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These aching bones

Part One - (AO3)

With old age comes the typical side effects. Aching joints, less energy, and a general dislike of what the body becomes. Jack is no stranger to old age, he was there before the explosion and he’s there after. Being a vigilante doesn’t help the joints or the energy levels, but it gets the job done.

The only upside to old age, is that as an omega, his heats are no longer a potent, crippling hindrance. He can ride the edge of a heat easily now, using what little pheromones an alpha can detect as a way to loosen a tongue. When he was a younger man, they would knock him down for three days.

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Private Party

(gif from james-bucky-barnes)

Private Party:  A Bucky Barnes one shot

Pairing:  Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings:   nsfw below the cut, smut.  penquins.  bad old man jokes.  delayed party gratification

Synopsis:  You and Bucky are stuck out on surveillance on an unexpected mission.  Turns out there is an excellent way to distract your partner and boyfriend from missing his 100th birthday cake…

A/N:  Written for @bucky-plums-barnes​​​​​ 100 Banging Kinks for Bucky’s 100th Birthday challenge.  She still has a few kinks to fill so if you can write a drabble quick go help her out.  This kink was Outdoors.   Now how can a geologist resist that?   Please be gentle.  Have never written this format before.  Hugs to @emilyevanston for holding my hand and making sure it didn’t suck too much. 


“Helluva way to spend a birthday….”

Bucky shakes his head, grumbles low for just the two of you before sighting through his scope for the umpteenth time.   Away in the middle distance nothing moves.  Not a bird.  Not a cavy.  Not even one of Darwin’s blue grey foxes Tony was so enthused about.  So far a bust.  If Xisis was planning on making his final move he was taking his sweet time about it.  

A low hiss of angry steaming sigh leaks out.  Nothing—you’ve both got nothing–just like the last ten times you’ve checked.  Reluctantly Bucky hunkers down, uses the jut of rock that forms your blind to shelter from the wind.  The March air might be warm but the swirl whipping across the poa grass is strong.  Grit flies with every gust.

It makes you itch to clean the barrel of your gun.   

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andauril  asked:

Sahuna and Jaal - 1 (about you-know-whom xD)

This was too perfect, it’s nice when my muse cooperates for once :D

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A Man Worth Fighting For- 20 (End)

Summary: Seventy years has passed and the world has changed. You thought you were moving on until Steve Rogers asks you for a favor which leads to a discovery that will change everything. So much for retirement. Sequel to “A Girl Worth Fighting For.” Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: ~1200
Warnings: Language, maybe.
Tags at the end

AN: GUYSSSSS. I’m so happy for all of the amazing responses this story has gotten, and I’m both sad and relieved for it to come to an end. I hope you guys enjoy the final chapter of A Man Worth Fighting For <3 <3

Part 19   Masterlist

Steve Rogers was not a particularly vindictive man. Revenge never turned out well, and he knew that fighting something unwarranted was not the right thing to do. He was a protector, a virtuous and kind man who only fought to defend others. Of all the battles he’d ever been in, he told himself that he was doing what he had to do, even if he didn’t like it. Fact of the matter was, he did not like bullies.

Brock Rumlow was a bully, and that meant he needed to be taken down. This was what Steve repeated in his head as he stared out the glass of the elevator, watching as the ground came closer and closer. The sun spilled pink and purple hues across the vast expanse of well-manicured lawn, shadows stretched long. As he stared, he noticed something moving in the distance and watched carefully. A smile stretched on his face when he realized it was you, sprinting along a path that led from the compound to the sea of trees surrounding the area.

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IMAGINE: Jughead and Betty figuring out a way to show your innocence with the Blossom Murder...

(Jughead x Reader kinda)

You were infamous for carrying a gun, Not infamous for shooting one but that hardly mattered to the police at all. All they knew was that you were in possession of a gun and that was all the police needed to tag you as a suspect. Yes you were nearby when Jason was killed. Yes you heard the gun shot. And yes you had your gun with you but no way in hell did you fire the bullet. But it didn’t matter, In the middle of your class and what seemed a normal day two armed officers burst through the door demanding you come quietly, The whole class struck silent as you were dragged kicking and screaming from the premises. Jughead and Betty wanted to go after you but both acknowledged it wouldn’t do much good for you. The hallways were choking with your screaming of your innocence. You regretted carrying that gun so so bad.

