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I’m gonna do my first ever Sleepover-Saturday type thing here on tumblr!  My hubby is going to a concert with friends tonight, so my plan is to sit on the couch, catch up on some tv, write some, and hang out with you guys.  It’ll be from 8-11 pm CST.

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Please join me!  Here are some things to get the party started (don’t have to be SPN related!), if you want to send in some asks:

- Fuck, Marry, Kill
- Make me choose between two things
- Hot or Not
- Ships (do I ship ___ with ___?)
- Characters that I relate to from XYZ tv show, movie, or book
- Who’s one of my favorite writers on tumblr and why (I have quite a few!)
- What’s a fic I’m working on right now or have planned
- Questions about musicals
- Questions from THIS POST about me
- Questions about my meow meows
- Ask for advice
- Tell me a story about you
- Whatever else you would be interested in! :)

I’ll be tagging all of this #laurakaysaturday if you want to follow or blacklist.

tagging my entire taglist under the cut, because hopefully if you’re interested in my writing, you’re also interested in me!

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I’m going to go on a sort of hiatus. I’ve been dealing with some health issues and mental health issues. Basically, I’ve lost a lot of interest in doing just about everything. Even writing. And I feel bad because I want to write for you guys and I feel like crap that I don’t have more muse to write things when you lovely people will obviously read it. Idk. I just haven’t felt right lately. I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday for my back issues and I’ve started seeing a psychiatrist once a week for everything else. So I’ll be ok. But I just need a little break from tumblr for a minute. I’ll keep my queue full and try to get on every once in a while to answer asks and all that. I’ll also try to keep writing, so maybe when I’m back I’ll have something for you all.

You guys!!!

So I’m sure many of you already heard Johnny Weir has started watching YOI, but I went on the NBC sports website cause i was trying to find a live stream for the irl GPF and like look: 

they track skaters tweets on the homepage and since all Johnny has been tweeting about is YOI that means..

Victor’s naked ass is literally on NBC sports right now!

Like NBC is a major news network and because of Johnny’s tweet’s the gayest anime from Japan is makes up half the tweets on the page!


As some of you may know, I go to college at Ohio state university. As some of you may have heard, there was a school shooting this morning.

So I guess the place to start is saying I’m safe. Luckily, I didn’t have a class this morning so I was in my dorm when the shooting occurred. The shooting took place right outside my dorm. I woke up to the sound of gun shots, and this email.

Apparently, one guy went in the building and pulled the fire alarm, and when everyone evacuated the shooter drove his car through the crowd, got out and started slashing at people with a machete, and then pulled out a gun. 9 people are hospitalized, thankfully only 1 in critical condition. This is a first hand account from someone there.

The shooter was killed. This is the view from my dorm window. It’s grainy, but you can see a dead body on the a white sheet surrounded by cones.

My friend was in a classroom directly across from the shooting. this is from his snapchat.

Police are still looking for the second accomplice. I haven’t left my dorm. I still have friends locked in their classrooms. This shouldn’t happen.


Hug-py new year!!

OH BOY It’s already 2017 here!! That means a new start for everyone!! Yay!! :D

There has been so many people who have cheered me up and made this year very happy for me! I can’t be grateful enough about it,but I certainly love every single one of you who made it possible! <3

You guys are ALL amazing and I love ALL of you,despite you follow me or not,you are great and I wish that all your dreams and wishes come true!! hopefully you’ll finally reach that goal that you wanted to accomplish for so long~! :D

Now- it’s hard to make a new start right? Moving on from certain situations can be hard sometimes,and I’ve seen that many people have been having a rough time lately. Starting something new like this is no good for your mental health :c

That’s why I’ve decided to do this for the special people I met and/or befriended along this year who have made me really happy! Because they deserve and/or need a hug!! And what’s a better way to start a new year than with a hug? <3

These are ALL lovely people. Exceptional beings,every one in their own way. They made this one of the bests years in all my life,and I seriously can’t think of a way to thank them, so here you have some words for each one of them under the cut!!


and also before the cut,


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And this is how you do it.

Second daddy in the making. I’m going to name him Property. His question was if I was on the pill lmao. I was like, no, cause I think he wants natural sex haha. I don’t have natural sex with anyone except with my super serious bf (which I currently do not have).

I’m sure you guys will be like, “hang on, the math ain’t right”. Yes it ain’t, its $800 short from 2k per meet x 4, but I did that to encourage monthly payments. My minimum is 6k anyway, and I will def be shopping till I drop when monthly payments start!

Thus far, I made sure my daddies buy lingerie for me every time we meet, and heels. That covers my work costs for a bit (a variation of lingerie is a must in escorting).

What I did different this time that made me get a lot of offers? I ditched most of the “sassy” take it or leave it advice from Tumblr and use what I know best - mindfuck a man by making him think its all about him. It’s good to have attitude, but sugaring is also a type of “customer service” industry, tons of attitude won’t get you anywhere but only salts.

I hope all of you are doing way better than I am! Still learning from some of you :) xx


We’ll start from me since I’m the eldest hyung. Yesterday I already said it once but please listen now too. There are 3 important things in life. The first is gold, the second is salt, the the third is being together with you right now. Being together with you guys right now is so so precious and makes me happy. I’m curious though, are you guys single right now? Wow I’m bungle! together we are smiling! (t/n; 싱글 (single) + 벙글 (bungle) = 싱글벙글 (smiling brightly)) Wow isn’t it a great combination. You guys fit me and BTS just right so please stay together with us for the future too. Thank you.

