right going to stop being irritating

  • A male character: "has a character flaw/does a mistake"
  • The fandom: UwU our son isn't perfect but it's okay! He has time to learn and improve himself!
  • A female character: "has a character flaw/does a mistake"
  • The fandom: ugh... when will she stop being so stupid and irritating? can she just disappear?!
Who You Belong To

Draco Malfoy x Reader

Warnings: SMUT, oral sex, jealous Draco

Tags: @xx-thefandomssavedme-xx, @capsbuchanan, @justareader, @jarnesbrnes, @bovaria, @buckys-shield

Summary: Draco and you go to the ball but not together, but you do leave together.

A/N: Gryffindor reader because that’s how it needs to be to let this story work out.

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Sweet Tooth- A Remus Lupin Imagine

A/N: Another two posts in one night! This is a little tribute to the fact that I already have reached over 100 followers on here, which is baffling?? Thank you all so much for supporting me so much in the very short time I have been on here. I’m so very glad that I have done this and I hope to be getting to some requests that I have received recently, as well! I digress. I hope you enjoy this Remus smut in celebration. This is my very first attempt at writing anything of the sort so sorry if it is no good! Enjoy~

Warning: SMUT 

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consider this for a prompt: the team is in the lounge, post practice, just lazing around and doing nothing; the tv is on; no one is really paying attention when andrew suddenly turns rigid; deep breaths; unfocused eyes; the reporter is relaying a shocking revelation about a man abusing the foster kids in his care; hisfacehisfacehisfacetheyareshowinghisface (-i cannot tell why my mind is such an angsty bitch but here we are)

(this is a specific and excellent prompt and I’ve been anxiously awaiting its place in line <3)

He’s boneless when he climbs out of the shower, feet tender on the glossy tile, breath sitting high and tight in his chest. Neil likes pacing through his routine after practice, adrenaline relaxing its grip on him finger by finger, change-rooms echoing and empty. He strings his wet hair up in a fresh bandana and shrugs his armbands up over flushed, shower-damp forearms. He lets the practice pull at his muscles and drafts new line-ups and drills in his head.

His teammates are back in the lounge, dotting the furniture, all of their aggression leached out of them, and he feels joy rip his chest like popped stitches. Good feelings are always more brutal than bad ones, he’s come to understand. Stronger, harsher.

He gets a round of raised hands and snappy greetings when he walks in, mostly lost in the rustle of plastic bags as Wymack and Abby unload sandwiches onto an overcrowded table.

Wymack licks stray sauce off of his thumb and points at Neil with his other hand. “Come pretend you’re civilized and eat at the table. I don’t want ranch on my couches again.”

Neil shrugs and pulls a chair out at the head of the table. Matt winks up at him, and the rest of the foxes pass wrapped and pressed sandwiches down the line. They chat and rustle, Aaron snaps for serviettes until Wymack smacks his hand away, Kevin eats his sandwich with a knife and fork. Everything smells like tangy pesto and sweet fresh bread.

“Get Andrew over here, will you?” Wymack asks distractedly. Neil glances over at Andrew, installed on the couch with his back towards them. His hair has been bleaching in the sun recently, and he’s easily the brightest thing in the room.

“Andrew,” he calls, accepting his own sandwich when it’s waved in front of him, distracted from the back of Andrew’s head.

“You really put an effort in,” Nicky teases, rolling his eyes.

“I’m not moving him if he doesn’t want to be moved,” Neil replies, unconcerned. His food is warm in his hands, chicken and cranberries and cheese peeking out of brown bread and wax wrapping.

“That’s bullshit,” Matt says, mouth full. “You know you could.”

“I don’t know why you still think I have that kind of power.”

“Uhh maybe because he does impossible favours for you? And like. Kisses your face when we’re not looking? I dunno, just a thought,” Dan says sarcastically, peeling onions out of her sandwich.

“Andrew,” Neil repeats, exasperated. When he looks over again Andrew hasn’t moved, fixed and steady as always. His shoulders are moving fast though, breath coming hard enough that Neil can hear it from across the room. His stomach throbs, intuitive and scared. 

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Being asexual is like being born without a sense of smell but everywhere you go people are spraying perfume in your face and when you ask them to stop and tell them it’s irritating and you can’t smell the perfume anyway they get huffy and respond with “Don’t lie to me; I can clearly see you have a nose. Everybody has a nose therefore everybody smells things and besides maybe you just haven’t found the right scent yet.” and then you want to scream

in sickness and in health — p.p.

summary : in which peter insists you shouldn’t be in school whilst fighting off an illness, but your stubborn personality gets the better of you. 

word count : 1.7k

   “Babe, what the hell are you doing here?” You felt Peter’s protective hand perch on your shoulder before you saw him, heard the comment before his face came into view. His voice, laced with concern and worrisome as ever when it came to your health, practically carried throughout the entire Midtown hallway, clumps of people turning their heads to see who had been talking so loudly. You pull the sleeves of your sweater down over your hands, turning your head to the side to look innocently at your boyfriend as you loaded another textbook into your shoulder bag. 

     You wipe your nose on a tissue you dig up from the bottom of your bag. “Huh? It’s school, Pete. Why wouldn’t I be here?” Peter surveys your expression, defiance hidden in the eyes he knew so well, and then rakes his gaze over your pallid cheeks and pink-tipped nose from rubbing it so hard with the tissues piling up in your locker. “Stop looking at me like that,” you groan, taking his arm and steering him away from you. Peter keeps craning his neck to stare back at you. There’s no possible way she’s here right now when she was up all last night coughing and sneezing and practically dying. He would know. He had been up with you for most of it, but you had insisted you needed sleep and couldn’t do that with Peter’s worried looks being flashed in your direction every time you cleared your throat or sneezed. 

    “No, no you shouldn’t be,” he replies, gently moving your hand off his arm and turning around to face you. He folds his arms across his chest, eyebrows raised. “You said you were gonna stay home today and rest. This doesn’t look like resting. This looks like exertion and a health endangerment, but that’s just one boy’s opinion. An important boy. Your boyfriend.” He stresses the word, tilting forward on his toes and still giving you that warning look that tells you he’s less than pleased right now. 

    You avoid his gaze, staring around the hallway that’s beginning to empty as people trail off to their next class. “I have debate after school and I’m captain, I can’t just miss practice,” you say, covering your nose before you can sneeze again. “I’m totally fine,” you insist, but your voice comes out raspier than intended and Peter knows you’re not fine. Peter’s eyes go wide when he hears the way you sound right now and his hand encloses around your wrist, dragging you toward the front entrance of the school. 

   “Babe, you don’t feel well, you need rest, go hOME,” he grunts, trying to pull you to the door but despite his best efforts, your feet stay rooted to the floor. Finally, he takes the back of your bag and tries to tug you out that way. Instead, you shrug off the bag and bolt toward your Trig class, leaving Peter in the hallway with the contents of your bag spilled on the floor as he stares incredulously at your retreating figure. 

    When he finally gets to Trig, one of the few classes he shares with you, he gives you a scowl and drops your bag on your lap, mumbling almost incoherent apologies to the irritated teacher glaring at Peter and his lateness. You look off to the side as Peter sinks into his chair next to you, mouthing, “Sorry, I love you.” Peter looks back at you with a roll of his eyes and then takes out his notebook, scribbling the date at the top of the page. He’s blatantly ignoring you and he feels kind of terrible about it because he loves you so much and doesn’t want you to think otherwise, but you’re ignoring his insistent pleads to go home when you clearly shouldn’t be in school. He’s just looking out for you. What sort of boyfriend would he be if he didn’t care about your wellbeing?” 

   All throughout Trig, Peter does his best to keep up the silent treatment, but it’s the most difficult thing he’s ever had to keep up with. You keep lightly kicking his shin to catch his attention. “Y/N, stop it,” he finally whispers, kicking your chair and causing it to emit a loud screeching noise as it moves against the tiled floor. The teacher glances up from the stack of papers on her desk, and the nervous smile Peter flashes is enough to tell her that it’s been the two of you causing the disturbances for the past fifteen minutes. “Damn it,” he mumbles as she begins to walk over to you both, hands on her hips disapprovingly. 

   “I’m sure the two of you will be happy to finish your incomplete work in detention, right?” A sarcastic smile stretches across her rigid face, and Peter shakes his head hastily, his hand reaching toward you. 

    “I’ll go to detention but Y/N can’t, she’s sick,” Peter protests, motioning at you as you sneeze again, your attempt at covering it up failing miserably. “See? Totally sick. Practically on the verge of death. She needs to go home, like, now. Send her to the nurse.” 

   You glower at him. “I am fine. I’m going to detention and not the nurse!”

   Peter glowers back. “Nurse.” 




