right fricken now


I’m so fricken done right now. 😂😂😂😂

Warning headphone users!

I just blew a 4th or 5th graders fricken mind right now. They came out of their classroom all holding up a picture they just drew and smiling at me expecting me to look at it, and of course I praised it as cute but also it was undertale fanart, because that is SURPRISINGLY POPULAR HERE, so I also pointed out the characters. “Hey! It’s Flowey, Frisk, and Chara!” 

And the dawning on her face was absolutely of a mind exploding in slow motion. She looked between her picture and me just going “WOUH WOUH WOUH” then followed me as I slowly walked away going “ WOUH WOUH WOUH” then gave up the chase and just turned in a few directions before going back into her classroom repeating “ WOUH WOUH WOUH”

I’ve done it. 


(apologys for grammar mistakes, im surviving on 4 hours of sleep)


(AGhhh thankyou all so fricken much i would probably be much worse in art and still have art block if it weren’t for everyone that follows this blog. before making this blog and joining the batim fandom i was really depressed and i found life pointless and repetitive, i didnt have any friends except journey and toaster and after making this blog ive met so many kind and amazing people. ive seen alot of people do this already but im going to do it anyway and list some of the awesome people ive met since making this blog)

@askweeaboobendy (aghh your so nice and i love your art so much, i know we haven’t talked much in a while. mostly due to my social anxiety, but i just want to let you know that your an awesome and nice person and your project diva ship is so fricken qtqtqtqt)

@batim-splotched-comic (you were one of the first people i met in the batim fandom. you’re so nice and sweet and your  art is amazing. thank you for telling me to take care of myself because i probably wouldn’t have if you didn’t. i miss talking to you and the others on the bendy discord. 

@ask-littlebendy (your art’s amazing and has been an inspiration to me since i first made my blog, i love your blog and art so much)

@vintage-wintage-cartoonage (OOOOOOOOooooooohh my gosh u are kool and amazing and super nice and im so fricken glad i met you :w: i love your art so much and your so nice and sweet and i  always look forward to talking to you. 

these next two people ive known before joining the batim fandom but they matter so much to me so im adding them anyway.

@ask-neko-bendy (you have no idea how much i care about you, just know that whatever you go through i’ll always care about you. thank you so much for being so kind to me for the year ive known you, you cure my depression. and your art is so cute, im sorry if i dont respond to you sometimes, most of the time i dont know what to say to people because i think of every worst outcome of what i say is. but know this, you are wonderful no matter what anyone tells you.)

@asksmolbendy (Journey ive gone through so much with you. i care about you so much. your so nice and amazing and if it weren’t for you i probably wouldn’t be alive right now, you mean so much to me and its hard for me to describe how amazing and sweet and kind you are. thank you so much for being my best friend and just being amazing, i still cant believe the way we met 4 years ago was on minecraft and now you mean the world to me. i can’t wait to meet you in a month. i care about you so much.)

Princess Usagi Small Lady Serenity's Outfits Master Post

Chibi-Usa’s Wardrobe


































Sera Myu







//I got this email yesterday

//I’m still laughing. Made my whole morning.


Last night (or rather REALLY early this morning) I couldn’t sleep no matter how hard I tried, my eyes were killing me and I didn’t feel like looking at another screen. So I decided to grab my fave red pen and doodle without doing a single sketch before hand. While not wearing my glasses.

I pretty much spammed twitter with my blind doodles. Click the pictures for captions/the tweets that go with the pictures.

Also here’s one that didn’t fit the photoset:

External image

A clever line from Undertale...

“However… there is a prophecy. The Angel… the one who has seen the surface… they will return. And the Underground will go empty.”

I literally just now figured out that this context is meant to fit both pacifist and genocide route. Screw this game’s clever writing, I’m so mad right now.