right before mikasa leaves for college and is about to move out

Cosmicguro’s (very old and very regret filled) Ereri Rec List

I’ve spent more time reading ereri fics than I have actually watching the show, here are my favorites.

It’s Fine  This one almost made me cry???? It’s not really even that sad I’m just lame. 

Isn’t that a cliché for you; the teacher falling in love with the student. I hated myself for it. I hated how I wasn’t just romantically attracted to him anymore, but physically as well. Mornings became awkward for me as I found myself having more cold showers than warm. Though I was ashamed to say sometimes I just didn’t even bother and gave in, imaging his breath on my face and his hand around me as I pumped myself under the sheets. 

1/1 Chapters, Mature rating. 10173 Words.

Wayward Wings Really cute and fluffy wing fic. 

As he straightened up, his wing jerked, and Eren stiffened as he felt it smack into something—or rather, someone.

“I’m so sorry!” he burst out, but as he whirled around, his wings gave another spasm and hit Corporal Levi in the face. Again. “Sorry!”

He held his wings stiff against his back, though he could feel them straining to move, as he stared at Corporal Levi.

Corporal Levi, whose face and hair were now half-covered in mud. Corporal Levi, whose expression hadn’t changed but who was more likely than not livid. Oh.

1/1 Chapters, Teen and up rating, 2963 Words

My Home Is Where Your Heart Is Smol Mikasa kills me

Single father Levi is left scrambling to find an after school daycare for his daughter, Mikasa, when his regular babysitter announces that her husband’s job is being relocated. The only problem - they’re all far more expensive than he can afford.

The solution to his dilemma comes in the form of a college student, Eren, who will do it for a fraction of the cost - as long as Levi will save him from a steady diet of ramen and pop-tarts by feeding him dinner every night before he leaves.

11/11 Chapters, Explicit rating,  14683 Words

Stay For As Long As You Have Time So fluffy and domestic, I love every bit of it. 

It was on these benches and paths that he spent most of his time, wandering around and letting the wind take him wherever he so chose. Mikasa had always scolded him for doing this; after all, she said, wandering around the school at night wasn’t the safest thing to do. But it was daytime when Eren first saw him, so she had no right to criticize.

1/1 Chapters, Explicit rating, 12730 Words

taking flight I’m always a slut for wing fics

“Touch his wings. I dare you.”

In which Levi has (really pretty) wings, Jean is an asshole and Eren can’t resist a dare. [Levi/Eren], wingfic AU.

1/1 Chapters, General rating,  1680 words

Overdose This one is really hot and the god like au is a nice change from what I usually read. 

Eren Jaeger was fucked. Ironically in both the figurative and literal sense.
On the one hand, there was the misfortune of having made a colossally stupid bet with one Jean Kirschtein involving the two of them racing to get laid ASAP. If he failed that, he would be figuratively fucked.
On the other hand, if he were to succeed in completing the bet, he would be well and truly fucked in the most literal sense of the word.

7/? Chapters, Explicit rating, 56399 Words

Here are my absolute favorites out of this list, they are some of the most amazing things I have ever read and they fucked me up emotionally. 

When I’m No Longer Young And Beautiful This one, this one right here. I have no idea what to say to describe just how amazing this fic is. The mental manipulation in it just fucks me up. 

Levi never wants Eren to grow up.

“Let’s see if I can make you pretty again.”

TW: Pedophilia and slight mental manipulation, and kinda yandere!levi

1/1 Chapters, Explicit Rating,  2323 Words.

time after time Cheesy pet shop au? Sign me the fuck up.

“Who tells someone they look like a cat?”

“No, I said the cat looked like you,” Eren corrects, looking back to the cat and ignoring Levi’s mounting confusion.

1/1 Chapters, Not rated, 5003 Words.

Art of war  Claps hands together This right here is so cute I almost died.