I’m really so so touched to be in a space like Gocheok. You guys are touched too right? Yesterday I talked about dreams. Today is a festival, but isn’t it also ARMYs festival. To enjoy our performances like this, then cleaning up all of the rubbish yesterday, really ARMYjjangjjangmanbboongbboong. I was so touched. Everyone, actually if water went up to 99 degrees it still wouldn’t boil. When we debuted, I think we were water that was 99 degrees. I think we were able to become 100 degrees boiling water because of you guys that were the remaining 1 degrees. Once again thank you, we had so much fun today too because we were together with cool ARMY. Thank you

Wow really pretty. It’s pretty if I look again, also it’s pretty even if I look over here, it’s pretty when I look over there too, and it’s pretty even if I look at the 3rd floor, 2nd floor, 4th floo. “Your appearance is like ~ purple light ~ I should approach gently~” I’m really touched us with purple light like this in Gocheok Dome. Ah, it’s such an honour to be in Gocheok Dome and have fun together with you guys, and it will be a memory I can never forget, I hope it will be an unforgettable memory for ARMY too. This moment now, I think it’s nice to say that this place gives us memories. Yesterdays postcard too? A fan wrote to us “BTS who gives us memories” and it was really so nice. It’s nice to talk about memories. But memories now. The Bangtan now. If you put the present Bangtan in your memories that will be even better. Everyone thank you for having fun until the end and let’s run until the end. It’s still not finished yet, right? So we’re not at the end yet. Everyone lets burn it up more. It’s not the end yet. It’s only started. Really thank you and I love you all.

Do you know what the colour purple means?
Purple is the last colour of the rainbow, right? Purple means to believe in each other and to love each other for a long time. Yes, I made it up just now. (members: we though it was real~~) But I hope that we can see each other for a long time, just like that meaning. And I will always believe in you and that we can climb up the ladder like this and you guys too can push us away…no, not push us away but hold our hands and follow us. Then we can go even higher! And thank you for a larg fanmeeting, no I mean for allowing us to have a fanmeeting in such a large place. ARMY, I love you!

Everyone, it’s been a while, right? Now the fanmeeting is over too. We worked really hard to prepare this fanmeeting and everyone waited so we could meet, but it’s over in an instant like this. When will we see you guys again~~when will we see you~~We’re really sad too. Although, we have also prepared our performances for the end of the year and we will show you stages with a different colour then everyone can enjoy it more, right? So, you don’t have to be like that because we will prepare quickly so we’re ready. Ah, I said this yesterday, that I always hope your lives are filled with just happy things. And don’t worry about us too much, guys. No~ No~They cried yesterday, we’re not like that, right? Don’t worry about us too much and I think in that time you could be doing more things. No~ you have to think of us, you have to think of us but don’t worry too much about us. Thank you so much for staying by us like this and lets continue to make fun memories. I love you guys

My turn. I was really happy promoting ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’. But compared to our other promotions, this one was a bit more fun. Do you know why? Because we prepared this fanmeeting while doing promotions so I think we did our promotions with our hearts a bit more excited. To always be on stage like this, whether it’s for a broadcast or event, it feels good to see our ARMY and ARMY bomb’s completely fill it up. I said is in my thanks to right? I will not let go ~ I’ll never let go of your hands. I will be your strength when you are going through a difficult time. You guys worked so hard today. I hope you have for the remaining performances.

Everyone, shall we laugh? It’s nice because we laugh right? If you laugh then you will be blessed. Two, Three, yes, what’s our first fan song subtitle? “even though there will be more good days to come” right? So, I think today is one of the many many good days among many many more in the future. So you guys should smile more today right? I want to tell you something, but I’ll say it quickly. I wanted to tell you that when I was kid, there was a saying; “amongst faith, hope and love, love is the greatest of  them all”. Nowadays these words have become fresh in my mind. Do you guys love us? Does ARMY love Bangtan? I really love you. I love you guys and when I was young, I said some of this to you yesterday but, with the ARMY bombs sparkling it feels like I’ve fallen into the universe, the galaxy. Seeing the purple ARMY bombs today, it gave me goosebumps. I said that when I was a kid me favourite colour was purple, right? But, when I was young I also thought “isn’t the universe purple”. So, right now it feels like I’m in a universe that’s a little more special and thank you again for making my childhood dreams come true. Everyone, I love you~

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Sharpie Promises

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Raphael x Reader

Sharpie Promises

Note: I don’t know if I’ll publish this or not, but basically, I’m a ho for TMNT and soulmate AUs and I’ve never seen a TMNT Soulmate AU, so here you go. It’s the 2k14/2k16 turtles btw. Idk. I might do more of these if you guys like it.

Raphael wasn’t human. He had struggled with this, but had eventually come to terms with the fact. He didn’t have a soulmate and he wouldn’t ever find love. Not in a world full of humans. He tried to be all right with it. Keyword: tried.

It wasn’t until he was working out one day that he felt something cold and wet travelling across his left forearm. Just as quickly as it had started, it stopped. He removed his three-fingered hands from the weight he had been lifting and sat up to examine it.


Messy black letters written in Sharpie. His green eyes narrowed. What was this? He had never felt or seen anything like this. But there it was, plain as day on his arm. He stared at it, afraid that the words would disappear, but no. They stayed right where they were. And then soon after, more appeared from nowhere, as though a ghost was writing on his arm with an invisible marker.

So, it’s like three in the morning here and I don’t know if I’m doing this right, but um, hi.

A long pause. Raph stared in amazement, too shocked to say anything.

You’re probably asleep, aren’t you? Dammit. Well, um…bye, I guess.

He had never run so fast in his life.

“Woah, woah, watch it!” Donnie raised his arms as Raph pushed his chair away from his station and grabbed a Sharpie, pulling off the cap between his teeth and scrawling in the empty space on his arm.



Your heart raced as a response finally appeared.


Big, messy letters that you could tell had been written in a rush.

I’m here. Who are you? What’s happening?

You stared at the letters, the handwriting. Your stomach dropped, the nerves kicking in. This was it. This was your soulmate. You had no idea how this worked. No one did, but it worked, and that was all that mattered. A magical pen-pal from far away, probably. Why anyone would be up at this ungodly hour besides you was beyond you. But now you had to reply. You turned over your arm to write back.

I’m (Y/N). Your soulmate, I think. I don’t know…this is what everyone else does, but I’ve always been too shy to try.



Raph’s heart skipped a beat when the word was written on his arm. Soulmate. He had a soulmate. He actually had…Oh my God.

“Raph, are you crying?” Mikey asked, looking up at his older brother, whose eyes certainly looked a little misty.

“N-no. I just got dirt in my eye. Go away.” He sniffled and smiled.