   “Nurse!!” The entire class is silent as they watch you bicker with your boyfriend, a rare occurrence that leaves everyone sort of shocked. There’s hardly a moment where you and Peter aren’t being ridiculously adorable together, even without intimate touch or actually talking, and fights are something that never happens without good reason. And they never happen in class. Especially not in the middle of a lesson. 

   The bell rings before the teacher can reprimand the two of you further, but you pick up your detention slip before you can be yanked out the door and to the nurse by an aggravated Peter. Peter reluctantly takes his, too, because if you’re going to detention than he’s going as well and nothing can stop him. 

  The rest of the day, you hardly talk to one another, and at lunch you sit beside each other with closed mouths that only open when addressed by Ned or Michelle. You barely even look at him, although you can feel his eyes on you as you grow increasingly more exhausted and ill as the period wears on. 

   “Ned, can you tell Y/N that I really think she should go to the nurse because she doesn’t look well and I’m getting really worried about her and that I love her and just want her to feel better,” he pouts at you despite your avoidance of his upset stare. 

   Ned looks back and forth between you two before relaying the message. “Y/N, Peter really wants you to go the nurse because you look very sick and tired and he’s getting super worried about you.” Peter gives Ned a look, and his friend signs before continuing. “He also loves you.” 

   You push around your fries on your plate, sniffing in hard so that your voice doesn’t come out nasally. “Michelle, can you tell Peter that I don’t wanna go to the nurse and that I love him but he’s being annoying and I can’t miss any more days of classes or else I’ll be really far behind.” 

   With an irritated look, Michelle says, “He’s right there. I’m sure he heard you. Stop being weirdos and just talk to each other already and stop making Ned and I the middle men because it’s really irritating.” Michelle waves her hand at Ned, gesturing for him to get up and follow her to another table. He follows, giving you and Peter an apologetic shrug. Peter parts his lips and sighs really loudly, turning his head quickly to see if you had looked over at him but then turning back away when he saw that you weren’t. He sighs again, louder still, and keeps going until you slam your hand on the table and face him. 

    He opens his arms hopefully, timid smile on his face as he waits for you to hug him back. And you do. Relieved, he rests his cheek against your shoulder and kisses underneath your ear as soft as he can, his long eyelashes brushing against your skin as he looks up at you from where he’s positioned. His lips are pouted. Peter was pushy, and stubborn, but you both were. And you knew that he was just doing what he thought was best for you. Truth be told, you were on the verge of passing out or throwing up or doing both simultaneously and you shouldn’t have gone to school today. Peter would’ve been more than willing to copy his notes for you, send over your homework, and then stay by your house with you so you felt better until May called him home. 

    “I’m sorry if I was being annoying but I just want you to go home and take some medicine and feel better,” he murmurs, clutching your hand tightly. “Also, I can’t kiss you if you’re sick.” His tone holds a teasing lilt to it, but you know he’s being completely serious. The boy is needy and loves to be loved, preferably by you and only you, and if he can’t kiss you then he doesn’t want to be bothered with anything anymore. “So, pleeeassseee go home and get better, babe? Please? For me,” he adds, lips ghosting over your shoulder before they come up to kiss the side of your head, and he knows he has you where he wants you; about to go home for some well deserved, healing rest. 

   “Parker, you make me crazy sometimes,” you huff, squeezing around his waist. You pull away to lift your bag up and hoist it over your shoulder, sliding out of the cafeteria table. Peter grins up at you, and he’s such a little shit sometimes, but you can’t deny that having someone look out for you the way Peter does is probably one of the nicest feelings in the world.  

   Well, besides kissing him, which is arguably one of the only reasons as to why you’re getting up and lugging yourself to the nurse’s office with Peter in toe, his bubbly voice explaining that he’ll meet you at your house after detention and bring you over whatever you want, besides him, of course. You shove him away when he says that, but you’re laughing and he’s glad that you’re going home so he can hear that beautiful laugh of yours when you’re feeling better. Stubborn girlfriends were no match for the charm of Peter Parker. 

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Tony going to cons in his iron man suit. Entering tony stark look alike contests. Going to cons dressed as the other avengers. Going in a modified suit and getting lectured by That Guy bc it's not a perfect replica or bonus points tony speaking via FRIDAY and That Guy assuming tony is a lady and being super condescending so naturally tony sheds the suit and lectures him (prob to standing ovation). Idk just tony nicely trolling

Tony had spent weeks working on this suit, it was specifically for conventions, and relatively low on weapons, not to mention light weight and dazzling. It’s the only armor in his arsenal not meant for battles, and therefore the only one that has both snack compartments, and a laser light show. He’s absolutely pumped to show it off at comic con San Diego, when a dude bro in a cheap Captain America cosplay starts talking to him.

“Why on earth would you paint the armor black and yellow? Are you color blind or just stupid?” The dude bro asks, giving Tony an assessing look. Tony glances at him before looking around. Clint’s supposed to be meeting up with him soon. “Not to mention, the proportions are all wrong. Did you even use a template? What kind of fan are you?” 

“Tell him to go away.” Tony asks, hoping Friday can get rid of the asshole before Clint shows up.

“It’s called creativity, you should try it some time.” Friday snarks, and Tony notices a creepy glint in the guys eyes, as he steps closer.

“Nice voice.” He says. “I don’t know a lot of girls who cosplay as Iron Man.” Tony rolls his eyes. “I can help you figure out the suit proportions, if you’d like.” He offers, and Tony is honestly wondering if this asshole thinks he’s attractive. 

“No, sorry. I like my suit as it is.” Friday retorts. Tony wishes he had a weapon when the guy leers at him, leaning forward. Tony catches sight of Clint over the guys shoulder. 

“C’mon honey. It needs some serious improvement.” He says seriously, and Tony is fuming. 

“I can’t believe you would talk to someone like that.” He snaps, the faceplate nearly hitting the asshole when it opens. “You didn’t even introduce yourself before being a judgmental asshole.” Tony waves his arm towards him, forcing asshole to jump back or get a metal hand to the gut.

“Mr. Stark?” He asks, shocked. Tony raises an eyebrow at him, then glances down at himself. 

“Appears so. What should I call you? Asshole?” He asks, and the guy looks affronted. “Oh, don’t pull that shit. You’re an asshole, who was bullying someone based on an outfit, and then being a creepy ass just because you thought it was a woman.” 

“I’m not creepy!” The guy screeches. Clint stops right behind him, waiting to see what’s going on.

“Friday, do you think he was creepy?” Tony asks, the guy crosses his arms.

“Undoubtedly Boss. Not to mention condescending, and irritating.” She offers, and Tony raises an eyebrow at him.

“Fucking slayed.” Clint mutters, the asshole nearly jumps out of his skin. “Piece of advice, if you wouldn’t say it to Black Widow, don’t say it to a girl.”

“I didn’t do anything wrong!” The guy protests, throwing his arms up in the air. Tony snorts a laugh, and points to Natasha.

“If you didn’t do anything wrong, go up to her. That’s Black Widow by the way. Go tell her that her costume isn’t that good, but you can help her make it better. Make sure you get really close, and her back is to a wall.” Tony challenges, and the guy’s eyes go wide. “Now if you honestly believe you could do that without being killed, then I’ll believe you think what you did was okay, but I don’t think you believe it.”

“Look, I don’t want any trouble.” The guy says, and there’s a small crowd gathered around now. Tony shrugs.

“If you don’t want any trouble, don’t walk up to people insult them, and then creep on them.” Tony offers. “It’s really not that difficult to avoid being a massive creep.”

“Roasted.” Clint says, the asshole storms off muttering about Ironman being an asshole. Tony isn’t worried, the girl in the Deadpool costume was filming the whole exchange so it shouldn’t negatively affect his reputation. “Bye assclown!” Clint calls, turning to Tony. “Natasha is going to kill you when she finds out you told a guy to go creep on her.” Clint informs him, the blood drains out of Tony’s face. “C’mon the panel starts in a couple minutes.” 

“I’m so dead.” Tony mumbles as Clint drags him towards the conference room.

Powder Keg, Chapter 1

Hey, Fandom! We’re back with the Holiday Edition of Everlark Your Own Adventure! Anyone fancy some love in front of a roaring fire in the middle of a blizzard? What about a good, old fashioned argument-turned kissing frenzy in the snow-covered woods? It can happen, but not without your help! This story will take us right up through New Year’s, so start reblogging and adding your thoughts in the tags today, and check back every Monday through to continue voting whether these two can put their past behind them, or if it’s just not in their favor this round. 

Enjoy the first chapter of Powder Keg, written by @peetabreadgirl.

“I’m scared, Katniss! I can’t do it!” Sally cries, clutching onto my ski pants. If she keeps it up, the tears running down her cheeks and the clear goo starting to leak from her nose will freeze before break time.

