right after she runs after him

Seventeens’s Reaction to: Their Really Shy S/O Running Away After They Say ‘Saranghae’!

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Heya! Could you do a Seventeen reaction when their s/o tells them ‘Saranghae’ but runs away right after bc she’s too embarrassed and shy?

Of course~

S. Coups:

  • Would be so shook until someone finally snaps him out of his daze.
  •  Is the type to run ad find you so he could return the favor.

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  • Would be a blushing mess.
  •  It would make his day if you did this.

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  • Would be such a flustered mess. 
  • Would try to find you and tell you how cute you looked.

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  • Would be so damn confused. 
  • Then when it all clicks he’d be on the ground blushing.

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  • Would probably run away too, because wow that was so cute??? 
  • Is also the type to return the favor. 

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  • Would catch you so fast before you could even take a step. 
  • Wouldn’t even care where you two were and would return the favor.

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  • Would be so surprised at the sudden gesture. 
  • Would snap out of it so fast so he could find you and tease you about it for weeks!

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  • Boy would he find your shy gesture to be so cute. 
  • Would sneakily return the favor later with a few teasing remarks.

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  • Would turn into a blushing mess at the sudden PDA.
  •  Is the type to be way too shy to approach you for a while.

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  • Would squeal in happiness at your cute gestures.
  •  Would love your shyness so much because of moments like this.

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  • Would be shook for a solid 10 minutes. 
  • Then he’d be sassing the shit outta you for running away after the kiss.

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  • TBH he’d be running too. 
  • That was the cutest thing ever??? God he feels so lucky to have you????

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  • Would either blush and melt or be bold and grab you before you run.
  •  Would enjoy your short moments of PDA and would find them to be adorable.

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Lord knows I love this GIF way too much….

Alright that’s another wonderful request done!! Keep sending in your asks about me or for kpop groups!


You know, I feel like we missed out on a really funny opportunity here.

Imagine in “Identity Crisis”, instead of running off with Tucker to hang out with Fun Danny, what if Sam got dragged along on a crazy superhero adventure by Super Danny?

I just picture it like, Super Danny gets so wrapped up in being a full-time superhero, that he somehow forgets humans have limits. Like he keeps flying ahead and Sam eventually gets winded trying to catch up.

Super Danny: Oh…right…humans can’t fly. Sorry.

Sam: How did you forget humans can’t fly!?

And like he keeps aggravating her with his cheesy Golden Age-sounding boy scout dialogue, and keeps calling her “my sidekick”. Every time he addresses her, it’s “my sidekick”. And her only warning he’s about to fly off again is a dramatic “Come, my sidekick!” before WHOOSH! And she has to go running after him for the umpteenth time.

So like after what was implied to be hours of this crap, Sam ends up worn out and wonders why she let him drag her around this late at night, or more importantly why she hasn’t just left yet. But then they run into Technus and Super Danny drags Sam into the fray with him.

Super Danny: Leaping lightning rods! This looks like a job for… [dramatic pose] Danny Phantom! [holds out hand dramatically] Come, my sidekick!

Sam: [throws a flowerpot at him from off screen; it misses and smashes against a wall]

So they’re basically up all night fighting Technus, while Tucker and Fun Danny go bowling and get a good night’s sleep. And because he’s a ghost, Super Danny is completely fine after all this crap. But Sam ends up worn out, sleep-deprived, and possibly hungry.

When the duos meet back up at the pier, she’s a cranky delirious wreck.

Tucker: Sam, are you okay? You look like you’re dying…or already died, but came back from it.

Sam: [swaying] Oh, yeah? Well…you dress like you’re a…traffic light. Yeah. [points] You got your red…and…yellow and…and… [slow blink] … [jump] W-What are we talking about?

Tucker: What did you do to her?

Super Danny: Oh…right…humans need to sleep. Sorry.

Tucker: [in disbelief] How and why?

And for the rest of the episode she’s just in this daze, muttering nonsense and having delayed reactions (and possibly hallucinating). And then she keeps falling asleep. She first falls asleep on the bed when they’re in Danny’s room after Super Danny possessed Fun Danny. She wakes up with a “What I miss?” after Fun Danny gets Super Danny out.

She falls asleep again against the door frame while Tucker tries to hide the two Dannys. She again wakes up with a “What I miss?” when Technus takes over the house.