Noisy neighbors, nursling dinosaurs, satanic box cutters, shitty convenience store management, the word ‘fuck’, hereditary (but not really) homosexuality, beer and ramen, pennies, truckstops, strippers, closets, semi-public defacing, rings, house parties, “recreational” drug use, accidental rendezvous, toxic stew (don’t eat the stew), nice abs, housewives–batteries not included, over-educational movie sessions, copious domesticity, kittens named after landlords, a shit joke at participating locations, and many, many happy endings.
A modern AU in which Eren moves into the apartment directly above Levi’s.

11/11 Chapters, Explicit Rating, 52597 Words

King of Carrot Flowers Yassssssssssssss

It’s a Sunday. He’s washing his favorite mug and trying not to pay too much attention to the funeral that’s going on across the street.

(Levi lives across the street from a cemetery and Eren’s father has recently passed away.)

13/13 Chapters, Mature Rating, 23637 Words

1994 This is pretty famous in the fandom so you’ve probably heard of it, but it’s really good. 

Before cell phones. Before the Kardashians. Before internet porn. The year is 1994. Eren, Mikasa, and Armin, poor kids from the wrong side of the tracks, have been transferred with the rest of their neighborhood to the posh, uptown Trost High (Home of the Titans). Mikasa and Armin seem to fit in well enough, but Eren isn’t quite so lucky. Of course, most of this has to do with Eren’s personality. When he accepts a bet to lose his virginity (and actually prove that someone likes him) by the end of the semester, it’s hard for him to deny the improbability of winning. After all, the only one he seems to be talking to these days is the weirdly pretty (and just plain weird) goth working at the donut shop down the street… 

26/26 Chapters, Explicit, 124249 Words

half light I’m currently re-reading this one because it’s so amazing. 

He wouldn’t say that they’re friends, really. They’re not quite just acquaintances either; the more he thinks about it, Eren’s not sure how to describe their relationship. They sort of… tolerate each other, in different ways.

But yeah, the more he thinks about it (and he does think about it quite often), Eren thinks that he’d like for them to be friends.

(AU where Eren tries to figure out what you do when friendly feelings turn into something more.)

22/22 Chapters, Not Rated, 66199 Words.

Now here comes my all time favorite Ereri fic in the entire world

Disobey me This fic is so amazingly written, has a fantastic plot and portrays the characters so well. I am so happy I found this fic! If you read it tell her I sent you! :> 

After countless months of depression from the death of his mother, Eren had decided to start anew. First step was simple, go back to school. Now, normal students would followed the rules and went about their daily school lives in peace but Eren was no ordinary boy. Different than others, he is passionate, courageous, and disobedient, and his English teacher became well aware of that. But there is another side of him that no one, not even Eren himself, is aware of. Everyone has their secrets, and with each confession comes more answers as to what the hell his father did.

A story about a stubborn young adult, who has an impulsive drive for justice, that gets himself into more trouble than anyone could have ever imagined.

(That one fic that says it’s a High School AU and ends up having a ridiculous amount of other themes that eventually take over. Also, there is a lot of fluff.)

19/?  Chapters (On Going), Explicit Rating, 126155 words.

I can not stress how magnificent this is.

That’s it for my Ereri Fanfic Rec list. If any of the links do not work then please message me. 


Rating: T; for language and suggestive material.

Pairing: Levi x Mikasa, RivaMika

Summary:  Written for the fifth RivaMika Jam!
The story of how an aspiring musician meets and falls for his muse.
My partner was @zerolr and my prompt was: “Mikasa is an ordinary person working at a grocery/supermarket store and Levi is a famous musician/actor.
He sees her and finds himself attracted/interested in her. So while she checks out his purchase, Levi leaves her his phone number.”
I kinda deviated a little from the original premise, but I hope it still turned out okay! :) This was fun to work with and I’m glad I signed up this time around!

Word Count: 3873 (a little long lol oops)

Music is one of many ways people are able to express themselves.

Soft, slow melodies from jazz or classical styles evoke calmness and serenity. Heavier themes can be conveyed through powerhouse ballads of the rock n’ roll variety. Regardless of the genre, there’s almost always a message or meaning to these intricate works of art, crafted from some sort of stimulus.

