I fancy this water is vodka;
if it were poison, 
would it kill these thoughts of you?

Alas, it does nothing to quench 
this growing thirst
that builds and builds and builds. 

It does nothing to quell 
these sleepless nights
that are full of you and you and you.

There is a rumbling inside of me,
a gale unparalleled,
a wind so fierce my bones shake beneath it.

I down this vodka
so it might leave me raw,
unadulterated and unabridged.

In my purest form, 
I might stay this tempest,
and kill your image, nay-

all is lost.

—  I cannot quell this storm (I cannot stop loving you) // S.N
We all want to be happy, and I am no different than anyone else. True, I may go about it differently than what the media has decided is “normal”, but we’re all looking for the same thing. So who’s to say that my way is better or worse? After all, I could be wrong! Or maybe there is no “right” or “wrong”, and what works for me may simply not work for you and vice versa? So now I honor your path, you honor mine, and we both go about our day making a million decisions with the same hope in mind: that our choices will eventually lead to our ultimate happiness, and cause the least harm to others.

Do you know?

The number of letters cut at the beginning of the surah in the Quran (Muqatta'at) without recurrence are 14 

(أ ح ر س ص ط ع ق ك ل م ن ه ي (alif, ha, ra, sin, sad, ta, ain, qaf, kaf, lam, mim, nun, ha, ya).

and the number of Infallibles (as) are also 14. 

If these letters are join they make a sentence 

( صراط علي حق نمسكه ) which means (Path. of Ali . right . stick to it)