And then while everyone’s in the street as Technus makes a getaway, she just falls asleep standing up. She once again wakes up with a “What I miss?” after Super Danny’s failed attempt to fly.

And finally, after the day is saved and Danny fuses back together, she falls asleep slumped against the rail on the roof.

Danny: Hey… [touches her shoulder, waking her] You all right?

Sam: [glares at him groggily] Your ghost half is a jerk. Punch him for me. [falls back asleep]

Danny: …will do.

And I guess they would just let her sleep there during that ending shot where everyone’s admiring the view.

I dunno, I just think that’d be funny. I remember being a little disappointed they didn’t have Tucker go with one Danny, while Sam went with the other. Again, it was a missed opportunity. (Also I just wanted more Super Danny scenes. I’m not gonna lie.)

I’m seriously tempted to rewrite the whole episode like this. Please don’t let me rewrite the whole episode like this. For the love of god. I already thought too much about it. Stop me here.

I’ve seen a lot of posts of people saying they think Steve is Scott, and I thought this at first, but the more I think about it the more it makes sense to me that Steve would be OA

Firstly, he got a lot of screen time. I assume that if we get a season 2 and that if the multi dimension theory is right, they wouldn’t give him that much screen time for him to be one of the minor captives.

Secondly, in the finale they show Steve running after OA in the ambulance. This scene is so similar to when Hap abandons OA and she runs after his car.

Thirdly, there’s the thing of is parents sending him away to the military place. OA also got sent away, to a boarding school, because of her parents

I hope we get season 2 so we can finally get answers!

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Reaper and mcree headcanons with a s/o who's terrified of spiders?


  • Hears you screaming and thinks you’re under attack
    • He runs in to see you screaming at a small black speck on the floor.
    • He laughs for about five minutes
    • And you get mad at him 
    • He eventually squishes the spider
    • Teases you about this forever
      • Only stopping if it actually bugs you
  • Will just kill any spiders that you see after this without question
    • Just stares right at Widowmaker while doing it if she’s in the room


  • Is also scared of spiders
    • Pretends not to be but they’re creepy to him
    • After realizing that you want to him to kill it he blanches
    • “Don’t you worry darlin’” he gently steps towards it, “I’ll get it.”
    • As he squishes it he represses the need to shudder
    • Plays it off that he’s unaffected
      • He’s going to have nightmares
  • Whenever you see another spider he mysteriously disappears
    • Doesn’t reappear for another ten minutes
Plum Wine

Rating: Mature
warning: NSFW

The best sensation–after hours of fighting, and running, and screaming, and war–is when he has her trapped right beneath him.

Hips flush together–united–elbow pressed against the mattress of his cot to hold him up, to keep him from crushing her (what a silly thought, she could easily take his weight without injury, without complaint, without a sign of discomfort and that’s necessary to him) and to keep his eyes burning right into hers.

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Inspired from this post  

What if we had a Drarry tangled AU?

Aunt Petunia being Gothel, stealing young Harry from his parents because of his magical scar. Aunt Petunia knowing that it gives off magical powers and waiting to finally be able to do magic or some shit. 

Instead of the lanterns every year, lights are cast into the sky one by one after each other all through the night. 

In comes Draco Malfoy (known death eater)

They do their adventure thing, running away from people. 

Then they fall in love and everything right? 

Buttt Harry finally sees Draco’s arm one night and sees the mark and thinks he’s evil and everything since his ‘mom’ told him to stay from anyone with that mark. 

Harry goes back to aunt petunia, then you know realizes who she really is and that his parent aren’t really dead and that he’s a long lost prophecy. 

Harry meets his parents

Draco and Harry reconcile after much angst please and boom they’re in love all over again. 

Not very detailed but hopefully you get my drift?


“I’m sure Samantha is doing just fine. But if her mother is back, she might want to play it cool for a bit? I’m sure Veronica is absolutely furious with her ‘running away’ after all.“

Jasmine sighs and nods her head. “I know, I know. You’re probably right. I just worry about her, you know. If Johnathan’s back, there’s no way of knowing what Sam will do. She’s never been good at saying no to him. I just don’t want her to go back to him after what he’s done.”

“I’m sure she knows what’s the right thing to do,” Celia says reassuringly and offers Jasmine a smile. “Now are you cooking lunch or nah?”

“Shush, I’ll go cook now!”

