Shoot, I did a Mother’s Day post but forgot about Father’s Day.

Anyway, Regular Show has some good dads, some good episode picks for the day would’ve been Trucker Hall of Fame, Family BBQ, and Rigby Goes to the Prom. Despite having minor focus, both the moms and the dads of the series are great, even Rigby’s dad eventually.

Family BBQ was also promoted as a Father’s Day special.

semi-slaughtomatic  asked:

I feel like Rigby as a dad would be kinda like how mine was: having me watch South Park when I was 3, my lullabys were always Judas Priest or KISS songs, and 90% of the scars on my body are from him dropping me/me getting into trouble when he turns around for 5 seconds, dressing me up like a little 80s rock chick, and I just really can see Rigby doing super cute bonding stuff, but it always ends up going horribly wrong and child ends up in the emergency room with broken bones.

rigby being a father would be SO precious. uguuh my heart can’t take it