right after she runs after him

Why i ship Bughead

Because Jughead says Archie is the luckiest red haired boy in the world, and at that moment, Archies sitting next to Betty

Because before he says this about Archie, he mentions three people, and he mentions Betty first

Because Betty and Jughead are writing the school paper together #Goals

Because Jughead is just as interested in digging in the murder investigation as Betty is

Because when Betty says she wants «Rebel Without a Cause» to be the last movie shown at the Drive- In, Jughead plays «Rebel without a cause» at closing night of the Drive- in

Because Jughead turns his offensive face on the moment Betty says the word «date» to another guy.

Because Jughead is struggling to keep his eyes off Betty

Because in Jasons room, when Betty and Jughead gets frightened, Jugheads first priority is to get close to Betty

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Because Bettys crazy mother accepts Jughead eating breakfast at their house

Because again, Bettys crazy mother, is actually being nice to Jughead

Because Betty and Jughead are totally in their own world, even with other people around

Because Jughead gets upset as soon as someone tries to hurt Betty

Because Jughead is nervous around Betty, even after knowing her for so long

Because Jughead climbs up to Bettys bedroom window and calls her «Juliet»

Because Betty smiles brightly the moment she sees Jughead outside her window

Because Jughead does everything in his effort to comfort Betty when she’s upset

Because Betty smiles the sweetest smile after Jughead kisses her

Originally posted by bettysjuggie

Because Jughead sighs out of relief after he finally takes the courage to kiss Betty

Because Jughead calls their kiss «our moment»

Because Jughead accepts and smiles over Betty being so caught up in their murder investigation that this is what she mentions right after their first kiss

Because Betty and Jughead make each other smile, even in the pouring rain, even right before finding a car full of murder evidence

Because Betty runs after Jughead after only a few seconds of hearing Archie sing, although just a few episodes ago, hearing him sing made her sad because she couldn’t have him

Because Betty and Jughead do everything together, after they started working on the paper together, they have rarely been seen without each other

Because Betty and Jughead have been friends a long, long time, way before we know

Because both Lili and Cole says Betty and Jughead will be supportive of each other and they will make each other happy

Because Jughead and Betty are beautiful

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Some major little things that got me fucked up watching IT a second and third time:



- The woman with the evil smile watching Ben in the library just before the balloon comes out


- The walky-talky noise used against Bill


- Bill’s face of worry for a short moment as Gorgie heads out into the rain with the boat


- Gorgie leaning on Bill after being scared of the cellar


- !!! Pennywise’s eyes turning blue as he comes out of the shadow to talk to Gorgie !!!!!


- Pennywise being in the same tunnel the kids were at just a few minutes ago, and catching Patrick there instead of Bill, Eddie, Richie, Stan, and Ben


- The girl who bullied Beverly being the daughter of the pharmacist that flirted with Beverly


- Pennywise turning into Eddie not once but twice 👌👏


- The fridge messed up Pennywise’s hair


- Pennywise puking as Eddie and laughing about it- something Eddie probably clearly would never do, making it that much more creepy


- Pennywise crying when he got the pole stabbed in his head, and his eye still being blood shot when he goes back for Bev later on


- The mention of the turtle twice


- When Gorgie called the boat ‘it’ and Bill realized that it wasn’t him, and his little brother was in fact gone forever


- The side door leading to Pennywise’s stage


- Mike instantly crawling towards the Losers when Henry gets the rock thrown at him, even though he hadn’t even befriended them yet


- Pennywise holding on to Henry’s knife until he was ready to crack and kill his father and the Losers


- If adults go missing six times the national average, and kids are even worse, does that mean that Pennywise does indeed eat adults too? (I heard he doesn’t?)


- The same TV show of the woman and kids, ((shown about three times,)) always talking about how fun the sewers were to play in and how they loved to float


- Pennywise mouthing “You’ll float too”


- Bill whipping Pennywise with a chain and knocking his ass down


- Pennywise reciting Bill’s exercise poem and stuttering right where Bill stuttered too


- Pennywise the Dancing Packrat


- Beverly instantly thinking Bill was the one who wrote her the poem


- Pennywise repeatedly asking Eddie “What are you looking for?”


- Beverly looking right at the toilet lid immediatley when running to the bathroom away from her dad


- The sniff Pennywise gives Beverly, and being upsetti spaghetti at her not being afraid


- The string of drool that goes almost to the floor as Pennywise staggers forward to scare the Losers with the pole still in his head


- The sound of Pennywise’s teeth coming out after being stabbed in the head, but not seeing it happen


- Pennywise running his hand over Bill’s face when holding him hostage, and moving Bills nose a little bit on accident


- Pennywise smiling right before Bill tries to shoot him, and teasing him with a fake death for the gun not being loaded


- All of Richie’s worried looks and touches to Eddie


- Stan’s long look of rage at the girl after she shoves past him in the hall at school


- Pennywise’s BOOTS


- Bill ?? Eating dinner ? All alone?? If I’m not mistaken ?? Correct me if I’m wrong??


