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Victoire is put together. She’s stunning and smart, a bit of a perfectionist, possibly even a control freak. Vic likes everything to be perfect, from her handwriting to grades to her platinum hair to the rest of her life. Her looks mean she is easily pigeon holed. Because of it, people are often surprised to find that she’s quite funny. The Victoire the world sees and the Victoire known by her family are two very different people. She’s mastered the art of showing people exactly what they want to see and projecting a certain image to manipulate their opinions. Vic is poised and sophisticated, with a penchant for designing clothes. Despite what people may think, Vic is quite self conscious and is constantly second guessing herself. She constantly feels inferior to her family, especially when she is compared to her parents, which is quite often. She survives on coffee and macaroons. Victoire isn’t always easy to approach. The glow around her is almost ethereal, which can be quite intimidating for those unused to it.

Dominique is full of contrasts. She’s the definition of confidence, but is quite insecure. She’s aloof, but craves love and friendship. Some muggleborns might describe Dominique as the Marilyn Monroe to her older sister’s Grace Kelly, and they would probably be right. Dom is fun loving and spontaneous, the life of the party, and naturally talented, even if she doesn’t apply herself in class. She’s always making mischief, skipping class, dating the cutest boys, throwing parties, or pulling the occasional prank. Dominique is quite a quidditch fan, and a pretty good chaser, as well. Like the rest of her siblings and cousins, Dominique has some trust issues. She’s quite like a wolf. She’s aloof and cautious, and tends to stick with her pack. Many of Dom’s friends are people she has known since she was young. It’s a rare occurrence for an outsider to break into Dominique’s inner circle. Dom is the girl everyone wants to be, but nobody has any idea to how to go about it. She can be harsh. In her third year at Hogwarts she earned a fearsome reputation after breaking Imogen Welch’s arm, no magic needed, for trying to push Rose into the Black Lake. Dominique is not the sort of person whose bad side you want to be on, and everyone knows it, though getting on her good side is easier said than done. Dom loves the beach, and while her sister is maybe closer to their mother, Dom is a daddy’s girl.

Louis is charming. Albus often describes him as “that surfer dick,” and it’s a pretty good description. With his curly blonde hair and eternally tan skin, Louis quite looks the part, and he often acts it as well, cool, laid back, and charming. Louis is flirtatious and a bit of a man-whore. He also loves quidditch. If he’s not hitting the beach, he’s out on the pitch, where he and Frank Longbottom II make an incredible pair of beaters. Louis makes friends easily, particularly when the people in question happen to be attracted to him, which is quite frequent. He carries quite a bit of Gryffindor pride around with him, and would fight anyone who dared insult his great house. Louis could be a straight O student if he cared enough to study. Grades were never really Louis’ priority. As along as they were high enough to keep his parents off his back, he never gave a damn. Louis did always excel in subjects with hands on approaches. Dueling was one of his better points. Louis is confident, to the point of being arrogant, and believes he can do just about anything. Many of his nights at Hogwarts were spent drinking firewhiskey down by the Black Lake and swimming with the giant squid.

James is the golden boy. Charismatic, dashing, and popular, he excels at just about everything. He possesses a rare, indescribable quality that draws people to him in crowds. Being the firstborn son of the great Harry Potter helps as well. James typically doesn’t get shy or nervous, although on exactly three occasions crushing expectations pinned on him by the entire world caused anxiety attacks. James is a very popular person, the sort that leaves everyone pining for a glimpse into his world. James wears pristine body armor crafted out of confidence, and it never fails to protect him. Even from a young age he was able to appear so perfectly, unwaveringly confident that nobody else ever really questioned his abilities. He constantly questions himself, though, never sure of what he is doing. Unlike Victoire, though, James saw it as his duty to wreak havoc upon the halls of Hogwarts alongside his cousin, Fred. James inherited the mischief gene, and is always up to something, be it rigging the Slytherins showers to spew foam instead of water or managing to levitate Filch’s mattress into the center of the lake without waking the sleeping castle caretaker. James is also a dork. He loves muggle magic tricks, even though he’s awful at them, and has a penchant for dumb puns and cheesy pickup lines. James has a love for quidditch, and killed it as a beater with Fred until he graduated. James is very protective of his siblings and cousins, whom he loves more than anything in the world, and would duel anyone who looks at Albus or Lily the wrong way. James can be quite arrogant, though this sometimes ends badly due to his clumsiness. He’s very smart, and doesn’t mind studying, though he usually does it in the library while it’s empty out of fear his friends might catch on.