When they day had finally ended Jug was the first to arrive at the police station. He had a gut feeling you were innocent but that feeling could be easily extinguished if you admitted your guilt. Which you didn’t. He saw you crouched in the cell staring blankly at the wall, A traumatising look on your face…

“Why the hell do they think your a suspect?” Jug broke the silence as he rested against the bars of your cell. You looked up at him with red eyes. “He was shot, I was at the scene, I had a gun…That’s all they needed to pin it on me,” You breathed with a shaky tone, hugging your knees for a crumb of comfort. Now for the big question. “Did you kill him?” He asked. A twang of betrayal seeped into your heart. “No Jug, I did not fucking murder a person,” You hissed as you picked yourself up. “Yeah I hated Jason Blossom but alot of punks did, doesn’t mean I’m one of the punks who shot him in the freaking head! I wouldn’t resort to murder Jug!” You spat. “I’m innocent! Someone is pinning this on me!” You said through gritted teeth. There was a long silence between the both of, Mainly filled by you attempting to read the teen before you unsuccessfully. “I believe you,” He finally admitted. “Your trouble there’s no doubt of that but your not capable of murder,” He added. A wave of relief flooded over you at his remark. “That’s why I’m getting you out ok?” He stated. “R-Really? You’d do that for me?” You mumbled blinking. “I’m doing it so the police can find the real murderer, if you happen to be proved innocent that’s a benefit also,” He corrected with his familiar smirk before turning to leave. Your lips curled into a smile…

And as it turned out some survival obsessed scout was the real source of the gunfire thanks to Jughead’s determined digging. Although this left more question unanswered it did prove your role in the matter…You had none at all. Betty had to make a compromise, to protect the Scout’s “sacred” spot in his club he demanded both Jughead and Betty keep quiet about his role. However, wanting to get her friend out she demanded in return he come clean that he did indeed hear a gunfire, But explain that the fire sounded nothing like that of a pistol but instead a rifle…The agreement was set

Jughead and Betty waited outside the station. Idle chatter was cut short when you came crashing through the doors, Sprinting towards the duo with a gleaming smile. You leaped onto Jug wrapping your arms around his neck and forcing him into an embrace. He awkwardly placed his hands on your waist, not really sure where to place his palms. You nestled into his ear whispering a warm “Thank you for believing me,” Before you engulfed Betty in a warm hug.

Leaving Jughead with that familiar smirk.

Build by @holtworks
The @aero_precision FDE battle rifle. ⚔️.
@aero_precision FDE receiver set and gen 2 enhanced M-LOK handguard
@ballisticadvantage 16" BA Hanson 223 Wylde barrel
@superlativearms adjustable gas block
@vg6precision Gamma 556 muzzle brake
@aimsurplus H4 BCG
@vortexoptics Strike Eagle 1-6x24 and cantilever mount
@inforce01 WMLx weapon light
@strikeindustries_si enhanced mag release, bolt catch and dust cover
@radianweapons 45/90 Talon ambi safety
@magpul FDE gen 1 UBR stock with enhanced but pad, K2 grip, trigger guard, rail covers
@trigger.tech Adaptable drop in trigger
Loaded up with 55gr @freedommunitions ammo


Originally posted by jengkook

Note: For @taesthetes and @optosomnio. As a thank you to the squad for my bday gifts. And @yoonminnings for being one of the sweet beans that dedicated a scenario for me. And for my followers who’ve been nothing but awesome  and understanding even tho I haven’t posted anything in ages. I was planning to post it on my birthday (16th august) but I couldn’t get it done in time. It took me like two weeks to finish this so I hope ppl will enjoy it.

Jeon Jungkook. 10 990 words. Assassin AU + Soulmate AU.

Warning: Implied smut.

[v.] to love for the last time - a bittersweet feeling of knowing that a love won’t last.

❝ Fleeting is the chance you take to glance at Jungkook but it’s  all you need to discern the look he’s giving you, something akin to desperate pleading for you not to take it.

But you do anyway even if you knew the forthcoming of the fall of his face and bob of Adam’s apple as though he’s trying to swallow bitter medicine.

Because you feel safer with a gun than you do with your soulmate.❞

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FN Model B

An early FAL variant that was built by FN on contract for the German  Bundesgrenzschutz (BGS), the Federal Border Guard. These are sometimes referred to as BGS FAL’s and are the predecessor to the more commonly known G1. Although many FAL’s look the same, they have many variations which can be daunting. The term Frankenfal comes from builders who have assembled their rifles from a mixed set of parts from all variations. (GRH)

“Just a Little Longer”

Alright guys, with how frustrating things have been about TWD I figured I could help keep the hope and positivity alive by writing another Caryl fanfic. So here’s a head canon I imagined and it takes place past season 7, and it ties within the storyline they’re on now. 