Monsta X Reaction To Their Girlfriend Walking Over To Them But A Stranger Comes Up And Slaps Her Butt


*Wants to run after the guy, but you stop him, not wanting to waste time*
“Just let me punch him this once. I don’t want anyone doing this to you”


“Hey, Asshole. Her boyfriend is right here and ready to beat you up”


*Swiftly pulls you over to him*
“Should I run after this kid? I can’t let him go after this”


*Runs over to you and b*tch-slaps the guy*
“She’s taken.”


“Oh no, mister. This went too far“
*Does not let the guy go*


*Confidently walks up to you and grabs your hand while judging the guy*
“Don’t ever touch my girlfriend. Got it?”


“Honey, please tell me I can hurt him”

I hope you liked it~
Feel free to request more!

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character story #2 (although a sweet one, not a funny one): there's a place in epcot where mickey, goofy, and minnie are in a room and you meet them in that order, one by one. again, there were two little girls with their mom and dad. one was maybe 7 and one was 2. so the 7 year old runs up to mickey. she is SO happy to see him. she gave him a big, long hug, and of course he reciprocated. now, the two year old... clearly wasn't expecting the characters to be so big. [pt 1]

so as soon as this girl sees mickey, she bursts into tears. mickey, with the help of this girl’s mom, is able to get her over for one photo, but the girl runs back into the line right after. oh well, he tried. so after that, it’s time for her family to see goofy. once again, the older sister runs up and gives him a big hug. goofy loves it, he dances a little with her, signs her autograph book, etc. but while I’m watching this, I just hear this little kid’s voice go NUH-UH, NUH-UH, NUH-UH.

[pt 3?] it’s the younger daughter. so after his interaction with the older sister, goofy turns his attention to the little girl. and here’s something you probably didn’t know: our characters don’t sit down. they kneel, often, but they do not sit. but goofy was there to make this little girl happy, because that’s what disney world is all about. and obviously this little girl was not going to be happy if she had to get anywhere near six-foot-tall goofy. (he might even be taller than that, idk)

[pt 4?] so goofy sits down on the floor. he’s now at eye level with her. he waves at her. mom tries to get her to wave back. she does, once. he opens his arms like he wants a hug. mom gently nudges her over. daughter doesn’t really want to hug him. goofy doesn’t push it. but then the little girl apparently notices that goofy has a pretty interesting nose. She decides to touch it, as if you were booping a friend’s nose.

[final pt] goofy immediately acts as if this girl is a hulk or something. he, in the way that he does, opens up his arms and ‘falls’ backwards (not all the way, obviously.) he sits up. he’s surprised – he gestures like, you can do that?? so she does it again. same thing. she’s laughing now. and again. goofy, who 3 minutes ago was some scary giant, is now a silly friend whom a 2-y-o can 'knock down.’ the photographer tells her to touch his nose again. when the flash goes off, the girl is beaming.

This is so something that Goofy would do. Adorable story!!!

What needs to happen in volume 4

Here is what I personally want in the next volume-

- Yang pulls herself out of her slump and decides to find Ruby

- Ruby potentially gets in over her head and right when she is about to be hurt badly Yang saves the mother flipping day being badass.

- Yang gets a badass robotic arm. Better yet learns to be badass with one arm.

- Blake either finds Yang or goes after the Adam to kill him.

- Blake and Yang kiss and make up after Yang is angsty and mad at her for awhile until Blake apologizes for running off.

- Weiss stands up to her father and basically says “fuck you dad! My friends are out there alone! My PARTNER is out there alone! I don’t care if you cut me off I am leaving!.”

- More Winter and Weiss relationship

- Winter supporting Weiss in leaving and helps her find Ruby and the others.

- More Lie Ren and Nora

- Their backstories ^^

- Jaune angst about losing Pyrrha and not seeing her love sooner.

- Jaune getting stronger and unlocking his semblance.


- Penny gets rebuilt

- More Raven

- More Bumblebee and White Rose

- Ruby finding out more how she is special because she is the summer maiden.

- More Cinder and what she has to do with that lady who wants Ozpin to burn.

- More Team CFVY

- Especially more Velvet and her weapon.


Xavier: Try again, I’m sure you’ll rock.

 After thinking for a while, Xavier passes the ball to Diana and she shoots right after and it gets in the basket.

Diana: I did it, I did it!