“It’s okay.” I use my best big sister voice to try and soothe away her fear of skiing on a slope that’s only a little flatter than my chest. “You’re going to do just fine. See that flag there?” I point to the pole that’s halfway down the bunny slope on the edge.

“Uh-huh,” she half-sobs, nodding her head, her fingers flexing in and out, probably trying to get a better hold on me.  

“All you have to do is make it there. I’ll be right behind you. Nothing to worry about, yeah?”

She sticks her nose back in my pants and shakes her head vigorously. I check my watch. I’ve been at this for 46 whole minutes. Only 14 left to go. Seemingly, a lifetime of seconds trying to convince a five-year-old that she has nothing to be afraid of, feels like hell. At this rate, I’ll have celebrated seven birthdays before we reach the bottom of the training slope.

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Arranged Love Pt.2 | Jungkook

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 14.5 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19 | Epilogue

Summary: Whatever happened to true love? To fairytale romance? Where was that magical spark, those lingering kisses, the butterflies in your stomach, the fireworks in your heart? Where was the romance and the honesty in a forced love, in a forced marriage between you and Jungkook?

Word Count: 3,243

Genre: Fluff/angst

A/N: I’m very excited to get this series going tbh and I’m also very excited to see a lot of you actually like this!! Thank you for taking the time to read my stuff ❤️

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18 + jikook

Send me a pairing + a number: “Fuck. Off.”

canon compliant | well :)

“Fuck. Off.” Jimin ponctuates, attempting to get Jungkook away from him by pushing his shoulders back – with more strength than initially intended, maybe. “Get off.”

“Why?” Jungkook presses harder, though, not a single sign on his annoyingly beautiful face of pulling away. He has one knee in between Jimin’s thighs and a pair of elbows pressed against the wall behind them, in a very successful way of preventing the older from escaping, “Give me one good reason.” His tone has been increasingly dropping since he started pinning Jimin against the red brick wall of their building’s terrace, to the point it was now just a soft murmur blown in the cold air of the night – and inside Jimin’s hot mouth.

They are so close to each other it sends a sudden awareness of nostalgia up Jungkook’s lips – a kind of longing he hadn’t witnessed himself feeling since… Well, never. Their chests warmness and oxygen are all mixing; Jungkook’s nose is touching Jimin’s and he can breath in Jimin’s scent so well it’s fucking driving him insane. Jungkook wants to kiss him so bad it’s physically absurd – and so it is how long he had resisted before finally ending up here, staring down at Jimin’s lips with a need it clenchs his stomach and burns his chest.

He still remembers the first time he kissed them, in the practice room, three months ago, for accuracy. Not that he had counted or anything stupid like that. But he remembers. How they felt so soft, and warm and right against his own. Well, at least for the first five seconds, before the dizzy spur of their tired – and mildly sexually induced by the song they were previously dancing to – minds hit them like a violent wave in the shore, crashing upon them and making them drown. He remembers how Jimin began to kiss him breathless, and how he kissed back until they were both lightheaded and panting. Jungkook’s hands gripping Jimin’s ass and pressing him down where he so painfully needed, Jimin’s own hands roughly tangled on Jungkook’s hair, pulling hard and making the younger moan.

“I swear to god, if you don’t back off, I’m going to fucking deck you in the face.” Jimin threats and Jungkook leans down, so they’re eye-level and Jimin doesn’t have to look up to talk to him. This, however, only seems to riles Jimin up more, his hands crumpling the fabric of Jungkook’s tshirt and consequently pulling it up slightly, exposing some inches of his lower belly to the cool air.

“Why is that?” Jungkook repeats, pressing their chests harder. They didn’t have sex, back in that night, thanks to Jimin’s phone going off when they were about to lose their pants. If Jungkook was relieved or frustrated, he couldn’t differ. It’s not like he didn’t want it to happen, he just didn’t want it to be… In a stuffy room, with both of them too tired and too horny to be thinking straight about decisions they were surely regretting the other day. Although, from that day forward Jimin had been blatantly avoiding him, acting like nothing happened and shoving the subject away whenever Jungkook tried bringing it up. Now, three months later, Jungkook seriously can’t take it anymore. “Because I’m finally having the guts to properly talk to you about this? I’m tired of playing games, hyung. If you hated it so much just straightforward tell me so I can apologize for kissing you, instead of pretending I don’t exist whenever we’re alone. It kinda hurts.”

Jimin’s fingers soften it’s grip on Jungkook’s tshirt and he looks down, a frown molding his features.

Jungkook wants to kiss his pout away. But he doesn’t.

“I-I didn’t… hate it…” Jimin mutters, fidgeting the cloth. “It’s just…” he lifts his eyes and meet Jungkook’s gaze for a second before diverting it again. “Aish, I don’t wanna talk about this.”

“Why not?” Jungkook asks, an ache menacing to show up on his voice.

It’s kinda unfair, he thinks. How Jimin is dealing with everything like it means nothing, when Jungkook can not not think about it for a single day. How Jimin is not shifting his gaze down to Jungkook’s lips, like Jungkook has been constantly doing for the past minute, dying to catch Jimin’s lips on his own. Or how he seems almost restless to get away from Jungkook, when all Jungkook wants to do is hold his body on his arms and not let go.

“Because…” Jimin nearly whines, frustrated. Their chests are still tightly pressed together, but it feels softer, the atmosphere having made Jungkook faintly pull away, scared of Jimin’s answer. “I don’t want to serve as a reckless experience for you to kill your curiosity only and then–“

“What?!” Jungkook chokes out, shocked. “What the fuck?! Who ever said you were–“

“No one needs to say it, okay?” Jimin snorts, looking everywhere but Jungkook’s face. “This already happened before. I’m sure of my… You know. But you’re not and I’m just sick of being used as an–“

“Shut up.” Jungkook cuts him off. He feels irritated somehow. “With what right do you go out carelessly making assumptions about me and comparing me with the assholes from your past?” Jimin is silent all of a sudden. “Goddammit, hyung! Three months! Seriously, this is absurd, why couldn’t you just talk to me when I tried to?”

Jimin is eyeing his left hand on Jungkook’s t-shirt, so the younger angles his head to be on Jimin’s field of vision and force him to stop avoiding his stare. “Look at me.” he says, and this time he is able to hear the hurt on his voice, his brows furrowed as if that would help him read Jimin’s mind.

“I…” Jimin starts, lips pursed and Jungkook’s chest aches with how much he wants to kiss it, but he somehow expects for Jimin to do it first. He doesn’t want to push himself on him, just to be rejected later. “I…” They’re holding eye contact and it makes kind of hard for Jimin to properly think with such a short distance between them. “It makes me feel awkward.” He finally lets out, gulping.

“Why?” Jungkook asks, and feels like it’s the thousand time he is repeating this question.

Jimin fists his tshirt harder, before his hands go cup the sides of Jungkook’s neck, the cold palms against his warm skin making his breath slightly hitch. “Because…” he seems to be painfully trying to form words and Jungkook’s heart is beating so fast he is sure Jimin can feel it against his chest. “It’s your fault. You make me feel awkward.”

Jungkook had unconsciously tilted his head to the side, the angle rendering difficult for him to pretend he can’t feel Jimin’s breath hitting his lips anymore.

“You make me feel awkward too.” he whispers.

Jimin is bitting his lips, and it takes him a whole second to close his eyes and tangle his hands on Jungkook’s hair after the younger’s words fall out of his mouth, pulling him closer. Their lips are brushing and Jungkook is happy Jimin is somehow holding him in place, because otherwise he’s sure his legs would be betraying him – but still none of them is moving further and Jungkook is so fucking frustrated, because what the fuck is still holding Jimin back?

(Jungkook’s pride is holding himself back, because even though he is sure Jimin’s hands fisting his hair means a lot more than just consent, he still doesn’t want to be the first to give in – considering he had been the first to do it the last time. He needs a stronger reassurance Jimin wants that as much as he does, and he is determined to get it.)

That’s what impells him to part his lips and allow the hot air from his throat to curl around Jimin’s lips, the red flesh of their mouths skimming and providing both of them a tingling feeling on the tip of their stomachs. Jimin is still motionless and Jungkook is so damn impatient, he sinks his teeth on Jimin’s bottom lip with force and no previous warning, making Jimin hiss and then moan when Jungkook pulls it forward just to let it softly slide from his teeth back to its place.

Something clicks inside Jimin’s mind and he chases Jungkook’s lips with a hunger he has no idea he possesses, their mouths finally, finally clashing with an eagerness built during months.

