right beside each other

  • Viktor: *calls Yuri* I had the craziest dream that you married me.
  • Yuri: I did marry you. It happened 3 years ago. Also, It's like 3 in the morning right now. Stop calling me when we're right beside each other.
  • (source- @trashcanniballecter)
  • 707: *calls MC* I had the craziest dream that you married me!
  • MC: I did marry you. It happened 3 years ago. It's like 3 in the morning rn. Stop calling me when we're right beside each other. gO TO FUCKING SLEEP, SAEYOUNG

I love award shows especially when Chanyeol and Baekhyun sit beside each other. Everything is perfect. No one is complaining.

Damn it, Chanyeol! Why do you have to smile every time Baekhyun smiles???

Seriously, though. I just don’t get how no one really talks about the way Baekhyun secretly enjoys Chanyeol staring at him it’s like he has to advantage even though he’s usually looking away. Pure instinct?



*chanbaek scream of joy* heck yASSS Y’ALL 

I can just imagine Bamon and Steroline having houses right beside each other with a bit of land and a sign right between them that says Belvafore.

Bonnie and Damon -Belvafore- Stefan and Caroline.

Bamon and their two witchypire kids, running around causing havoc because Damon is such a bad influence but at the same time he’s a dad.

And Stefan and Caroline and their six kids because Caroline loves kids and Stefan just can’t say no.

Damon and Bonnie have a son that they name Damian (because Bonnie won’t name their first child Damon) and then a few years later Stefan has a son and they name him Stevan (Steven) and Damian and Stevan are like best friends both eerily like their dads.

Oh my gosh the feels!!!

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Hello ! Can i request kirishima confessing to his s/o and she's really embarrassed and surprised ? Thank you !

A Kirishima request coming up! He’s totally the type to just burst out his affections in front of literally everyone and embarrass you. Be prepared to keep this boy in check. [Admin Denki]

Now was as good a time as any to confess his feelings. Kirishima was a bit nervous as he watched you sit with Jirou and Momo. There was no reason to be nervous. Why wouldn’t you want to date the red-headed boy? He was handsome, strong, outgoing and kind. That’s what he kept telling himself. He took a deep breath and marched right up to the group of desks that were all beside each other.
“Hey, Kiri, what’s up?” You smiled, causing the other two girls to look up. Uh-oh. They were both staring at him. Bad idea. Kirishima gulped, then looked back to you.
“(Y/n)-chan, you’re really cute and smart and strong and it makes my day seeing you.” Kirishima started. Your face was starting to heat up with each kind word. “I really like you, like more than a friend and I want you to be my girlfriend to go on dates with.” Kirishima finished, feeling his heart swell with pride for the brave act. At this point, several people in the class were staring and you started to feel more and more anxious with all of their eyes. Kirishima? Confessing to you? He was such a popular and outgoing person. You had expected him to ask someone like Mina or Ochako.
Your mouth felt dry as you tried to come up with an answer to his statement. Kirishima didn’t even ask you out. He just bluntly stated that he wanted to date you.
“Kirishima, sit down. Class is starting.” The air became thicker as Aizawa came into the class, meaning that the lesson was going to start. Kirishima looked between you and him before awkwardly walking back to his seat. You were still in awe at what happened, not able to focus on anything you had to learn. The class was the same way, murmuring between everyone. Momo and Jirou pretended like nothing happened, taking out their notebooks.
Kirishima was pouting all of class. That look on your face didn’t exactly scream happiness. It was more shock. What if you didn’t actually like him? What if he was just your friend? His mind was starting race when a finger tapped his shoulder. Mina passed him a small piece of paper, which he unfolded under his desk.
I want to be your girlfriend, too.
A big, goofy grin spread on Kirishima’s face. He turned around in his seat to look back at you. You smiled a little through your blush and waved a little. He was about to do the same thing when he was interrupted.
“Kirishima, stop fidgeting in your seat and pay attention.” Aizawa scolded. “You’re more fidgety than usual.” He muttered, going back to the lesson plan. Kirishima tore off a piece of his paper and started writing.
Let’s go out tomorrow after school. A real date.
He folded the paper up and handed it to Mina to send it back to you. When you unfolded it, a stupid smile was on your face.
I’d like that. Your choice.
You wrote back. Kirishima was practically bouncing in his seat. You liked him back. This meant that you could date and hold hands and kiss and all those romantic things. He grinned just imagining being able to call you his girlfriend. And now he could. As awkward as that confession was.

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I had to attend a retreat over the weekend, and had to spend the night at school. My crush and I slept right beside each other and fell asleep holding hands every night. Hard as the floor was, it was one of the best sleeps I've had in a while.

Awh wow how sweet! I hope things go well between you two! 💖


I think I have a lot of reasons to ship Promptio.

Like, the many times throughout 12+ hrs of gameplay they interact/mingle/talk with each other. Or how they walk off my screen when I look away for a bit, and when I turn the camera to find them they’re right beside each other???

It’s beautiful. Promptio is beautiful.

Why is the “S” Key Right Beside the “D” Key???
  • Me: Hmm... I think I’m in the mood for some nice, innocent fluff today. Let’s go with Hamilton fluff!
  • Me: *starts thinking of tags that sound fluffy*
  • Me: *types “sick Hamilton”*
  • Me: *glances at search bar while waiting for page to load*
  • Me: *eyes widen*
  • Me: *lunges for the search bar and erases quickly*
  • Me: That... Was a close one... I was so lucky that the page hadn’t finished loading yet, or what was left of my innocence would be gone.
  • Me: I hope I never find out what would have popped up with the tag “dick Hamilton”...

“If your heart wears thin I will hold you up
And I will hide you when it gets too much
I’ll be right beside you”

Because Chris and Eijun bringing the light back to each other’s lives is probably the one thing about Daiya that’ll always make me so damn emotional

twistedsennennerd replied to your post: Seeing school talk on my dash has me thinking of…

my schools were weird b mddle school and high school we had like 8-10 periods but then they switched to something called the 7d2 schedule where we had five 60 minute class periods and a 27 minute lunch and 27 minute homeroom at like 10:30 to 11:30 ish. the 8-10 periods is a harder breakdown than the 7d2 but ye.

Hoooow? That sounds bizarre and difficult. But hey not like students need much in the way of breaks anyway right right? Ughhh.

Not sure how many middle schools even exist anymore at least here in BC. There used to be one where we used to live when I was a kid but it got shut down several years ago. That area we had two elementary schools right beside each other: one did Kindergarten - grade 3 and the other did grade 3-6. For some reason grade 3s were split. The high school was across the street and the middle school was way off in a totally different area.

Town we live in now has a few elementary schools and a couple high schools but no middle schools.