right away sir

family drama

Jason: [bursting into room, Damian in his arms, anguished] It’s a violent case of hiccups! Will he live, Doc?

Damian: [kicking] Let–hic–go–hic–Todd!

Dick: [drops everything, becomes very solumn, ear to Damian’s heart] He needs medicine badly. Nurse!

Tim: [salutes and grabs water bottle] Of course sir, right away sir!

Dick: Hold him down.

Jason: You got it.

Damian: [struggling] I’m–hic–going–hic–to hang you–hic–from your–hic–thumbs!

Dick: [stonily] Grab his nose, Nurse.

Tim: He’ll bite me, sir.

Dick: Get yourself together, man! Are you a goddamn nurse or not?

Tim: Aye aye, sir! [pinches Damian’s nose]

Damian: [voice muffled] Hang–hic–you above–hic–PIRANHAS–hic!

Jason: The patient is delusional!

Tim: Hurry, doctor!

Dick: [squirts water bottle into Damian’s mouth] LET US CAST OUT THIS ILLNESS!

Damian: [angry gargling]

Jason: AGAIN!

Dick: [squirts eight times in sequence]

Damian: [choking]

Tim: Best to put him out of his misery, doc

Dick: Keep hope, nurse!

Damian: [sputtering] I DESPISE ALL OF YOU!

Jason: He is healed!

All three: Hallelujah!

All three: [parade to Bruce’s study singing hymns, burst in and drop Damian in Bruce’s lap] THE POWER OF MODERN MEDICINE!

Bruce: [looks at boys]

Bruce: [looks at Damian]

Bruce: Why is your brother soaking wet?

Dick, Jason, Tim:

Damian: Hic!

Dick, Jason, Tim: [pounce]

Damian: [latching onto Bruce like a spider monkey] FATHER NO HELP ME



Bruce: I’m changing Robin’s uniform to neon pink.

Damian: [gapes]

Damian: [softly, full of loathing] I will disown you.

Bruce: Are your hiccups gone?

Damian: I will not have it! Do you hear me? I will not!

Dick: His hiccups are gone.

Damian: Neon pink doesn’t camouflage well into the night, I couldn’t–

Tim: What, and red, green, and yellow do?


Bruce: [nods wisely] Alternative medicine.


This scene right here. It’s underrated. It shows what position these two are both in. In this job. In this time period. The both have an impairment. They are seen as the bottom of the food chain in the office, in the SSR. Daniel with his disability and Peggy with her gender. This scene shows that they both understand what it’s like for the other. They are taken for granted and all they can do is say “yes, sir, right away, I’ll do that.” And that’s how it is. They can relate to each other and that’s what I love about their relationship. What Hayley Atwell said in this article – “I think what makes it work is that she saw something in him that’s the same quality she found attractive in Skinny Steve (Chris Evans), which was a man with great morals dealing with very real physical hardships. In the workplace, her gender is considered a disability. Sousa has a disability from the war, and therefore has to deal with that limitation. Because he deals with it with such dignity in the way that Skinny Steve did, that’s what attracts her to people. I think it’s inevitable that they end up together. He’s not intimidated by her. He respects her and admires her, and supports how brilliant she is and how good she is at her job, and is not threatened by that. I think that’s a bloody hard thing for men in the 1940s to not be intimidated by. He’s pretty special in that regard.”

Graves: *gives Credence a journal* Alright, my boy, I wish for you to note and record all your emotions, it will help control your powers.

Credence: Yes, sir, right away, sir!

Three days later, Graves inspects the journal and mostly finds drawings of nifflers, unicorns, CxG initials placed in hearts and addresses of bridal shops and wedding cakes, and “Credence Graves” doodled all over the pages.

Wicked Game - James March X Reader

AN: NSFW ya’ll. This one I wrote cause @mrmarchswife requested some of her favorite ghost (the ghost with the most hahaa) James March, so here it is.

James was bored. Absolutely bored. He sat in his room, swirling the drink in his glass, elbow resting on the table. He sighed loudly. “Miss Evers?” He called.

“Yes, sir?” She came bustling into the room, a pile of linens balled up in her hands.

“I require some entertainment. Would you summon dear Sally here please?”

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Kicking of this blog with a translation from the Naruhodo fanbook! 