Jungkook’s lips fits under Jimin’s so naturally well that it’s almost surreal, as only the pressure of their mouths against each other is able to make Jungkook feel on the verge of exploding – longing washing over him and proving his imagination is such a weak representation of reality. He could never truly recreate this feeling, it didn’t matter how many scenarios he pictured.

It’s when Jimin licks his lips – almost demanding for Jungkook to let him in – that he melts, their tongues meeting in a simultaneous warmness and thirsty that needs no further actions to demonstrate how desperate for each other they actually are. Jimin wraps his arms around Jungkook’s neck, angling his head in a way there’s not an inch of air between them, standing on his tiptoes and sucking Jungkook’s lips with just the right amount of pressure to drive him crazy. He takes his elbows off the wall and envelops them around Jimin’s waist, in an impossible attempt to pull him closer, needing to completely intoxicate all his senses with Jimin and Jimin only. Not that it took a lot of effort.

“Mhm…” he hears the whine falling out of Jimin’s lips and feels the vibration on his mouth and chest. His arms tighten around the older’s waist in response and the clenching on his stomach urges him to lick in Jimin’s mouth more intensely. He does, and on the second time, they moan together, Jimin’s hands gripping Jungkook’s shoulder so hard, his nails are sinking on the skin.

They pull apart for lack of oxygen, both panting and with swollen red lips.

Jungkook kisses Jimin again for a second, not resisting to stay away for too long. He watches as a shy smile appears on Jimin’s lips, so he kisses it one more time. And then another, and another. He keeps on pecking Jimin’s lips repeatedly until he is giggling and blushing. Jungkook smiles, burying his face on the older’s neck and sucking his scent to his lungs.

Jimin’s skin smells the sweetest.

“You’re so dumb.” He lets out, voice muffled.

Jimin chuckles. “So are you.”

“Yah!” he pulls back offended to look him in the face. “I was the one trying to fix everything up, why am I dumb?!”

Jimin brings his face closer to Jungkook’s. “You should’ve caged me against a wall and kissed me breathless three months ago.”

He smiles before catching Jungkook’s lips on his again.

“Hey! You kissed me!”

“Shut up, asshole.”

Helping Hand

Originally posted by marveladdicts

Summary: Who knew that being saved by spiderman would start a blossoming friendship… or maybe something more?

Requested: No

​​​​​​​Word Count: 1k+


Warning(s)?: Swearing, violence

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Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

Helping Hand

You sat at your desk, currently immersed in the project you were currently working on for biology. Unfortunately for you, you were left with a useless partner… again.

You held the pen angrily in your hand, almost wanting to just destroy this project so your so called partner will get a zero. But that wasn’t an option, it was a joined grade so if he failed unfortunately so did you. 

*knock, knock* 

You were too busy focusing on your current formula to notice the faint knock at your bedroom window. Pushing the glasses further up your nose, you crossed out a few equations that wouldn’t work and decided to make a new one, but this time you weren’t just going to find a solution to the problem, you were going to figure out how to prevent the problem from even happening in the first place.


This one was louder so you heard it pretty clearly. You spun your head around to see a guy in a red and blue spandex… not again.

You shake your head and get up, walking over to your bedroom window and flip over the switch. You lived in a set of apartment blocks so to even get to your windows you had to climb the fire escape 20 stories up. 

You opened the window, noticing that ‘Bug Boy’ was again… injured. 

“What am I going to do with you…”

~Few months back

To say that walking this late at night back home wasn’t at least a little bit terrifying would be a lie. Though you have done this many times, it still wasn’t safe. This was Queens in New York city but still you were in the city, the crime rate at least being 60% higher than surrounding suburbs. 

You hugged your black coat closer around your body, it was just the beginning of winter which meant the winds suddenly felt like ice particles scraping against your skin. How can it seriously get so cold so quick? Global warming probably. 

You rounded the corner, with a little hop in your step you saw your apartment block just at the end of the road. 

“Help! Please someone help!” You halted. You glanced left and right, wondering were the shouting.. screaming was coming from. 

“HELP!” This time you started to move, closer and closer to the source of the sound. Pretty stupid idea isn’t it? Call the cops and let them handle this? 

So that’s exactly what you did. You reached inside your pocket for your iphone and began to dial 911. 

“Drop it” You froze, you could feel cool metal pressed against the side of your head. Gulping nervously you began to let the phone slip through your fingers. 

“Hello 911, What’s your emerge-” The sound of your phone being crashed into a million pieces. Sure enough the guy to your right had stomped on your phone causing it to shatter. 

What were you to do in this situation? You’ve done what he says now what? 

“Move” wow this guys vocabulary is so extensive. 

Without hesitation you did as he said, you began to walk slowly. 

“For fucks sake” You could feel the cool metal pressed against your head replaced by a firm grip on your upper right arm, he was literally now dragging you along with him. To say it hurt would be an understatement this man had an iron grip but you weren’t going to complain. Not unless you wanted a bullet planted inside your skull. 

He pushed you forward into a dark alleyway where you could see a women being held by her throat against the wall. You took a deep breath, not wanting the reality for your situation to sink through. This is just a dream, this isn’t real, you can wake up now Y/N.

Without realizing it you’ve stopped moving, causing the guy to become more irritated with you. 

The girl or… woman who was held again the wall turned her head slightly to face you, tears streaming down her face along with blood which seemed to be from the wounds across her face.

“Keep it moving Missy” Your eyes began to become blurry with tears and it wasn’t until now your heart was starting to beat at an alarming rate. You were too in shock to notice you were literally in a life and death situation. 

“W-what’s happenin-n-ng” You stuttered out. 

You were patiently waiting for a response from the guy holding onto your arm- wait a minute. You glanced to your right to see that the guy that was holding you was now in fact gone.

“What the hell!” You turned in the opposite direction to see the guy now.. tapped? across the wall. Wait tape doesn’t look like that. 

You heard a grunt and turned around again, seeing the guy that was holding up the lady in a choke hold now lying on the ground in pain. Without thinking about it you walked closer over to the woman, making sure she was alright. You helped her back up to her feet, while letting your eyes rapidly search the alleyway for who just saved your life. 

“Y-y-your h-i-i-im” Once you had your arm firmly wrapped around the woman’s waist you looked up to the guy who originally held you at gun point stutter. 

It wasn’t till now that you saw who your savior was.



After that he used his webs as mode of transport to take the lady from your arms and swung her back to safety. 

“Stay here and don’t move” All you did was nod.

Sooner than later he in fact came back, making sure you were alright and wanted to take you home. You shook your head saying to him you only lived down the road and instead of replying he just lead the way. You guessed he was taking you home. 

Ever since that night you thought you would never see him again or at least kinda hopped… seeing you didn’t feel like being in a life death situation ever again. 

Though not two nights later you found him at your bedroom window, the one he took you in so you didn’t have to wake your parents and explain what had happened. 

You were surprised to say the least but didn’t hesitate to open the window. 

“You wouldn’t happen to have a first aid kit on you by a chance?” He spoke out through heavy breathing, obviously in pain. 

Little did you know this would be the start of your guys little rendezvous. 


A/N: part two??

Imagine: Cobb brings you in for a job, and after five years there is still chemistry between you and Eames

Words: 1324

You had stepped out into the hallway, barefoot and exhausted. Despite sleeping for nearly eight hours, your body still begs for more sleep. You’ve always hated being jetlagged. You don’t care that you’re wearing shorts and a thin t-shirt. With the late hour, you think no one will be out to witness your state.

After locating the ice machine, you manage to fill your bucket and head back to your room. Upon your reaching the door you push the handle down as your weight presses gainst the door. That’s when you notice something is wrong. Your head falls back, your free hand reaching down making you realize you would have nowhere to put the key if you’d had brought it with you.

“No!” you groan. Resting your forehead against the door, you let your eyes close. “No, no, no. Please don’t do this to me.”

You know there’s no point, but you try the door handle again. You wince as the door remains in the same position.

“Come on! Open up-”

“No matter how much you stroke it, or sweet talk it, I think it’s safe to say it won’t open, darling.”

A breath of irritation hitches in your throat as you turn to find Eames. Resting against the wall a few feet away, he still wore the suit he’d had on the last time you’d seen him in the lobby. Although he’d shed the jacket, he still looked more presentable than your current state.

“Shut up,” you mumble. “As usual, no one asked for your help.”

“Then, by all means,” motioning for you to continue, Eames shifted forward. “Do continue.”

Doing what he says, you turn and reface the door. You listen to him shuffle past you to his room, which lays just two doors away.

“What are you doing out this late anyway?” You huff as he takes out his wallet. “No luck convincing the girl from the bar?”

“Being as this girl is no existent,” he chuckles as he slides his card through the reader, not stopping to look in your direction until the door is open. “No. You ever notice how places like this try to charge you extra for the bad stuff?”

Pausing in the doorway, he motioned for you to join him.