 Xavier: Yess! Congratulations, girl!

  Without thinking about it, Diana runs to Xavier and gives him a huge hug.

 Diana: We did it, we’re a great team!

 Xavier: Yes, best team ever!

What Could Have Been...

Imagine a world where Bianca lived. She would have joined the Hunters for a while, maybe even taken charge for a few years, but once the wars were over, she decided to step down and spend time with Nico. Imagine her cheering him on every time he had a crush. Imagine tiny little Bianca, who still looks like a teen, telling her future brother-in-law to treat Nico right. Imagine her working alongside Thalia when she was with the Hunters, them co-running the group after Zoë’s passing. Imagine Bianca meeting Hazel for the first time and adopting their new sister right away. Imagine
her meeting Reyna in Puerto Rico after hearing so much about her from Hylla. Imagine her being good friends with Percy, not holding it against him that he never knew her brother’s feelings. Imagine her getting along with Ella because they both started off shy. Picture her learning history from Annabeth to catch up on the seventy years she missed. Picture her alive, think about the life she could have had…

Run (1/2) (Erik Lehnsherr x Reader)

Word Count: 5k

Rating: M

Song I listened to while writing: “Goner” by twenty one pilots

Warnings: Swearing, talk of Erik’s tattoo

Excerpt: Because for a while, things have been normal. They spend a lot of time together and Erik gets introduced to people as her boyfriend and it sparks something possessive and territorial in his stomach that he relishes in, even though she isn’t his and she never will be. Some days he tries ferociously to convince himself that he doesn’t even want her, anyway, she’s a human and he’s a mutant and he’s better, he’s so much more powerful but when she smiles at him it just—It makes him forget all of it. It makes him wonder if Charles was right about humans after all.

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A dream come true (2)

Pairing: Chris Evans x reader

Words: 1703

A/N: Hi there people!! Sorry this took so long but I’m still drowned in exams… Anyway, I managed to write this second part and the lovely @kbrand0 helped me correcting my mistakes and now… here it is!! Enjoy!!

Previous parts: Part 1

Tags: @spnwriting1 @avidfanficwriter @blacktithe7 @jerkbitchidjitassbutt and @cassjoream (if you wanna be added or removed from this list let me know!)

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“You’re kidding right?” asked Jade after telling her about the incident with Chris Evans.

“No! He run after me to give me back that damn condom!” your friend laughed hysterically making  you blush while everybody in the bar looked in your direction.

“The positive side of this is that now he knows you practice safe sex… he might be interested…” she teased.

“God stop! I’ve never been so ashamed in my life! This is not how I should have met him” you cried.

“OK, OK, I’m partly sorry” she said.

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A quick note of something I noticed very early in the series upon re-reading/watching Noragami.

Just after Yato loses Tomone/Mayu and gets saved from getting run over by Hiyori. When he visits her in the hospital, and talks about the dangers of the night because of storms and phantoms, this pops up. In both the anime and the manga, near the very beginning.

Right when he’s alone, just after he’s lost his one defense, the first thing he had in his mind was Hiiro. Had she not been busy at the time, it’s very likely she would have been right there with him. It may not be quite so on the inside, but outside, he seems either entirely willing or resigned to the idea of using her when he’s just lost another shinki.

He’s so avoidant once he has Yukine by his side, problematic or not be their early relationship, but when he’s defenseless, even he puts it so himself, the first person he thinks about is her to protect him as a weapon, no matter how much he wants to distance himself from her.

I see a lot of posts wondering why Leia and Han name their son after Obi-Wan even though Han barely knew him and Leia didn’t meet him. After all, Luke was the person who had the real relationship with them, right?

But see, here’s what I think: Leia remembers watching her planet explode on the darkest day of her life. She remembers that in a single moment she watched her parents, friends, family, home, and heritage burn away. For a moment, she was all alone in the world.

Until later that day when a mop-headed kid runs into her cell telling her he’s here to rescue her. And he takes her to this infuriating, cocky, handsome man.

And though she has no idea yet, they are going to become her family.

Years later, she will ask Luke more about how he got there. How he knew to save her, how he eventually learned they were siblings.

And he will tell her the truth: I wouldn’t have been there without Obi-Wan.

So she learns that this man she never met is responsible for giving her back life, love, and hope.

She didn’t need to meet Obi-Wan to feel grateful for him every day of her life.