Albus is laid back. He’s easy going, witty, and likable, quick to smile and easy to banter with. He’s quite charming, like his brother, but is better with words. Unlike James, Albus isn’t a star at the center of a solar system, a fixed point around which everything orbits. At least, he doesn’t think so. Albus instead stays stuck to his tight knit group of friends. The only real time he takes on the entirety of the spotlight is in a quidditch match. Albus is an incredible seeker, with fast reflexes and an innate ability for quick thinking. For the first few years of his life, Albus really struggled to find his own identity. He was always Harry Potter’s second son, and as the world fell in love with his older brother, he was James Potter’s little brother. At Hogwarts, he was known to be one of the most popular kids in school, but he didn’t break out as his own person until the summer before his seventh year, when he became the youngest seeker to ever win a World Cup, though he isn’t as quick as his older brother to embrace the limelight. He’s known to sleep around a bit, though it’d be difficult to be as infamous as his cousin Louis. Al tends to not sleep very well, and survives off of coffee. Albus is very intuitive. Out of all of his cousins, he gives the best advice. A lot of times, his slight shyness comes off as aloofness, but anyone who has spoken three words with Albus Potter knows he isn’t either of those. Instead, Albus is quite friendly, and extremely likable.. With him in the room, everybody else always looks like they’re trying too hard. He’s easy and calm, good under pressure. Albus doesn’t have much of a temper, only ever raising his voice when quidditch is on the line. He has a gift for sensing when people need advice, comfort, or silence. Despite this, he had no idea Scorpius and Rose were falling in love until they said it to his face. Albus tends to bottle up his emotions due to some trust issues caused by global fame. At times he gets annoyed with the constant fatherly comparisons, and has even avoided doing things he wanted to do simply because they were things his father did.  A common misconception about Albus is that he’s quite arrogant, like Louis or James, and he can be slightly so at times, but Albus tends to be the most grounded. He’s also loyal to a fault.

Lily is popular. She’s a solid member of the quidditch team, playing her mother’s position as chaser, and has a large array of friends. She dedicates time to her social life, studies, and quidditch, making her more well rounded, like Vic. She does have a bit of a temper, though, just like her mother. Can be a bit silly. Lily loves making people laugh, and is quite good at it. Is typically brilliant in school, but has always struggled in potions. Lily is a hard headed Gryffindor with total confidence in herself and not many fears. Lily protects her own, especially her boyfriends, since her family never seems to accept them. Lily harbors an intense hatred for reporters, just like the rest of her family. She is very social, witty, and sporty, and always enjoys a good party. She’s also very determined. When Lily sets her mind to a task, she will complete it or die trying. She’s outspoken and confident, completely unapologetic, and willing to fight anyone who hurts those she loves. Lily is fire. She’s very hands on, and would much prefer to be out doing things than sitting in a boring classroom listening to stale lectures. Lily is a people person. She remembers names and thirty second conversations, and other things most people would forget. Although she is extremely friendly, Lily can be quite critical towards people and their own reputations.

Rose is an odd mix of both of her parents. She’s beautiful and intelligent, top pf her class, but also has a great sense of humor and enjoys letting loose. She has a tendency to be the “mother” among her friends, and is definitely the responsible one, but occasionally causes a bit of trouble. Rose’s skill is just not getting caught, which is how she managed to secure her position as a prefect. Rose is kind and accepting of other people, as long as she doesn’t see them as a threat to those she loves. Rose is a thinker, always trying to figure people and situations out. This sometimes leaded to overthinking. Rose is a ton of fun at parties, where she Dominique typically kill it on the dance floor. It often irks Rose that she isn’t able to control her emotions, seeing as she’s quite a logical thinker. Typically Rose is the one trying to steer her friends on to a slightly less dangerous path. Rose is usually cool headed, but does have some of the Weasley temper. The one thing that really gets her going is being compared to her mother, something the tabloids do often. On occasion, Rose has been known to butt heads with her mother, mostly because of their similarities. Both are quite stubborn and believe themselves to always be right, which creates a vast landscape for arguments, but that isn’t to say the two are not close. Rose has a good, if not dry, sense of humor. Sometimes her two natures battle each other, the good girl and the bad girl. Typically there’s a compromise. Unlike her mother, Rose is a staunch believer in astronomy, but her imaginative beliefs tend to stop there. Rose is a coffee addict. She’s warm, witty, and very dedicated to her family.