“I’m fine right here, actually.” You respond defiantly.

The careless shrug which rolls off his shoulders only seems to fuel your irritation. “Just offering you the phone, love.”

You only had four options at the current moment.

1. Go knock on Arthur’s door. But, knowing him, Arthur was probably reviewing the case and you are too tired for work.

2. Knock on Cobbs’ door and run the risk of being around when he slipped.

3. Accept the invitation from the man across from you and run the risk of slipping up yourself.

4. Walk downstairs in hopes the teenager at the front desk can help you out without wanting something in return.

You watch him for a moment. Eames lifts the bottle of scotch in his hand, one last offer of temptation, before giving you a soft wink. Giving in, you walk over to him just as he moves to shut the door. Heat rushes to your cheeks as he lets his gaze travel over you. You bite your tongue. There is no point in telling him to reign in his wondrous gaze, the man has already seen every part of you before.

He doesn’t move his body, forcing your chest to brush against his as you slip past him before leading the way inside.

“Would you like a drink?” Eames asks as you glance around his room. Apart from the bedding, it looked nearly identical to yours. “Wouldn’t want your ice to go to waste.”

You know you should say no. His phone is right across the room. All you have to do is make a call down to the lobby and be on your merry way.


You set the bucket on the table before crossing the room and taking a seat at the foot of his bed. As he stops to roll up his sleeves your gaze moves to the clock on the bedside table.  

You had only three hours until the sun was set to rise. Three hours to get the much-needed sleep to ensure you were at the top of your game on the job, yet here you are seated at the foot of your ex-husband’s bed.

You listen to the ice hit the bottom of the glass as you push yourself back towards the center of the bed before laying back. Crossing your ankles, you let the palms of your hands grace the soft comforter beneath you. Despite him only had laid down for a mere hour, you find that the bed already smells of him.

“Are you ready for this gig?” You ask in an attempt to prevent your thoughts from continuing down that road.

You had been around Eames well enough to know, despite his cool exterior, he was highly meticulous. The files across the room proof of that. He might not always display his intelligence in the same ways as Arthur, but he had invested just as much into this case as anyone else.

“I don’t think you can ever be truly ready,” he admits after a moment of thought. “No two jobs are the same.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

You must admit you expected more from his response. Something…snarkier. In fact, he hadn’t said nearly as much as you’d imagined upon your reunion.

Cobb had conveniently left out that Eames was a part of the mission. In fact, it was not until Cobb was passing out the room keys that you noticed Eames. He was seated across the lobby striking up with a pair of young ladies at least ten years your junior. The gigglish laughter something you learned, as his wife, he struck in most women.

“I’m more worried I’ll be focused on keeping you safe,” he chuckles softly.

You roll your eyes, interrupting the path of the design you were following along the ceiling tile. “Well, I guess you won’t have to carry that burden. It’s not like I’ve ever needed protecting.”

“I know,” he assures you. “I haven’t forgotten how good you are at your job.”

He turns and rests against the table and takes a sip of his drink. He holds up your glass causing you to get up and cross the room for its retrieval.

It has been nearly five years since your last job together. As much as he hated the idea of putting you in danger, Eames was not surprised when Cobb spoke of wanting to bring you in for this one. The only reason you had agreed to take it was because of your soft spot of Cobb. Or at least that’s what you’ve been telling yourself from the moment you accepted.

“As much as I hate to admit it,” you sigh. “I am glad you’re here…Cobb and Arthur too. It’s always better to work with family, ya’ know?”

Nodding, he gave you a soft “yeah,” in response as you accepted the glass he offered.

You remain where you are as his fingers reach out to your cheek once freed. They present a perfect contrast to your quickly spiking skin. The chill from the glass having resonated within his touch. They pass cautiously across the surface as you take a sip of your drink, stopping as they reach the locks framing your face.

“We were always a great team,” he chuckles as you give him a soft smile before taking a step back and moving towards the window.  

Noise (Part 1)

Summary: (Chris Evans x Reader for now) you’re moving into an apartment on your own, ready to start fresh in someplace new. However, your new neighbor upstairs seemingly isn’t the quietest person in the world.
Warnings: none
Word count: 1444
A/N: As I was spending Christmas Day moving into an apartment and I heard my neighbor upstairs make some ruckus, a fic idea came to mind. Original, I know. 

Originally posted by knowles-morgan

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Missing 7

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Swearing // Drinking // It’s going to be sad and angsty.
Don’t fall for the clarity, don’t fall for it. It will only destroy you later… Haha

Months after the split with you and Steve, you’re not as well off as you should be, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t make the right choice, right?

A/N: Mini series I am doing. Only around 500 words each, than I am adding Deleted Scenes from Steve’s POV with each part.

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You stir, your legs pulling at a sheet wrapped around you. You rub your eyes, stiffening, soft breathing coming from the other side of you. Fuck. You think as your eyes snap open, looking around. You knew where you were just by the breathing coming from the other side of the bed, by the smell of the room, you didn’t need to open your eyes to know.

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fieryangelsintheatmosphere  asked:

Imagine for yourself, Sasuke forcing the warlords to have a sleepover while the MC is away. There, they recommence the Blusher games... Also, Remember to take care of yourself! You're wonderful and amazing and I'd be sad and worried if you got sick. ~😇 Bonus: "Sasuke, I leave for a week and THIS is what I come back to? Aren't you the astrophysicist? I shouldn't have to babysit you!" Bonus 2: The other warlords keep doing the Blusher games and at the start of a new year they restart counting.

Oh my God, Angie, this is amazing XD I love your brain so much for coming up with these things! 😇

I’m not going to make a proper mini-imagine out of this since I’ve got a ton of other stuff to do right now, but holy God, this would be so funny. Thank you so much for sending this in, you beautiful human <3

I can imagine the MC being so pissed because she just wanted to come back to peace and normality, but instead, she returns to this…

  • Yukimura and Ieyasu are being pretty much chased and harassed everywhere they go in Azuchi Castle.
  • Shingen and Mitsuhide have got their pervy faces on with the opposite force’s warlord.
  • Nobunaga and Kenshin are probably trying to kill each other.
  • Sasuke is fighting Hideyoshi because he’s going to slaughter Kenshin.
  • Mitsunari is trying and failing to keep things peaceful.
  • Kennyo’s lurking and waiting for the opportunity to kill Nobunaga.
  • Masamune is dying because he’s laughing so hard and the look of sheer terror on Yukimura and Ieyasu’s faces.
  • Meanwhile, MC watches on with increasing irritation, until she just loses her shit and basically:
  • She stalks over to Nobunaga and Kenshin, absolutely ruthless and fearless, uncaring of the swords being flung around as the two attempt to slit each other’s throats.
  • She just goes over, roaring, “Oi! Stop fucking fighting right now, both of you! Swing once more and I’m going to take those swords and lop off something you’ll miss dearly!”
  • They both stop…
  • … shooketh.
  • And then she grabs Nobunaga by the ear, yanking him to the side of the room and then all but throwing him down, snapping, “Sit. Do not dare move.”
  • Kenshin’s smirking and basically sparkling bc oft his bae’s dominating his enemy-
  • Oh, wait.
  • She grabs his ear and drags him to the other side of the room, doing the same and glowering at him. “Sit. Stay. Move and I’ll kill you.”
  • She then proceeds to literally chop Hideyoshi and Sasuke in the throats, shoving them to the floor by their respective lords.
  • She grabs Masamune by the back of his collar while he’s choking on laughter, launching him at Hideyoshi and causing him to end up laid across his lap like a child about to be scolded.
  • She just looks at Mitsunari. He smiles nervously, sitting down in a second next to Hideyoshi.
  • She turns to Kennyo in the corner, growling, “You shouldn’t even be here, but for fuck’s sake, just sit next to Sasuke and be quiet. Start anything, and I’m taking that spear of yours and shoving it up your arse. I’ll take Mike, as well.”
  • He’s never taken an order so willingly in his life.
  • She stalks into the corridor, hearing the sound of pounding footsteps through the castle. She groans.
  • They’re sprinting through the castle to her so fast they’re blurs.
  • Ieyasu and Yukimura barrel toward her, the other two pursuing, and they bolt over to her. She nudges them into the room, waiting out in the hallway as Shingen and Mitsuhide bolt toward her.
  • They get close. Then shit happens.
  • Shingen reaches her first.
  • Her leg whips around, shin colliding with his crotch. He collapses to the floor with a howl of agony, doubled over.
  • Mitsuhide slows, hesitating, but he’s not fast enough.
  • She swings her leg around again, and he’s able to dance back and dodge it.
  • But then her foot shoots out once more, kicking him flat in the dick.
  • He’s down. He’s also very, very slightly turned on, but that’s beside the point.
  • She’s livid.
  • There’s a hysterical cackle from the railing. Motonari is chilling there for some reason, howling at everything going on.
  • She sends him a withering look, pointing to the Uesugi-Takeda Forces. “Sit the fuck down before I push you off that railing and break your neck.”
  • He slides on over and chills next to Kennyo, downing some rum from the bottle in his hands.
  • The MC gets Hideyoshi and Yukimura to drag Mitsuhide and Shingen over to their sides, then slams the door shut, crossing her arms and turning to them all.
  • “What in the name of holy fuck do all of you think you’re doing, in my goddamn castle?! Sasuke, I leave for a week and THIS is what I come back to? Aren’t you the astrophysicist? I shouldn’t have to babysit you!”
  • Cue twelve warlords trying to apologise/explain/complain/cry their way out of a scolding.
  • They’re all punished thoroughly, put it that way, meaning:
    • Hideyoshi isn’t allowed to help Nobunaga for a week.
    • Ieyasu isn’t allowed to have spice for a week.
    • Kennyo isn’t allowed to go near animals for a week.
    • Kenshin isn’t allowed to kill or fight anyone for a week.
    • Masamune isn’t allowed to cook for a week.
    • Mitsuhide isn’t allowed to torture for a week.
    • Mitsunari isn’t allowed to read for a week.
    • Motonari isn’t allowed to drink alcohol for a week.
    • Nobunaga isn’t allowed to play Go for a week.
    • Sasuke isn’t allowed to do anything wormhole or ninja-related for a week.
    • Shingen isn’t allowed to speak to any women for a week.
    • Yukimura isn’t allowed to go on walks with Masamura for a week.

