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Fill-a-Page February day 28!

Welp that coulda gone a bit better but overall I think it’s gross and cute enough to pass lmao. I hope this was worth all the effort that went into rigging the vote <3 


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Natasha tweeted a comment that Mama Vanlis found if some girl named Samantha complaining about the Fan Choice award being rigged and how probably only Natasha's friends voted for her and that she's a bad actress and stuff. It was the weakest shit on the planet.

aw at natasha’s mom getting upset about it but the comment was like…. what are you talking about


Loud House’s voice actor for Lincoln spoke out about the rigged votes in Spongebob Squarepants favor at the Kids Choice Awards this year and is getting replaced. Nickelodeon is already making arrangements to remove him from the show.

His hour-long stream at the event was also cut down to two minutes, and was seen being escorted out of the awards by security guards.

So that’s messed up

By murdering Bernie Sanders’ campaign, neoliberal elites in the Democratic Party consciously, knowingly and deliberately handed Trump the Presidency in order to avoid having to stand up for working-class Americans behind the palest-pink social democrat.

Some enemies of the working-class don’t talk about building walls.

i remember when i posted that a few months ago and i had an anon saying “umm excuse me the American advisors that helped Yeltsin win in 1996 did so in a perfectly legitimate way they didnt rig the election like Putin” and it was like yes thank you for proving my suspicion that the ambigious way pundits talk about “Russian meddling” is open to (deliberate?) misinterpretation resulting in people thinking Russia was behind a literal rigging of the vote result as opposed to the release of information that hurt the image of one candidate as opposed to another and may have effected the decisions of some amount of voters

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I like your Personal Time segments about politics. Can you do one on the whole Russia thing? I keep hearing "Russia interfered in our election!" But what is it Russia DID? Did they rig voting machines? All I can figure out on my own in that they released a bunch of info about the DNC. But if the info was true isn't that just journalism? Biased maybe but still journalism? I haven't seen anyone saying Russia made up lies, just that they leaked things the DNC did't want leaked.

As far as I know, they helped produce info that hurt Clinton’s campaign and then farted around the internet spreading memes and rumors to make Clinton look bad. Which, you know, is not a bullet proof plan except I think a lot of people were willing to mock, distrust, and sabotage Clinton in the first place. Other than that, there have been concerns that Russia has some sort of blackmail or otherwise compelling leverage over Trump, which is why he’s so sympathetic to Russian politics even though the US has taken up an opposed stance to them on various platforms.
It’s less than the left wing makes it sound. If a US corporation did a similar type of thing - and they do, frankly, often - then it wouldn’t be a big deal and I’m not sure if there’s even a law against it. Trump being blackmailed is the major kicker, but that’s based on hearsay; there is currently no publicly-known evidence of that. There’s also the issue of whether the Trump campaign directly coordinated with Russia, which is illegal, but he seems to be ducking around that and there’s no proof. Other than endorsing Putin verbally, there’s also not a lot of clear evidence Trump is doing anything to help Russia.
I’ve been following Trump as much as I can, and you know, the guy has been an international PR disaster, a complete child on Twitter, and he’s obviously cashing in on the presidency with his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida and other little “legally forgivable” things, but so far I don’t think anyone has anything they can really nail him on. A shocking amount of corruption control in US politics works on the honor system, and Trump has sharply highlighted why it’s so easy for a successful politician to get rich here. His most bombastic plans fell through in the first week, preventing the sky from falling, and other than trying to shamble his team together it’s not clear what his broad strategy is or if he even has one.

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Re that "poll" I'm not gonna be nice about it. I think of that saying, "The lion need not concern itself with the opinions of sheep," so I'm not bothering myself about winning or losing an obviously rigged vote. A network and an entire PR staff tried to bring down Sterek and failed. Why should we care what a desperate, nasty and forever minor fandom tries to do?