- The locked door to Beverly’s home being wide open when Bill arrives


- Pennywise’s red boot puffs growing out of Gorgies feet


- The blood moving up the ceiling on the words “You die if you try” in the bathroom


- Bill watching Pennywise shift from the lady in the painting back into the clown


- The reassuring group hug Stan gets when he panicks and thinks the Losers had abandoned him


- Pennywise’s dinosaur roar


- Pennywise just eating Stan’s fear before the Losers catch up


- The Tim Curry version of Pennywise being a statue in the clown room


- Another Tim Curry, almost Bill Skarsgård hybrid, clown doll


- Pennywise having too much fun with scaring his food to make it taste better


So imagine if Neil had a sibling he didn’t know existed. Just hear me out okay.

((this post seriously got away from me but I am definitely 100% not sorry))

He’s kidnapped and dragged to his dads house and they’re standing there ready to hack him piece from piece and Nathan calls for his guard upstairs and down comes this 10 year old with Lola’s hair and Nathan’s eyes and a set of bruises on her face and Neil just FREEZES.

(It could be a brother but I’m sticking with sister- you’ll see why)

And Neil doesn’t know WHY Nathan is bringing this kid - that looks like him- downstairs to watch a gruesome murder but she looks completely unsettled when she sees Neil and his half destroyed face. And she looks like she wants to step forward but the guard holds her back.

Nathan is rambling about her watching because she needs to know what would happen if she crosses him and Neil is so angry he can’t listen. He just keeps staring at her hoping that his expression is doing anything to tell her it’s okay, it’s okay, don’t be afraid, it’s okay. She starts crying as soon as Nathan is telling Neil what Lola is going to do to him.

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What the Batboys would do for their Batsis

•Grades are sent and seen by him
•"Y/N, I see you have a B in English… what’s up with that?“
•Makes sure your doing homework
•Gives them life/relationship advice
•May or may not rant about other parents
•He goes to your parent teacher conferences despite your protests
•"Did she realize that other people were trying to talk to the teacher too!?”

•Would secretly remember all of the events you have
•Have a big competition? You would see Jason standing in the corner when it starts.
•You practically have to run right after the competition to meet up with him
•"You did good" he would always mumble while ruffling your hair
•He would take you to some fast food right after
•Gets a fuzzy feeling inside when you call him your brother to your friends

•He would help you out on power point presentations
•Always saves the newspapers articles about your achievements
•Even if it’s a small mention he’ll still keep it
•You go to his room when your stressed out about school
•He lets you rant or just lay in his bed
•If you can’t sleep you’ll mostly go to Tim and you both would get a midnight snack

•He’s overprotective with you despite the age gap
•"Y/N, who is this boy texting you so late at night?“
•"Oh, my lab partner.”
•"I see he also sent you this provocative emoji winking, what is his intentions with this winking emoji?“
•"I think he likes me, it’s kind of weird.”
•"We must erase any type of feelings he has towards you.“
•Doesn’t want you to date anyone because he thinks that all people here aren’t good enough for you

anonymous asked:

Bts reaction to having a really shy gf and every time they try to kiss her she runs away cause she so shy ahhhhhhh

This is such a cute request omg thank you for requesting, sorry for taking so long, I haven’t been feeling that well, so I’m catching up on requests right now. Hope you enjoy ^^


When you ran away from him after he tried to kiss you, he would run after you. “Jagiiiiii, let me love youuuuu~” 


He just tried to kiss your cheek, and you ran away. He scoffed and rolled his eyes, but secretly loved how cute you are. “She’s such a dork”


He thought you were asleep when he pressed a small kiss to the tip of your nose. Your eyes shot open as you pulled the cover over yourself, cheeks burning. “Ahhh my jagi is so cuuuteee~” he’d coo as he tried to give you more kisses

Rap Mon

He tried to press a kiss too your forehead, only to smile as you quickly put your hands up to your face. “You’re so cute babe” he said as he kissed your hands


Jimin would be really shy too when he tried to kiss your cheek. When you ran away from him, his cheeks began to burn more along with yours. “Ahh jagiiiii,” he whined, “I worked up the courage to kiss you and you ran awaayyyyy” 


Oh my GOD Tae would think it’s the most adorable thing ever. After he quickly pressed a kiss to your lips, he giggled cutely as your hands flew up to your face. “Ahh you’re so cute jagi, but I got oneeee~”


I feel like Jungkook would be really shy too, so he’d slowly lean in for a kiss, when you backed up. He’d be a little disappointed at first, but he’d understand, and go in for an eskimo kiss instead

Mission Bad Boy - 1

Plot: What if you could win 100,000 Won by giving someone a makeover? But here’s the catch – you have 6 months to turn a nerdy, anti-social male into the school’s biggest heartthrob.

Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Angst, Highschool au!

Notes: I do not think nerds are ugly, I definitely do not think Kim Namjoon is ugly. Literally everything is taken by Korea’s strict-ass beauty standards. 

I really hope you enjoy it! I’d love to hear what to think. Is it too out there?? Usually shit like this is the other way around, lololol. 4k Words

masterlist | next

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Ugh, School.

Ugh, Math class.

You really couldn’t wait until you graduated. Just one and a half more years, and you would be out of this hell-hole for good. 

