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30 Day RPG meme

1. Who was first character you’ve ever played?

2. Who is your favorite character?

3. Who is your least favorite character?

4. What is your favorite campaign setting?

5. Who is your highest level character?

6. Have any of your characters ever died or come close to dying?
If so, who, and how?

7. What Is your most memorable critical success?

8. What is your most memorable critical failure?

9. Is there a character you’ve always wanted to play? If so,
describe him/her.

10. Of all your characters, who was closest to being evil aligned?

11. Who Is your most memorable NPC villain?

12. What is the largest monster you’ve slain?

13. What is the highest level monster/NPC you’ve slain?

14. Describe your most memorable Player-NPC interaction.

15. What was your funniest roleplaying moment?

16. What play-style do you tend to gravitate towards?

17. Of all of your characters, which do you feel was more out of
your play-style?

18. Is there a character you wish you could play more of?

19. What was your favorite spell to cast?

20. What was your favorite combat maneuver?

21. If you could write a story about one of your characters, which
character would it be?

22. Is there a campaign setting you’ve always wanted to play in?

23. Who is your favorite NPC?

24. Is there a fictional universe you wish were a campaign

25. Of all of your characters, which was the most comical?

26. Which was your favorite party to play in and who were the
characters in that party?

27. Of all the combat encounters, which was your most difficult?

28. Of all the combat encounters, which was your most comical?

29. Of all the combat encounters, which was the most epic?

30. Dragons are an influential part of roleplaying games. What is
your favorite dragon?

I know there are a lot of other problems with MMOs.

And the fact that I play them instead of doing, you know, almost anything else.

But the situation depicted below is the worst thing. Maybe the worst thing humanity has ever done that does not involve physically hurting somebody.

I stand before a stick. The stick is desirable, and I want to pick the stick up. I cannot pick the stick up. Why not? I am carrying a giant warhammer; surely the stick is not heavier. I am carrying delicate flower petals, and a stick cannot be more fragile than these.

But no. I cannot pick this stick up. When I hover my cursor over the stick, red text appears, stating the level you must be at - the stick level - in order to pick up this particular stick. And I, says the game, need to level up my stick skills. My stick-pick-up-ery. My stickistry. According to this goddamn game, I need to level up at stick.

No, game. No, I fucking do not. No one has ever needed to level up at stick.