Some musicians draw inspiration from everyday life and personal experience, travelling and exploring new sights, or through the release of pent up emotions; a coping mechanism for dealing with hardships and complexities of this cruel yet beautiful world.

Aspiring musician Levi Ackerman fears he’s lost any and all inspiration. He has talent, that much is true. However, he recognizes that plenty of other ‘up-and-comers’ and ‘desperate hopefuls’ have talent. His music has hit a plateau, unsure where to take his current career aspirations or how exactly to get where he wants to be. He yearns for a stimulating experience; something to pull him out of this awful rut and set him apart from others in the highly competitive and cut-throat industry, riddled with unoriginal material and blatant narcissism.

Enter Mikasa, and the spark comes back.

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punk/nerd!Levi & pastel!Eren in highschool

submitted by not-into-frying-pans 

So all of your posts inspired me and— wait, when did this become more than a drabble??? oops.

I’m thinking of writing more, so please do tell me what you think <3


Eren was getting better at avoiding the stares she got now that she started wearing what she wanted to, not what people expected her in. Her friends were all fine with it, in fact many of them were encouraging (Krista, for instance, had bought her about twenty flower crowns), and that was what mattered most. The occasional glare from some dickhead wasn’t important.

That didn’t mean it didn’t suck. As much as Eren knew that the people she loved would always support her, sometimes the comments and looks she got completely ruined her day. It didn’t help that Armin was sick today, either. He was usually her anchor in cases like this, someone she could stick to, someone who reassured her that there was nothing wrong with her. Her other best friend Mikasa would help too, but Mikasa’d graduated last year and was attending some high-class college.

Keeping her head down so it would be harder to see her (honestly, that didn’t do shit, she was still wearing lavender lipstick to match the rest of her outfit), Eren made her way to her locker. She stopped in her tracks when she noticed the sticky note glued to it. Instead of some insult, it read, “You should wear lavender more often, cutie. Makes you look like you belong in a museum for all the world to admire you.” A bright blush creeped onto her cheeks and ears, and she couldn’t help a smile. Carefully, she placed the note in a folder, planning to take it home and stick it on her mirror.

The notes didn’t stop like Eren had worried, not at all. There was one every day for Eren and Armin to gush over. Armin kept trying to convince Eren to find out who was sending them, but the brunet didn’t know how to do that. Walking up to everyone in the school and saying, “Hey, did you send me these really adorable notes? I think I kind of have a crush on you even though we’ve never met” definitely wouldn’t work.

Eren was a boy the day he saw him. There were some people at school that you simply didn’t mess with, and the guy currently pressing a note to Eren’s locker definitely looked like one of them. He had black hair, kept in a neat undercut, and was wearing a collar around his neck. Not only that, he was dressed in leather pants that clung to his legs, along with a too-big t-shirt with some bandlogo that Eren didn’t recognize. What drew Eren in, though, were the tattoos and piercings. Intricate designs snaked up the stranger’s arms, some even went halfway up his neck. He had snake bites and a septum, as well as an eyebrow bar and ear piercings Eren couldn’t name.

He was hot.

“E-excuse me?” Eren mentally cursed his voice for sounding so squeaky.

The other turned around and Eren felt like he’d melt under the steely gray gaze. For a second, the boy looked almost emotionless, then a gentle smile graced his lips. Fuck, he’s even hotter when he smiles. “Eren.”

“Y-you’ve been leaving these notes for me for weeks now, and I just wanted to… to thank you. They’ve, um, really helped a lot, and I put them up on my mirror so I see them every day and they boost my confidence and I just really wanted to find out who was writing them because you’re really sweet and I’m so thankful to you–” He cut himself off when he realized he was rambling. "So… what’s your name?“

“Levi.” His voice was as soft as his smile; a striking contradiction to his exterior. “You don’t know how happy it makes me to hear that, pretty one. I was almost worried I was boring you.”


