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“Look, I understand that everyone seems to be obsessed with finding their soulmate,” you continued, “– and I know that it seems like everyone is obsessing over it – but they aren’t, darling.” You gripped your nephew’s hand a bit tighter – you don’t want him to continue to feel pressured by this system, especially at such a young age. “I know that it seems like this is everything the world is worrying about, but it’s honestly just a phase right now, buddy.”

You wrap your free arm around his shoulders and you grip him tight. You place your chin on the top of his head, you love holding him close.

“Okay, but,” he starts, “it’s not fair that Chris and Alex are soulmates – it’s not fair that they found each other in the fourth grade!” He whined a bit, and you heard him gasp slightly as he continued to try to regain oxygen. “Everyone is obsessed with it and now it’s making me worry about the future.”

“Okay, but honey,” you said, “you don’t have to worry about the future! You’re so young and you have so much time left before you – you have so much time to figure yourself out before you have to worry about someone else." 

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Yuuri went from “my biggest dream is to compete on the same ice as Victor” to being engaged and crying into each others arms right before he went on to break Victor’s long-time free skate world record and honestly i am a wreck

I. Pandora
don’t ask questions
mind your own business
look after the house
that’s what she’s always been told
but she knows her husband
is in over his head
knows the package he’s just recieved
from that mysterious man
is more than he’s letting on
so maybe she opens it
one night when he’s out
lying about where he is
and if the world is revealed
to be darker than she thought
its her fault for looking

II. Daphne
he meets her on the bridge over the river
holding up a sign
shouting at the people walking by
that we only get one Earth
she rebuffs him
but he chases her
down the bridge
until she reaches the river
and then she stands there
with a forceful
and her arms become wooden
as she defends herself
he keeps his distance after that
but she can still see him
pining after her as he races by
oh his motorcycle
past her protest

III. Callisto
she is free spirited
and angry
at the world
and its people
finding sanctuary in the company
of the girls
she’s been hunting with
her virginity is the one thing
she will promise to her parents
and her friends
but she can’t promise that she won’t
fall in love
with the leader of her group
but she doesn’t tell anyone
then comes the day
when he drugs her food
and what she envisions as her love being
and utterly
is actually something
much more terrible
his wife ruins her life
and her friend shuns her away
but then takes a bit of pity
and gives her an apartment so high
it could touch the stars
with a security detail
so she will never feel violated again
and so she can raise
her baby bear child
in safety

IV. Persephone
‘be a good girl’
her mother tells her
so she is
until her father leaves them
and it turns out he’s been married all along
until the flower shop
that used to be a joy
now is stuffy and frustrating
until she sees the older boy
lurking around the corner
and he shows her the best place
to get a tattoo
and after she graduates
she runs away
clinging to leather on his bike
she becomes a queen
a queen of darkness
yet her mother still spins the story
so he corrupted her
as if she’s not the one with power
and she is
he’ll do whatever she says
she’s not a good girl
she’s a very bad girl
but she’s more than okay with it
and when her father finally finds her again
if only to bring her home
she pulls out a ring
six jewels like pomegranate seeds
he’s too late
she makes her own choices

V. Psyche
they tell her she’s stupid
and vain
and full of hubris
all because she’s beautiful
she never said she was
she was not the one
who put herself above her place
because knowing your own beauty
in itself
a sin
and maybe she’s okay with loving the man
whose face she never sees
because that means he never sees hers
and she’s tired of beauty being her first and only trait
she wants to be brave
and fearless
and cunning
and he tells her she is all of that and more
who would’ve thought
that she could fall in love
with a lover who may not love her back
and when she does eventually find out
she proves to him she loves him
for more than the reasons he thinks
and then he calls her beautiful
and she is no longer spited for it

—  the gods may die but their stories never do

- lust-for-pan request

“HELP!” you screamed, struggling against the ropes that bound you to the chair. The flames were licking closer and closer to you, and the heat poured off them, scorching your skin. “HELP!”

A dark figure- whom you recognised from the news as the Dark Knight (or more commonly, as Batman)- was fighting his way to get to you, throwing men out of the way left, right and centre. But he wouldn’t be able to reach you in time…

Suddenly, you felt a grating sensation on the tight bonds and tried to angle your head to see who your rescuer was, to no avail. As soon as you were free, you were swooped up into the mystery saviour’s arms and they ran right out of the burning building with you.

When you were outside, he lay you down gently on the cool pavement and you tried to get your bearings and wait for the world to stop spinning so much. Nausea burned in your stomach and throat; you could still feel the smoke and soot in your mouth and in your lungs.

