right arm of the giant

My bf: So Doomfist has that giant arm, right?

Me: Yeah?

My bf: When he was announced, I was wondering if he would have leg braces– y'know, because that arm probably weighs a ton.

Me: Okay, makes sense–

My bf: But he doesnt. Its just the arm. He doesnt have any leg braces, those are just his legs.

Me: ….. Yeah?

My bf: So that means hes carrying the entire weight of that enormous mechanical arm through sheer will power alone and I find that fucking incredible.

“You’re an angel?” (Pt 1 ????)

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Warnings: Violence??

Fandom: Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Justice League??

You are a superhero who has recently gotten her powers and has finally gotten a chance to use them. You run into Flash, Supergirl, and the Green Arrow. This prompts them to try and recruit you into the Legion of Superheros. What happens next can’t be summed up in a paragraph.

I might make this a series??? Tell me if you guys like it!

            You scampered frantically across an abandoned rooftop, mind racing at a million miles an hour.

Today was the day.

Or- maybe it was the night- if you wanted to be technical.

Finally after months of bothering and pestering your adopted father- he was letting you do what you wanted.

You wanted to help people.

And now at this very moment- the people you needed to help were in danger.

You skidded to a stop, white boots scraping against the cement roof.

On the street below the man- or thing- that you had been tracking was tearing up the street below.


And he had company.

Super company.

Supergirl streaked through the air, a large projectile flung from her arms as she passed over Clayface. It took you a second to realize that the projectile had been Green Arrow.

You cringed, watching sympathetically.

Arrow landed solidly on Clay’s head, jamming two arrows into the mud cranium to give himself a better chance of staying on. This would have been a good move- if Clayface wasn’t actually made completely out of clay. Arrow’s feet suddenly began to sink into Clay’s head, the mud becoming thick and heavy around the hero’s legs.

GL seemed to realize what was happening just as he was setting the charges on his arrows. Green Arrow cursed, realizing he couldn’t move the bottom part of his legs. He was stuck- knee deep in clay.

Supergirl seemed to realize this, making a detour in her flight so she could get Arrow out before he blew.

Clayface saw her, softening his right arm. Once Supergirl was close enough, the deformed villain flung his giant mud arm in her direction, clay connecting with Kryptonian.

Unfortunately for her- she wasn’t as immune to clay as she was to bullets. Supergirl stuck, unable to move as Clayface flung her straight into a building.

You wince, debating if you should just intervene.

Suddenly, a blur of yellow and red streaked past Clayface, grabbing onto Green Arrow.

This would have usually freed GL from most traps.

But- Clayface was pretty sticky.

The red streak stopped, unable to run any farther.

Your eyes widened, even though you were unsurprised.


You nodded, wondering if any other superheros were hiding in the shadows, waiting to pop up and fight.

Oh wait.

That was you.

The two arrows exploded, mud spraying everywhere. But instead of that helping, the explosion just seemed to piss off the giant mud man. Clayface simply reformed, but instead of smiling- he was frowning.

Flash looked back frantically, seeing his friends legs still covered in clay. There was a long line of muck stretched tight across the road, one side connected to Arrow…

And the other was, of course, Clayface.

Flash cursed, realizing what was about to happen.

Clay face sneered, craggy mud face crinkling evilly.

Suddenly, Supergirl flew out of the building she had been thrown into, once again ready to fight.

But so was Clayface.

The long rope of clay that held Arrow and Flash grew taught as Clayface grabbed it. He swung the two superheros right into Supergirl, the group clashing in mid-air.

Clayface laughed, sounding like someone stepping in squishy mud.


The three superheros were across the road, most of them not moving. Clayface began to move forward like a huge slug, leaving mud everywhere as he moved towards the downed superheros. You frowned, making up your mind.

“Nasty.” You said to yourself as you jumped into the air.

Clayface loomed over the three superheros, left hand hardening into a spiky ball as he sneered.

“I don’t know why everyone has always made such a big deal about you three. I should have done this years ago-” Clayface was cut off.

Instead of dealing his finishing line this came out of his mouth:

“BLRAGHGHBLURR!” He screamed as his mouth was filled with a jet of water.

You snickered from across the street, holding the the crushed fire hydrant in you arms as you angled the torrent of water at the clay behemoth with your foot.

“I’m sorry were you saying something?” You ask, smirking as you tipped your toes to the sky and watched as the water began to deform the villains face.


“I’m sorry I- I can’t understand you. Is there something important you were doing earlier?” You asked. The villain made his way over to you, deteriorating as he did so. He was five feet away now, trying to raise what looked like his old spikeball arm.

You didn’t worry though.

He was too soaked to do anything to you now.

Clayface made a frustrated noise, mud flying from the hole that used to be his mouth.

It almost got on your face- ew.

You angled the spray up, flooding the monster’s face until you couldn’t here his screaming anymore.

Just bubbles.

You reeled backwards and then let yourself shoot forward, bringing both fists down on top of Clayface’s head. The mass of clay crumpled, sagging into a defeated pile of mush.

You nudged the lump with the toe of your boot.

Clayface didn’t move.

You nodded, satisfied. Turning to the open spout of water, you realized that this fountain had been spraying water all over the street like rain.


You shoved the hydrant back on the water spout, even thought you couldn’t exactly figure out how to fit it back on. You tilted you head, the fire hydrant standing crooked.

Good enough right?

“Excuse me?”

You turned, forgetting there were people here- this wasn’t one of your training simulators.

Fixing your homemade mask as you turned around, you gripped the sleeves of your black hoodie.

You came face to face with the three you had just saved- Flash, Supergirl, and Green Arrow.

Your (e/c) eyes widened under your mask, finding it weird they were actaully talking to you.

Well- you did save them so it made sense- it just wasn’t how you expected this night to go.

You expected civilians- maybe even reporters.

Not superheros.

Supergirl was waving at you, an awkward smile on her beautiful face. You looked at her- and then Arrow and Flash as they walked over to you, brushing off drying clay from their suits.

“Yeah?” You asked, trying to straighten up and look cooler than you were.

Which was hard to do when you didn’t actaully have a suit- just a hoodie, leggings, boots, and a cheap dollar store mask.

You hadn’t really planned this past the fighting.

“Who are you?” Arrow immediately replied, suspicion evident even under the mask.

You blanked.

Had you even considered a codename?

You felt mud crawling up your leg as you thought. Looking down angrily, you kicked your leg and stamped on the clay.

But it was sticking.

You groaned and bent down, poking at the clay with a scowl on your face.

“What is it?” Flash asked, leaning down to look with you.

“He’s reforming.”

You made up your mind.

“He needs to be taken in.” You said out loud, even thought you were mostly talking to yourself.

You rolled up your sleeves and sat in a crouch, placing both hands onto the damp clay.

“What do you mean-”

“Please don’t talk. Last time I tried this I passed out. I don’t want that happening.” You told Flash and then turned back to Clayface.

Your powers were tricky.

You didn’t even know everything you could do. You weren’t even sure if this would work.

But you never know unless you try right?

You pressed your hands against the clay, focusing on picking up the electrical impulses from Clayface.

Well- you hoped he was still human enough have electrical impulses.

White energy crackled around your hands as you looked, some energy arcing through your (h/c) hair. The three superheros just stared, faces cast in a white glow.

Your eyes snapped open, hands pulling away from Clayface. Your hands still crackled with energy, but now so did Clayface.

