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Wip of hw assignment!

ATTN Cherik fandom

There is currently a troll/multiple trolls causing drama on the XMFC side of AO3. Specifically, someone posted a rant against noncon fics to AO3, and either they or another person are going around posting screeds/death threats to people’s noncon fics.

Anyway, just a heads’ up that this is a thing that is happening, so if you get a nasty comment on a noncon fic, or a misfire on a non-noncon fic, this is why. Please don’t let it get you down, and please don’t feel like you have to delete your fic because of these people! They’re just assholes, not worth giving attention for any longer than it takes to delete their comments.

Also, if you have any noncon fics up, it might help to disable anon comments for the time being + moderate comments if you should get any logged-in flames.

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Bakugou's voice cracking in the new episode cracked my own heart... ;;;

Bakugou crying will always make me cry too, that’s just a set rule of this universe (;;) terribly enough tho today I’m not the best person to have a feels fest with cause, uh, actually I spent most of the episode being annoyed at the way the fight and most of Bakugou’s moods were being adapted so hahahHAHAHA 

Soooo Im a wondering if any of you lovely angel faces would like to do some fun roleplay writing…thingies (im not sure what the correct term is) with me?

namely my Apophis Seth as he is my current obsession and while he has a fic, whatever is roleplayed here on tumblr may or may not be canon is said fic. It’s really up to the other ppl who roleplay with him. Some ppl don’t wnat their toons in other ppl’s fics and thats perfectly fine.

Anyway, i jsut think this would be kinda fun even if i’ve never really done it before.

so here’s a pic of my Sassy Cucumber Captain

hit me up if you’re interested! with an ask or a private message or just reblog this that works too.

(( Okay! So, I am really sorry about the lack of activity! I really want to get good grades but the stress makes me not want to do anything as soon as I have free time =v=“ 

I think when it comes to drawing, I might spend more time on my main blog doinng my comic than on my ask blogs, I need to force myself into being motivated!

I also need rest but dffhkdhfk that’s no reason for sleeping for two days straight like I used to

I just woke up so I am not sure this post is really what I wanted to say, I might delete or rewrite it once I’m a bit more awake

Thank you all! I hope you will have a nice week!! ))


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