anonymous asked:

can you people stop being so dramatic??? T translates interviews and other stuff for this fandom and y'all being ungrateful and call her homophobic. This is CYBERBULLYING

Screw off, Anon.

I have every right to be irritated that a translator is deliberately twisting the words of Sayo, Kubo, and other people involved in this series and then daring to call other people who provide accurate translations ‘non-objective’. I have every right to call them on their shit when they go out of their way to no homo objectively romantic content and call other translators ‘biased’ for presenting it that way. This is a thing they do over and over.

If this had happened once or twice I could call it a coincidence, but it’s continuous. It’s a pattern. 

Other translators just post their proper translations without commentary. 

They on the other hand, mistranslate, then do paragraphs long commentaries about how it’s not really romantic. 

It’s harmful to fandom and it’s nasty of them. It’s damaging to the many lgbt+ fans who love this series. It’s dishonest. Then they blatantly lie about Japanese fandom, claiming that Jfandom ‘doesn’t consider the pairing canon anyway’, which I guess maybe they have some some friends that feel that way, but it’s not indicative of the fandom at large, which absolutely believes the pairing to be official. 

I’m not grateful for her translations. I don’t WANT them. I’d rather no translations than dishonest translations clogging up the fandom and causing issues (and the vast, vast majority of the things they translate get translated by other people anyway).  

I’m NOT sending her messages or reblogging her posts and bullying her, but stuff like this should be called out. People should know when it’s happening. 


Pairing: Pete Dunne x Reader
Prompt: “I’m not jealous.”
Word count: 2,227
 Smut (Even if it is short)
 Knowing me Pete is more than likely out of character as fuck right along with Trent and Tyler.

“She’s talking to that fucking asshole again,” Pete grumbled, folding his arms. Trent chuckled at his words, not seeing anything wrong with it “She’s just having a friendly conversation. Where’s the harm in that?” The harm? Every conversation you had with someone who wasn’t Pete, your husband, was harmful in his eyes.

Who were you speaking with? Seth Rollins. Pete didn’t trust him, he thought that he was too attractive and that he could get any girl he wanted. It irritated him, almost to the point that he wanted to drag you away and fuck you hard enough so you know that you can’t leave him. Was he a bit crazy? Probably. He’s only crazy about you though.

You two are spouses and seeing you talk to anyone else besides him made him think that whoever you were paying attention to was threatening your relationship. Pete stood there, scowling, trying to see if Seth would notice him and back off. Trent placed a hand on his shoulder “Relax, besides, they’re married to you. Not him. Remember that.” Trent slipped his hands into his pockets and walked away. Seth turned his head a little and saw Pete staring and looked back at you.

“He’s staring pretty hard.”
“We’ll he’s my husband and he also gets jealous easily.”
“So….should you even be talking to me now?”
“In his eyes, I shouldn’t talk to anyone….but that doesn’t stop me.”

You two began laughing and that was the last straw for Pete, he walked over there and snatched you up without saying a word to Seth. You just waved “bye” to Seth while being dragged away “You look like you were enjoying yourself.” “And you look like a jealous asshole right now.” It was always the same argument between you two.

Would Pete ever stop being jealous? Probably not. You knew how he was when you two began dating. Why marry him if this is a probably? Who knows. Maybe you’ve learned to block him out just a bit. Sighing, he crossed his arms, the frustration and irritation not leaving his face. You couldn’t help but laugh “If I wanted anyone else I wouldn’t be with you.”

Pete’s face softened just a bit, but still kept his stern look “Even if we weren’t together I’d go out of my way to make sure that you were in my arms.” He grabbed your chin with his index finger and thumb and raised your head, giving you a passionate kiss. You brought your hands up to his chest and pushed him back a bit “You do realize that we’re still at work right?”

You could read Pete like a book, most of his movements were a bit repetitive as well. He would always kiss you, then it would lead to him trying to get your clothes off, then you two would disappear for an undisclosed amount of time, and by the time you two came back you’re covered in passion marks. It never stopped you before but this time you stopped him.

Pete hated it when you pushed him away, so he just grunted and walked away. You sighed, walking off to the women’s locker room. Trent touched Pete’s shoulder when he saw his friend give off a rather scary scowl “Are you alright?” Pete stopped and looked at Trent “I think she’s cheating on me….or she’s hiding something.” Uh oh. Jealousy. It’s beginning to consume Pete and he wasn’t sure if he could shake his fear.

For weeks you reserved yourself, you didn’t touch Pete, you rarely showed affection towards him, you kept coming home late at night and you always spend your quality time with multiple different guys….mainly Seth and Tyler. It ate away at Pete at the thought of you cheating on him. Every time he confronted you about it, it was the same old thing “Why would I entertain that option? You know I don’t love anyone else but you.”

“How long until you think he finds out?” Tyler asked, turning his attention to you. All you could do is shrug “He’s getting highly suspicious though.” you shifted your place on the bed to where you were facing Tyler with your legs crossed. This is one secret you couldn’t tell Pete, at least not right away. When you heard your phone vibrate you could only guess who it was.

“Where are you? It’s 3 in the morning.” Your eyes scanned over the text and you tossed it on the bed. Tyler picked up your phone and saw the text “He’s gonna want a divorce.” You exhaled slowly through your nose, a feeling of anxiety going through you. Would Pete divorce you if he found out? You stretched and rested your face in your hand “If he does it will be his mistake.”

“You’re the one keeping secrets.”
“So are you, you’re his friend and you’re hanging out with his wife a little too much.”
“Seth’s involved too.”
“Everyone’s involved.”

You two got quiet and your phone vibrated again, only this time it was Trent. Tyler looked at the phone and his eyes got wide “I think you might wanna see this.” handing the phone back you saw Trent’s long text about Pete’s behavior getting worse and worse. How Pete is losing his mind over the thought of you cheating…..and how he’s gonna fucking kill someone.

You set the phone on the nightstand after turning it off “You’re not concerned?” you shook your head at Tyler’s question “Pete’s a lot of things….but he’s not a killer.” You kept looking at your phone and decided to call it a night.

When you arrived at work the next morning the atmosphere was incredibly dark. You didn’t see Pete or Trent and that wasn’t a good sign in your eyes. You looked over at Tyler and he was also confused. Scratching the back of your head you walked around the backstage area with Tyler. Soon enough you saw Pete and Trent “There they are.” When Pete turned it looked as if he was about to go on a killing spree.

You froze in place, grabbing Tyler’s arm to stop him as well “He doesn’t look happy….” Pete began to walk in your direction “Pete don’t!” Trent called after him. Uh oh. That wasn’t a good sign. In fact, that was a really bad sign. You tugged on Tyler’s shirt “You should go. Right now.” Your heart began to race and Pete began to power walk. You tugged harder on his shirt “Tyler!” When Pete began to run it was too late.

You couldn’t push Tyler out-of-the-way and Pete gave him a right hook. Tyler went down pretty fast and you didn’t know what to do. You turned to Trent who was quickly making his way over. Grabbing Pete’s arm, you attempted to pull him off Tyler but he wouldn’t budge “Get the fuck off him, Pete!” you were easily pushed off, which made you stumble back a bit.