You were shocked.

“I did it.” You said out loud, a small smiling forming on your face.

“Did what?” Supergirl asked, eyebrows knitting together in confusion. You stood up slowly, keeping your hands out in front of you like your powers could shut off at any given moment.

You pursed your lips.

“I’m not exactly sure, but I know I can do this!” You said and snapped your fingers.

Clayface disappeared.

 Flash jumped.

You smiled, scampering to the spot were Clayface had just been.

“You killed him?” Arrow asked, tone angry. You scoffed as you kicked your feet around the area where the villain had just been.

“Of course not. I sent him to Arkham Asylum.” You said absently mindedly, stopping slowly as you realized what you just said.

“I sent him- to Arkham Asylum.” You said again and turned around, facing the three superheros slowly. They looked at you expectantly, waiting for you to say something.

You were an idiot.

You sent Clayface to Arkham without alerting the people who worked there.

You felt a feeling of dread wash over you.

What if he hadn’t even gotten there?

What if you had killed him?


Oh that wasn’t a fun thought.

“I have to go.” You said quickly.

“You what?” Flash asked.

“I have to go! Sorry I couldn’t stay. But uh- Clayface. Prison- he may not be there. And if he is… people need to know. Yeah. That sounds right. Bye.” You said, all of your words coming out scattered as you began to walk away.

“Wait- we don’t know-”

”Bye!” You said and jumped into the air.

You flew away, white energy trailing after you.

The three superheros watched you go, completely silent.

“Someone needs to help her.” Arrow said, thinking of all the dangerous things you could do without guidance.

“Yeah.” Supergirl agreed, arms folded with her eyebrows knitted in concern.

The two looked at Flash- who was smiling.

“Cisco is gonna have a cow when we tell him what kind of things we just saw.”

The Darkness In Me - Epilogue

Here it is the very last part of my first fanfiction story *-*
Thank you all for supporting me ♥♥♥

Summary: After everything you have been through, you finally would get your happy ending. You have two beautiful kids. The twins Freya and Finley. You have the best friends in the world. The Avengers. And you will be marrying the love of your life, becoming Mrs. Barnes.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: pure fluff, SMUT!!!

Word Count: 3596


◄••• Part 15 (Final)          Epilogue

I do not own any of the pictures above. Credit goes to their rightful owners 

James Buchanan Barnes not only saved me from the darkness that was lurking inside me, waiting for the right moment to drown me in it. He also loved me unconditionally and he gave me two wonderful kids. I adored him. I loved and respected him deeply. Just like our two kids, Freya and Finley.

Sometimes I even got a little jealous of their closeness with my fiancé. My fiancé. I smiled vaguely, admiring the ring on my left hand. The sun was shining just right through the ceiling-high window, throwing light on the blue diamond, making it twinkle magically.

When I asked Bucky why he chose this particular blue diamond ring, instead of a white diamond, he answered simply like it was the most obvious in the world, an exceptional woman like me, would also need to be given an uniquely seldom blue diamond.

God I loved that man with all my heart. I had to endure horrible things in my life before Bucky. But every time I sneak a peek of him playing with Freya and Finley, or the simple moments when he lays in bed sleeping peacefully next to me, I knew it was worth it. Bucky was worth it.

If I had to go through everything again, only for Bucky to wait for me at the end. I would do it in an instant. It was now a year and a half after Bucky’s proposal. Yesterday we had another date night. Just the two of us. Living with the Avengers had its privileges, like a tons of babysitters.

They loved our girl and boy dearly. Steve teared up when he heard Finley’s second name was Grant. He and Wanda nearly fought who was the best godparent. It was pathetic but also kind of cute to be honest.

The funniest was when the twins started crawling and even better when they started walking. I never imagined the mightiest superheroes running around the tower after babies, scared they might trip or bump into something.

By now Freya and Finley could say “Da-da” and “Ma-ma”, the rest was just babbling. The most adorable were their cooing though. Bucky and I still fought about what the first word was. I was sure it was “Ma-ma” while he insisted it was “Da-da”.

Wanda would always laugh at our arguments, when they came up at random times during the day. She even had the audacity to tell us she knows who was right, but wouldn’t tell us either way.

I was standing at the window still, grinning at the memories, when a knock on the door teared me off my day dreaming. “Hey, [Y/N]. Are you ready?” Steve peeked his head in. “Yeah, everything is packed.” I pointed to the luggages in the corner of the room, next to the door. “Great, then let me help carrying them. The others are waiting already for us. Let’s go.” He announced, gripping the larger two luggages, waiting for me to follow him out the door.


When the quinjet reached its destination and I stepped out of it with Finley on my right arm, I was speechless. In front of us was a giant beach house. It looked elegant stylish but still cozy. The beach house was in a truly exceptional location just above a large sandy beach. The crashing of the waves could be heard and the air smelled fresh and salty.

Myself with Finley and Bucky with Freya were the first to step through the threshold. We were immediately greeted by a huge living space and a window front at the end of the room. The ceiling in the entrance area was pretty high, the furniture was colored white, with some highlights of arctic blue and beige.

The beach theme was present in the whole beach house. It was beautiful and surprisingly not one bit swanky like I thought it would. It was one of Tony’s holiday lodges after all. He also was the one taking the wedding planning in his own hands. He needed to promise me first it wouldn’t be too much over the top.

I wanted to have a small wedding on the beach, only with the Avengers and my family. To be hundred percent sure Tony would contain himself, Wanda and Pietro watched over him. It was only logical considering they would be my bridesmaid and bridesman.

Tony would have the honor of walking me down the aisle, while Steve and Sam would accompany Bucky as his groomsmen, while Thor would officiate the wedding. It all just felt so unbelievable. In a few days I would be Mrs. Barnes, married by the god of thunder.

After everyone unpacked their stuff, we went down to the beach. The kids instantly started playing in the sand. Natasha and Clint were building sand castles with them. Bucky was sitting behind me, his arms embraced around my waist. His head was lying on my right shoulder, with every exhale of his warm breath a shiver ran up my spine.

“Are you still sure about becoming my wife, doll?” He whispered in my ear, with a hint of a smile in his voice. “I couldn’t be more sure, James.” Bucky kissed me right under the ear, making goosebump break out on my skin. “You know what it does to me, when you call me by my first name you little minx.” He practically purred. His cool metal hand wandered dangerously low, hidden under my shirt. I pulled his hand out from under the white fabric. “Behave! In a few days is our wedding night, then we will have all the time in the world for sexy times.” Bucky chuckled amused, his body shaking behind me. “Can’t wait.”


This was it. This was the day I finally would become Mrs. Barnes. My wedding dress was hanging in front of me, beside the mirror I was sitting at. While Wanda and Natasha styled my [Y/H/C] hair into a loose plait, I stole glances at my dress.

It was perfectly fitting for the whole beach wedding theme. The ivory colored dress was delicate, semi-translucent and jeweled with rhinestones from top to bottom. The back neckline was square-shaped and gave the fairy looking dress something sexy. To top it off, I would only wear a skin colored lace underwear number below.

I couldn’t wait for Bucky to get rid off my dress tonight. He already promised me a night I would never forget. Ever.

My mind reading best friend was luckily occupied with putting hair jewelry in the form of flowers and leaves into my plait. Another look into the mirror made my cheeks heat up, when Natasha smirked knowingly at me. Damn spy skills!