“Are you alright?" the person asked- their voice definitely masculine. "Can you stand? Here, have a drink of water.”

Absently taking a swig from the bottle he thrust into your hands, you blinked heavily a few times to clear your foggy sight. Looking up, you tried to focus on the man, but frowned when all you could see was gaudy face make-up, scraggly dyed green hair and a vibrant purple jacket.

Wait, that didn’t make sense.

He was still asking you questions, mainly about who you were, where you lived, how you were feeling and if there was anyone he should call. “There’s an ambulance on its way,” he told you, “He should be here soon, I’ll have to leave before it gets here.”

Reaching out, you grabbed the cuff of his jacket in your fist and mumbled a groggy, “Stay. With me. Please.”

About to form a reply, the man was cut short when the Dark Knight himself leapt out of the building and towards you- looking smugly noble and majestic like a narcissistic lion. “Joker!” he boomed, “Step away from her!”


You turned to look at the man and realised, with a small gasp, that he was the Joker. The make-up, the hair, the clothes, but why the hell had he pulled you from a burning building and called you an ambulance?

“He saved my life,” you breathed, repeating yourself louder for Batman’s benefit. “He-he got me out of there…he saved me,” you said in wonder, squeezing his hand, you said, “Thank you. So much. I’ll never be able to repay you.”

About to leave, he grinned wickedly at you- his characterism revealing itself- and said jovially, “Well, give me a call sometime. Here’s my card.” And with that, he tossed you a slip of card and vanished into the shadows.

Picking it up, you saw that it was just an old Joker’s card from a deck of cards, with something scrawled along the bottom:

You’re welcome.

bust line art + painted colors

I wanted to draw nelf girlfriends  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ my headcanon for them is that the left is a priestess and the right a sentinel, and they’re sharing a soft moment before she leaves for a call to arms.

These characters don’t belong to anyone. I simply got an idea and ran with it. Feel free to use them for a likeness, character reference, or anything else. All I ask is you give and cite credit to me – please be respectful if you choose to do so as it helps me grow as an artist <3! Thank you!

Finally Free
Halloween AU 

Jungkook was feeling quite anxious. He was pacing up and down the room, nervously biting his already busted-up lips, eyes darting from one spot on the floor to the next, arms folded over his chest and hands itching in anticipation. This could be it.

Half an hour prior, Yoongi had called him to his office and informed him of a certain someone he had met during his most recent trip to England. It was a long-shot, and the guy might not even be the right person, but the possibility was very clear: if this guy was who Yoongi thought he was, Jimin might be gone.

Jungkook had always been conflicted about the entire situation regarding his ghostly boyfriend. He wanted Jimin to be able to pass on, to finally be free from a world where he never really existed in, but, at the same time he wanted to be greedy and keep him there, next to him. He wanted Jimin to stay with him, he wanted to be able to laugh with him and listen to his angelic voice. He wanted to wake up next to the fire burning in the library’s chimney and see Jimin hovering a few inches from his face and smiling wide while giggling a “good morning sleepy head”. He wanted to continue being with Jimin forever. He wanted to be selfish and think that Jimin was still lingering for him.

“Jungkook… I’m calling him over, OK?” Yoongi said softly, placing a comforting hand on the younger’s shoulder.

Jungkook just nodded, not trusting his voice at the moment.

Yoongi was no fool; he knew how hard the situation was for the zombie. He had seen how he’s shoulders would relax whenever Jimin didn’t pass on after trying something. He felt for the child, but he had made a promise to Jimin, and he was determined to hold it. And they all knew it was for the best anyway.

A few moments later, their entire “family” was in Yoongi’s office. Jin and Namjoon were right behind Jungkook, glancing at him every few seconds, Taehyung was curiously sitting next to Yoongi, peeking at the small picture in his hand and Hoseok was propped against the desk, a gentle smile in place.

“So…” Jimin began nervously, “why did you call…?”

Yoogni gently petted Taehyung, making the younger sit back “On my trip, two days before coming back, when I was meeting with the director at a little dinner party; he had brought his family along: a lovely wife and a son… who looked eerily familiar.”

Jungkook tried to pretend he didn’t notice Jimin’s form stiffening and his eyes going wide.

“I asked them if they… had another son… And they said they used to.”

Jimin was in shock. He didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know how to react. Was it possible? After all these years, could it be…?