“Whatcha doin’?” the youngest turtle looked over Raph’s shoulder and scanned a few words before he raised his arm far above Mikey’s head, but he had already seen it. Soulmate. “You…you have a soulmate?”

“I guess so.” Raph shrugged. By now, Donnie and Leo were paying attention to what was happening.

“You have a what?” Donnie’s head snapped around. He pulled down Raph’s arm to examine it. But there it was, plain as day. What the internet described as a ‘soulmate exchange’. “I didn’t think it was scientifically possible for you…for us to have…”

“Are you serious?” Leo came over to look.

“What do I look like? A freakin’ museum?” Raph snapped. “Now go away. I gotta write ‘er back.” The others gave him some space as he walked over to the couch and sat down, the tip of the Sharpie hovering over his green arm.

Soulmate, huh? Did think I had one of those. Name’s Raphael. Nice to meet ya.


What are you, a renaissance artist? Lol JK

Something like that.

So where are you from, Mr. Renaissance Artist?

New York, New York.

Seattle, Washington. Well, this might be a little complicated, huh?

Something like that…


You wrote to Raphael until the sun came up and then you crashed. You had thought it was a dream until you saw the words written there the next morning. You had a soulmate. His name was Raphael. He was from New York.

But at least he existed. It could be a lot worse.

It wasn’t until about noon, three o’clock there, that you wrote to him again, after having wiped your arm off to give you more room to write.

Good morning.

You wake up at noon?

Only when I’m up until sunrise talking to my soulmate.

Fair enough.

So how’s your day been?


Fair enough.


Leo, Donnie, and Mikey were all bunched behind Raphael to watch.

“Go away!”

“Dude, we just wanna watch.” Mikey whined.

“Go! Away!”

“All right, sheesh,” Donnie walked back to his lab, and Leo and Mikey reluctantly walked away.


He wrote.

What’cha wanna talk about?

I don’t know.

What’s it like in Seattle?

Rainy. What’s it like in New York?

Noisy. He replied, a smirk spreading across his scarred lips. How old are you?



Nice. How tall are you?

Like 6’5”-ish.

Holy shit! You’re gonna have to bend down to kiss me.

Kiss you. He was going to kiss you. Eventually. A new concept. Butterflies spread through his stomach, but he tried to play it off.

You a shorty?

Compared to you, yeah. Always had a thing, for tall guys, though. No worries. ;)

He smiled.

Got any hobbies? You asked.

Ninjitsu, bein’ a giant mutant turtle, etc…

Uh, I knit sometimes. And I work out. A lot.

Mr. Muscles the Knitting Renaissance Artist. You keep getting better and better.

So what do you do for fun, Shorty in Seattle?

Oh you know, read, write, spend ungodly amounts of time on the internet.

Sounds fun.

It is. So, anyways, I’ve been looking into New York travel recently (and by recently I mean right now immediately) for reasons, you know. Anyway, what area of New York should I travel to in…ten months when I go to college (that I’ve just applied to) there?


After a long day of talking to you and patrolling and trying to work out, Raph was exhausted. He laid in his top bunk, reading your ramble with a smile.

After replying, he knew it was time to go to sleep.

I’m wiped. I gotta sleep.

Oh, okay. Goodnight Raph.

Night, (nickname).

I love you.

His heart skipped a beat.

I love you too.

I can’t wait to meet you.

Already countin’ down the days, babe.

Me too.


Weeks later, you got an idea.

So, theoretically, if I were to Skype you, would you pick up?

I don’t have a Skype.

I want to hear your voice.

I can call you, if you want. I just don’t do video chats?


Because I’m a giant freaking mutant turtle and I don’t want my soulmate to hate and/or be afraid of me.

I want to see you for the first time in person.

All right then. Here’s my number.

You waited in bated breath for your phone to ring, and then suddenly it did. Your thumb hovered above the accept button. You felt like your whole body was trembling.

“Hey there.” You could hear the shaking in your voice. He chuckled, and already you loved the sound of his laugh.

“Hey yourself,”

“Oh my God, I love your voice.” You gushed.

“I love yours too, shorty.”

“Aaaaah! Your accent is so hot!”

“Heh, yeah.” He smiled.

“Ooh, are you talking to (Y/N)?” Mikey asked. “Can I say hi?”

“No, you can’t. Shoo.”

“Who’s that?” You asked.

“My little brother.” Mikey tried to reach up and grab Raph’s phone, but he squirmed away from him. “Mikey, go away!”


“Go away!”

“I wanna say hi to your girlfriend!!”

“Mikey, leave Raph alone.” Leo smirked from across the lair. The youngest brother left, deflated.

“Sorry ‘bout that. Where were we?”

“I was gushing over your very attractive voice, Mr. Muscles.”

“Ah. Right.” He tried not to blush and failed miserably. A slow smirk snuck across his lips. “I love you.”

“I love you too!”


“Did you get it yet?” Raph called you a few months before you were supposed to arrive. As the day approached, he got more and more anxious. You would be here in New York and he wouldn’t be able to skirt around the truth anymore. He was a giant turtle and you were a human girl. It wasn’t going to work out.

But nonetheless, he had sent you something. Something to remember him by if it didn’t work out, he supposed.

“It came in today! I haven’t opened it yet, though. I’m going to right now. Give me a sec, I’m gonna put you on speaker.”

“All right.” Raph listened as you set down your phone and put him on speaker. Then came the noise of you cutting the tape and opening the small cardboard box and sifting through the tissue paper.

“Oh my gosh! It’s amazing! I love it! You really made this?”

“I did.” He smirked. You held up the perfect little pendant. A polished wooden turtle that Raphael had carved himself. It hung from a simple twine string. You put it on immediately, tying the necklace around your neck. You let your fingers run over all of the intricate little grooves.

“I’m never taking it off, I hope you know that.”

“I’m flattered.” He chuckled. “I can’t wait to see how it looks on ya.”

“I can’t wait to see you.”

A nervous little laugh.

“Yeah. Pretty soon, now.”

“It couldn’t come soon enough.” You smiled warmly. “It’s late. I’m gonna get some sleep. Exams tomorrow and then I’m out of school for the summer. And then, only two months until I get to see you.”