Levi reached out and rested his fingers on the fluffy material of Eren’s sweater, just above the brunet’s wrist. "Good.“

"Can we, like, hang out sometime?” Eren bit his lip.

“Of course, beautiful,” Levi replied, his fingers moving downwards until they wrapped around Eren’s hand. “I was going to ask you out, actually.”

“Like on a date?!”

“That was what I was hoping for.”

Eren glanced down at their entwined hands. He wears black nail polish. “I’d love that.”

The wonderful thing about dating Levi was being one of the few who knew about all of his little quirks. Not that Levi ever told Eren any of them - they just happened. For instance, the first time Eren visited the other’s apartment, he spent the first half hour being shocked at how clean everything was, and the next half hour being shocked at Levi’s “transformation”.

“I’ll be right back, love,” Levi had said.

Eren nodded, too busy staring at his reflection in the glass table. He was wearing his lavender lipstick again today - it was Levi’s favorite, and no matter what gender Eren was at the moment, he loved wearing it. It meant extra kisses, and Levi’s kisses were amongst Eren’s list of things he wanted most.

When Levi came out of his room again, the brunet’s jaw dropped. Gone was the collar he so loved to wear. Gone were the tight leather pants, the combat boots, the piercings. Levi was dressed in a pair of gray leggings and a fuzzy, white, oversized sweater. He was wearing black thick-rimmed glasses and his hair was slightly messed up from changing. Not only his clothes had changed, though, his entire attitude did. He almost seemed… self-conscious?

Not wanting his boyfriend to have to worry a second longer, Eren rushed over and pulled him in a tight hug, kissing his cheek. “How come you just get more and more attractive every time I see you?”

Levi snorted, but it was obvious he was relieved. “Maybe you need to get your eyes checked.”

“I’m pretty sure they’re working just fine,” Eren laughed. Levi was smaller than him, but right now it was the first time the brunet actually fully noticed that. They sat down on the couch and Eren loved the way the other snuggled against him, no longer having to take care of his hard, cold image.

“You know… the whole note thing actually didn’t start because I’m a genius when it comes to wooing pretty people.”

“Oh?” Grinning, Eren raised an eyebrow. “Then why did you do it?”

The shorter took a few moments before admitting, “I couldn’t get myself to talk to you. Every time I saw you, it was like you were this beautiful flower goddess, and then there was me - a giant nerd who avoids getting picked on by looking like he could beat people up. And actually beating people up, occasionally.” He laughed softly. “Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing those clothes, and I love my tattoos and piercings. Still, I felt like I didn’t deserve someone as absolutely perfect as you.”

Eren chewed on his lower lip, but stopped when he remembered the lipstick. “I’m not perfect though.”

“Yes, you are. And I’m planning on telling you every day for the rest of your life, Eren Jäger. You are the most perfect, beautiful, absolutely amazing person I have ever met, and that will never change.”

When Levi dropped Eren off that night, his lips and neck were tinted a light lavender.

Ereri Week 2015: Day 1 - Pining

Title: Duckling

Summary: Eren finds himself with an old crush of his.

Rating: T

At five years old, thankfully, the first thought going through my head when I saw my best friend’s older brother was not ‘Oh God he’s so hot I want him to fuck me up the ass so hard…’ Rather, when I saw him, I would merely gasp and run to his side no matter what.

I was a fucking duckling.

Literally, every time I saw Levi Ackerman I would basically jump him.

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Rivamika Week, Day 6: Hanakotoba (NSFW)

Day 6 Prompt: Floral
Rating: M
Word Count: 4,464 words
Read This First: Hannah Montana prompt
Summary: Levi is bad with words, so he uses flowers.