“They told me he went missing years ago and after ten years of trying, the police gave up and closed the case. They said they still tried, for another few years, to find him, but it was impossible… They prayed he was in a better place… and that if he wasn’t around anymore, he didn’t suffer…”

Yoongi remained quiet for a few seconds, inspecting Jimin’s face, before taking a deep breath and hesitantly bringing the picture forward and presenting it to Jimin. It was the family. An Old man with a cane and a worn out smile, an equally as old lady, waving at the camera and ring in between, a fine young man, with a smile as bright as the sun and a face equally as handsome as his late brother.

The second Jimin’s eyes landed on the picture, the room went cold. His form shook as he floated just a bit closer, hovering his hands above the young man’s, sobbing out a quiet “They’re OK…”

Had Jin not reacted fast enough and caught him by his arm, Jungkook would have darted from his spot. He would have done something stupid and rip the picture out of Yoongi’s hand and thrown it in the fire, because it was happening. Jimin’s form… it was vanishing and he couldn’t accept it.

Jimin didn’t notice, however, eyes still focused on the picture and smile as wide as ever.

“Thank you…”

And he was gone. Forever.

Jungkook knew it was for the best. But he still cried for hours on end, screaming at Yoongi for letting Jimin go. He still punched the vampire in the face before breaking down in sobs. He still locked himself in his room for an entire month, not talking to anyone, barely eating or sleeping, just staring outside of his window and wishing none of these would have happened.

It took him weeks to accept what had happened, to go apologize to Yoongi (who had never held it against him and just gave him a much needed hug and mountain of words of reassurance), to play with Taehyung, to smile.

But with time, he also understood that it was for the best. Jimin was finally away from a world where he could do nothing but exist, and he was happy for him. He was free.


“The whole point of us getting this place was so you could stay here and finish up high school and then have your choice of colleges! The whole point was for us to get you out of the life! Dean and I want something better for you!”

You crossed your arms protectively across your chest to shield yourself from his anger and confusion. “I know. But it’s my life, right? And I want to be with my brothers! I don’t want to be–I don’t want to be ignorant like the rest of the world about what’s out there! I want to fight it!”

Sam passed a hand over his face and turned away. “We want you safe,” he said.

You gulped. “And I want you both safe. How is that fair?”

Sam hated to admit it, but you did have a point there…

Meeting Taylor Swift

July 10th, 2015… I’ll never forget you as long as I live taylorswift. Meeting Taylor Swift was undoubtedly one of the happiest, most surreal moments of my life. Even sitting here right now, looking at the picture of the two of us – my face right next to her face, my arms around her and her arms around me… it doesn’t even still feel real. I can’t accurately express in words the emotion and pure happiness that I felt, but the size of my smile in my picture pretty much speaks for itself.

So to start off, I was able to meet Taylor through the Swiftstakes contest, in which the grand prize was a meet and greet and free tickets to the 1989 World Tour. I found out in January I think, and had to work with Taylor Nation to confirm the whole thing. Everything was finalized by around the middle of April, so I had a couple months to mentally/emotionally prepare for meeting Taylor on July 10th.

The day finally rolled around and I was finally able to actually say, “I am meeting Taylor Swift today.” The fact that those words were even in the same sentence coming out of my mouth – the fact that I can now say “I MET TAYLOR SWIFT” – is just almost incomprehensible to me, I really don’t understand how I got so lucky.

When I woke up on July 10th, I remember just sitting in bed smiling at my ceiling for a good couple minutes, just filled with anticipation and excitement for seeing Taylor later that day. I had a few hours to get ready, so I packed my bag (coincidentally the same Aldo bag that Taylor has) full of extra phone batteries/chargers, my polaroid camera, and some letters for Taylor from myself and a few close friends. I got dressed, ate a bagel, then hopped in the car to drive to Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, which is less than an hour from my town. Bad Blood was fittingly playing on the radio when I got into the car, and Blank Space fittingly came on as soon as we pulled into the stadium parking lot.

As soon as I got there, I headed to will call/the box office to claim my tickets and they handed me the almighty meet and greet instructions… let’s just say there may or may not be tear stains on that piece of paper.

The instructions said to meet at a specific place on the field level of the stadium promptly at 5:15, and security was late and didn’t open the gates until 5:08, so I had to literally sprint across the stadium to get to the meeting spot on time. We ended up waiting over an hour once we got there anyway, but they finally lined us all up behind the stage and took us backstage.

While I was waiting in the backstage hallway, I saw Este Haim, Vance Joy, and Taylor’s mom all walk past me, and Taylor’s mom even smiled and waved and said we all looked amazing. Security told us to put all our bags on a table outside the Loft 89 room and we were able to leave letters or presents on a separate table, since security said Taylor would be given all those items after the meet and greet.