Farewell, My Turnabout (part 1)

Diego: What’s up, Kitten? What made you suddenly decide to call me out like this?

Mia: Ah, Mr. Armando…

D: So, today’s the big showdown, isn’t it?

M: It’s only just starting, but it seems like it’ll be a pretty long one.

D: Defending an escaped deathrow convict suspected of murder… That’s the sort of reckless battle no one but you could fight.

M: Sorry… I’d really appreciate a few moments of your time, though.

D: I’m honored. I’ll give you a cup worth of my time, then… I’ll have a mocha.

Waiter: …Yes, right away, sir.

M: I haven’t been able to eat anything since yesterday. I feel like I’m dying.

D: So you’ve drank only coffee today, then? You gonna make it?

M: I’m on my 3rd cup of coffee already.

D: Ha…. That’s nothing. I drink 17 cups per trial.

M: Look at this mountain of documents. Where am I supposed to start…? I feel like I’ve gotten nowhere!

D: So the murder occurred on a suspension bridge, huh?

M: If I lose… he gets a guilty verdict. I could work my whole life and never make up for it!

D: Look at you… You’re white as a sheet.

M: To be honest… I feel like throwing up.

D: But if you win… that pretty face of yours’ll be all over the news tomorrow.

M: Another mocha, please, waiter.

Waiter: Are you sure? Perhaps you ought to slow down…

D: That bitter darkness that fills the cup… Once it’s in your mouth, your only choice is to swallow it.

M: …Why did I think I could do this? I wish I could just run away.

D: Turning your back on the responsibility sprawled out before you and running from it just wouldn’t be you, though.

M: I find myself wondering, “What would Maya do in a situation like this?”

D: Your younger sister?

M: She’s the type who always finishes what she starts… She’d probably laugh if she could see me now.

D: You think she’d say, “This is nothing to get yourself in a tizzy over”… huh? I doubt it.

M: Here’s a picture of her. She’s always watching me from my train pass holder.

D: Heh… How sweet.

M: Uuu… I really can’t do this.

D: Gonna sob along to this jazz, huh…? Pretty pointless if you ask me.

M: I-I’m not crying yet!

D: Here, I’ll let you in on a useful tip.

M: Wh-what is it?

D: …It’s when things look the most hopeless that a lawyer has to force their biggest smiles.

M: Um… would you mind helping me with this showdown, sir?

D: I can’t be your hero, kitten… I’m just a broken shell of a man who does his best to get by.

M: But…

D: I think you’d be better off… coming up with something to look forward to. How ‘bout it?

M: …. Oh, that’s right, I found a cafe that has amazing cake. Maybe on the way home… you could get some with me?

D: Sure. How could I refuse?

M: Hee hee… I’ll look forward to that, then


D: Looks like our time’s up… Shall we head over to the courthouse?

M: Mr. Armando… Please, look out for me in there, ok?

D: So the battle begins… I think we’ll be fine like this, don’t you?

M: Yeah, it’ll be fine. Now then, let’s go.


Foreign Coffee: Suga One Shot (Smut)

“(Y/n)!” Yoongi shouted from him dressing room, his voice slightly aggravated. 

I sighed and stopped mid walk, closing my eyes in aggravation. This person has been working my last nerve lately, he’s been so demanding. All he ever asks of me is stupid miscellaneous things he can do himself, he’s such a lazy ass. Yes, he’s an attractive god and she’s fortunate to be working for him, but he can be a real piece of work. 

“What is it?” I asked, putting my hand on my hip, which thankfully was wide because of my white genetics. 

Yoongi spun around in his chair and looked at me. “I need coffee, now.” There was bags under his eyes, he had obviously been up for way longer than necessary. 

“Right away, sir.” I turned on my heel and stepped out the door. 

“Thank you..” Yoongi said softly, almost too low so I wouldn’t hear. 

I hesitated, but continued to walk, pondering his words. Ignoring everyone and their polite hello’s, my mind wondered. 

He had never once said thank you to me, or even the littlest bit of affection. Maybe he’s so tired he’s losing his mind. 

I made my way to the ‘kitchen’ and to my luck coffee was already in the pot, steaming hot. My hands mindlessly searched for a portable coffee cup and some creamer. 

“The master make another request?” Jin slid next to me, his arms crossed, a smile plastered on his face. 