The autumn term of year 11 had begun only a few days ago, and your math teacher had blasted through at least three new concepts. You hoped that someone would be there to help you, but even your friend, Kim Jisoo, seemed to be struggling as much as you were.

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happy (late) birthday @pixlokita!!! 

another part for the baby shinichi au, this time with ‘ellery’ making himself a nightmare for haibara to look after so she’ll hurry up with her antidote. this is probably right after she tells him he’s better this way because at least now he can’t run off and reveal his identity to people (plus he’s still ticked off about hattori being the one to name him after his favourite writer, how dare she allow that to happen)


preview | doctor dreamy (pt.2)

part one | part two (expected by april 22nd)

warnings: mentions of sexual content below

“I’m so fucked,” Jimin groaned, burying his face into the palms of his hands. Thoughts of you, the agreement, and his confused feelings, simultaneously unraveling in the pit of his stomach.

“I still don’t get why you’re so stressed about it,” Jin said as he pushed a coffee across the table towards his friend, who at that very moment seemed to be having a complete breakdown. “It’s just sex. You’re having sex with someone that you’ve had sex with many times before. What’s the issue?”

“The issue is,” Jimin paused, taking a sip of the coffee, hoping that by some miracle it would help him singe the worries plaguing his mind, “That, first of all, it’s been four years since we’ve had said sex, and second of all it’s not sex sex. It’s going to be this weird agreement, deal, manufactured, whatever sex.”

Jin chuckled in amusement. “Do tell, what exactly qualifies as sex sex? I guess I should find out if I’ve been doing it right, according to Dr. Park standards,” He joked.

Jimin sighed, ignoring his friend’s banter. “It’s like, you know… Regular sex. Where it can be intense and emotional… This feels just so detached and distant.”

“As if you’ve never had a one night stand where there were no emotions involved beyond sex. What’s the difference here?” Jin replied simply with a shrug, however Jimin already had his reasons resting on the tip of his tongue.

“It’s completely different. With something like a hook-up you can still be raw and vocal about how it’s making you feel, even if it’s just shallow stuff like how good it’s making you feel. Because even though there’s no emotions, you’re both still doing it for the pleasure of sex at least. Wouldn’t it be… I don’t know, inappropriate to say things like how good she’s making me feel in the moment, or touching her in a romantic way, when we’re supposed to be having sex for the sole purpose of getting her pregnant, and not even for pleasure? Hell, can I even kiss her without it crossing the line for what we’re supposed to be doing?” Jimin breathed out heavily, running his fingers wildly through his hair as the situation at hand continued to torture his mind. 

It was a real concern, how exactly was he supposed to act? Could he kiss you? Could he say certain things? Could he do anything besides, to put it very bluntly, come inside of you? He knew that these things would be talked about once the time came, but honestly that made Jimin feel something strange buried deep within his chest. This girl, who he’d loved for so long now, who he’d experienced so many things with, was now a complete mystery to him. Not because you’d changed specifically, but because the context of what the two of you were to each other had changed, and honestly… He hated that. He despised the idea of not knowing how to act towards you, when it used to feel as natural as breathing to be with you, so yeah, he just really, really hated that.

Jimin was absent-mindedly tapping at the sides of his coffee cup when Jin finally decided to give a response – albeit a completely unhelpful response. “Yeah… You’re kinda fucked, man,” He ended up saying, bringing his hand up in an attempt to hide his shameless amusement. 

Jimin scoffed, “Thanks, real  fuckin’ helpful.”

“Okay, in all seriousness I think you just need to talk to her. Ask her what the limits are for this little arrangement the two of you have going on, and then work from there.”

“Yeah I know,” Jimin whispered somberly, “I just hate not knowing how I’m allowed to be with her anymore, when…”

“When you still love her,” Jin finished, and Jimin simply nodded in return. It was quiet for a minute or so after that, allowing Jimin’s thoughts to run haywire again, but luckily Jin spoke before it could get too far. “You’ll figure it out. She picked you for a reason, you know?”

“Yeah… Guess you’re right,” Jimin said hesitantly.

After that they continued to talk for a while, but removing themselves from the conversation of Jimin’s strange love life. It helped for him to have something to do besides wallow in what was going to happen in the coming days with you. Jimin could only hope that, with whatever transpired between the two of you, that you would be comfortable and happy with how everything turned out in the end, because really that was the most important part of all of this.

Jimin was still thinking heavy thoughts when Jin stood up from the chair across from him. “C’mon, we got lives to save,” He said, motioning for Jimin to follow.

“Yeah, yeah,” Jimin mumbled.

“You wanna spend the day in the maternity ward?” Jin asked, a smug grin playing on his lips.

Jimin punched his friend’s arm playfully. “Jerk,” He muttered before the two doctors headed down the hall, leaving their mildly heavy conversation behind – well, for now at least.

The Arrangement (Part 12)

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Summary (story spoilers): someone delivers some unexpected and unpleasant news, sending you running. Sam and Benny confront Dean, and the three of them go looking for you.

