

“Well, Ryan would’ve liked to see more people die, but then he’s a fucking freak,” Jack spoke for the masked man who shot him a chilling look that Jack just shrugged off.

“No, that was perfect.” Geoff stood and crossed over to them, extending his hand. 

“Gentlemen, welcome to the Fake AH Crew.”

there are monthly productions of hamilton sing-a-longs in the haus you cannot convince me otherwise

the team picks a random night every month where they get totally smashed and every single time bitty starts playing the hamilton soundtrack and after a couple times bitty they designate parts and who’s who and they all just go with it??? like even jack who is not totally trashed like the rest of them but is still intoxicated enough to go along with it

and because they do this monthly it gets louder every month and the lax bros make a joke out of it on yik yak and one time it happens one of the lax bros posts “the hockey team is putting on a full production of hamilton even the captain is in on it” and people start showing up???? like they just crowd into the living room to watch this and its actually really entertaining?????

eventually its like the whole womens volleyball team is there and a few girls from the womens tennis team and the lax bros are there and despite the feud between smh and the lax bros its a very good time

they stand in front of the tv when theyre singing and if theyre not featured in the song theyre just part of the ensemble and they sit with everyone else and eventually everyone that knows the words for the ensemble/company parts join in (smh and lardo sit in front of the couch (they left the lax bros with the disgusting couch because fuck the lax bros) so its easier for them to get up when they need to sing)

they do this for every single song on the soundtrack

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The Road to Berk

They were con men. 

Hiccup was the right hand man, and Jack was the planner of their schemes. They were on a island with other coke, some of them carrying little pieces of gold. 

Alright you guys gather around, gather around,“ Jack said, some people listening and wondering what was going on. "Best two outta three! If we win, we get your gold, if you when you get our heads!” he said, but they always won.

The city shines like a great jewel in the desert, sparkling against the ocean. They call the city Los Santos, the city of the saints. The name is a lie; there are no saints here, but sinners all. Look closely and you’ll see the great jewel is merely glass and paste, trying desperately to pass itself off as something more. There’s a lot of that around here.

People hold on to the things they think will make them more important, something that will make them stand out against the filth and rise to the top. Some people choose their looks, flaunting what they have and pretending not to notice what they don’t. Some people choose talents, singing or acting through two-bit parts under the vain hope of being something more. And some people? Some people choose violence, knuckles blood-red and smiles knife-edged, carving their way to the top, damn the consequences. Most of these people never rise far; their lives are short and bloody, a mess of frenzied violence feeding in on itself. The ones that do rise? Well there’s a reason they’re on the top.

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Archery & Swordplay: Part 1

[Read on AO3]

[Part 2]

A/N: I feel like I’ve been putting the summaries in the A/N. But look, it’s up! It’s 3am but it’s up (I wasn’t sleepy and wanted to finish tonight). There will only be 2 parts to this one as well, so look for part 2 in 3-4 days, depending.

Pairing: Michael x Reader

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 4,304

Warnings: Sex, swearing

Summary: King Michael finds himself wandering in the woods one day after hearing some…upsetting news. He comes upon a lovely stranger who offers to trade skill training.

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I'm Back, Baby!

Title: The Dead Sleep Easy

Pairing: Gavin/Ryan (Freewood)

Rating: Get permission from your parents, kiddies!

Summary: In the belly of the Prohibition rests a taboo trade of alcohol run by Al Capone. Under him, his right-hand-man, Jack Pattillo, runs the most popular speakeasy in Chicago. But he’s going to need some held from a gun-for-hire named Ryan Haywood if he wants to whip the young and eager Gavin Free into gangster-ready shape.

Word Count: 3,091

*ayy maybe i’ll continue this (god i have so many projects)*

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