“Well, you rest up, shorty. Get good grades. I don’t want ya to fail.”

“Good night. I love you.”

“I love ya too. Night.”

When he hung up, he stared at the ceiling. God, what was he gonna do?


You were full of jitters when you landed in New York two short months later. The time had crawled by so slow, but you passed the time. And now you were here, the center of the modern world.

“I’m here! I just landed! When do you want to meet up?”

“Um, how about you get settled? Go to your apartment or whatever. I’ll come over tonight.”

“Okay.” Your heart raced. “Okay. I’ll see you then. I’ll uh, get you the address once I find it.”

“Sounds like a plan. Stay safe. I’ll see ya tonight.”

“See you.” When you hung up, Raph started to pace through the lair.

“I’m going to see her tonight. Oh my God. She’s gonna find out I’m a giant turtle and she’s gonna hate me.”

“Statistically, after ten months of-”

“No more science bulllshit, Don! I’m a freak! She’s gonna run screamin’ and I’ll never see her again!”

“It’ll be fine, Raph. You’re over reacting. As usual.” Leo’s tone was cool, annoyed. “She loves you. We’d have to be blind not to see that.”

“I guess we’ll find out tonight, huh?” He slumped onto the couch, a deep dread setting in. Tonight was not going to be pretty. He knew it.


After you had unpacked and met your roommate, a very nice woman named April who had been searching for a roommate for some time now, you called Raph and gave him an address. He asked about how things were and so you told him about your roommate. He chuckled. Well, that might make things a little easier. He told you he wasn’t far and he would be over in a few.

“Who’s that?” April asked after you hung up.

“My soulmate. He’s the reason I moved here, actually. He’s coming here if that’s okay.”

“More than fine with me.” She smiled. “What’s his name?”

“Raphael.” You told her. Her face lit up in surprise. Now the turtle necklace she had complimented you on when you walked in made a whole lot of sense. She doubted that you knew why though.

So this was the (Y/N) he had talked about. His soulmate. Shorty from Seattle.

“Nice name.”

“I know, right?” Your phone buzzed. “Oh my God, it’s him.”

“Hey babe, come outside.” You stood there in confusion for a second. “Fire escape.”

“Oh, okay. I’ll be down in a sec.” You nodded, tucking the phone away. Your heart raced as you climbed out the window and down the metal fire escape to the alley below. There, in the shadows stood a very tall, very large silhouette.

“Hey there.” It was him. His voice. In person. “I uh, I need ya to promise me something, gorgeous.”


“Just…p-promise you won’t scream.”

“Why would I-?”


“I promise.” You stated certainly.

“I, uh, I ain’t exactly…normal.”

“I love you, Raph.”

“You won’t when you see me.” His voice was quiet as all of his insecurities came to the surface.

“Raphael,” You reached out for him, hand forward for a long few moments until his three-fingered green one met it, pressing against it like Tarzan and Jane. Something familiar and something foreign. You gasped quietly, but when he moved to pull away, you gripped one of his large fingers. “Please.”

He let out a long sigh, considering bolting then and there, but he gave in and took a few slow, heavy steps out of the dark to where you could see him. Your soulmate was a giant mutant turtle. He waited for the sting of rejection, for the tears of disappointment streaming down your cheeks, but they never came. Instead, you pulled his muscular arms around yourself, clinging to him as though this was your last chance. He held you tight against his plastron, his knees giving out in the wave of relief that washed over him. Raph buried his face in the crook of your neck, and you felt hot tears against your skin.

Thank you.” A broken whisper from his scarred lips. “Thank you.”

“I love you.” You kissed his cheek and then his forehead, and you lifted his face to look at the green face under the tattered red bandana.

“All ‘uh this don’t bug you?” He asked, tear-filled green eyes searching yours. “You don’t care that I’m a freak?”

“You’re not a freak, Raphael.” The feeling of your soft skin against his face drove him up the wall in the best possible way. “Not to me.”

“Are ya just sayin’ that because I’m your soulmate?”

“I mean it.” You locked eyes with him and he felt as though you were staring into his soul. His smile was the most gorgeous thing you had ever seen. Curiosity sparked behind your eyes as you examined every inch of him, taking him in. “What are you?”

There wasn’t hatred or fear in your voice, only awe.

“I’m a mutant. A turtle. Hence the uh-” he motioned to the necklace around your neck. “That.”

“I love turtles,” You whispered as you kissed his snout. You were so close. So close he could just about…

You closed the gap between you, pressing a soft kiss to his lips. He didn’t know how to respond, but followed his instincts and tried his hardest to kiss you back. His large hands held your hips and your small hands framed his jaw before moving to his shoulders, fingers gently searching the terrain of his shell.

When you finally pulled away from him, you looked at him for a long time.

“Hey do you wanna come up for pizza?” April called down from the apartment window.

“Yeah, sure April. Are the guys coming?”

“Just got off the phone with Leo. They’re on their way.”

“Wait, you two know eachother?” You asked. Raph smiled and shrugged, finally getting to his feet and taking you with him. God, he was so tall.

“We go way back.” April smiled. “I named him.”


“Long story. Come on, shorty.” He picked you up off of the ground as if you weighed nothing and carried you on his hip, your feet dangling a foot in the air. “’Bout time you met my brothers, huh?”


After you had met his brothers and enjoyed some celebratory pizza, the six of you had settled down to watch a movie. At the moment, Raph was spread out on the couch with you laying on top of him and a cozy red blanket draped over both of you. He nuzzled into your neck as your hands traced gentle circles on his plastron.

“I love you, Raphael.” You kissed his jaw. He hummed contentedly.

“I love you too, soulmate.” The word had never sounded so right.

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Request for RFA + Saeran when MC goes out with them somewhere but gets harassed/ hit on by random guys,, nothing reALLY serious but still uncomfortable?? (this happened to me the other day and i was like ??? why me ?? treat women right ???) THANK YOUS <3 ^^

A/N: This happens to me aLL THE TIME GOD I HATE IT I’m sorry it happened to you nonnie!!! I almost gotten in a few fights over this 10/10 do not recommend, stay safe y'all  ~Admin 404


           - YANDERE YOOSUNG


           -No but honestly, he gets uncomfortable right alongside you!