It didn’t help one bit, I was sitting only in mentioned underwear in front of Natasha and Wanda. To fuel my current state of embarrassment, Nat grabbed my blush garter, letting it dangle on her pointer finger before me.

Without a word I picked the garter off her finger and put it on, making sure the white bow was displayed on the front. To say I was nervous would be a massive understatement. I felt like throwing up, running away and disappearing into the ground, all at once.

Not only would I marry James Buchanan Barnes, the love of my life in about thirty minutes, I also had no clue about the decorations and arrangements of my wedding. Tony made sure to organise everything without my knowledge.

I knew Tony had a lot of style and an eye for elegant beauty. He was the one who choose my wedding dress after all, and it couldn’t have been more perfect, but still I was worried about seeing the finished wedding location in all it’s glory.

“You still don’t want to tell me a single thing about the scenery? It’s MY wedding after all. I have a right to know.” I tried reasoning with the girls for the assumed 100th time. “Not a chance, but nice try, with the whole MY wedding speech.” Wanda giggled. “You should at least trust me, when not Tony. You really think I would let him ruin your wedding? You will love it. I promise. Now be a good girl and let us help you into your dress, without damaging your hair and make-up.”

Natasha and Wanda were more than careful with helping me slip my bridal gown on. They spent a lot of time with making me look presentable after all. I was about to tear up when I saw my reflection in the mirror. “Don’t you dare ruin all the work we put into your make-up, [Y/N]!” Natasha ordered. A knock made us three turn around, facing the door.

The door opened, revealing Tony in a black suit and a wide smile on his face. “Are you rea… Wow! Look at you! Darling, you look magnificent. Barnes is one lucky man.” I pulled him into a tight hug. “Don’t make me cry! Nat and Wanda would kill me and probably you too.”

“Alright, then we better should get going. You ready to become Mrs. Barnes?” Tony sang out, offering his arm to me.

“Let’s do this!” I responded nervously, yet cheerful. I tried to lighten the mood on our way to the beach with a little chit-chat.

“Aren’t you going to be hot in your suit?” I asked curiously and genuinely interested. “Sweetheart, I’m always hot.” Tony stated dead serious, wiggling his eyebrows seductively.

“You’re unbelievable, Stark.” I laughed out. “Jokes apart, we’re all wearing swimming trunks under our suits. So don’t worry about us guys.” Tony assured.

Tony abruptly stopped and I looked up. We were already within sight of the wedding guests. First thing I noticed were the ravishing beauty, yet straightforwardness of the decorations. Our few guests were already sitting on white chairs, who were covered with blush colored fabric at the back. The aisle to the front was highly adorned with white, rose and pink flowers.

A white circular arch, at the end of the aisle, was also richly decorated with the same flowers. Under the arch he stood. At first he didn’t acknowledge my presence, while he was talking with Steve. Like he sensed my attendance he turned his gaze towards me. His blue orbs blazed with love. Tears started shimmering in my eyes, at the sight of this wonderful, perfect man, who loved me no matter what. That’s when all nervousness vanished. The only emotion I was feeling was love.


After the wedding ceremony, a lot of alcohol and cheers, Bucky and I could finally have some alone time. As husband and wife. Our rings were shining in the moonlight as Bucky and I wandered with entwined fingers and light footsteps through the still warm sand. While I still had my wedding dress on, Bucky only was in black swimming trunks and his white unbuttoned shirt. In the shimmering moonlight his defined abs looked even more prominent, making my mouth water at the sight.

“You know what made me fall in love with you, [Y/N]?” Bucky broke the silence. I shook my head no. “Your stunning big [Y/E/C] doe eyes. When you looked at me with them in the alley. I was captivated right away.” “Funny, cause I was completely captivated by your eyes, too. I remember they were the first thing I saw, when you saved me. It was like you could see into my soul with just one look.”

Instead of saying another word, we both leaned into each other and kissed lovingly. Our lips danced together in a rhythm of their own. Sinfully Bucky’s tongue ran over my lips, asking for entrance. Before I let him in, I sucked his plump bottom lip into my mouth, eliciting a moan from Bucky.

Our kisses quickly became more heated and passionate. Our tongues were rolling and massaging each other sensually. I pushed Bucky’s dark locks back, carding my fingers through them, raking my nails lightly across his scalp. Bucky inhaled sharply, pushing his hips harder against mine.

He let his lips wander over my neck, leaving open mouthed kisses on the way down to my collarbone. Simultaneously his flesh fingers were ghosting over my neck. With his metal hand he grabbed one of my ass cheeks, pushing me even more against his hot body. The cold metal of his hand left my whole body shivering, along with the sensation of his hard member rolling and grinding against my wet core.

Bucky hiked my dress up and shoved his hand between my legs. “Baby girl, you’re already dripping. Let me help you out of that dress, so we can get rid of your soaked panties.” He purred in my ear in a husky voice. I slightly whimpered at his words. “Bucky, can’t we go back to our room? I don’t want to make my dress d-dirty.” “Oh honey, don’t worry, you will be the only one getting dirty here. I can’t wait any longer, doll.” To underline his needy words, he pushed his erection against my stomach.

I palmed him through his bathing trunks, stroking up and down. “Oh, [Y/N]! If you don’t stop now, I’m g-gonna come!” He pushed me cautiously away to lift my dress over my head. Hastily he took off his white shirt and threw it into the sand, placing my dress carefully and neatly folded on top of it.

When his eyes travelled over me, his pupils dilated and his breath hitched audibly. I was sure he would eat me alive, but he kissed me slowly making me dizzy, seeing stars. “I love you, my beautiful wife.” He whispered against my lips. “I love you, too. So damn much, Bucky!” We continued kissing sweet and tenderly, undressing each other in the process, until we both stood completely naked in front of each other.

“Lay down for me, doll.” Bucky cooed. I couldn’t help the arching of my eyebrow. “H-here? In the sand. Won’t it be raspy?” Bucky only chuckled. “Trust me, I make it worth your while.” “You better!” I told him, still not sure about the whole situation. I never had sex on the beach before, but I always imagined it kind of messy and uncomfortable. At the same time it also had something very romantic.

The light of the moon made the ocean sparkle magically, the sounds of the crushing waves were calming and sounded like an enchanting melody. Bucky laid me down on the sand, crawling down my body right away. Without a warning he opened my legs wide and dove into my pulsing heat. Gasps and moans were the only sounds beside the ocean to be heard.

It wasn’t the first time Bucky went down on me, but everytime he does I was pudding in his hands. This man knew how to give me the highest amount of pleasure with his mouth. Bucky was the musician and I was his instrument. And he always created a fucking masterpiece when playing me. He was lapping at my juices, creating the most obscene noises.

He parted my lips to get even more of my sweet wetness, delving his tongue into my hole. “O-oh, Bucky! F-eels s-so good!” I stuttered between moans of pure pleasure. “Hmm, tell me more, baby.” He just loved to hear me tell him how good he made me feel. And I loved to tell him. “I love it when you g-go down…on me. Ahhh! W-when you f-fuck me with y-your tongue.” He hummed satisfied of my praises, sending the most amazing vibrations through me, with his tongue still inside my entrance.