Before Pete could do some real damage Seth and Trent pulled him off. You helped Tyler up and he staggered a bit trying to regain his balance. His nose is bloody and he looked as if he wanted to cry. You tried to compose yourself but you hated seeing this type of stuff happen, especially for all the wrong reasons. You looked at Pete and his face is beet red and he’s breathing heavy. Your eyes shifted to Seth, he gave a simple nod and began to pull Pete away.

“Are you alright, Tyler?” Trent sighed touching his friend’s shoulder “I told you, but you didn’t listen to me.” he told you. You flailed your arms a bit, in a rather childish way “I-I didn’t know you were serious! I’ve never seen that kind of side of Pete before!” you rubbed your temples and hugged Tyler “I’m sorry…..I didn’t want this to happen.” Tyler held his nose, slowly shaking his head “If he can learn the truth through all of this….then I suppose it’s fine. This is the only time it’s fine though, I don’t wanna get punched just to prove a point.”

“Get the fuck off me, Seth!” Pete sharply pulled away from Seth, still seething with anger. Seth rubbed the bridge of his nose in irritation “Look, buddy, whatever you think is going on between your spouse and Tyler, it ain’t happening.” Pete wasn’t hearing it, he didn’t believe Seth. Not for one second. All he could do is chuckle at Seth’s words “Then what do you call being with another man more than your own husband? Or how about the fact that they don’t even wanna be touched by me? Or being alone with my best friend last at night?”

Seth remained quiet, crossing his arms and looking at the ground. He brought his face back up and simply said “Follow me.” and proceeded to walk away. When Pete asked where he was going Seth just continued to walk and Pete had no other choice then to follow if he wanted to know what was going on.

The duo walked all the way to catering and then all you heard was a loud “SURPRISE!” from multiple voices. Confetti flew everywhere, there was cheering, and Pete could see the entire men’s and women’s locker room in the room. He looked over at Seth, still confused about what was going on. Seth had a devilish smirk on his face and pointed to you with his head.

Pete met your eyes and he sighed “Did you forget?” you asked walking towards him, taking his hands, “It’s your birthday, stupid.” you said with a ‘feel stupid now?’ tone. Pete held his head back and laughed to himself. This is why you’ve acted strange? Just to throw a birthday party? Pete wasn’t the type to admit he was wrong or to apologize….but he did punch his friend in the face.

Pete looked over to Tyler and when he opened his mouth, Tyler stopped him “Don’t apologize. You reacted exactly how I expected you to react.” Afterward, you explained to Pete how your actions were all leading up to this, but you apologized for making him think you were being unfaithful. The party went on for a few hours and in the midst of it, Pete pulled you into a secluded area.

It was dark outside and the stars were out “It’s beautiful.” you said quietly. Pete didn’t say a word, he just walked behind you and began to raise your shirt. Quickly grabbing his hand you turned with a light blush on your face “Whoa! Pete….you wanna do it out here? What if someone sees us?” he pulled you in closer “Then I suppose we have to give them a show.”

Back in the building, everyone was having fun, no one really noticed you two had left. Tyler was sitting next to Trent, drinking some water “You think we were wrong for keeping this from Pete?” Trent shrugged at the question “Maybe. Maybe not. It sucks that you got injured because of it, but at least he didn’t kill you.”

Trent turned in his seat and looked around, turning back “Speaking of which: Where is Pete? And where’s (Y/N)?” Tyler also turned and examined the room, but returned to his former place when he couldn’t spot them “Knowing Pete he probably pulled her off somewhere to fuck, he’s a horny bastard after all.” Trent couldn’t help but laugh.

That was true, Pete has a rather high sex drive and it only increases when you’ve done something to piss him off. He had you gripping the wall for dear life as if it would save you from the hard fucking he was giving you. It was hard for you to keep your voice down, especially since you two aren’t home. Whenever you were getting too loud Pete would kiss you deeply, and thrust deeper.

Pete then had you lifted up, pressed against the wall. You wouldn’t admit this to him but this was one of your favorite positions. He would firmly grip your ass just to give you the best strokes he possibly could. Pete could always tell when you’re at your limit. You wrapped your legs around his waist and pulled him closer. Taking this opportunity you always got asked the same question: “Are you cumming babe?” he already knew the answer to that. You grabbed his collar and pulled him into a kiss while cumming. You both panted and slid to the ground.

Weeks later you got hit with some shocking and exciting news, but you weren’t sure how Pete would react. You grabbed your phone in a hurry and called Seth. After a few rings, he picked up “Hello?” “I’m pregnant.”


The cliche story of a love that is forbidden.

Pairing - Taehyung x Reader

Genre - High school Au

Word Count - 3000

Part 2/?

She lived in a world full of money and riches.
Where as he lived in a world where he sometimes didn’t have enough money to eat.

Part one Part Three


Taehyung’s POV

The boy who came out of his shell

Taehyung wouldn’t exactly call himself a loner but he did enjoy spending time alone, so that’s what he did the majority of the time. He wasn’t much of a party go-er. As a matter of fact his last party had to have been his ninth birthday party. It was a disaster, he had eaten too much cake prematurely and when it was time to put on a blindfolded and spin around trying to hit a pinata saying that it didn’t end well was an understatement.

Sure Taehyung had been invited to parties, his friends had thrown a couple but he never had went. Being honest with himself he didn’t really want to go to y/n’s party. He knew the kind of people that tried to hang around her and he didn’t want to be in their company. He could’ve turned down her offer, made some type of excuse when she asked if he wanted to go but he didn’t. He knew when she asked that he would definitely be attending her party.

He didn’t ever associate with her friends, neither did she with his and he thought that it would be awkward to invite them so he decided to go alone. But when he arrived at y/n’s party he didn’t quite know exactly what to expect. When he pulled up he felt awkward having his motorcycle vale parked next to all of the luxurious cars that kids of rich patents who went to his school drove. Unsurprisingly, her party was at a really nice venue. As Taehyung entered he immediately looked to the roof and was overwhelmed by the outrageous chandelier. He examined the decor and the people dressed around him and he was extremely proud of his choice to wear one of his nicest suits.

The place was packed. A lot more people than he had anticipated, even for y/n. Surely she couldn’t have this many friends right? He wondered.

Walking around the dance floor, he spotted the table that was supposed to be for gifts. It already had a great amount of gifts in large boxes on it and Taehyung looked down at his measly gift and wondered if he should even leave it for her. He pondered over it for a moment and remembered that he had used some of the money he had been saving and decided to leave it.

He then looked around for y/ but had yet to see her so he decided to grab a drink and chill. There was a wide assortment of refreshments so Taehyung opted for the punch. He was on his second drink when he felt someone poke his back from behind.

“Hey there stranger.” Y/n said as she approached Taehyung. He was frozen when he saw her, she had worn the dress that she had tried on for him when they were studying. When he saw her in the dress the other day, he didn’t think she could get any more beautiful. But he was pleasantly surprised when he saw how breathtakingly beautiful she looked now.

“You wore the dress.” Taehyung stated continuing to examine her.

“Well yes you told me to.” She said and neither of them spoke for a moment, just staring silently until y/n broke the silence.

“What are you drinking?” She asked pointing to his cup.

“It’s punch and it’s actually really good.” He said taking another sip of the delicious drink. Even rich people punch taste better then the kind he was used to, he thought.

“Is it really?” She asked.

“Yes, here.” Taehyung said offering the cup up to y/n.

Y/n smiled at him before taking the cup in her hand and taking a drink of it before handing it back to him. “This is definitely spiked Tae.” She said.

“Really?” Taehyung asked taking another sip of the drink. He did notice that it was a bit tart but thought maybe someone added lemonade or something.

“Yes, can’t you tell?” She asked laughing at the boy.

“No, I’ve actually never had alcohol before.” He said slightly embarrassed by the confession, considering the fact that y/n clearly had and he hadn’t yet.

“How cute. Bad boy Kim Taehyung has never had a drink before?” She asked.

Taehyung blushed a bit at the compliment but then wondered why she thought he was a bad boy. “Bad boy? Is that what everyone at school thinks of me?” He asked.

“Well I mean yeah you kind of give off that vibe. Like you’re secretive you don’t talk much and you skip class sometimes. Plus there are rumors about things that happened at your old school.” She said.

“Do you believe those rumors?” He asked. Taehyung had heard the rumors as well and he wondered where people got things like that from. If her answer was going to be yes, then it made sense why she had been so distant. Why she never really tried to get to know him.

“Hmm, well I believe that lies spread more quickly than the actual truth. But I don’t know, I don’t really know you yet.” She stated.

“Well If you’d like, I’d allow you to get to know me.” Taehyung stated.