Ok but… honestly and sincerely, what makes you think the poll is rigged? When I first looked at it, Sterek was at 19%. Since the word’s started getting out and this fandom’s started noticing it, we’ve gone up to 39%

What I think is happening is that A) the St*dias heard about it first because the person who posted the poll is apparently a St*dia stan, so they got way ahead at the start, and B) the Stereks as a group have become disenchanted about polls, so despite being a much bigger fandom, most of them aren’t trying.

Which is fine, there’s nothing saying we HAVE to get involved with other ships or win polls. But I honestly don’t see any evidence that this vote is rigged. *shrugs* So vote if you want and don’t vote if you don’t want, but personally I always love to see Sterek win.


Eggman Obviously Rigged the Voting System

If the results from Eggman’s victory were real, that would have meant that Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles actually voted for Eggman, instead of Amy. Amy only got two votes, we can already tell Amy voted for herself, but who else voted for her? It could have been Sticks, but it was implied that she went into hiding, and wasn’t shown during the voting scene, so we don’t know  if she actually voted. Eggman obviously rigged the vote, there’s no way Sonic or Tails would have been dumb enough to not trust Amy or Sticks, in favor of Eggman. Knuckles however… Well, he sadly did get fooled by Eggman in this episode, since he actually blindly fell for Eggman’s charisma. 

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So how did it feel that the newly named hedgehog village almost all unanimously voted for you (i ask even though i suspect you rigged the votes.)

‘Rigged the votes’?  How insulting to my respect of the Democratic process.  I’m a diabolical scientist, not a social-political neanderthal.

Sonic’s girlfriend and that rabid badger didn’t have a chance against my devilish good looks and perfect smear campaign.  I was well spoken, educated– who doesn’t want a theme park?  The votes spoke for themselves and they said, “We Love Eggman!”

And let’s be real, what’s not to love?


Prom passed by in a blur - Nightshade spent the whole evening enraptured by Rosemary, and the two of them sort of forgot about Juniper soon after they arrived. Luckily for Juniper, the new Prom Queen, there was someone on hand who didn’t want to see her lonely or unhappy… Rosemary’s brother, Federico. 

By the end of the night, Nightshade and Rosemary were making out in a corner as boyfriend and girlfriend (hooray!) while Juniper danced the night away with Federico and their friends. All in all a good evening! 

Also, Nightshade rigging the votes… is this a side-effect of his evil nature??

Over Again: Party Blurb

This was a collab with the amazingly talented goddess @irish-nlessing. I am incredibly fortunate to be able to call her my friend. 

Chapter 9 will be coming very soon! Thank you so much for your patience!

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Sophomore Year

The “Screw Your Sister” was a Chi Gamma Pi tradition. Every year, participating girls agreed to be set up by one of their sisters. It was a bit of a gamble though.  If you crossed a sister the wrong way, she could pair you with a completely undesirable match.  It wouldn’t be such a problem, were it not for the one tiny catch of the “Screw Your Sister” event.  Each sister was to remain handcuffed to her date for the entire night.

Leslie and Parker linked arms as they made their way to the bar that had been rented out for the party. Parker knew who her date was going to be. Jenny, as Social Chair, may have rigged the voting in her favor. She drew Parker and Parker drew Leslie. It was an easy decision for Jenny. She sent Niall an email immediately letting him know where to show up and what to do.

“I can’t believe you talked me into this.” Leslie groaned, stalling outside of the door. “Please tell me I’m going to like my date. I know you drew my name.”

“You know him,” Parker answered hesitantly. She gave her friend a nervous smile. “I think you two would be an amazing couple if you gave it a chance.”

Leslie’s big brown eyes widened. She pulled away, turning back towards the car. “Nope, no way.”

“Come on, you know you have a crush on Louis.”

“He drives me crazy. You’ve seen us together, Parks. He always picks on me.”

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The election is rigged!!

Dear Trump supporters! Clearly the election is rigged, right?! So why even vote? Why drag yourself like the rest of the sheep to vote on Tuesday, to stand in a long line, when you know it’s rigged anyway!?!

The best way to show you support what Trump has said all along is to boycott voting all together!! It clearly won’t matter anyway! It’s all rigged and your vote won’t matter! Show your support for Trump by NOT VOTING! The system is rigged.