“P-please, l-let me…l-let me come.” I begged him. “What my wife wants, my wife gets.” He growled. That’s when he pulled out the big guns. A last time he slipped his tongue deep into my wetness and licked around, gathering my cum. At this point his face was soaked with my juices. I clawed at Bucky’s back, digging my nails deep into his flesh.

“B-Bucky! I- I want…” I was breathless from all the pleasure, dangling just at the edge of my climax. “What do you want, doll. Tell me!” Bucky demanded, fixating me with his lust blown eyes. “F-fingers. I w-want your fingers, p-please.” I was a mess, unable to form a whole sentence. Bucky put his mouth back on me, sucking, pressing and licking on my clit to get me going again. His tongue flicked back and forth, coaxing a squeal from me.

When he pushed two cold fingers into me, curling them upwards to press against my g-spot, I was done for. I came harder than ever with a scream of Bucky’s name, who was still nibbling at my nub to prolong my orgasm as long as possible.

“Fuck, baby! That was the hottest thing ever!” Bucky said utterly amazed. I was still coming down from my high, not even registering what he meant. When I opened my eyes a few moments later, I was shocked to see his face. “Oh my god. D-did I…?” “Hell yeah! You did!” I hid my face behind my hands in embarrassment. “Hey look at me, [Y/N].” He pulled my hands off my face, absentmindedly wiping over his face with the back of his hand.

He still was coated in my cum. I picked his shirt and gave it to him wordlessly. “Baby, don’t be shy now. This was incredible. It was darned hot when you squir…” I pressed my hands hurriedly over his mouth. “Don’t say it!” Bucky laughed out loud. “Why not?! Never be embarrassed of your pleasure, doll.” He kissed me on the temple, whispering the next words in a hoarse voice in my ear. “Now that I know you are capable of squirting, I’m surely gonna do it again. And again. And again.”

My cheeks still were hot from the uncomfortable feeling. Now after the climax has vanished, I could feel sand on places I never wanted to have it. Ever. My back felt rubbed sore and my hair were a complete mess. “I told you beach sex would be a bad idea, Bucky. I’ve got sand everywhere! And I mean everywhere! I’m sure as hell not gonna continue fucking here!” I said matter of factly, pointing to his rock hard dick.

“Don’t worry, let me take care of that.” He lifted me smoothly of the ground, carrying me bridal style to the ocean. “You can’t be serious!” Bucky silenced me with his lips in an instant.

Bucky walked right into the water and I couldn’t deny the water felt heavenly around my heated skin. Bucky let me down carefully, his fingers ever so gently dancing over my whole body, washing every single grain of sand away. At last his fingers found my folds, cleaning and massaging my pussy at the same time. I could feel my arousal all over again, moist gathering between my legs.

I palmed Bucky’s dick in my hand, slowly started to jerk him off. Bucky was panting in my ears, his head fell onto my shoulders. I rolled up and down his cock in a slight twisting gesture as Bucky was rutting into my hand. I grasped his chin, tilting it up to press a sloppy kiss against his swollen lips.

Bucky picked me up hastily, hooking my legs around his waist before he let me sink down onto his cock. We both moaned out loud at the feeling of our bodies connected in the most sensual way possible. Bucky was setting the pace, bouncing me up and down on his cock.   

My senses were overwhelmed and I was drowning in pleasure at the feeling of his prominent veins of his hard member.

I dug my nails into his shoulders and watched his cock disappear into my pussy over and over again. The waves of the ocean were floating around us, keeping our heated skin cooled. Bucky quickened the rhythm of his thrusts, reaching deeper and deeper.

“F-Fuck! I can feel you clenching around me already, doll!” He choked out. My breasts were bouncing up and down from every slamming of his hips against mine. “J-James! F-fuck! I’m coming! Just like that! Right there! Ahh, JAMES!” I screamed in pure ecstasy, gripping Bucky’s dick with the contraction of my cunt. “FUUUUUCK! [Y/N]!” Bucky shouted, spilling his hot cum in spurts inside me, coating my walls with his sticky seed.

We pressed our foreheads together, both breathing heavily at each other. Bucky cupped my cheeks fondly in his hands, peppering my face with lazy kisses. “I love you. You made me the happiest man alive today.” I pecked his lips, splaying my hands over his chest. “I love you, James. And I will as long as I’m alive.”

A cocky smirk spread over Bucky’s face. “Do you think it worked?” I had no clue what he meant. Bucky’s gaze wandered down. “Oh! You mean if you knocked me up again?” I giggled shyly. “Don’t say it like that, baby. You know I would love to have a third child. What better way to get you pregnant than our wedding night.” I grinned mischievously, tugging with my teeths on his earlobe. “I guess we better should extend the chances.” “You don’t have to tell me twice!” Bucky said enthusiastically, throwing me over his shoulder and almost running back to the beach house, to all but make sure our love making would come to fruition.


Nine months later our third child Loveleen Wanda Barnes was born

~ FIN ~

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Ok so a ghoul calling herself Bobbi No-Nose is like some random goon calling himself Tony Two-Arms, it doesn’t really narrow it down that much

So what is she used to be Bobbi Big-Nose, crime queen on Boston and she’s trying to lay low since she heard ol Nicky Valentine’s back in town.

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Hey hey arcsin... what would it take for you to fall in love with someone?

Oh idk…they’d had to be kind, tall, broad-shouldered, with a narrow-waist, funny hair color, mechanical right arm, a paladin maybe, piloting a giant black robot lion.

How I envision Roman and Dean hanging out.
  • Dean: *looking up at the stars in his backyard*
  • Roman: *sits next to him*
  • Dean: See those stars over there? *points to the right*
  • Roman: *looks* Yeah.
  • Dean: *puts his arm down* They make a giant dick in the sky...
  • Roman: ...I f*cking hate you, Dean.
  • Dean: Love you too, brotha.
A Fishy Deal

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Summary: I love the idea of Smuggler!Ben Solo ok? Lol. So here’s this! An AU where Han gets Ben and Chewie to cover for him, as he tries to save himself from another deal gone wrong. Things go smoothly for the pickup of their smuggle. The transport to the client however, not so much.

A/N: I’m not super sure about this one but its been sitting in my drafts for a long time so I’m finally setting it free, LOL enjoy!

Strumming fingers were the only sound coming from the booth, nestled far in the corner of the dingy cantina. Creatures from every corner of the galaxy were bustling around, downing their drinks, reuniting with friends and escaping the mundane. Ben Solo however, kept his deep eyes focused precisely on the unsightly creature in front of him. 

“So are you taking the deal or not?” it sneered at him.

Ben peered over to his right at Chewbacca who had his giant furry arms crossed. He gave out the slightest huff to which Ben nodded.

 It was like every other deal, get to point A, meet skeez 1, get your payment, smuggle the goods to skeez B and call it a day. Though he was reluctant to cover his fathers back because he, once again, bit off more than he could chew, Ben loved the stroke to his ego these transactions gave him. He knew he was good. With his last name, a legacy he lived up to too. 

“You’re serious that this is going to settle the damn debt we have with the Hutts? With the payment you’re providing I would hope you’d have more to offer us. We are the best in the business after all.” 

Ben knew he wasn’t supposed to antagonize the clients, but the potential to squeeze out a few extra credits was all too tempting. The blue creature sneered, exposing his yellowing fangs that matched his two yellow horns. 

“It may not seem much to you Solo, but the Hutt will be more than pleased with you when you arrive with this. You can hope they’ll let go of that grudge.” 