“So, I have to have an invitation to get close to you?” Y/n asked with a curious look on her face.

“I don’t really open myself up to people y/n, so yes. I am extending you an invitation to get to know me.“

“And what happens if I accept that invitation.” She asked.

“Well, I can’t really speak for the future, but for right now, I’d like to dance with you.”

Y/n’s POV

The girl who ran away from her own party

I shouldn’t have been as nervous as I was. I had danced with several guys before, but something about this time was different. Was it the way he held me? Was it the fact that I could smell his cologne and it was the sweetest fragrance I had ever smelled. I could feel his heart beat as my head laid on his chest and it surely wasn’t beating as fast as mine.

The DJ picked the perfect moment to to play a slow song. I thought.

He couldn’t have been honest when he said that he wasn’t much of a dancer. No I didn’t believe him for a moment. From the moment that he put his arms around my waist and pulled me in I knew that he was a great dancer. The way he held me against his strong chest and moved elegantly to the rhythm had me in a state of awe and I never wanted this moment to end.

And then it did.

“Come open your presents!” My friend Jessica called. I did my best to ignore her to focus on Taehyung until she practically dragged me off of the dance floor. I motioned for Taehyung to join me. They brought me a chair to sit at, it was similar a queen’s throne and I sat there as I started to open gifts.

Most of the gifts were as I anticipated money, gift cards, bags and things like that. But the next gift I opened was different. The box caught my attention it was a simple black jewelry box with tulips on it.

I opened the box revealing the gift. I found myself speechless as I examined the gift. It was a necklace with a tulip shaped pendant on it.

“What is it?” Everyone started to ask.

“It’s a necklace.” I said smiling as I stared at it for a while until Andy, one of the most popular guys in our school approached me also examining the necklace and then scoffing.

“Who gave her this cheap piece of crap? “He asked taking the necklace out of my hand and holding it up for everyone to see. “It’s not even real, what a joke.”

“Give it back.” I said snatching it out of his hand.

“Y/n my gift cost thousands of dollars, it’s a real diamond necklace. Who’d be foolish enough to give you this?” Andy asked again.

“I saw Taehyung put the box on the table.” Someone from the crowd yelled.

All of the eyes at my party shifted to Taehyung and so did mine. Chuckles started to ensue as people started to whisper about him.

“Of course, Mr. I can’t afford a new jacket so I wear the same one everyday gave you this. Pathetic.” Andy laughed along with his friend next to him.

Andy’s cruel words caused the laughter to spread, all around me everyone was laughing at Taehyung and I began to get more and more upset. My heart stung with irritation as I watched him shake his head and walk away. I couldn’t believe how rude the guys were being to Taehyung. They had no right to treat him like that and especially at my own party.

“You guys are assholes.” I said before turning around to follow him. Andy grabbed my arm in an attempt to stop my to which I yanked free from his grasp.

I pushed through the crowd almost at the exit before Jessica stopped me. “Hey you aren’t going to follow him are you?”

“Of course Im going to follow him did you see that stunt Andy just pulled?” I asked.

“Yes but come on, Andy is right he could have at least gotten you a gift from somewhere other than the dollar store.” She laughed.

I scoffed disappointed in the immaturity of my friends. “I don’t have time from this right now.” I said pushing pass her and taking my exit. I ran outside holding up my dress so that I didn’t step on it. When I made it outside the Vale attendant was giving Taehyung his keys.

“Tae, wait!” I said catching up to Taehyung to try and stop him before he left. He was already putting on the helmet to his motorcycle. “Please don’t leave.” I said.

He smiled softly as if to hide the apparent embarrassment he was feeling. “I don’t really think I’m wanted here.” Taehyung said sitting down his helmet.

“I want you here.” I said placing my hand on his and surprisingly he didn’t pull away. I was being genuine when I said that I wanted him to stay I was really enjoying his company.

“I don’t know y/n this really isn’t my scene.” He replied back.

“Well if you aren’t going to stay, why don’t you take me with you?” I asked because I desperately wanted to be with him and not at this party anymore.

“You can’t leave your own party.” He laughed as if I wasn’t serious.

“Who says I can’t? Are you my father?” I replied reaching for the helmet and placing it on top of my head. “You said that this isn’t really your scene, show me what is.”

“Fine. But you’re wearing it wrong dork.” He said removing the helmet and stepping closer to me so that he was towering over me to fix the helmet. “Let’s go.”

We drove for a while and the scenery was starting to get less and less familiar. “Where are we going?”

“Oh, now you wanna ask questions. Don’t worry its a ride but it’ll be worth it.”

“I never said I was worried.” I replied snuggling up as close as I could to Taehyung. The weather wasn’t too chilly but it was windy and I needed his warmth considering the fact that my dress was sleeveless.

“You know I’ve never ridden a motorcycle before.” I slightly yelled in Taehyung’s ear so that he could me.

“Really? None of your rich friends own motorcycles?” He asked finally slowing down and coming to a stop.

“They do, I’ve just never been interested in riding with them.” I said.

Taehyung got off of the motorcycle before carefully lifting me off and placing me down.

“Well this is the first time I’ve let anyone ride on my motorcycle with me.” He said bringing his face daringly close to mine before taking off my helmet.

“I have a feeling im going to be experiencing a lot of firsts with you.” I said biting my lip to cover up my over eager smile.

“I second that thought.” He said before taking my hand in his. “Come on.” He said as he guided me down the wooden stairs. I had been so consumed with my thoughts of Taehyung that I hadn’t even realized where we were.

“Wow.” I said looking at the absolutely breathtaking view in front of me. The sun was setting on the beach and I was dazzled by the way the water glisten from the sun and the sand sparkled.

Taehyung just smiled as he continued to guide me closer to the shore. I was trying to walk in my stilettos but struggling because they kept getting stuck in the sand. He noticed chuckling softly  before bending down in front of me and allowing my hand to balance on his shoulder as he removed my shoes.

We sat on the beach our bodies touching each other as we sat close. I was truly impressed by the stars and how they not only lit up the sky but the ocean and I thought it was one of the most beautiful sights. I stole quick glances at Taehyung and he seemed impressed as well, although I’m sure he had seen this sight before.

“I can’t believe that no one is here right now.” I said looking around at the seemingly desolate beach.

“It’s normally this way around this time. I guess everyone else is busy partying he said.” I couldn’t read his expression but I could tell that he was feeling a little upset from the party still.

“Tae, I just want to let you know that I love your gift.” I said looking at him.

“You don’t have to say that y/n, I know its not expensive like the gifts you expected.” He said refusing to look at me.

“Tae.” I said grabbing his hand and waiting for him to make eye contact with me. He finally got the hint and looked me in the eye.

“This necklace is the best gift I received in a really long time.” I said and it was. I don’t think people really put much effort into gifts these days. They don’t make it personal, especially in my group of friends. But Tae’s gift was special, because he actually got me something that I wanted. I love tulips, they were my favorite flower and I wasn’t sure how Taehyung knew or if it was just a lucky guess but regardless I was impressed.

“I’m glad you like it.” He said smiling at me before his eyes drifted down to the goosebumps on my naked arms and finally realizing that I was shivering.

“Shit, I didnt even notice how cold you were.” He said as he removed his leather jacket and placed it over my shoulders. I linked my arm around his for extra warmth and laid my head on his shoulder. His jacket smelled so good, just like him. I was then reminded of the comment Andi had made about his jacket and how that was the only one he owned. I hope that that wasn’t the case,  I mean I had only ever seem him wear this jacket but maybe it was his favorite. I could imagine what it would feel like for anyone to not be able to afford new clothes.

I tried to clear those negative thoughts out of my mind redirecting my attention to the view above me. “I have never seen anything this beautiful and my entire life.” I said still staring at the stars.

“I agree.” He said and it only became apparent to me that he was talking about me as he placed his hand under my chin guiding me to look at him. I lifted my head from his shoulder and looked up at him.

I felt a sense of intoxication as he stared at me. It could have been from the beauty of the night or the chill I felt when the cold breeze blew. But I was certain it was because of Taehyung. The way he looked was enough to melt my heart. His hair was pushed back his lips were lightly parted as he looked down at me and his scent. It was the sweetest smell.

He tilted my head up and lowered his lips on mine. I closed my eyes and melted as my whole body was consumed in his kiss. I felt weak and I felt powerful. I felt a fire burning inside of the pit of my stomach but at the same time I felt chills throughout my body. His hand continued to caress my face his lips, God his lips felt amazing. They were warmer and softer than anything I could have imagined, yet strong and powerful at the same time. And although Taehyung wasn’t my first kiss he was the first kiss that mattered, the first kiss with someone who mattered.

He finally separated his lips from mine resting his forehead on my as we both took in air because the kiss had taken both of our breaths away.