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,500

Warnings (again, spoilers): lots of language, angst, cheating, feelings of betrayal and worthlessness

A/N: Thank you guys for all your patience! My show this weekend went really well! I came in 3rd out of 17 and qualified for Nationals in early May! Hope you enjoy this installment, though I think I’ll have a few upset messages…

Want to catch up? Check out the series masterlist!

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ACC Rant

(Feel free to ignore this.)

Okay I just-

I need to rant. I was watching Advent Children (Complete) again today and I just-

I love Tifa. I do. I really do. But dear god this is not okay.

I get it, I really do. Both of the kids are gone, kidnapped by what are basically miniature-Sephiroths, she’s scared and frustrated and feels helpless. Cloud has been constantly coming and going for two years now, and she’s looking for stability that isn’t there. She’s taking out her frustration and fear of the situation on the first person there who comes into conflict with her. But I just-

That scene. I hate that scene so much. Because while I understand where Tifa is coming from, she has absolutely no idea what she’s talking about.

I’m sure that everyone (minus Vincent and Nanaki, probably) expected for him to be okay after meteor. Tifa thought that he’d be there and be stable, be okay and around. After all, Sephiroth is gone, ShinRa is gone, the WRO is up and running and getting everyone electricity again. Cid is providing transportation, and Barrett is providing fuel. Everything’s okay now, right? Why should Cloud not be okay?

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Sirius had an outstanding memory. 

He remembered the first time his mother hit him for being sorted into gryffindor, and he remember when he moved in with James after running away from there. He left the pain behind him as he forgot that he was ever a black in the first place. 

He remembered a few years later when James and Lily finally got together and as Marlene hugged Lily and told her that it was about time she said yes, and then everything felt right. He smoked his cigarette on the porch of the flat that he shared with Remus and Dorcas after they had graduated at Hogwarts. The feeling of peace he had for once in his life when Remus smiled at Dorcas with all the love in the world. He wondered in Marlene looked at him that way. 

He remember when James and Lily came over and Lily said no to the wine that Marlene offered her. She looked at her like she was crazy and Dorcas jumped out of her chair and squealed as he saw Lily prepare for an attack of hugs. He remembered Frank apologizing for not making it the night before but Alice was feeling sick these days and James choked on his drink and asked if they had thought of every possibility and that it was not the flu. 

He remembered Remus’s smile as he showed his the ring he was going to present to Dorcas as soon as he could. He remembered smiling like a loon, that all of the girls would be so happy for them. Remus assured him he would always be welcome to stay with them if he wanted too. Wiggling his eyebrows he remembered saying that would move in with Marlene if she wanted too. 

He remembered Harry and Neville’s birth. It was uncanny how close their births were . He remembered the smile on Jame’s face when Harry was born , Merlin it was infectious. Franks too.

He remembered being notified of Lily and Jame’s deaths, he was devastated. He still is to this day. He thought about Harry and how in the hell the boy was still alive. He remembered the news of Alice and Neville’s baby being given to his grandparents as they were tortured beyond what they could even know what was there and what wasn’t. Worse than death, he still remembered. 

He remembered being brought to Azkaban and not giving a shit because he had nothing to lose anymore. All he heard in his sleep were Marlene’s screams as he laid there in that cold cell at night, even though he wasn’t even there when she was murdered. He remembered thinking of Remus.. He heard the news of Dorcas and it broke his heart. A ring she would never receive and a broken heart would never be fixed. 

He remembered entering Grimmwauld place and his heart sinking where he stood and seeing Remus for the first time in more years than he wouldn’t like to know. He remembered seeing Remus stand up and walk to him with more determination and hugged him hard. No one said a word as this happened. He remembered looking around the room and fixating on the purple haired women sitting in the room with Remus

“This is my wife.” he remembered Remus saying with the smallest of smiles. He remembered the lady asking him to call her Dora or Tonks instead of her full name. He remembered seeing Remus smile at her and shook his head at the happiness his friend finally had. What he deserved. He remember looking at her ring finger and making a small noise that sounded like a sob and a laugh at the same time. He pointed to her hand and said, “got to use it after all yeah?” Remus looked as if he was going to start crying. He remembered patting his shoulder and saying congratulations and that it was okay.

He remembered all this as his life flashed before his eyes as he took his last breath, joining Marlene once more, going into the arms of the person he missed so damn much

Nine to Five (Part 4)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Summary: Father Stiles AU. All Y/n wants is to find a new family to care for, when she comes across an AD in the newspaper, she couldn’t be happier. Stiles hires a new nanny for his daughter, but he soon realizes that he hired someone that would soon become much more than just a nanny. 

Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

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The strawberry blonde giggled as she swiped through the photos on your phone, making little comments; his hair is nice, his eyes are wow. Lydia insisted that you finally showed her photos of your boss, since it’s been over a month working for him, she was getting impatient. Stiles had added you on Facebook not too long ago, and you let her browse his page as long as she didn’t like anything from five years ago.

“He’s cute…. No, no, he’s fucking hot.” You rolled your eyes, grabbing your phone back and locking it; putting it back into your bag. You just got home from Stiles house after an awkward encounter at the front door and Lydia was waiting for you to return with cold pizza and wine. She complained that she ordered the pizza at six o'clock but you completely forget to text her you’ll be late due to Stiles working until after eight.