Ben hesitated, turning to Chewie again who simply nodded. He wasn’t about to dig Han into even deeper debt for the sake of Ben having a little fun. 

Ben smirked, “Then we have a deal. We’ll get it there. Under the condition, of course, we get paid up front.” 

The men all stood from the booth, seeing the creature sneer at him Ben hesitated. He was sternly warned by his father not to mess this up, or else. Remembering the look on his fathers face when he made that threat made him suddenly second guess the last words to just fall out of his mouth. He started to reach for the blaster hiding in his belt as a precaution, until he saw the creature reach into its jacket pocket and reveal a small brown patten leather bag. As if with disgust the creature threw the bag at Ben as he quickly caught it in his grip against his chest. 

“Typical…now…this way.” 

Placing the small bag safely in Chewies satchel, Ben and Chewie followed the two creatures out of the back door. 

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Bleach volume 5 had Chad on the cover, and it’s titled “Right Arm of the Giant” (inarguably about Chad) and it features the poem

If I don’t wield the sword, I can’t protect you.
If I keep wielding the sword, I can’t embrace you.

In these chapters, Chad’s powers awaken because he wants to protect Karin. This coincides with a flashback to his childhood where he is being told off by his grandfather for getting into fights, and his grandfather tells him that his size and strength is not for hurting people. Chad’s abuelo says to him,

“Yasutora. You are strong, you are big. So please be kind. Kinder than anyone.

Those large, strong fists of yours, for what sake do you have them? Figure that out.”

To which Chad answers, in present time,

“I understand abuelo. My giant fists are not for the sake of causing pain. My giant body is for the sake of protecting others. I understand everything, I understand it all. So even just a little bit, please lend me strength.”

Everything - his chapters, the poem - is clearly about Chad’s struggle with his strength and the restraint he has to use to not hurt others; the conflict between not fighting because of his grandfather’s wishes for him to be kind and gentle, and wanting to fight and gain more strength for his friends.

As he watches Karin fight her friends and try to push them out of harm’s way, as he watches Karin hurt her friends to protect them, he realises that he can fight, that he should fight to protect people. That in this context, fighting is the kind thing to do.

That poem is about Chad. It’s nothing new, it doesn’t add something to his character that we didn’t know before, but reflects what we learnt about him in this very volume. It perfectly captures his struggle and the dichotomy of fighting and protecting. It’s not about anyone else. It’s definitely not about Ichigo, who is barely even in this volume (his appearance is limited to the first few chapters where basically all he does is agree to fight Ishida). It’s certainly not about ships. I don’t know why ichiruki or ichihime shippers try to claim this poem for their ships, when, as far as I can see, there’s little to no justification for applying it to Ichigo, let alone to any potential ships with him. 

Ichigo’s never had this struggle. He’s never felt regret about having the power to fight, he’s never felt the conflict of being gentle and kind while having power.  He’s always, from the very beginning, associated power with protecting (unlike Chad, who only comes to this realisation in this volume). The only basis to these arguments, as far as I can see, is that the poem talks about a sword and people interpret this literally, and don’t consider that “sword” is symbolic of battle and power in general.

It’s bullshit tbh. Chad is the most ignored and overlooked character in the entire series, and people want to take what little he has away from him. To which I say: fuck right off

blue boxers

characters: mafuyu, takaomi
pairings: mafuyu/takaomi
summary: late night accidents, half-naked homeroom teachers, and a five yen debt
note: inspired by this post; for the lovely aokijis, who wanted an oresama teacher fic forever ago OTL

There was an adorable little grandma with a kind, toothy smile living in the apartment below hers whom Mafuyu had always adored – until she tried to bake a batch of cookies in the middle of the night due to a random bout of sleepwalking, promptly causing the fire alarm to go off at 3AM and ushering everyone in the building out of their cozy beds and into the biting winter outside.

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#16: he surprises you.

Mark: It’s late at night when you get home and you see that all the lights are off, meaning that Mark is probably asleep. You’re exhausted and had a long day. All you wanted to do was to climb into bed next to him and sleep. As you get to the bedroom and switch on the lights, Mark comes out of a corner, smiling. He’s holding a bowl of popcorn and a DVD set of your favourite tv show, and you can’t help but almost burst into tears. You’re so thankful to have a boyfriend like Mark. “Come on,” he says, “Let’s lay down and maybe your day will be a little bit better.” And you know it will be. 

Jr: You sigh as walk into the kitchen for another day of being alone. It had been three weeks since you last saw your boyfriend, Jinyoung, after he went to Japan for a work trip. This day needed to be over as soon as possible so you could just go and pick him up from the airport tonight. Rubbing your eyes, you finally see a balloon and a card on the kitchen counter. “What is this…” you mumble to yourself. Approaching the ballon, suddenly a tub of ice cream is propped on the counter. You freeze in your steps, unable to fathom a clear thought in your head. Murderer or Jinyoung? You reach out for it, and then Jinyoung pops out from behind the counter! “JINYOUNG!” You scream, “You nearly gave me a heart attack but I don’t even care right now —” you run into his open arms for a giant hug and a passionate kiss. “I guess you missed me, then?” he finally says, laughing. 

JB: “Just a bit further, okay, Y/N?” JB uses one hand to guide your waist, pushing you along. It was nearly 8PM and you were so hungry more than anything and wanted just to get some food. Hesitating, you take one step at a time, hoping not to trip over anything, but still trusting JB enough that he wouldn’t allow that to happen. “Okay, we’re here,” he finally says, and pulls off the blindfold. You’re at the park and he’s set up a candle-lit picnic dinner for you. “JB…” you say, slowly turning towards him. You almost want to cry — how lucky are you that you can say you have a boyfriend who does this for you? “I know,” he says, running his fingers through his hair awkwardly. “It’s so cheesy. But I just wanted to surprise you.” “It’s perfect,” you say as you head toward the food, fingers entwined with his. 

Jackson: “Okay, now go into the kitchen,” he says, directing over the phone. Your boyfriend Jackson was travelling to Japan: again. He had sent you an urgent-sounding text to call him. When you did, you just felt like you were being put through a scavenger hunt… typical Jackson. “I’m here, babe,” you say over the phone, a little irritated. Why couldn’t he just tell you EXACTLY where to go?! “Hey!!! Don’t be mad,” he says, detecting the annoyance in your voice. “This is a good surprise and you should be proud I planned something for once!” You laugh, agreeing with him. As silly as he was, he was still the best boyfriend and you were lucky to have him. “Okay! Now go into the drawer next to the fridge,” he directs. “Okay…” you say, indicating that you’re now there. “Open the envelope with your name on it.” You do as he says, and to your surprise they’re plane tickets! To Japan! To see Jackson! “JACKSON!” You almost drop the phone in excitement. “Surprise, Y/N!!” he says, over the phone, “I told you it was worth it.” “It was,” you agree, “Thanks, J! I am so excited to see you.” “And I’m excited to see you,” he says, a little more gentle this time, “I love you." 