Hugo is a bit like his father, but not much like his mother. Music has always been a passion for Hugo, though for a long time Hermione viewed it as a hobby, and not something her son should pursue as a career. Hugo is very kind. He’s good looking and sweet, very genuine. He talks to a lot of girls, but isn’t the womanizer that Louis is. Hugo’s grades have always been good, but nothing special. Really he only kept them up to keep his mom off his back. Hugo hates sitting in classrooms. It just so happen that his three cousins his age, Lily, Louis, and Lucy, all share this trait, which unified the four in their crusade to create fun at Hogwarts. Hugo has always been good at sorting out his emotions, even if he doesn’t frequently share them. As far as songwriters go, he is probably one of the best of his generation, with a natural talent for weaving together lyrics full of emotion that stick in your head for days. Hugo is also a big quidditch fan, like every other member of his family, and in his sixth year, was even convinced by Albus to finally step out on to the pitch, where he excelled. Often times, Hugo feels the need to prove himself. To Hugo, living up to his parents’ legacy is impossible, but he tries hard to prove himself nonetheless. Hugo is genuine and caring, a “good” guy who doesn’t avoid responsibilities and always does the right thing, unless, of course, the right thing is going to bed at curfew or staying out of the Forbidden Forest.

Molly is like her father, if he had a serious fun streak. She’s dorky and sweet, silly and fun to be around. Molly has never been easily embarrassed. She’s also extremely attached to her books, and can usually be found carrying around at least three at any given time. Molly loves to have fun, but usually doesn’t get into trouble. Molly is clean cut but quirky, and perhaps has more in common with her namesake than she realizes. Molly is naturally clever and curious, and was always very enthusiastic about school and studying. She loves the library. In general, Molly is very good-natured. She’s never had much of a temper, and has always handled the spotlight well. Whereas some of her family members might act out, Molly was never that sort. While she was always quite terrible on a broom, she loves watching quidditch, and gets extremely into it, as does the rest of her family. Season tickets to matches are a must. Molly tends to be quite organized and prepared for any situation. The one thing she hates most is not knowing, and not being able to prepare. That, she gets from her father. She lacks the artistic talent her younger sister possesses, but is great with words and numbers. Molly is fun loving, witty, and gets along with just about anyone, though she can be a bit tightly strung. 

Lucy is artistic. She’s always been gifted in all aspects of art, from painting to pottery to photography to singing. Lucy is friendly, though apprehensive of new people. She is very open and relaxed, and doesn’t do well with negativity. Lucy has a love for crystals, photography, and painting, and goes out of her way to make people feel comfortable. She is also good friends with many of the paintings that hang at Hogwarts, particularly the ones that are off the beaten path and tend to not get as much attention. Lucy likes to pretend she isn’t as die hard about quidditch as her family, and often teases them for their obsession, but she is equally as crazy about the sport. Lucy is happy and positive, typically all smiles and giggles, things that draw people to her. Lucy has always been mature for her age. She’s also known to be a pretty good liar, a skill she has used a couple of times to get out of hot water, usually pertaining to being out after curfew. Lucy is a vegan, and conscious of humanitarian causes, just like Hermione. This often earns her some teasing from her cousins. Lucy isn’t as uptight as her sister, or as “nerdy,” as Dominique would say, but does like reading, though she prefers muggle literature, something Hermione turned her on to. 

