right after i got my septum done

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I have numerous visible tattoos, as well as my septum pierced, and work at a VERY liberal retail shop, where many of us have visible body modifications. One day I was ringing a customer through when she asked me what my mother thought of my septum piercing, and then proceeded to discuss how disappointed she'd be in her daughters if they got it done, while her 10 year old kid was right beside her. All I said was "well thank goodness I'm an adult and can make those decisions for myself"...

That sounds like an offhanded way of telling her kids not to get tattoos by openly insulting you. Parent of the year. *rolls eyes* TBH as long as my kids don’t knock up/get someone knocked up before graduation I’m good(life gets pretty tough after kids, having them too early just makes it even harder, so props to those who have managed teenage parenthood well). Get those tats, get piercings, have sex, smoke pot or drink for all I care, just make sure you’re safe. For example, do your research of the tattoo establishment you will have your ink done. I’ve seen a lot of stories about places that aren’t hygienic and what not. I only want my kids to be informed when they make a decision that is permanent, not avoid it altogether just because I’d disapprove. On top of that, employees aren’t your goddamn example for your narrow mindedness. Fuck off with that. I’m sorry I rambled, but I felt a need to put that customer’s viewpoints in the trash can with some real parenting. I may not be the best parent but ffs don’t use someone else to tell your kids you’re an uptight asshole. I really feel like this was what she was doing. -Abby