BamBam: "Hey babe,” you answer the phone. You’re out with your girlfriends, gossiping, as usual, until your boyfriend, BamBam calls you. “I’m at the store right now,” he says, “And they have those t shirts you really like. You know, the comfy ones with the pocket in front. Do you want one? I’ll buy one for you.” So typical of him to call for something as small as a comfy t shirt, but regardless, you’re still grateful. “Sure, babe,” you say, mostly wanting to get back to the conversation the girls were having. “Thank you.” “You’re welcome, Y/N! I’ll see you at home. Love you.” “Love you,” you reply, hanging up. Now where were you? 
Turning on the lights when you get home, you notice a pile of grocery bags on the coffee table. Walking over, you also see BamBam laying on the floor, fast asleep. “BamBam,” you say, shaking him awake. “Oh. It’s you,” he says with his adorable sleepy voice. “Sorry. I fell asleep. I got you some things…” he motions over the the bags of things. “What is all of this?” You say, chuckling, “I thought you were getting a t shirt.” You sit down on the floor next to him so he doesn’t have to get up. “Well, I was,” he starts, “But then I saw those microwave dinners you like. And also your favourite fruits and all that… SO I just got you a bunch of stuff.” You laugh, so touched by his notions. “Thank you,” you say, a little more genuine this time, and bend over to give him a kiss on the forehead. 

Youngjae: “Where are you NOW?” you say, strutting around the living room. You hear a faint giggle and then look down at your phone, which has now vibrated indicating you got a text. From Youngjae. “Not even close,” it reads. He’s obviously challenged you, so you hysterically go running around, opening up every cupboard and drawer, looking for him. “I’m going to find youuuu!” you yell, so that he could hear you from anywhere in the house. “You can try,” a new text from him reads. “Ahhhgghhhhh!” you say, moving to the upstairs part of the home. After what seems like hours, you want to give up, until you feel someone grab you from behind and tackle you to the floor. “You failed. Badly,” he says while tickling you. You are so easily ticklish that even him just grabbing you sends you into a laughing frenzy. “I—hate—you!” you manage to break out, panting from the laughter. “And I love you!” he replies. 

Yugyeom: “It’s so hot today,” you say, fanning your face. You want to hold your boyfriend, Yugyeom’s, hand, but you don’t want him to feel all the sweat your body is exuding, and you’re pretty sure he feels the same way about himself. You’re both walking the streets of Seoul, thinking that maybe being outside would give you both some energy, but all its brought you guys so far is more heat and more sweat. “Wait a second, Y/N!” he says, suddenly stopping in the middle of the road. You keep walking, not even noticing he’s stopped. “What is it?” you shout back at him after finally noticing. “Stay right there,” he says, running into a store. You groan, not being able to catch up with him and also because you have to walk backwards in this heat. When you finally reach the spot you think he left at, Yugyeom comes out with 2 ice cream cones in his hands — one for him, and one for you. “Surpriseeee! Here,” he says, handing it to you, “I got you your favourite.” And he’s right. The ice cream cools you both down so much that you can finally walk hand in hand again. 

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It's Laura's birthday and Carmilla doesn't know what to do...

author’s note: i’m so so sorry this took so long :-(

Carmilla hated birthdays. It may be because she never got to celebrate hers (it’s probably due to the fact that she can’t remember her own birthday). Naturally, when she heard about Laura’s upcoming birthday, she scoffed. Carmilla never thought birthdays were anything special, it’s just another day.

Carmilla changed her mind though, when she saw Laura’s ecstatic smile and excited squeal.


“It’s my birthday in two days.” Laura gushed, rolling around on her bed. Carmilla arched an eyebrow as she strut into the room, closing the door loudly behind her.

“Two days huh?” Carmilla spoke and Laura jumped from her bed, cheeks flushed red. Laura nodded and a small grin formed on her face. Carmilla made her way over to Laura, wrapping her arms around the shorter girl.

“So uh—” Carmilla scrunches her nose up. “What present do you want?”

“I’m supposed to answer that?” Laura giggled, squirming and turning around in the vampire’s arms to face her. Carmilla furrowed her eyebrows, looking down at Laura. “You don’t have to get me anything, Carm.”

Laura grinned at Carmilla, leaning up to press a gentle kiss to Carmilla’s cheek. The vampire pouted, obviously unhappy with Laura’s answer.

“Really, you being here is enough.” Laura softly spoke, her eyes meeting Carmilla’s warm brown ones. Carmilla couldn’t stop the face splitting grin that formed when Laura spoke.

“Cheeseball.” Carmilla retorted, kissing the tip of Laura’s nose before pulling them down onto Laura’s bed.


Carmilla [16:45]: I need your help.

Ginger 1 [16:48]: with what?

Carmilla grumbled at her phone, squinting at the bright screen. Laura’s birthday was in a day and yes, the short girl told her not to get anything but Carmilla wanted to get her something. She had texted LaFontaine out of desperation, her hands clutching tightly onto the phone as her knees bounced.

Carmilla [16:50]: Do you know what Laura likes?

Carmilla huffed, turning her phone off and waiting for the little buzz to notify her of a new message. She didn’t have to wait long.

Ginger 1 [16:51]: you.

Carmilla growled in frustration, letting her phone drop onto her bed as she buried her head in her pillow.

Carmilla [16:52]: You’re of no help.

Carmilla glanced towards Laura’s table, her eyes scanning for anything that the blonde may need. A few seconds later, her phone buzzed and lit up, LaF’s caller ID displayed on the screen.

“Is this about Laura’s birthday?” They immediately asked, not waiting for Carmilla to speak. The vampire scrunched her nose up and rolled her eyes at the excited tone coming from the other side.

“Duh.” She deadpanned, earning a chuckle from them. “She told me not to get anything but—”

“But you want to give her something anyway.” LaF continued and Carmilla nodded, a sigh slipping from her lips. “You know, Laura probably would thank you if you got her a garbage bag.”

Carmilla frowned, “I’m not getting her trash.” The vampire sighs again and LaF laughed. “I’ll think of something, thanks, LaF.”

“You’re actually pretty sweet.” They replied, obviously trying to hold back laughter. “A three hundred year old vampire going through so much dilemma for a nineteen year—”

Carmilla cut her off, turning off her phone and laying down on her bed. She shut her eyes for a moment before getting up and padding out of the door.


Carmilla rolled over the next morning to someone excitedly bouncing around in the small area.

“What the—” the vampire pushed herself up, eyeing the blonde as she danced around in a t shirt and a pair of short shorts. Carmilla smiled, her grin widening as Laura turned to her.

“Hey,” Laura sucked in air. “Did I wake you? I’m sorry it’s just I always get excited over my birthday each year, and I know it’s nothing much but my dad and I used to go out together and—”

Carmilla wrapped her arms around the shorter girl and kissed her forehead, smiling down at her. “It’s okay, cupcake.”

Laura smiled at her, teeth and all, and Carmilla chuckled, kissing her quickly. “Happy birthday.”

Carmilla announced that she had activities planned for Laura and the two got changed quickly, of course not without Carmilla’s hands wandering and a heavy make out session in the middle of the dorm room.


They arrived at a nearby carnival, hand in hand as they walked through the heavily decorated entrance.

“Uh—” Carmilla started, her eyes darting around. “I didn’t really know where to take you but you once told me you loved carnivals and that your parents always took you and I thought you might like it if—”

Laura cut her off with a kiss, Carmilla’s hands cupping Laura’s neck. “Thank you.” Laura grinned at the vampire and Carmilla let out a silent sigh of relief.


Two hours later, the two walked out of the festive place, a giant teddy bear in Laura’s right arm and five helium balloons in her other hand. Carmilla had two sticks of cotton candy in her hands, her face painted to look like a black panther (courtesy of Laura, Carmilla wouldn’t do this on her own accord for a thousand bucks).

