I'll be right beside you, dear | Rig
  • Rita: threw her phone harshly on her bed, wanting nothing more than to throw it at Eris' prissy little face; the fucking bitch. How could she even think of leaving someone as sweet and wonderful as Dug for another guy? Did she not see how much Dug cared about her?! Anger was churning rapidly in her stomach. Eris' texts flashing over and over in her mind. Honestly, right now, all she wanted to do was find the little shit and knock her face in, but she couldn't. Dug needed her right now, and /that/ was the most important thing. Letting out a loud scream of frustration, Rita spun around and slammed her fist into the wall behind her; ignoring the flash of pain and sickening crack that accompanied it. She needed to calm down, and she needed to calm down now. Taking in a few deep breaths, she tried to get her thoughts under control; her rage under control, and after a couple minutes, felt she'd finally calmed herself down enough to help Dug. She was out of her room and in front of his door in what felt like seconds, and without even hesitating, let herself inside. "Dug, honey?" She called out softly, closing the door quickly behind her; hoping that he would answer her. That he was okay.