           -Like?? This guy walked right up to you and started using pick up lines?

           -He completely ignored the fact that Yoosung was right there!

           -The only thing he could think to do was get you right out of there

           -He’ll grab your hand and drag you very far away from that guy

           -If he tries to keep you there though?

           -That’s when Yoosung gets s c a r y

           -His face will get dark, his voice will get quiet, and his stare can rival Saeran’s resting bitch face. You can bet that this guy will n e v e r hit on you again


           -You were waiting for him after the show when this guy came up to you

           -He kept trying to use pick up lines like, “Hey, can I get behind the scenes of your clothes?”

           - that was lame im sorry lmfao

           -This guy just wouldn’t let up???

           -When Zen walked up behind the guy, he heard all of the vulgar things he was suggesting


           -He’ll turn this guy around, and….

           -PUNCH IN THE FACE!!!!!

           - is this sounding familiar? good bc it is lmao, whAT ELSE WOULD HE DO?!?!?!?

           -Makes sure this guy knows that you’re off the market breaks his nose, never sees him again


           -Why is this guy hitting on you can he not see you’re obviously not interested in him?

           -Or, like, interested in men at all?

           -You’re literally holding hands with her, walking down the street when this guy just walked right up to the two of you

           -Not only did he hit on you, but he hit on her too?

           -Disgust clearly written on her face

           -She’s ready to just drag you away and ignore him

           -If he lays a hand on either of you though, juDO JAEHEE

           -She’ll check on you multiple times throughout the rest of the day to make sure you’re really okay

           -She didn’t like that he made you uncomfortable!!!



           -He should have brought you up to his office with him

           -He’s not sure why he didn’t, perhaps because he was in a rush to get out of there?

           -Just wanted to go home and spend some time with you!!!

           -When he got back down to the bottom floor, however, he saw one of his workers flirting with you

           -Did this guy have his lips…on your hand?

           -Did he NOT know that you were his???

           -He’ll walk up and wrap his arm around your waist, and pull you closer

           -This guy immediately straightens up and freaks out

           -No second chances with Mr. Trustfund Kid

           -Fires him on the spot, apologizes to you for leaving you alone and vows to never do it again also lowkey announces to everyone in the business that you’re his don’t touch his MC


           -You took him grocery shopping because???

           -You can’t just live on chips and soda

           - i dont care what you say saeyoung its not possible

           -He didn’t even have to look away for this dude to walk up to you and start flirting

           -Um?? Hello?? Literally standing with my boyfriend??? Go away

           -This guy refused to believe this Saeyoung was your boyfriend and just kept going

           -So, since he was so fixated on you, Saeyoung stole his wallet and literally hacked his bank account right in front of him

           -This guy never noticed??? Like wtf?? How do you not?

           -He had enough and finally just turned you around, and put you in between him and the front of the cart

           -Steered you down the aisle and away from the other guy, dropped the matter but at home he definitely was clingier than he normally was


           -Isn’t sure why there’s another man’s hand on your shoulder?

           -Maybe you know this guy

           -When he sees the discomfort on your face, however, he realizes

           -‘Oh wait maybe MC doesn’t know them’

           -He’ll come over and secretly pull you close enough to him that the other guy’s hand drops off of you

           -Starts a conversation with the guy so he doesn’t notice this happening, though

           -He knows you’re very attractive, but that doesn’t mean he enjoys others touching you

           - Don’t touch his MC please

           - Also please don’t confront him he doesn’t like it

           -He’ll tell the guy off but he does so in such a subtle, roundabout way that you can’t tell what even happened


           -Death Stare

           -Don’t look at his MC, don’t touch his MC,

           -Don’t even BREATHE THE SAME AIR AS HIS MC

           -The only way someone would come up and hit on you is if this guy was stupid, had a death wish, or you were alone

           -You just so happened to be sitting, waiting for Saeran to come back from grabbing some drinks

           -When some guy came up and decided it was a good idea to hit on you

           -The pickup lines left you cringing

           -Saeran could see the disgust and how uncomfortable you were from a mile away

           -Literally R I P S this guy out of the chair and away from you, throwing him to the ground

           -Pays literally no attention to him after that, if he tries to start something he’ll glare at the guy, and he goes RUNNING NOT TODAY SATAN

anonymous asked:

hiiii~ i saw that you lost some of your HCs in your drafts so i'm just gonna resubmit mine just in case - RFA/V/Saeran going with MC to get her first tattoo or when she tells them she just got one done :D what the tattoo is of is totally up to you!~

A/N; When I went to get my tattoo it didn’t hurt at first but when it was starting to hurt way more I started like sorta making faces from the pain, Right then this guy walked past the tattoo shop, He looked in and we made eye contact while i was making faces in so much pain. He laughed 

second A/N: I felt really bad for not posting anything today since I was working on my presentation all day, SO it’s super late right now and I’m forcing myself to stay awake to post at least one lmao, and I gotta wake up super early to make food for everyone then finish writing my presentation omg


  • he’s so nervous on MC’s behalf 
  • He’s probably more nervous than MC 
  • He squeezes MC’s hand so hard
  • It should be MC who squeezes his hand but whatever 
  • as soon as the needle touches MC he screams 
  • wtf Yoosung 
  • He was so scared of that it would hurt MC that he swears he felt the pain 
  • He loves the finished work 
  • He sort of wants to get a tattoo after this but is too scared of the pain 
  • Helps MC with the aftercare a lot 


  • He wants to get a matching tattoo with MC but it could affect his job 
  • But he will so go with MC to get their tattoo 
  • he jokingly suggests that MC get a tattoo of his name or his face
  • no
  • He makes sure MC eats and drinks before getting the tattoo 
  • holds their hand the entire time 
  • ok but when its finished he’s so happy with the result
  • it looks so good 
  • and somehow MC just became even more attractive wtf 
  • He’s always looking at it but hes too scared to touch it even when its fully healed, just in case he accidentally hurts MC 