Is it really any wonder she named her son Ben?

Try and Stop me - Part 2

Aaron’s POV

He was tired; tired of the lies, the deceit, the constant paranoia on whether his secret would resurface. Ever since he came back, that lowlife he once called had his dad, life just went from bad to worse. After everything he went through with his mum, all the hospital visits and the PTSD, he just wanted it to just be them, “Us against the world!” she promised him… yeah right. She was off with him , Paddy was too busy with his dirty little affair, Cain was dealing with Debbie, even Adam wasn’t there after all the Johnny stuff. He had no one - well, sort of.

He didn’t know how long he had been running, an hour? Two? All he knew was that it was working, with each step the pain stung him more and more - until one point, he found himself collapsed face first on the ground, his body must have given in from running on empty. That’s when he noticed the tears running down his numb face onto the hard ground beneath him. I need him. He reached into his backpack and called that familiar number, anxiously anticipating hearing that voice that once made him feel safer than ever before… He didn’t answer. At that moment he felt somehow even weaker than before. Empty. Scared. Thought so, he’s moved on… just like everybody else. At that moment he launched his phone into the distance, pulled a bottle of vodka out of his bag, dragged himself off the ground and carried on walking, hoping to drink himself into an oblivion.

Robert’s POV

He’d never ran so fast in his life, he didn’t know he could run this fast, but he had to find Aaron - that’s all that mattered to him! After what felt like forever he saw a crouched figure in the close distance - Thank God! He raced over to him calling his name but when the man turned around, nothing but a silhouette of the man he loved stood before him - he had never seen him like this before.

“Ohhh look who it is, the great Robert Sugden, back again to tell me how useless I am, huh? Come to see the waste of space?!” Aaron shouted drunkenly.

“Oh my - Aaron. I got your call, I - What’s happened?” Robert asked, concern filling his voice.

“What’s happened?” Aaron laughed, waving the bottle in the air, “I’ll tell you what. HE came back! That’s what!” He shouted, angrily continuing, “He is feeding everyone lies and they’re all too thick to notice what he’s really like! It doesn’t matter because NO ONE cares about me anymore anyway - not even you.” A wave of guilt hit Robert in the gut, if only he knew, “I mean - why should they? Little messed up Aaron who hurts everyone they love, who cuts himself to shreds, who-” A tear escaped his eye and his voice calmed down, “Just drive away and leave me alone, I don’t need your pity” he said bitterly. Robert was lost for words, battling to hold back the tears that had formed from seeing Aaron like this. The man he loved was torturing himself and he didn’t know how to help him.

“Aaron, please, just come with me, come home - please.” Robert begged. Aaron came right up to his face which allowed Robert to smell the alcohol on his breath.

“No.” He replied through gritted teeth, then turned and started to stagger away, taking another mouthful from the near-empty bottle. 

“I’m not just gonna watch you fall apart, running yourself to an early grave,” Robert called after him.

“Oh yeah?”

Aaron turned back to face his former lover again, opening his arms invitingly yet angrily towards him.

“Try and stop me then!”

Before Robert could respond, Aaron’s face went pale, the bottle smashed to the floor and he fell suddenly to the ground, passed out.

“Aaron!” Robert screamed, rushing over to hold him, I’m not loosing you, not now. Crying, he rapidly dialled on his phone.

“Yes, hello? Ambulance…”

I’m still not certain if I should continue with this idea

What I miss about BB17

- The first insane week with Audrey and Day running around making alliances and confronting everyone for lying

- Jace being horrible and evicted right away

- When we weren’t sure if Liz was playing as a twin or not, but realized that when she was, watched as she wore giant sunglasses and hats to hide from the other houseguests

- Audrey being the most iconic houseguest ever and skipping her own backdoor ceremony to get Wendys from production

- After Jason’s eviction, James promising Shelli that her and Clay would be safe if she let him win HOH, then putting up Shelli and Clay immediately after winning HOH

- Vanessa going from crying mess to crying mess who controlled everyone

- Vanessa evicting Austin after a tie

- The rise of Jackie from being a boring nobody to a likeable underdog trio with Meg and James

- Becky being HOH and terrorizing Vanessa 

- Liz and Vanessa’s wigs at the Ariana Grande concert 

What I don’t miss

- Stove winning

- Watching a neanderthal cheat on his girlfriend and finger a blonde stick on national television