Once inside the Loft 89 room, everything really started hitting me. This was the room that so many people had met Taylor in…. and now I was going to be one of those lucky people. The line of people for meet and greet snaked around the room a little, with the front of the line leading into a curtained off area where Taylor was standing. My place in line was in front of one of the couches in Loft 89, so the girls next to me and I all sat down and were just soaking in the details of the room, from the white brick wall-type curtain that created the walls of the room, to the fake NYC skyline window, to the table and rugs and everything. I wish I could have taken pictures, but security didn’t allow us to have our phones during the meet and greet process.

With about five people in front of me, I was close enough to see behind the curtain when it opened… and I caught my first glimpse of Taylor standing there behind a curtain less than ten feet away from me. My heart started beating so fast it was unreal, like everything I had been waiting for was finally, actually going to become real.

Finally, it was my turn to meet Taylor. When a woman pulled back the curtain, I stepped inside and saw Taylor standing there right in front of me, with a HUGE smile on her face as she exclaimed “Hellllooooo!” in kind of a sing-songy voice. I immediately ran up and hugged her as she said “Hey buddy!!”. She had the cutest expression on her face, she looked so genuinely happy and excited to be meeting me and she hugged me back so tight I actually started tearing up (and then quickly told myself to pull it together lol). 

Immediately after I hugged her, she started complimenting me, she literally killed me with compliments I was not expecting her to do that AT ALL like usually a fan is complimenting the celebrity not the other way around?? But seriously this just shows how genuinely caring and kind and friendly Taylor really is. 

Actual quote from Taylor Swift talking to me: “You look goooorgeous tonight!!! Oh my god you’re just like so naturally pretty!!” ….Meanwhile me is holding back tears and flustered and saying ohmygosh thank you SO ARE YOU.

I said “My name’s Caitlyn!,” and she replied in kind of a cute sarcastic voice, “Caitlyn, I’m Taylor,” and then I started laughing and was like oh wow hi hahah and she like leaned back kinda in a gangster type kinda pose and did a thing with her arms and was like “SUP GIRL?!” 

I cannot even explain to you at this point how big I must have been smiling she was so bubbly and friendly and funny and charismatic and she is SUCH A PEOPLE PERSON. She was looking me straight in the eye the entire time and her gaze did not leave my face (her eyes are SO blue btw) … She just seemed SO interested in everything I was saying and she was smiling and nodding her head and reacting to every word. She’s such a good listener and is great at making conversation oh my gosh.

I told her that she’s such an inspiration to me and then I was telling her about how I started to learn how to play guitar and You Belong With Me was the first song I learned how to play, and she replied “Aw gimme five (insert high five here) that’s amazing thank you so much!” 

Aaaand then the photographer had to cut in and be like so do you want a picture??!!!?! So Taylor goes, “Oh yeah, I do” and I asked her “Can we do a hugging picture?!” and she smiled so big and replied “Of couuurse!!” And then they took the picture and a guy started trying to walk me out of the curtained room so I just said really fast, “Oh my gosh thank you so much for everything have a good show!!” And as I was practically out of the room already, Taylor said, “Thank you! And good luck with the rest of your learning (guitar)! That’s awesome that you’re doing that and I wish you the best of luck, I’ll see you soon!”

So then I got a photo signed by Taylor and walked out of Loft 89 and started crying and like shaking I could not believe that really just happened. When I started walking up a staircase to get to my seats for the concert, I kinda just stopped and sat down on the stairs and couldn’t stop crying… Taylor had been so sweet to me and I honestly could never thank her enough for everything she does and it really just hit me that like one of the most successful, popular, powerful women in the world just spent time with me. Me. I met Taylor Swift. And I hope you will meet her someday too! x

Imagine Connor being sick and you take care of him.

”No, Y/N, i told you i’m not sick”, Connor said and coughed right after. You raised you eyebrows and crossed your arms. Why did he always have to be so stubborn? ”Clearly not” you stated. ”Now let’s get you to bed, the world can live one day without you saving everyone…”. ”No i don’t want to, i’m fine” he whined when you stepped to his side, grapping his hand. You pulled him with you towards the couch, so you could tuck him under the blankets. After a few weak attempts to free himself, Connor finaly gave up and let you lie him down under the covers. ”There you go” you said, smirking a little. You let your hand caress his cheek before walking to the medicine cabinet to get some expectorant for him. When you come back you sit to the corner of the couch and pour some cough syrup on a spoon. ”Here take this it should make you feel better” you said and bring the spoon to his lips and he opens his mouth to drink it. Connor wrinkle his nose because of the taste. ”That tasted horrible” he tells you, taking the glass of water from the table and takes a sip of water. ”I know, but try to get some sleep now will you” you calmy told him slowly petting his head. Connor closes his eyes and gives in to your soft touch. You run your hand through his hair, humming silently some lullaby you remember your mother sang to you. You can see his muscles staring to relax and his breathing slowing down. Your other hand moves to his and you trace your fingers lightly over his skin. After a while Connor falls asleep, the sound of your voice being the last thing he knows before drifting to sleep.