  • She isn’t too sure about this at first 
  • She’s just worried it might affect future jobs or that MC will regret it 
  • MC assures her that they do want this and are sure about it 
  • She suggests that MC doesn’t get it at a too visible place tho 
  • But she is supportive of it 
  • Like Zen she makes sure MC eats before and also has a snack with her in case MC needs it while getting the tattoo 
  • shes always asking MC if they’re fine during it 
  • when the tattoo is done she really likes it 
  • it turned out better than she expected 
  • :0!
  • She helps so much with the aftercare of it. 
  • she’s a saint tbh 


  • He’s against it 
  • He think’s tattoo’s are tasteless and unprofessional 
  • MC insists they will get a tattoo and they want Jumin to come with them 
  • He doesn’t want to see someone stab MC with a needle that will pretty much just leave a colorful scar wtf 
  • “Ok fine, If you won’t go with me I’m just gonna assume you don’t care where I will go get it~ I have a friend who does tattoos at home I guess I can get them to do it, They’ve been practicing for a month so They’re really good” 
  • ok no
  • Jumin knows that’s unhygienic and risky 
  • He knows MC wasn’t being serious but he can’t risk that just in case
  • He ends up going with MC to an actual tattoo shop with real tattoo artists 
  • MC ends up getting an amazing tattoo
  • and Jumin does actually like it 


  • boy’s gonna be jumping in the chair with MC
  • He’s really supportive of the idea 
  • When MC is getting the tattoo he shouts words of encouragement 
  • “You can do it MC! I believe in you!” 
  • “Seven I’m just getting a tattoo” 
  • right after MC’s tattoo is done he will probably get a matching one 
  • He keeps forgetting that the aftercare tbh 
  • accidentally touched the tattoo once when it was still healing 
  • he freaked out 
  • it just hurt for a little bit, it was fine he barely even touched it 


  • He’s blind, he wont be able to see the tattoo
  • Still he goes with MC to get it 
  • he holds MC’s hand while they’re getting it 
  • when it’s done MC describes the tattoo for him in as much detail so he can sort of get an idea of what it looks like 
  • he can tell MC is really happy with the result 
  • so that makes him happy 


  • “Hey, I have an appointment to get a tattoo” 
  • “Okay, Cool” 
  • “..Can you come with me?” 
  • “Why?” 
  • “I need support!” 
  • He does come with MC to get the tattoo 
  • He’s not really excited for it 
  • When MC is getting it done they squeeze Saeran’s hand 
  • at one point it hurts so much they end up digging their nails in his hand 
  • ok but why does he find that hot 
  • MC is so happy with the result when they’re leaving 
  • He does like it too. 
  • He knows a lot about tattoo aftercare so he’s really helpful with that 
When facing down a Bugbear Wizard...

Tiefling: “I stole the fish from her?”

DM: “Yes.”

Tiefling:“ I beat Grandma Argalarg to death with the fish while shouting “THIS’LL TEACH YOU TO CURSE ME, YOU HAG!”

DM: “She starts to scream and melt after you slap her with the fish, continuing to do so while you continue beating her to it. Eventually it forms a puddle which shimmers and heats before evaporating, leaving behind the smell of Bugbear Dung. You’ve lifted the curse and now have a Sinus Infection in your right lung, congratulations.”

Tiefling: “Yes! Guys, we win! I beat the big bad!”

Rest of the Party: “…”

Blue Lion Theory Headcanons

I’m quite amazed by how much the Blue Lion Theory is starting to spread around the Voltron fandom (and still quite amused by the Shiro vs Lance dying meme that appeared for a short while. Guys chill- I assure you that if my theory comes true, from a writer’s standpoint, it’d be more logical for it to happen in a later season once the team is all reunited for a while and all nice and bonded, so worry more about Space Dad right now.xP

Anyway, back the subject, you guys’ support, ideas, and own theories has made me ponder more about this theory of mine and what the Voltron team’s reaction to  Lance’s sacrifice would be like. PREPARE YOURSELVES FOR SOME DELICIOUS ANGST!


-Let’s start with the possible next Blue Paladin shall we? It’s a shame that we don’t see much bonding between Allura and Lance in season one, but I’d imagine by this time, they’d have bonded just a little, but not as much as Allura herself would have like. Because of this, after Lance’s sacrifice, she’d probably feel a strong sense of guilt and regret that as a princess she had let the Blue Lion be destroyed and lost one of her paladins because of this error, but also as a friend, she had never made much of effort to become closer to Lance. She never even got the chance to tell Lance why the Blue Lion chose him to become her paladin. 

-Her confidence as a leader will waver and is only after she tearfully tells the Blue Lion (Lance) about these insecurities and her guilt that he will reveal that he has chosen her to be the Blue Paladin and speak (well in the way the Lions are able to speak) for the first time since the sacrifice. 

-Of course, as the Blue Paladin and Blue Lion, Allura and Lance will grow closer through sharing memories with one another and perhaps Allura will start to make more of effort to strengthen her friendship with the other paladins (with some helpful mental prodding from Blue Lance).

- If Lance is ever able to return to his original body, I’d imagine she’d still affectionately call him ‘her Lion’  and vice-versa ‘his pilot’. They’d have an unbreakable  queen and protective bodyguard relationship mixed with playful flirting that goes absolutely nowhere.


-Whether or not Klance has happened or not, I’d imagine Keith would take Lance’s sacrifice very, very hard. All his grief and anguish would boil over into furious aggression. For the first couple days after the event, Keith would spend in the training room, tearing apart Gladiator after Gladiator, yelling in a berserk rage over that fact they he was there and couldn’t do anything to stop it from happening. He’s angry at himself, at Lance, at his team, at Zarkon and Haggar, at the whole universe for what happened. And that. He. Could. Not. Stop. It.

-Keith would only calm down after he goes down to the Hangar where the Lions are kept and starts a yell fest up at Blue Lance. At this point Blue Lance has not spoken since he does not have a paladin yet. The fact that Lance, the Lance he loves that never shuts up, is now silent is what make Keith most upset. He screams, yells, and even punches the Blue Lance’s metal leg (instantly regretting it) angrily demanding “WHY THE HELL DID YOU EVER THINK THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA!? YOU SELF-SACRIFICING IDIOT! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO THE TEAM?! EVERYONE’S A MESS! WE ALL MISS YOU! I…miss you…please….come back…”  Cue a Keith breaking down to cry for the first time since it happened. Hunk and Pidge would probably find him and offer their comfort in a massive group hug, which would mark a new Garrison Trio being born. 