It is kind of long, but I wanted to get the whole package in there, ya know? I hope it’s worth it for you guys.

Rated M… for fluffy/smutty reasons :p. Enjoy loves!

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Blown. | minhyuk

Monsta X Assassins AU Req

[ 7 ]  All my intel said you’re not meant to be back until next week, and I’m sitting here using your apartment as a sniper nest to kill a bad guy…this is awkward.

Member: Assassin!Lee Minhyuk / Reader
Group: Monsta X
Word Count: 1,300+
Genre/Warning(s): Assassin AU, language, angst, drama.
A/N: Why do I feel like nobody will like this, I’m crying inside. It’s so different from what you might expect.


Lee Minhyuk was sure that everything was in place. That everything was correct and without careless fault. That the trust he put in dispatch wouldn’t go wasted. He even went the extra mile, quite literally, to be certain that you, a poor soul obliviously caught up with the wrong people, arrived at the airport as scheduled for a flight out of the country on familial matters.

It was all in the files linked to the digital footprints of your transactions, and gathering comint for the advantage of a hit is something the bureau does well.

This is nothing new to Minhyuk, though. Just another clandestine operation meant to fall into place within the following hours of nightfall. Gripping the handle of the matte-black case in his hand, he pushes through the door of the apartment that he’s more than familiar with.

He’s walked the halls more times than he’d care to admit without a pang of guilt sprouting back in his veins, especially with the recollections of how often he’s pressed your body against the walls as well, hungry lips roaming across burning skin. He’s told many lies within the confines of your abode, and to tell the complete story behind the reason why the assassin is preparing to set up nest within your apartment of all available vantage points would be too complex.

The lights are left off, and all else remains untouched by his gloved fingers.

“I’m in place.”

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Allen Ivanov told police he killed three people all due to jealousy over his broken romance with his ‘dream girl,’ court papers released on Monday reveal.

Anna Bui was ‘the first girl he ever kissed,’ he said.

The papers confirm that Ivanov, who is accused of killing three people at a midnight party in a million dollar home in affluent Mukilteo, Washington, was besotted with Bui, one of the three former students at Kamiak High School who were killed early on Saturday morning.

‘He said that he thought he needed some time to work on himself.

Ivanov appeared via video at a brief probable cause hearing in Superior Court in Everett on Monday. Looking haggard and wearing a green striped prison-issue top and green pants he said only one word ‘yes’ when told he must have no contact with the families of any of the four people he is alleged to have shot. Defense attorney Tim Leary made no application for bail after prosecutor Adam Cornell said the victims’ families did not wish to see him released

Ivanov, who court papers describe as 6 ft. 1in. and 140 lb., was charged with one count of aggravated murder, two of first degree murder and one of attempted first degree murder. ‘He said that after they broke up, he kept getting snaps from A.B. on Snapchat that he described as “hurtful.” He said that the “snaps” were photos of a drunk A.B. with a variety of girls. ‘He said the “snaps” did not show A.B. naked, but it showed that she was getting on with her life without him, which made him jealous.’

Ivanov and Bui, both 19, had dated for around 18 months, he told Ernst. After they broke up he realized he had made a mistake and wanted to get back with her. They were both due to start their sophomore year at the University of Washington at Bothell this month.

‘He said that in the past week he and A.B. had started to spend some time together. He thought things were going well and there was the potential that they were going to get back together. He said that during this time, he heard from people that A.B. was seeing other guys while the two of them were talking which made him angry.

Ivanov said he had bought the Ruger A-15 semi-automatic rifle about a week before the shootings. The papers do not say where he purchased the weapon.

‘He stated that it was his intention to use it for target practice, and he even scheduled a gun safety class that was going to start in early August,’ Ernst wrote in his report.

‘He admitted that to him, the rifle was a symbol of power.’

The day before the party, Bui had been out of town and Ivanov said he put the rifle in the trunk of his car, went to a quiet spot ‘and just sat.’

The following day he went to the Apple Store in Alderwood, where he worked on the Genius Bar but left early because he was not feeling well.

‘He said that he went to the Cabela’s in Marysville in order to buy a second magazine for the rifle. He stated that he would need two magazines for the class.

He turned up at the party house around 10 pm, parked and watched what was going on. ‘He said that he creeped up toward the house and saw [Anna] with another male and got angry.

‘He said that he returned to his car, read the instruction manual for the rifle, loaded the magazine, [laced the magazine in the rifle, and set the firle’s selector switch to “safe.”’

He then returned to the house creeping round the back and hiding near the living room windows.