“Lydia, he’s my boss.” You whined, flinging your head back resting on your comfortable brown cushion sofa. “He’s my damn boss and all I can think about is running my hands over his chest and taking him right then and there.”

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The Girl

pairing: min yoongi x reader

word count: 1923

genre: fluff that turned pretty angsty

A/N: This is for my beautiful little nugget @jaxonah. I hope you love it, just as much as i love you 💞💞💞


Yoongi had been locked up in his studio all day. He desperately tried to finish up the song he was working on, but something just wasn’t right. It didn’t flow like he had wanted it to. He leaned back in his chair and rubbed his tired eyes. When he glanced down at the silver watch on his wrist, he knew that it was time to go and get his daily dose of caffeine that would hopefully give him the pick-me-up that he needed. He got up, grabbed his hoodie from the couch and headed out the door.  “Where are you going?” Hoseok appeared in front of him. “Just getting coffee. Do you want anything?” The younger one shook his head and held up his thermal mug. “Thanks but I’m good.”
He could have just made coffee in the studio like the others usually did but he needed to get out. In his mind, he made up the same excuse every day. He just wanted to stretch his legs, get some fresh air and take his mind off for just a few minutes. It was easier than admitting the real reason behind his daily coffee runs. He quickened his pace as he was walking down the street.  Every step that took him closer to his destination made his heart beat faster in anticipation. He hated how much this was affecting him. Not only him but also his work. Sometimes he cursed himself for leaving his studio two weeks ago because back then, he had been able to concentrate on his music, and only his music but now he found his mind wandering off and nothing seemed to come out right. He stopped in his tracks and peeked trough the window of the coffee shop.

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I Forgot Who I Once Was

           The ceiling was black with glowing shades of purple as he peeled open his eyes. The room was dim and somehow that made everything feel that much clearer. More sensitive. The feeling of soft sheets beneath his body, the stiff contrast of the clothing covering his body. The smell of clean metal invading his nose, foreign and strong. The taste of stale air on his tongue. And the sound of whirling, like a simulator in flight, with banging pipes and the murmur of voices echoed with footsteps in his half-conscious mind.

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BTS reaction to their child refuses to call them dad because they were away for so long

Anonymous said :

BTS reaction when they haven’t met their child for years and when they finally see each other, she/he (their child) doesn’t want to call them appa and how can they fix it, please :)))) I love ur work so much, keep working hard 😘

Hi lovely~thanks for requesting ! .. here’s your requested reactions and I really enjoyed writing this so I hope you enjoy it too >< .

Jin :

All he was thinking the way home is his little kid .The last call he had from you was about his little boy’s first birthday ! ..he went to the military when you were in your second month ..so his biggest dream was to see his child for the first time ! ..when he knocked at the door he expected his child to come running like a little pinguin and hug him ..but what happened wasn’t as he expected the meeting to be ..his little child showed up with his diaper and smiley face ..which has changed the moment he spotted his father ..Jin was in heavens that time ..untill his baby ran fast inside ..screaming and calling for his mom ..and you were already on your way to the door ..you stopped the moment you saw your dear husband ..smiling as if you have never smiled before ! ..but your child ? he was behind you ,hugging your leg ..begging for protection ..and that was the last thing Jin wanted to see ..no papa ? ..no appa or even daddy ? ..that broke him from the inside ,so the hug wasn’t that tight ..he was sad ..so deeply …which didn’t make him sleep that night ..he was thinking of a way to change the way his baby sees him ..so he decided to spend more time with him ,till he -with no control- called Jin (appa) because how strong their relationship was !

Suga :

A 7 months girl won’t remember her father ! ..especially if he left for tour for about another 8 months ! ..that would make it even more complicated..he heard his girl saying her first word when you recorded it  ..so he was so excited to hear it live ..when she is calling him! ..calling him (appa)!! ..he came home at 4 am ..after hugging you and showering you with kisses, he dashed to his girl’s room to see her sleeping in her one peace pijama ,with an angelic face and silk brown hair .He sat next to her and kissed her face ,two seconds and she was staring at him ,and his smile never faded away ,till she started crying so hard …calling her mom (AMMA!! ..I’M SCARED !!) ..you ran to her room and saw Suga staring at the wall ,in an another world . You hugged her till she calmed down ,and Suga still didn’t make any reaction !.. you said ,trying to save the situation “..ohh baby ..this is your father !..why are you scared ?”..she kept crying “NO! ..HE IS NOT MY APPA!! ..HE IS NOT!” ..and buried her face in your chest .. you looked at your husband as you could clearly see him tearing up ..but before you could open your mouth to say a word he carried his body out ,and disappeared in his studio .In the next day ,you saw Yoongi for the first time ,so cuddly and caring ..he tried his best to make her feel protected and comfortable when he is around ,and that worked ! ..at the end of the day ,after a family trip to the amusement park ,he was sitting with her on the carousel..she was laughing so happily in his arms when he was smiling till his ears ,she said in a loud voice between her giggles “YOU ARE THE BEST DAD EVER!” .