-Of course when Blue Lance becomes active again once he has Allura as his Paladin, I’d think that  Keith, Hunk, and Pidge as well as Allura and Shiro would start to have sleepovers in the Blue Lion’s cockpit as a way to try and stay close with their buddy.

-Blue Lance would still try and keep up a rivalry with Red and Keith. Allura hates it when a calm flight suddenly becomes a race against her will and she can only cling to her seat in horror as her ship starts doing loop-di-loops and flying through asteroids and shit. Keith and Red only encourage the bad behavior.

-If the suggestion that Lance will probably start losing a bit of his personality as he becomes and more like the old Blue happens then Keith, once he realizes this transformation is starting, will go all or nothing to try and get Lance back into his body even if it means getting help from a Druid. Of course, he’d try and do it in secret but Allura would find out, but instead of stopping in and telling Shiro or Coran, she demands that he take her with him to help since Lance is her Lion so as his pilot, its her duty to help him, royal titles and duties be damned. Keith is not pleased cause NO! I’M GOING TO BE THE ONE TO SAVE LANCE. WE BONDED DAMMIT! Pidge would probably find out and come with them to help and have to suffer through Allura and Keith bonding aka arguing on who’s going to help Lance more the entire time they’re kidnapping a Druid.

Aaaaannnddd that’s all for tonight. I’ll do the rest of the team tomorrow. Hope you guys were entertained! And if you have some headcanons yourself about the Blue Lion Theory feel free to let me know in a message or comment!^^

“If you love someone, you tell them. Even if you’re scared that it’s not the right thing. Even if you’re scared it’ll cause problems. You say it, you say it loud.”

Originally posted by pink-puddin

Written by Christina

Category: Fluff

Word Count: 2131

A/N: Here’s another long one. I literally sat down and started spewing words into Google Docs as I wrote this, so let me know if you guys think this is anything that I can do to make my future writing better. :) Also, thanks so much for all the notes on Danielle’s first fanfic. She broke 100 notes within 24 hours of posting. We literally screamed. Thank you all so much! <3 

Prompt is from this list

You stood at the door to your best friend’s apartment. You adjusted your backpack strap, and knocked on the door. You weren’t one hundred percent positive May was home, so you didn’t just walk in. You learned never to walk in if you knew May wasn’t home. Let’s just say that that experience ended with you seeing Peter Parker shirtless, covered in sweat. Suppressing your feelings for the dork was hard enough already, but learning he had the most defined muscles you’d ever seen made that extremely difficult. The door opened, interrupting your thoughts and revealing a smiling May.

“Hi, (Y/N)!” May said, pulling the door open wider and wrapping you in a motherly hug. You didn’t see Peter sitting on the couch like he normally was, and you felt your brow furrow. The fact that Peter wasn’t there meant he was out fighting crime in that ridiculously tight suit. When May let go, you couldn’t relax your facial muscles quick enough to hide your concern. “Oh, don’t worry; Peter just left to run to the store for me, but he should be back soon.” May explained, walking towards the kitchen. “Do you want some coffee? I just put a pot on.”

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This is the last thing that happened to me in 2016.

A while ago, I bought two magnets with Stan and Ford on them, and stuck them on the fridge. When my roommate said she wanted to watch Gravity Falls with me, I took Ford down because he’s a walking spoiler and hid him in my room.

And being Ford…he got lost.

Seriously, I searched everywhere and I couldn’t find the damn magnet. I started joking that it was going to take thirty years to find him. That was more than a year ago.

Cut to today, my roommate and I decided to celebrate new year’s eve by finally seeing Moana, which was just as awesome as tumblr said it would be. When we got back, we decided to do a little cleaning. I was tidying up some things on my work table, when this guy fell out from between a couple of postcards.

Obviously I put him back on the fridge, right next to his brobro where he belongs.

Welcome back, Ford. You basically missed 2016. 


THAT’S RIGHT, A new ADAD public stream is coming TUESDAY!

Ok, ok I know you’re excited but simmer down, you can keep thrashing that Stegosaurus in joy after I give you the stream details!

  • The stream will start at 5pm Central Time and go on for a couple hours or more.
  • It will be hosted on the ADAD twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/adinosauraday
  • Everyone’s invited, so spread the word around Palaeoblr!

“What’s the stream gonna feature,” you ask? Aside from Meig, Jack and Ryuu’s shenanigans we have a very, very special main topic, a Let’s Play… I’ll just say there’s a reason I used old school dinosaur gifs here… and give you a tiiiny liiiittle hint:


  • people: those bad people arent REAL christians because they are doing things that are against christian teachings
  • me: listen pal
  • me: i respect you defending your religion
  • me: i have no issue with you practicing your religion
  • me: but these guys arent being weeded out. they blend in. they claim to do things for the same reasons you claim to do things. i cant tell the difference between them and "real christians" until it's too late.
  • me: so until yall start banishing the bad "christians" from your community, i have a right to be afraid and distrustful
  • me: because i was mistreated by people who truly believed they were doing God's work and that they were good christians but that didnt stop them from doing fucked up shit.
  • me: my point is, "bad christians" still pass as christians as long as "real christians" still accept them as parts of their community be it due to more traditional ways of thinking or downright hate. it's your responsibility to ditch the "bad christians," not support them.


- He’s that guy that’ll grab you and just start sucking face with no shame

- Especially right in front of the dude just to show him what he’s missing out on

- Kisses so deeply that you even get approached by a worker and asked to tone it down there for a second

- Zen knows you upgraded df up from that dude to him so he’s honestly not really worried– That guys loss for being such a fuckboy


- Whatever you do don’t say “ Jumin don’t look yet but– ”

- Because he will whip his head around so fast and be like “ What are you talking about? What can’t I see? ”

- Glares that dude down so hard

- Honestly he doesn’t like to make jokes about this but he could beat that guy up with wads of cash if he wanted to so he’s not worried

- If the guy approaches him he just walks away like doesn’t even say a word back, He isn’t worth the time of day.