Mikasa is in Vienna when the first bouquet arrives, bright and soft pinks of ranunculus and roses, sunny daffodils, purple forget-me-nots. (How ironic, she thinks, running her finger over the outstretched petals of the violet bloom.) Tucked between two fat blossoms is a small white card. She plucks it from the bouquet and opens it with unsure fingers; flowers are not Erwin’s preferred form of motivation, and she cannot recall doing anything recent of note that would necessitate such a gift. Inside the card, there is a short handwritten missive, the letters spiky and cramped:

Thinking of you.

Mikasa snorts. “Probably from his management,” she mutters, then tosses the card in the wastepaper bin.

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[fic] sit it out [1/1]

writer: crying-abt-fictional-people
recipient: the lovely @ackermenn, who is a super quality blogger omg thank u secret santa admins ;_______;
contents: humor, just dudes being guys ha ha no homo right, a bit of drunken stumbling and just a dash of pining
summary: someone’s been sitting in eren’s chair, and of course, as luck would have it, that person’s the only other one who hasn’t left campus for christmas.

read on ao3 or click below~~~ 

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martinthedragon  asked:

Hanji and Levi learn they're about to have a kid. (Hanji's my favorite character. What can I say?)

I admit, I don’t write Levi and Hanji alone like this so it was both different and fun to do ^^ Also to picture them in this scenario because while I’ve written it for other pairs, their reactions wouldn’t be the same. Plus they’re fun to write interacting haha

Well shit.

Hanji wasn’t sure what else she expected. She was nearly two months late which meant she was either starting menopause though she thought she was a little young for that still, or something was wrong with her body. Granted the little piece of plastic in her hand told her otherwise. She slumped down in her spot sitting on the cover of the toilet just staring at those little lines that sprung up.


She wanted to think how could this happen but she very well knew how it could happen. She honestly never paid too much attention to it. Levi was always careful, and they had been together for nearly ten years now without even a scare. Hanji didn’t even think anything of it the first month she was late, she figured she was just working too much again and it got her off schedule but by month two she had inkling something wasn’t right.

She figured she could go to the doctors and maybe it was just a fluke, a bad test but she pretty much knew at this point the doctor would tell her the same thing. Hanji sighed and ran a hand through her hair. She never really wanted kids. She even told Levi that when they first started dating, something he was fine with because he never did either.

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anonymous asked:

How 'bout a pregnancy one-shot?

Oh god, you’ve hit my weakness for family au


“Hey, Armin. Check this out.”

Annie sat cross legged on the floor, leaning against the soft couch cushions as she rolled up her tank-top. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, was distracted by the headphones in his ears and the dishes that needed desperately to be washed.

The unfolded pile of laundry at Annie’s side beckoned to her.

Domestic bliss at its finest.

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anonymous asked:

eremika AU prompt: eren's motto is "its either i get the girl or i get the girl" and then he met mikasa pleaseeeee

This one was a little hard at first because I never see Eren quite that smooth lmao  been then I started writing it and I loved it. We all know who would see right through any crap Eren tried to pull ;3

Eren got the girl, that’s what he did. He knew just the right way flash his smile, say the right words, how to make just about any girl he wanted fall for him on the spot. Granted, he only wanted her to fall for him for a few weeks and he’d more on from there. It was how Eren preferred to live from high school past college; nothing permanent, just floating through till he found whatever it was he wanted to do next. It worked for him. He traveled a lot, always moved around, always had the perfect excuse to break something off. Much to his friends’ annoyance, Eren always got the girl.

That was until he met her.

He saw her at a café he frequented. She was sitting outside at one of the tables, tea in front of her and her nose in a book. Even from a distance she was breath taking. Her black hair was pinned up behind her hair, light complexion mixing perfectly with her dark eyes. Eren had to talk to her and he thought it would be just like any other girl he met. He figured he’d lay it on and maybe have company that night.

It started off like all conversations he had with girls: he made some excuse as to why he had to sit down and she let him. See, good start? Yeah, it didn’t last that long. Eren found himself having a hard time pulling anything over this girl. She wouldn’t even tell him her name. Now, hard to get Eren could work with but this was something completely different. She wasn’t interested at all. That he had no idea what to say to.

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