“I told you to choose a smaller one.” Carmilla nudged Laura. “Look at that thing, it’s taller than you.”

Laura protectively gripped onto her teddy bear, wrinkling her nose at Carmilla. “Shut up, Karnstein.” Carmilla chuckled, and Laura shoved the cotton candy in her hands into her mouth.


That night, after the party LaF and Perry arranged while they were gone, Laura and Carmilla lay on the quad, watching the stars twinkle above them. Laura lay her head on Carmilla’s collarbone, her arm carelessly thrown over Carmilla’s midriff.

“There’s something else.” Carmilla gently pushed Laura off her and the blonde licked her lips, looking at her girlfriend questioningly. “Look, I know it’s lame and I didn’t really know what to get you but—”

Carmilla’s hand reached into her back pocket and pulled an antique looking watch out.

“My father gave this to me on my eighteenth birthday, uh right before I—you know.” Carmilla held it on her open palm, her eyes not meeting Laura’s. “I had the batteries changed so it works now, um—”

“Carm,” Laura pushed a finger under Carmilla’s chin and tilted her head up, allowing her eyes to meet Carmilla’s warm ones. “I love you, thank you.”

Carmilla’s eyes widened as Laura took the watch from her open palm, inspecting it under the pale moonlight. The vampire leaned forward, kissing Laura as the girl stroked the strap of the watch. “I love you.” Laura reiterated, pulling Carmilla’s hands into her own.

“I love you too.”


 *long but worth it I swear ;)*

Harry - Your birthday

It’s your birthday today and you were woken up by the sound of your brothers and parents singing Happy Birthday to you in bed. It may not be the best birthday ever but you were happy that your family remembers it. You had breakfast in bed, then you took a long warm shower when your phone rang. You got out immediately, wearing your towel on, and ran to your room, still dripping, you knew that Harry was the one who called, ‘cuz his ringtone is different than the others on your contacts, “Good morning sunshine.” he said in his morning husky raspy voice. “Haha it’s afternoon here.” “Ah, forgot the time difference.” he replied giggling. “How’s my birthday girl doing?” he continued. “I’m okay, how’s tour?” “Not the same when you’re not here. I just want to say happy birthday beautiful.” “Awh thanks baby.” you giggled hearing his voice. “I’m so sorry that I couldn’t be there on your special day.” “It’s okay, we’ve talked about this, we can celebrate it after your tour okay? I don’t mind. Really.” “You know that I love you so much right?” he asked. “Yes I do, and I love you.” you replied smiling. You could feel him smiling on the other side of the line,”Well, I gotta go take a shower now, but I’ll be calling you later tonight okay?” “Okay, love you.” you replied and hung up after he said that he loved you too.

You went back to the bathroom and continued your morning rituals. You knew that your boyfriend couldn’t make it on your birthday but you said you were fine with it, and you were, even though deep down you missed him like crazy. As soon as you finished your rituals you ran downstairs to the kitchen, “Hey honey.” “Hi dad.” you replied walking towards him and kissed him on the cheek while he was reading the newspaper. “Any plans for the day?” he asked looking up to you. “Well I’m going out with my friends. We’re gonna go shopping but I’m free after that.” you said as you opened the fridge. “That’s great, come home before dinner okay?” “Yeah will do.” you smiled, walked to him and kissed him on the forehead. “Mom!!! I’m going out!!” you screamed. “Okay! Have fun!” she yelled from the bathroom, in the middle of bathing your baby brother. You went out to the driveway finding your friend’s car already waiting outside,”Y/N!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLLLLLL!” “Haha hey! You don’t have to shout!” you giggled as you went into the car. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!” your other friend shouted from the seat behind. “Omg Y/F/N! You startled me!” “Sorry haha!” “Let’s get going!” you said excitedly. “Wait, there’s something we want to show you.” your friend said from the driver’s seat. She took her phone out and clicked on a video. You were a bit shocked when you saw Harry’s face appeared on your friend’s screen, “Hi kitten.” he started with a smile. “If you’re seeing this then you’re probably with Y/F/N and Y/F/N by now, and I just want to say have a great day! I bet you look beautiful! And I’m currently at a signing right now and I can’t talk much but still, happy birthday to the most beautiful girl in the world! Muah !” he ended with a kiss then the screen blacked out. 

“He sent that to you?” you asked still smiling. “Yeah.” she replied as she started the car. She drove in silence, as well as your friend at the back, just busy with her phone until you arrived at the mall, “Here we are.” she smiled. You got out of the car with your two best friends and went straight in. A lot of the shops were on sale so it must be your lucky day as you stroll through the mall, stopping at every store, bought a thing or two. You still thought about Harry when your friends talked to you and made you laugh, which later made you forget and move on through the day. “Ahh I’m starving!!!” one of your friend said after a 2 hour shopping spree. “Me too.” you giggled. “How bout Carl’s Junior?” she asked pointing at the restaurant across from where you were standing.”Okay.” you replied as you walked arm in arm with your two best friends. Your friend waited in line as you and your other friend sat on the seat near the window. You were busy daydreaming when your friend poked your shoulder, “Hey, look.” she said pointing at the small tv on the wall. You saw your boyfriend’s Night Changes video and smiled, “I miss him.” you said. “Just keep watching.” she replied as she sat in front of you. You didn’t understand what she meant until the music video was over and another video came up, Harry holding a camera and gave it to Niall as he recorded your boyfriend, “Hi again kitten.” he smirked. “Wait, how?” you asked. “Just keep watching!” your friend giggled hitting your right arm. “Sooooo how’s your day so far? I bet you’re eating right now, probably Carl’s Junior, am I right?” he giggled and smiled at the camera. “Anyway, I’m on set right now filming our next music video for the fifth album and I still can’t help the feeling that I couldn’t be with you. And…” he continued as Liam came out from the left and gave a smile. He looked back at Liam then continued, “Umm… Enjoy your lunch with your friends and I’ll call you tonight. Bye.” he smiled kissing you goodbye. 