- He would be angry a little bit that you dated a jerk?? Not at you, at the guy who treated you like that.

- You’re so precious why would anyone hurt you like that it makes him so upset

- He can’t approach the dude because he’s a baby and knows he won’t be able to beat him up if he had to, but does shoot nasty glares his way.

- Always has a hand rested against your thigh or maybe a little higher to show that you’re his now



- Doesn’t matter if it’s male/female she will FIGHT and most likely win she’s a black belt in judo come at her

- She’ll calm down after a bit and just ask to leave the place so you two can enjoy your date a little more peacefully.

- But doesn’t leave without holding resting a hand on your butt waist and taking the door closest to your ex. Wants to show off what they’re missing out on.


- Honestly? When the dude got up to go to the bathroom he runs over to the table and dumps the entire salt shaker into his wine before stirring it around.

- “Now, my lovely MC. We wait.”

- As soon as the guy gets back he takes a swig at his drink and.. bam. He’s gagging and cursing all over the place. A little too salty for you there bud?

- Seven thinks that’s punishment enough, walks hand and hand with you out of the building before shooting a wink your Ex’s way.


- He knows sometimes people just don’t work out– But why was your ex such a jerk? It makes him sad to know you were with someone who treated you like that.

- Won’t say anything to the guy to his face since he doesn’t want to start anything– But as soon as his back is turned Bad Boy V ™ comes out and shoots him the middle finger.

- Then your ex sees it shit

- Runs away with you honestly but he thinks it’s funny how he got caught. This must be why he doesn’t do crude things like this very often.


- Will scream “ Hey asshole. ” towards the dude.

- Then the guy tries to fight him and he will fight back because you or any other lady shouldn’t be treated wrongly like that? He should have some respect for women you go Saeran

- He wins, the guy walks away with a bloody nose and a lot of bruises. You both run away before the police gets called thank god. He’s proud of himself though— feels as if he acted on those punches that for all those months you wanted to act on, asks if you’re proud of him too. Of course Saeran.


This is going to be a security tag names and removal post!!

I’m getting a lot of questions about the different types of tags and how to get them off sooo I’m going to be telling you guys the names of all of these tags from left to right starting with the top row and how to get them off.

1) sensormatic tag: don’t know the exact tag name but ik that’s a sensormatic and that one requires a hook.

2) sensormatic tag: hook

3) sensormatic: magnet

4) sensormatic: hook

5) sensormatic pencil tag: hook

6 & 7) gator: magnet or rubber band/hair tie

8) clam/UFO: magnet

9) some kind of sensormatic: magnet

10) these fucking suck and idk what they’re called but they require a lot of twisting and tugging and maybe a magnet? Not completely sure. You can probably cut the wire but idk if that’ll trigger an alarm. It depends

11-16) pencil tags: magnet

17) clam tag/dome tag: magnet

18-23) clam/dome: magnet


**an easy way to remember types of tags and removal is this:

•the more rectangular, thin, vertical ones are pencil tags

•the ones that are flat and rectangular with a small hole on the side and are curved are for hooks

•dome shaped tags and square shaped tags and tags with those bumps on them are for magnets. They’re magnetic and held together with a pin that the magnet pulls off

•those ugly yellow ones that have the little pyramids are gator tags and require bands of some sort and a magnet helps

•most ink tags (not pictured in this post but will say ink tag and be clear and have visible ink in them usually) require magnets but sometimes bands

The first few are weird mutant shapes and not quite pencil or dome but the brand is sensormatic and their tags always require a hook or magnet

I hope this helps at least someone!


This post is dedicated to @thelonelylifter she’s a sweetheart and has some great questions

(Art by @catterfly / @mis-chara-cterization (Who did the base sketch) and Sims of @nolvlost (Who did the rest!). A huge thank you to both of you!)

* That’s right! It’s another holiday event away from home! Gyftmas is a VERY special time of year for us monsters and I want to share it in a very special way with all of you! Or, well, that Angelo guy does. Like before he just dropped me a bunch of emails about being the host, at about the same time I started having the idea, oddly enough.

* ANYWAY, he apparently has a Winter Resort too! Nestled in a bunch of mountains, right next to a quaint town, on another island! How he managed to find such a perfect spot in the middle of the ocean is beyond me but I certainly ain’t gonna complain!

* Come and spend just a bit of the holiday season with us! There’ll be food, sports things, and a nice roaring fire for you to warm up by when you arrive!

* Though the guest list will be a bit tighter this time, for various reasons.

WHEN: December 19th @3:00 PM (CST) to December 21st

WHERE: Scribe Mountain  Resort (Just like last time, you’ll get a ticket, rip the bit on the end and you’re there!)

ATTIRE: Bring your Gyftmas sweaters, your winter jackets! Bring your mittens and ear muffs! Bring all you need to stay warm in the cold, winter snow!

Once again, I bring you all a big community event for all of you in the Undertale RP community, this time with a holiday theme! My favorite time of the year!

This is for Undertale RPers ONLY. If your character wasn’t made MAINLY for Undertale, sorry but you’re not allowed. WE ALSO ADDED AN ADDITIONAL, NEW, VERY IMPORTANT RULE FOR THE DISCORD SERVER, please refer to the FAQ.

THIS IS A SFW EVENT. Any NSFW interactions must be taken somewhere private or under a readmore on tumblr. We have kiddies around here.

The tag for this will be ‘#Doggo’s Gyftmas Retreat’, please use this tag for all related posts.

When it starts, make open posts about arriving or something. I’ll be hosting music streams and a Discord chats for three days, but don’t worry about getting any threads done on the same day, the event can go on as long as you want!

If you want to co-host or have an idea for a plot, drop me an ask in private!





Sorry i’m not as active right now, school just started back up from winter break (and as result i want to die) but these are the sketches I just did for the yuri on ice White day zine! (more here @whitedayzine ) also u guys tell me if you need me to take this down >_>