Roxanne is cool. She’s chill and soulful, kind to everyone but quite popular. Roxy doesn’t follow trends. She sets them. Dominique would call her “groovy.” When Roxanne was fifteen, The Quibbler began championing yoga, citing a group of monks in India who used the practice to strengthen their magic. Roxy became a massive fan. She’s also quite healthy. She and Lucy actually bonded over their veganism. Roxanne loves pottery, astronomy, the beach, music, and traveling. Roxy is always picking up teas from all over the world, as she’s a bit of an addict. While she doesn’t seek out trouble, Roxanne loves to have fun, and is quite adventurous, which did get her into some hot water during her school years. Roxy hates lying, and is a very accepting person. Judgement isn’t really her way. She’s gorgeous and cool, easily sexy, maybe even a little edgy, like Dominique, but isn’t really as aloof. Out of the bunch, Roxanne is one of the easiest to approach and strike up a conversation with. She can typically find common ground with just about anyone. Very supportive. Into humanitarian causes, just like Hermione and Lucy.

Fred is James’ second half. It’s a running joke in the family that he and James are the twins, not he and Roxanne. Fred is a lot like James in that he is adventurous, courageous, popular, and mischievous. Fred can be quite the flirt, and he has a smile that makes all the girls weak at the knees. Fred tends to be exciting and lovable. In fact, it’s hard to find a person who doesn’t like Fred Weasley. He was always extremely good at defense against the dark arts, transfiguration, and charms, but sucked at potions and herbology, and could never really be bothered with those subjects. Fred is very relaxed, and a definite foodie, much to the delight of his grandmother. Fred has a lot in common with his mother in that he is driven to succeed, at least where quidditch is concerned, competitive, blunt, and a natural born leader. 

meihem aus for the soul

au where Mei is a science teacher with a little girl named Xue (Snow Ball) and Jamie and Mako are their weird and annoying neighbours. Xue loves the men because they play with her and Mei doesn’t trust their appearances, but since they never hurt her baby she tries her best not to insult Mr. Fawkes in front of Xue. 

au where you have your soul mates name written on your wrist. Mei was 6 when the name appears on her wrist and she constantly dreamed about what kind of boy “Jamison Fawkes” was. Junkrat never learned what the scratches on his wrist were, but they sort of faded for a while and it troubled him for a reason he couldn’t explain. Mei’s arm and leg pain every now and then, and she worried for Jamie’s well being. It’s not until months after she and Junkrat become friends that she learns his given name and she panics, not leaving her room for days until Jamie breaks in her door asking her why she’s avoiding him. It clicks that he doesn’t know what a soul mate is. Or that he isn’t hers. So she tells him. She tells him about the soul mate myth, and that you can find the name of your soul mate written on your wrist. He looks down at his own and comments how that makes sense, and asks her if she can read the name on his wrist. He tells her that Hog said it was Asian. She bites her lip with anticipation and maybe a little nervousness. She takes his hand and reads her name.

au where Mei freezes his workbench into a solid ice block out of good fun and Junkrat retaliates by making flour bombs and placing them so that they hit her. She decides to rig the shower head so that it’ll freeze his hair. He rigs another shower head with a dye bomb - dying her hair green.

au where everyone sees in grey scale until they meet the eyes of their soul mate - when everything explodes in colour. Mei hates it. She’s awestruck at first, but that’s overcome by frustration. She’s furious. She wants to get away. But the mission needs her. And him. And he seems confused and distracted and is too quiet according to his big friend. She doesn’t mean to hear him whisper to Roadhog about the colours, or meet the hulking man’s gaze, or turn away when Roadhog points to her as if that will give the young man his answers. He tries to joke with her, makes puns and tries his hardest to lighten their air. But she barks at him and calls him a bully, and winces when the colours dull. His brows knit and he chews his lip. She thinks their bond to be beyond repair when the colours dim to grey-ish tones.

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I'm kinda grossed out by Blake pissing outside like that." Me: I'm not, he was in the middle of a field more than 50 feet away back turned. Gwen probably thought it was funny. and was doing a little good natured teasing. She lovingly calls him a dummy at times as well. He seemed slightly annoyed but i'm sure she smoothed it over with him after, IF it really bugged him. But, he has made jokes about Peeing off the porch nd n the wood\field before..here is proof he does just that.

Yeah, I don’t see the big deal, personally. I grew up going camping in the absolute middle of nowhere (although we did rig up our own shower and toilet, lol) every year for a week, and honestly, kicking up a stink over it just merits a big shrug on my end. 