“More like Satan.” I smirked as I poured coffee and creamer in the cup simultaneously. 

Jin nodded and sighed. “You don’t see it do you?“ 

I grabbed a straw and started stirring the liquids together, blowing softly into the cup as I held it towards my chest. "What do-” I blew on the coffee quickly, “you mean?” My attention suddenly started to go on point, forgetting the all mighty Lord needed his coffee. 

“You don’t ever wonder why he always asks you to do everything? Literally, everything?” Jin turned to look at me, raising an eyebrow. 

Shrugging, I blew on the coffee again. “I work for this company and was assigned to this group and happened to be claimed." 

Shaking his head, Jin pushed himself off of the counter. "You’re both stupid." 

"Hey!” I furrowed my eyebrows, frowning. When will all of these boys stop being so mysterious. I walked off to find Yoongi and come to his rescue with this coffee. 

Opening his door, to my surprise he wasn’t there. “Where the hell-” I was interrupted by being pushed against the wall. The impact caused me to drop the coffee. “Shit, I’m sorry.”

Yoongi’s hand grabbed my chin, lifting it up so our eyes would meet. “I don’t care about the coffee." 

"Then why the fuck did you make me get it?” I was growing more furious then curious. What the hell was his problem? 

Rolling his eyes, Yoongi sighed. He looked down in her eyes and licked his lips as he started to lean in, getting closer and closer to me. 

My eyes looked at his lips as he got closer and closer. I got impatient and quickly leaned up and placed my lips on his, my heart going a million miles a minute. 

Yoongi hesitated, but kissed back once he processes that I kissed him first. His hand slammed the door shut and locked it all without removing his lips from mine. He bit down on my bottom lip, not missing a single second with me. 

I feverishly kissed him, grazing my tongue against his. Numerous questions flooded my mind, but it was foggy with the amorous feelings inside of me. Suddenly everything became so clear to me, why he was such a dick all the time. He just wanted excuses to be around me.

Yoongi’s hands moved to my waist, pulling me close as his lips moved from mine, towards my neck. He sucked down on it, leaving deep purple marks that will last the rest of the week. His hands rubbed down where they were softly, until he moved them up towards my breasts, squeezing down on them. 

Biting down on my lip, I held back my moans. Since he was taking so much action, I decided to take another step. “Yoongi~do you have a condom?” I asked, reached down as I pulled at the button on his pants. 

He looked up and met his face with mine, biting his bottom lip. “Do you know what you’re getting yourself into?” He asked as his hands quickly dropped to my ass, squeezing it hard as he hovered over me. 

“Did I stutter?” I breathed heavily, tilting my head to the side as I slowly started to pull the zipper down to his pants. Part of me already knew the risk I was taking, but I think the biggest risk was being fucked by Yoongi. I knew he wouldn’t hold back, and he knew that I knew. 

Yoongi grunted as he released his grip on me, only to remove his shirt. His hair got slightly ruffled, which only made him look ten times better. “I’m so tired of you wearing these clothes.” He mumbled as he grabbed the bottom of my tight work shirt, pulling it over my head before he got to working at my pants. 

I helped him by removing my bra as he made me step out of my skinny jeans. My hands reached down to remove my panties, but his hand slapped mine away. 

“That’s my job.” Yoongi pulled them down and let it pile at my feet before he picked me up, slamming me against the wall yet again. This time my center was in front of his face, making me suddenly nervous. 

I turned my head, closing my eyes as I waited. Suddenly, his tongue swept over my clit, causing a tiny moan to escape from me. 

“(Y/N), don’t be scared.” Yoongi said softly before he licked at my center again, this time he separated my folds. “You’re so wet already..” He groaned, pushing his tongue inside me. 

Arching my back, I leaned my head against the wall. Every time his tongue swept in and out of me it felt like a tight, warm sensation going through my body. My hands reached down and pushed his face further into my center, if that was possible. 

Yoongi groaned again, sending vibrations all over my center. He pulled back, his lips glistening with my juices. “I can’t hold back any more, (y/n).” Yoongi put me down as his hands reached in his back pocket, pulling out a condom. 

I got the message, so I pulled down his already unzipped pants along with his underwear. My heart dropped when his erection was finally freed, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to walk after this. 