Continuation of the Pregnancy request

Kinjou: Kinjou smiled, pressing his hand a little firmer to their belly when he felt the baby kick. He often missed the moments when the baby kicked, but not this time. “I hope you’re having pleasant dreams, little one,” he murmured, almost too quiet to be heard.

Makishima: He startled at how strong the kick was, jerking his hand away in an automatic response. But he quickly pressed both hands back, feeling for that kick again. “Hey now,” Makishima laughed a little unable to hide his grin, “we’re both right here with you, so just settle down in there.”

Tadokoro: Tadokoro was smiling and crying all at once, hugging his partner with one arm and keeping his free hand on their belly. “Hah, just as strong as your dad already!” He couldn’t wait to meet their child. He was so ready to be the best father in the world.

Aoyagi: He drummed his fingers very gently on his partner’s belly, wondering if the baby could feel him and smiled brilliantly when the baby kicked again, seemingly in response. “I love you,” was all he said. “Both of you,” he added, turning his smile on his partner.

Teshima: Teshima hadn’t thought it would be so amazing to feel the baby kick, but when his partner grabbed his hand and pressed it to their belly, he felt very humbled. “Gently now, gently,” he said, a little shaky. “There’s no rush to come on out just yet.”

Imaizumi: He was more concerned about his partner, asking if it hurt or was uncomfortable when the baby kicked. Imaizumi didn’t quite know what to do when he felt the baby kick once more against his hand. “Be patient in there,” he said sternly, and then under his breath so his partner couldn’t hear, “I can’t wait to meet you either.”

Naruko: Naruko whooped with joy and enthusiasm, getting to his knees and pressing his ear to their belly like the baby could tell him their secrets. There were tears in his eyes that he didn’t try to hide. “I can feel you! Aren’t you a rowdy one, haha! Just be patient though, your time will come.”

Onoda: Onoda kept his hand on his partner’s belly even though the baby only kicked once, eyes wide with awe and face lit up with delight. “I can’t wait to show you so many things!” he said to the growing baby. And he couldn’t–Onoda and his partner had an ever-growing list of all the wonderful things in the world they wanted to share with their child.


The latest response by Muslims the world over to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s call for new ISIL recruits has been one of brilliant dismissal and levity. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s call-to-arms was translated by human rights activist Iyad El-Baghdadi, who posted a snippet on his twitter account - and Muslims responded. Not even free pizza can make joining ISIL seem all that appealing.


7.62x51mm chambered main battle rifle that has it’s origins in Belgium but was also produced under license in Brazil, Israel, Great Britain, South Africa, Australia to name a few. Often referred to as the “Right Arm of the Free World”, a nickname established by non-Com Bloc nations. The FAL and it’s variants can still be found in service today within South America, Africa and the Middle East. (GRH)

So… I have this weird habit of imagining what the characters in other media I like would play in World of Warcraft.

This is what happens when you raid right after watching Steven Universe.

Please, feel free to commence the wedgies and the chanting of “NERD”, lol

First up, we have Pearl. I knew she had to be a belf because belfs are very ballet-esque with their casting animations. I picked a paladin because Pearl is so lawful good it’s obnoxious, and she can still use swords and pole arms.

Amethyst is a Goblin rogue because the personality just fits so perfectly. I couldn’t imagine her as anything other than a Goblin. I bet she went rogue because she wanted to gank Pearl, but didn’t realize they’re on the same faction.

Garnet is a troll shaman, enhancement of course. I was going to make her a troll warrior, but then I remembered how she told Steven she summons her weapons. That she connects with all the elements of the earth.

And Steven would obviously want to play a Pandaren. Come on. He’d probably call them “Pandamen”. And he’s a priest because duh, bubbles/shields.

Steven is still level 1o, while the Gems power leveled to “protect him” in game. Pearl got obsessed with min/maxing once she got over how inaccurate the swordplay is, Amethyst is a trade chat troll/pvp camper, and Garnet is an achievement hunter who some how always has really impressive gear. On weekends they run Steven through low level dungeons.