Rap Monster :

You and your little boy were waiting for your husband at the airport ,when he was away for one year with his mother ,trying to do some surgeries for her because she had two kinds of cancer,and you couldn’t leave with them due to your job .Your little boy was one year and a half ,so he had only few unclear memories about his father ,he looked at you “mom ? ..when was he all the time ?” ..you smiled and looked down “our grandma was sick so he was helping her !” ..he pouted “but ..when I was sick he didn’t help me !” ..you remembered when your child once had a virus and he was at the hospital for two days ,you knew that would affect on him because his father wasn’t there ,but you hoped nothing negative would happen .When Namjoon appeared you smiled brightly and pointed at him “look ! ..he is there !!” and you ran to him ,hugging him so tight ,and your boy? ..still standing where you left him ,and when Joonie took few steps toward his child ,the last one took another steps back ,there Namjoon was shocked ,and you knew how much that distance had affected on him ,even though the first conversation between them two was “you know that I asked about you everyday? ,your photo in my wallet ..and I take it everyday and I kiss it !” ..” ohh ..thanks ..you seem as a good man ..like grandpa Max in Ben10 !!!” ..and that moment you knew that Namjoon was broken ,as a knife stabbed him so deeply or as his heart was broken into peaces ,but what doesn’t kill you ,makes you stronger ! ..he took a vocation for a month to spend it with his boy ..and , it has beed successful ! .

J-hope :

His military service had to end today ,so you waited for him at the balcony with your little kid ! ..till he arrived with his soldier’s vest ..your boy cheered “mom look ! ..a soldier! “ ..you smiled brightly “yeh baby ..he is your father !” ..and you ran downstairs, when your boy stood still and mumbled “my father ?” .You hugged your husband as if it was the first time to see him after 100 years ,so you shouted at that kid on the balcony “COME AND HUG YOUR DAD!” ..but he didn’t move ,so Hobi just kissed you and whispered “I’ll go for him!” ..and when he was two steps away from his child ,with the happiest face ever ,your boy said “so you are the hero my mom told me about ?” ..he nodded and pulled him in a warm hug ,but your kid broke it ..so Hoseok pouted “what’s the problem my baby?” ..your kid simply shouted and ran away “I DON’T BELIEVE YOU !!!” ..Hoseok with no control started crying with no sound and you couldn’t do anything but hugged him, when he refused “you didn’t show him my photos ? ..didn’t you tell him the messages I wanted him to hear ? ..didn’t you tell him that I love and miss him so much ? ..why he hates me ?!!!” .After days he was trying his best to get closer ,but we cant deny that he had some difficulties to deal with ,his boy was a closed one ,not like his father ..but ,they made it at the end .

Jimin :  

Another one was away for tour ,but he suffered from another problem , a member was sick and he had to be next to him ,which made him be away for 9 months ,and that wasn’t so accepted by his little girl who he left when she was 3 months old and now she is one year old .He asked the driver to drive the fastest so he would see his daughter, he missed her till he couldn’t control himself .And when he was in front of her ,he came closer and hugged her as if it was the first time ..and she couldn’t make any reaction..all she was thinking about was (is he really my father?) ,and he didn’t notice that till he was taking a shower and you making the dinner ,when she moved in hesitated steps and knocked at the door of the bathroom “umm ..mom said the dinner is ready !” ..he opened the door with the biggest smile and carried her on his shoulders .When they were on the dinner table ,Jimin kissed you and mumbled “you are the best mom! ..I was afraid she would enter the bathroom so I locked it !” ..you smiled and looked in a teasing way at her “ohh..that’s weird ,because she usually doesn’t knock ,but enters with no warnings !” ..your daughter looked at her plate in a guilty way “but you taught me to be polite with those I don’t know !” ..and that moment Jimin choked and sank in his blank thoughts ..that his daughter is no longer his  ,but just a girl he loves and she doesn’t ! ..that made him cry in his room alone at midnight ,also made him make a plan to let his daughter knows that he is not a stranger , but a person who loves her more than she thinks .

V :

It wasn’t his choice ,he had to leave for some business and you couldn’t go with him because you had to take care of your parents and your work ,so he left for a year and a half to complete the deals with many modeling companies ,he was a lit! ..after he realized that his family has the right to see him ,he canceled any new deals and went right back to his hometown .He was outside of his huge house’s garden ,when he saw his little girl running after her dog ,she was wearing ballet skirt with wings of a fairy ,till she stopped when she saw him ,he opened the gate and ran toward her ,picked her up and swung her in the air which made her giggle ,he pulled her in a hug and let her down ,so he sat on his knees ,admiring her beauty and how much she grew up without him ,that thought made him tear up ,till she shocked him saying “you are a cute like my joje (her puppy) …and you look like my dad~” she said with an accent of a cute little girl ,which made him smile brightly “ohh ..so your father is cute ? ..how about I AM your father ? …your TaeTae ?” ..she giggled “ohh no you are not ..bye stranger !!” ..and she waved ,left him there looking at her running after the dog again ,stranger ? ..that was the last thing he would like to hear ,for a family man ? ..that was a living nightmare ..and u knew that when he entered the house and his face covered with tears .But ,that didn’t stop him ,he got out of that scary hell and started all over again ,playing and chasing the dog with her ,till they became bestfriends ,till he became her TaeTae .