The video blacked out again and another music video came along as another smile was spreading across your face. Your friend came up to the two of you with a tray and she placed it in front of you, “Here’s yours.” she smiled, walking back to the counter to take hers and your other friend’s meal. You looked down and smiled immediately. Your favourite burger and fries with iced lemon tea were in front of you. You opened the wrapping paper of the burger finding a bracelet right on top of the bun. “That’s weird.” you said laughing. A tiny note came with it, “Read it!” your friend shrieked. “Happy Birthday Love, have a good meal! H” you said. “Here lemme put that bracelet on.” she smiled helping you out. “How?” you asked curiously. “He sent it to us and asked us to give it to the staff here but I didn’t know that it was gonna be right on top of the bun!” she giggled when you bursted out laughing. You ate your lunch and it was great, your two best friends couldn’t stop talking about how sweet your boyfriend were. It never came through your mind that he would do such a thing even though he couldn’t be with you. You continued your shopping spree with your friends through out the day. You were exhausted so the three of you decided to go home. You went out of the mall to the parking lot when you saw a giant screen on the left side of the front doors of the mall, right across the giant fountain. Your friends held your arms and pushed you towards the giant screen as you saw a guy in a purple shirt sitting on the ground beside it like he was waiting for you to come. You looked at the screen, guessing that your boyfriend, once again, made a video for you. The video started with a count down number, 3…2…1… Then you saw not only your boyfriend, but the rest of the boys as well. They looked at the camera and then shouted, “ HEY Y/N!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” “We miss you so much and we hope that you have a great day! Hope that everything works out fine at school, home, Harry.” Liam giggled as your boyfriend looked at him and smiled. “Aye Y/N! Happy birthday!” you smirked seeing Niall talked with his adorable Irish accent. “Hope you have a good one, be nice, don’t forget to buy me my favourite snack when you’re visiting us on tour, love ya muah muah muah!!” he continued giving you three air kisses. Your boyfriend were just sitting there, smiling at his bandmates, then Zayn waved, “Heeeeeeeeeey Y/N!!!!!! How you doin beautiful? I bet you’re okay! But Harry’s not! Haha!” he laughed patting your adorable blushing boyfriend on the back. “Don’t forget to pray and thank God for everything kay? We miss you, hope you can come with us at the next leg of the tour. Harry misses you a lot!” he laughed as he brushed Harry’s hair pretty hard making the boys laughed. “Hello hello you spoiled birthday girl.” Louis said smiling. “So it’s your birthday!” he said as the boys laughed and Harry hit him pretty hard on his right arm. “Ouch! That hurts Harrehh! I know you miss Y/N but that doesn’t mean that you can throw your anger out on me!” he said rubbing his arm. “Go on!” Niall shouted. “Ah yeah. I’m loving M&M’s at the moment so I hope you could buy me that big bag at the airport when you’re coming?” “I want!” Niall shouted again. “Yeah for me and Niall.” “Lou, birthday? Girl? Y/N?” Zayn asked. “Yeah so?” then Liam hit the back of his head, “Ouch, twice!” he shouted. Then it was Harry’s turn to talk and he started with his infamous smile, “Hey, happy birthday love.” he said kissing you goodbye. “That’s it?! It’s your girlfriend for God’s sake!!” Liam shouted laughing. “That’s even worse than Louis’!!” Zayn continued. “Haha suck on that Harrehhhh! By the way, happy birthday, have fun, stay beautiful, stay pretty, hope all goes well!” Louis shouted smiling. “BYEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!” they shouted and waved goodbye as the video blacked out once more.

You giggled as tears fell off your face, “Awh what’s wrong?” your friend asked rubbing your back. “That was so sweet, thank you.” you said hugging your two best friends. “But Harry though.” she replied laughing. “Hey it’s fine! I bet he’s gonna say something sweet when he call her tonight!” your other best friend said. “In the meantime….” she continued turning you around. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY Y/N!!!!!!!!!!!!!” a group of fans shouted at you and 2 of them popped out the confetti and all of them hugged you at once. “Happy birthday!!” one of them said smiling. “Omg, thank you so much. All of you, this means a lot to me.” you cried. “You should thank your boyfriend, he told us about this whole thing.” one of them said again giggling.”Yeah thank Harry!” your friend said shouting. You took pictures with a lot of fans as #HappyBirthdayHarrysKitten and #ItsY/NsBirthday trended on twitter and instagram. You talked and hung out with the fans until it’s time to say goodbye. You were touched that 80 fans showed up for your birthday, and they’re not only Harry’s fans, but also the boys’ fans, you didn’t realise how much they cared about you and the boys. You went home, smile spreading across your face as you hugged your two best friends before you went into the house. You went inside finding your mom calling you from the kitchen, “Y/N! Come here!” “Yeah?” you replied as you skipped happily to the kitchen. “How’s your day sweetie?” she smiled hugging you. “You knew?” you asked. “Maybe, maybe not?” she giggled. “You’re home!” your brother said holding your little brother in his arms. “Heeyyy!” you shouted still couldn’t contained that big smile of yours. “Y/N, can you help me out with this please? I don’t understand.” your dad said from the dining table, looking at his laptop. “Sure dad, what’s up?” you asked STILL smiling. “I don’t know how to connect this thing here.” he said as you walked towards him. “Your laptop’s obviously dead dad, you need to charge it.” you giggled when you saw his laptop screen was black then he pressed on the spacebar and pulled you to his lap. “Hey kitten.” a figure said on the screen as it became clearer, it was Harry. “How’s your day so far? Did you enjoy it? ‘Cuz it means the world to me if you did.” he smiled. “You know, I tried so hard to make this day special and perfect just for you but I still can’t accept the feeling that I miss you so much.” he continued. You were still smiling when your dad pointed at the lamp behind your boyfriend, “Look at the lamp.” he said.

 You were a bit confused but you looked at it anyway, “ OH MY GOD THAT’S… THAT’S OUR LIVING ROOM LAMP!!!!” you shrieked pausing the video and ran straight to your living room. You looked from the corner of the room to the other, thinking that your boyfriend was there, but he wasn’t. You nearly cried in disappointment when two big arms hugged you tightly from behind. “Surprise.” he said smiling as he kissed your cheek. “OH MY GOD HAROLD!!!!” you cried as you turned back and hugged him. “Happy birthday! You didn’t think that I’m going to miss your birthday did you?” he asked as he kissed you on the lips. “I thought you….” “But I did came.” he said hugging you. “Oh my God Harry.” you said still in disbelief. Your parents and your brothers came in right after holding a chocolate birthday cake, your favourite, singing you happy birthday with your sweet, adorable, charming, romantic boyfriend. You sat on the couch as he sat on the couch across from you as your brothers went upstairs and your mom went to the kitchen to slice the cake. “Well, this is awkward.” your dad giggled as he left the room. “Harry, I’d never thought that you would do this! To me! On my birthday!” “It’s your special day.” “But you said you couldn’t make it and now you made it but still, I…” “Did you or did you not like it?” he asked smirking. “I LOVE IT! I WAS SO CONFUSED AT FIRST WHEN I WENT TO THE CAR THEN THE VIDEO AND AT THE MALL WITH THE BURGER AND THIS BRACELET! DON’T YOU KNOW HOW EXPENSIVE THIS BRACELET IS?! AND YOU PUT IT ON A BUN!!” “No I didn’t the staff did, and yeah I do know, anything for you.” he giggled. “AND THE OTHE VIDEO AT CARL’S AND THEN THE ONE OUTSIDE THE MALL NEAR THE FOUNTAIN AND THE FANS! AND EVERYTHING! “ you shouted as your boyfriend listened to you giggling. “AND THEN WHEN DAD TOLD ME ABOUT HIS LAPTOP I NEARLY FELL ON THE GROUND THINKING THAT HE WAS SO RETARDED THAN HE COULDN’T EVEN TURN HIS LAPTOP ON BUT I KNEW HE CAN SO IT MADE ME CURIOUS AND CONFUSED A LITTLE BIT!!” you continued telling the whole story and Harry listened to you, even though he knew about the whole thing, but seeing you smile, giggling, laughing, made him happy that he wouldn’t trade this moment for anything.

 “And there’s more.” he stopped you and stood up, lending you a hand. “What?” you asked excitedly. “We’re gonna go watch fireworks with the boys, come on.” he said lifting you up. “The boys are here?!” you asked hand intertwined with his while going out of the house. He didn’t say a word leaving you clueless, “Harry? Harold? Baby boo? Cupcake? Tell me!” you said walking to the driveway. “It’s a surprise.”