A list of things to keep me alive during hellatus
  • Dean abusing his transportation abilities to get pie from that awesome place in Denver

  • Sam always leaving his laptop in the middle of a devil’s trap so Dean can’t watch porn on it anymore

  • Dean popping up at random times and scarring Cas cause karma’s a bitch

  • Sam rigging the shower to switch to holy water after half an hour so Dean doesn’t use up all the hot water

  • Dean making “so an angel and a demon walk into a bar/morgue/crime scene/house” jokes every time he and Cas work together on a case

  • Sam summoning Dean every time he tries to get out a dish duty

  • Dean buying a pair of red sequin devil horns and wearing them around the bunker

  • Sam buying the matching tail and pinning it to Dean’s pants in the morning before he’s had his coffee

  • Dean buying one of those little car freshener things because he doesn’t want the upholstery to smell like sulfur

  • Dean flicking his eyes to black and making weird faces over victim’s shoulders to try and make Cas laugh

  • Sam threatening Dean with an exorcism if he doesn’t do his laundry

  • Dean misusing his new Latin fluency to insult Sam (he may or may not call him a female moose)

  • Cas and Dean playing teleport tag

  • Dean’s eyes going black when he orgasms feels really content like when you can see cats’ nictitating membranes except 40000x hotter

  • Dean playing fetch with hellhounds and teaching them tricks

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You really care about Money like that?


and I find no shame in saying that I love money, I want a lot of money, I plan on being so abundant in it that if I wanted to — whether or not I actually would do it is another thing — I could rig my showers so they just push out dollar bills instead of water

money is VERY important to me.

being in a financially comfortable situation where I can live and create freely and not have to worry about the roof over my head, my next meal or my goddamn data plan, is very important to me.

Like any environment besides an unlimited data plan environment is a very unsafe/violent environment for me.

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Sabriel prompt: (when they aren't aware of their mutual feelings for each other) Sam rushing around the bunker and repeating "Gabe," but Gabriel thinks he's saying "babe," so when Sam finds him in the kitchen, Gabe is staring him down, making Sam is all uncomfortable, and Gabe suddenly tackles him to the ground because he has a huge kink for cute endearments

Okay so it’s a bit short and I went a little off from what you wanted but, I have a huge weakness for Sam initiating. :P 


    Gabriel immediately looked up from where he was rigging Dean’s shower to douse him in seraph pheromones. Was that Sam? 

    “Babe! Where are you?”

    Who the hell was he calling for? Castiel was out gathering intelligence, Dean was at the store, so that only left…His eyes widened. Was Sam calling him…?

    “Seriously, babe. I need you!” 

    Sam was getting closer. Fuck. He was not ready for this. Gabriel flew off to the kitchen, where he could breathe a little. Sure, he liked Sam. A LOT. This was so sudden though. And PET NAMES? Gabriel had a hardcore kink for them. Common ones, odd ones, he didn’t care. They all were hot. 

    “Babe! There you are!” The archangel turned around and stared at Sam in the doorway. He was breathing heavy from running around the bunker, and looked absolutely amazing.

    “What did you just say?” Gabriel asked softly, trying to control his libido.

   ”Gabe,” Sam responded. “It’s okay if I call you that, right? I mean, I can call you Gabriel if you want it’s just—Why are you looking at me like that?”

   ”You were calling me ‘Gabe’?” The archangel chuckled a little and ran a hand through his hair. “Wow, I um…”

   ”Did you think I was saying…Babe?” Sam asked, smirking a little. A shiver went down Gabriel’s back as Sam stepped closer. 

   ”Uh…Yeah, it’s just…” Gabriel’s mouth went dry and he backed himself up against the counter. This was definitely not what he was expecting.

   ”Do you like it when I call you babe?” Sam’s eyes darkened with every step and Gabriel’s knees were beginning to weaken. “How about ‘sugar’?” The hunter closed in and grabbed the counter on either side of Gabriel, trapping him. He leaned in close and whispered softly. “I’d love to call you ‘my angel’…” 

    That pushed Gabriel over the edge. He grabbed Sam by the shirt and pulled him into a kiss which was gladly received. Sam wrapped his arms around the archangel and pulled him close, digging his fingers into his back. They pulled apart, breathless, and stared at eachother for a moment. 

    “You have no fucking idea…” Gabriel started, still panting.

    “Oh, I think I do,” Sam finished. “Any way you can snap us to my bedroom, love?” He grinned and Gabriel happily obliged.