Jungkook :

That scholarship he had for the most famous music school in the world ,he dreamed of having it ,and when he got it ,he waited no second to accept it ,and when he knew he can’t get his family with him ,he had to risk ..two years he could only see you on FaceTime, but what really made him break down every night ,that his kid refused to FaceTime with him ,as he was that shy around strangers ,he didn’t have the courage to talk to that man who called his father and never saw him before ,that made Jungkook give up the rest of his scholarship and go back home .Out of his kid room he stood there ,afraid as hell ,will he accept it ? ..he knocked at the door and that three years boy opened it with his pijamas on ,the moment he saw his father his eyes went wide and slapped the door ,as if he slapped Kook on the face ,his feelings were down as he was holding himself not to cry ..”babe ,open the door ..I’m your father you were FaceTiming with ! ..I came but will never go again ! ..now open the door and let me hug you ..!!” ..but that didn’t affect on the insecurity of his kid ,but made him shout out loud “NO ..!!” .After that situation, Jungkook tried everything to get his kid’s heart ,from watching his favorite cartoon with him to playing with him his favorite games ..it needed time but ,it was successful too !.

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Title: “How much champagne did you have?” (Stark! Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: Peter and the reader are the two youngest at Tony’s party, a party full of alcoholic beverages that youngsters shouldn’t drink. 

Word Count: 1750

Warnings: Underage Drinking don’t do it

A/N: I love Peter lol we all know this. I hope you enjoy this fun lil stark reader imagine! 

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My Club (Alec x Reader) Imagine

You sat on your couch as you watch everyone dancing and partying around you. There were so many different species here. You spotted Mundanes, Vampires, Warlocks, Foresakens and Shadowhunters. Wait shadowhunters you thought. Why were they here? You got up from you seat with your drink in hand and made your way towards them.

“The last time I checked I don’t remember anyone inviting shadowhunters to this club” You spoke as you appeared in front of them.

“They didn’t now move” A blonde haired boy said as he pushed passed you with three more shadowhunters following him. You started to follow them when they all suddenly stop. Quickly the blonde boy was in front of you.

“Stop following us” He spoke

“What are you doing here?” you questions

“You don’t need to know” He said

‘Jace she proably knows where he is ask her” A redheaded girl told him.

“Are you a warlock?” The blonde haired boy who you figuerd was Jace asked you.

“I am but what does that mean to you shadowhunter boy” you tease

“Magnus Bane do you know him?” Jace once again asked.

“Nope doesn’t ring a bell” you said as you turned around “Now get out of my club” you started to walk away when an arm grabbed you pulling you back. It was Jace.

‘Your club? The last time we checked it was Magnus Bane’s” Jace said. You looked around them, they had you trapped in.

“Well it’s not anymore” you rolled your eyes hoping they wold let you go but they wouldn’t.

“Your lying” A black hair girl said

“What if I am? It shouldn’t matter to you where a warlock is” You sass back

“We need his help with something” The other boy spoke “He’s not in trouble, so where is he? It’s his club so he must be here”

“Like I told you already this is my club too he’s no-“ you were saying but the redhead cut you off.

“Wait your club too? You never said that early” You cursed in your mind that you let that slip out in front of them. How could you be so stupid.

“Oops must of forgot” you said with a grinned “ I owned this club with Magnus”

“So you do know where he’s to” Jace yelled

“Not at the moment, I say he gone off with one of his lovers but I’m not sure so leave me a message and he will get back to you” you spoke as you took a sip of your drink.

“We need him now not later” the redhead girl demanded

“Well I can’t hel-“ you started to say but stopped when your vision started to get burry.Why was this happening?

“You put something in my drink” you yelled soon your feet gave out from under you and the black haired boy caught you.

“Why did we do this again” the boy asked

“We need to know where Magnus is’ Jace told him


  You woke up in a strange room. Soon everything came back to you.Those damn shadowhunters. You should of known they would pull something like this.

“Look at who’s awake” Jace said

“Who are you?” you asked

“You don’t need to know that” He answerd

“Well Jace since I know you, you might as well tell me who your fellows shadowhunters are”

“How do you know that?”

“You don’t need to know that, names?”

“Clary” the redheaded girl

“Isabelle” the other girl said

“Alec” the black haired boy said

 “That’s great. I’m not going to tell you where Magnus is so you might as well stop trying” you said standing up onto your feet. Truth is you didn’t really know where he was but they didn’t seen to care.

“Please we’ll do anything” Clary bregged

“What do you need his help with?” you questioned. There had to be a good reason if they were going through all of this trouble.

“Our friend that’s a werewovle got hurt and Bane is the only one that can help”

“Why him”

‘His magic is the only one powerful enough” Maybe you can help them you thought. After all you were warlock too with the same power.