Smirking, Yoongi unwrapped the condom and rolled it on all within seconds, like a true professional. His hands snaked around me again, and I was once again against the wall. “Are you ready?” He asked, looking up at me. 

Nodding, I took a deep breath. I closed my eyes for a second, and I felt him slam into me, making me cry out. 

His hand went over my mouth, his eyes closed as he let out a ragged breath. Once he regained himself from the sudden tight wetness around him, he pulled out and slammed back in. He continued this motion over and over again, not missing a beat. The pictures on the wall shook as he fucked me against the wall. 

I let out muffled whimpers, my eyes rolling back as he continuously slammed into me. My arms went around his neck, pushing his face into my breasts. 

Yoongi’s mouth instinctively went to my nipple, his tongue swirling around it before he bit down on it. His mouth went between nipples, not wanting to neglect single thing on my body. His hips started to roll, making his thrusts slower but yet harder. “Fuck, (y/n), I’m about to cum already.” His hand went down, his fingers quickly rubbing my clit. 

At the moment all three things were in sync I cummed hard, making Yoongi cum right after me. His hand moved from my mouth right as I screamed out his name, but his head was burried in my neck as he groaned lowly. 

We both didn’t move as we caught our breaths, feeling our orgasms ride off. 

Yoongi suddenly lifted his head and kissed my cheek. “Don’t worry, you can be as loud as you want when we get to your place.”

“My place?” I asked, wiping sweat off of my forehead. 

“Oh, yeah, I’m not done with you yet.”

((Hope you like it 💕 I’m not okay after writing this 😩))

If Ral Zarek isnt gay, ill eat my shorts

Ill call up a 5 star restaurant and make reservations 
Sir it will be 6 months for our soonest reservation
yeah no problem ill set it for them” ill say
ill show up “yeah I had a reservation for 1 please
they will seat me and ask what would I like to start and would I like any appeasers 
ill decline, water is fine but sir…..
and ill take off my pants
and put my undies on the table
“Sir could I trouble you to fold this and bring it back to be with a little garnish on a plate
Right away sir he says
and then they will bring me my shorts
then I will eat them
I will eat my shorts with a goddamn knife and fork at a 5 star restaurant and leave a 40% tip if Ral isnt gay as shit for Jace Beleren the goddamn guildpact

  • David Karp: Hey, intern, do you like hit anime series Death Note?
The signs breaking into a bank
  • Capricorn: "Ok this operation is a go-go!! Gemini, would you care to go through the procedure?"
  • Gemini: "Don't mind if i do. Right Pisces and Sagittarius"
  • Pisces: "Yes boss"
  • Sagittarius: "Copy"
  • Gemini: "You guys need to be able to distract the guards as much as you can! Pisces, you go for the guards at the front desk and sagittarius, you need to distract the guards wandering round the halls! You guys need to make sure its safe for Taurus and Aquarius!"
  • Aquarius: "Boss! We have figure out where we need to be and Taurus is already planning our escape!"
  • Capricorn: " Yeh Yeh! Aquarius you just focus on hacking that security system!"
  • Gemini: "Taurus, you got that?"
  • Taurus: "Yep sure thing boss!"
  • Capricorn: "HEY! Leo, you need to sort out your team!"
  • Leo: "Right away sir. Scorpio you take Virgo and Cancer and try to find a way through the air vents. They're large enough for all of you and you guys need to find your way to the vault.
  • Virgo: "I still think this is very risky!"
  • Cancer: "What happens if we get caught?!?!"
  • Capricorn: "Get a grip Cancer! Just do your job and everything will go fine!"
  • Leo: Anyway, Me and Libra, once you have opened the vault will get the money out of there and into the van."
  • Gemini: "Aries, you must be stationed at the back of the bank at that precise time or the whole operation will go to s**t!"
  • Aries: "Yeh yeh boss! I'll be fine! Good luck everyone. Ay Cancer?"
  • Cancer: "Yes Aries?"
  • Aries: "Try not to die"
  • Capricorn: "Ok enough of your s**t Aries! Ok everyone ready?"
  • Leo: " Lets go!!"
  • carson: everyone go do your job.
  • everyone: yes, sir, mr. carson, sir, yessir. right away, sir!
  • thomas: (filling in for carson and doing his job) everyone go do your job.