“I’ll do it” you said

“Your not Magnus” Alec replied

“But I am a Bane” you told them “My magic is the same as my brother it will still work”

“Magnus has a sister?” Izzy asked

‘Yes and I’m right in front of you, never saw that one coming did you?” you laugh. All of them stood there in shock looking at you. You didn’t know if it was because you were Magnus sister or was it your weird sense of humor. Who cared anyway.

“Are we going to go or what?” you asked.

‘Yeah lets go” Isabelle said as they left, with you following not to far behind them.


  “Nice place you got here” Alec said while looking down at you while you crushed up spices for the spell.

“I’m trying to save your friend life and your talking about how nice my house is?” you laugh while Alec turned the color of a tomato. “Can you hand me some of those tea leaves?” you asked pointing towards the ones you wanted. Alec walked over to get them and handed to you while asking

 “Are you sure this going to work?”

“Yeah it’s one of Magnus spell I’ve seen him used it before.Trust me I know what I’m doing”

‘You seems different”

“What do you mean?” you questioned

“When we first got to you earlier you seems like a different person. Like you didn’t really care about anything. You had this whole evil vibe about you” Alec told you.

“Yeah I could see that, I guess when I’m protecting something like my brother and my club I put on a fake act so no one would really get me.” You made your way over to the sofa where their friend Luke was laying. You sat down in front of him and started to wave your hand over him, you were started to heal him as you could see the purple smoke that was coming from your hands. After a while you could feel your energy starting to fade.

“Alec come here” you yelled as he made his way over towards you. “Sit please” You grabbed ahold of his hand when he sat. “I’m sorry I need some of your energy I hope you don’t mind”

“If it helps him I don’t care” Without Alec’s energy you didn’t know if you could do it so when he let you, it took a weight off of your shoulders. Soon you were done and when you finally remove your hands you fell right back on Alec.

“I’m sorry” you said slowly as you try to get up.

“Hey don’t worry about it, just rest” you didn’t even have time to argued as you eyes slowly shut as you fell alseep with your head resting on Alec’s shoulder.


  “Alec we told you to help her, not sleep with her” Jace said as him and Clary enter into the house. Alec glared up at the boy.

“She resting, after all she used up all of her energy healing Luke.” He said as he pointed towards the man on the sofa.

“LUKE” Clary yelled as run over to the man laying down.

“Quite” Alec said “She’s sleeping”

“Oh what does Alec have a crush” Jace tease

“Shut it” Alec said. Right after that your eyes started to flutter open. You sat up from leaning against Alec. Your first thought was to look over at Alec

“Thank you” You said as you got up and walking over to a now sitting up Luke with Clary. He looked fine and you were happy that the spell worked.

“How are you feeling” You asked Luke handing him a drink from your table.

“I’m good,thank you for helping” He said as he sipped the drink.

“No worries, I have magic might as well do something useful with it every once and a while”

“Warlock? He questioned

“Oh yes, sorry I forgot you were out of it when I met you. My names Y/N Bane” you told him as you held out for him to shake his hand. He shook it back and asked “Would I be able to leave? I have a pack that needs me.”

“Yes you can leave, but try and take it easy for the next little bit”

“Don’t worry he will” Clary said for him as she helped him put on his jacket. Jace walked over to help the two and to also help them leave. As they left Jace said “Help the girl clean up Alec”.

“What do you need me to do” Alec asked

“Umm” you said looking around. You really didn’t need any help, you were just going to used your magic. “I think I’m good” you told him as you waved your hand around making your purple magic appear once again. You soon had everything back in place.

“I forgot about your magic” Alec stated

“Don’t worry about it, I think Jace did too” You said as you turn to face him. For the first time, you atcually got a good look of his face. His hazel eyes stared down at your Y/E/C eyes. You both leaned in when you heard a voice.

“Really Y/N? I leave for a few days and you already have a boy in our house” It was Magnus. You both pulled back and turned to look at your brother.

“Oh at least he’s cute” Magnus said as you stood there rolling your eyes. Giving your brother one last glance you pulled Alec towards your room.


so i’ve had these jasper asks in my inbox for a while… and it’s about time i address them. i’ll be combining these asks, focusing especially on that last one and the idea of “deserving” redemption, + some of my own general thoughts to talk about the su narrative, jasper, her relationship with peridot, trauma, steven, and where we go from here. 

it’s time for another long post about jasper under the cut. 

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Transparent Crystalline Solid (5)

Bucky Barnes x (enhanced)Reader

Notes: (the usual) troubled pasts, swearing, smut, fluff, angst/heartbreak.

A/N: Almost there, guys!

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“He’s a wreck, Steve. He hasn’t been out of his room for weeks” Pepper sighs, rubbing her cheeks with the palms of her hands. “We still haven’t been able to contact Thor? Heimdall?”

Steve shakes his head. “It’s been silent. I’m worried something’s gone wrong. Jane hasn’t been able to find any fluctuations or whatever she calls it. She’s in no better shape than Bucky is”

Pepper bites her lip, smiling at Tony when he pulls her into him. “I’m sure it’s fine. Y/N and Thor separately can kick all of our asses. But together? I wouldn’t bet anything against them”

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