‘Ivanov stated that while he was in his hiding place he was discovered by a male partygoer. The male said “No, no, no.” Ivanov stated that he was “scared,” he flipped the selector switch to fire and shot the male.

‘He stated that at that point it was too late to turn back and once he pulled the trigger the adrenaline kicked in.’

He went into the house, owned by fisherman Karl Bratvold, who was out of town for the weekend, found his girlfriend and shot her twice.

‘As he continued through the house, he saw through the front door another male running toward the house. He said that he shot that male.’

He then went up to the balcony and fired down at two more men in the driveway before going to the roof where he realized his magazine was empty.

‘He returned to his car and drove away,’ Ernst wrote.

Ernst said that a witness in Kentucky had spoken to cops saying that Ivanov had sent him text messages in the week before the shooting, saying he was going to commit a mass shooting.

Ivanov, 19, is being held on three counts of murder.

Surprise...Part 10

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14)

The holidays came and went, and while you had many opportunities to wear the racy gift your boss had given you, you hadn’t chanced to put it on.

Every time you attempted to, it just…didn’t feel right.

After the new year, your boss was keen on giving you some time off. You argued with him on it, saying that someone needed to take care of the home and make sure things were in order, and he reassured you that he was a big boy and could take care of himself.  You batted back that he couldn’t before you came along, and that it would make only for much more work after your vacation, and he assured you that people could change.

So, you relented.

You would have vacation starting on the 29th, and you wouldn’t lay a finger on anything that wasn’t yours to clean yourself in the home until January 29th.

You claimed that it was much too long of a vacation, but your boss wouldn’t budge.

So, once again, you relented.

You found yourself doing that a lot more.


It’s not innately in your nature.  You buck up to anyone that says anything.  You disturb the order, protest for peace, stand your ground when you believe someone it attempting to dictate your life when they have no position to do as such.

Did you give that position to Thomas?

You had no problems bucking up to him when you were still in your hotel.

Had things changed?

You didn’t…feel…subservient to him.  You didn’t feel as if you were just his maid, or just his housekeeper.  Maybe you weren’t bucking back because you felt registered as his equal.


You guessed people could change.

Waking up on the morning of the 29th, you hear the odd sound of silence as you stretch and look over, realizing that it was almost 11 AM.

You smiled at the idea that you were still in bed at 11 AM.

You began to stare at the ceiling and wondered what to do with your day.  You could get showered and dressed up, or book yourself for a spa.  You could go stuff your face with all of the finest foods London has to offer.

Or you could do a pajama day.

Now that idea made you smile.

Fruit, cheeses, lots of wine, and good movies.  All while wearing pajamas.

Springing from your bed as your naked form flows to your bathroom, you splash some water in your face and flip your hair over, tousling it before taking a deep breath and looking in the mirror.

You took a shower last night.  If you’re gonna have a pajama day, go all out for it.

Running over to your dresser, you yank out your pajama drawer as you rifle around for a set to wear for the day.

But your hands stop on the cool, silky material.

Pulling it from the confines of the bottom of the drawer, your heart felt a little guilty for sticking such a beautiful piece of work down at the bottom to be trampled by your large t-shirts and your plaid pajama pants.

Could you wear it all day?

Did you dare put it on?

Smiling mischievously, you pull the beautiful red fabric over your head as it falls right above your knees, sashaying over your thighs as you hike your breasts up into the intricately-designed cups that were installed on the beautiful spaghetti-strapped gown.

And then you threw the thin, silk robe over your shoulders and tied it in the middle.

Even you were astounded as to how well it fit you and flattered your body.

Shaking the thought of who purchased it for you from your mind, you slip on your comfortable black house-shoes as you throw your door open and go gallivanting down the stairs.

There was a bottle of wine you had purchased a couple of months ago, and you had had your eye on it for a couple of weeks now.

Popping the cork and pouring the luscious red wine into a decanter to breathe, you begin plating a large plate full of grapes and slices of cheeses and apples, and when you turn around to grab yourself a wine glass, your eyes catch a figure standing next to the decanter.

And it stops you dead in your tracks.

Staring at him as his eyes grace down your form, he no longer attempts to hide the predatory stare of lust.

It’s only when his eyes reach back up to yours that you see the veil of innocence drift back over his irises.

“Enjoying your vacation thus far?” he lulls.

You had to swallow the knot in your throat in order to answer him.

“Yes, Mr. Thomas.  Very much so.  I-I-I uh,…”

What the hell was this stuttering thing?

And your boss seemed very amused.

“Pajama day?” he asks.

“Yes.  With some, uh…snacks and movies,” you finally manage to get out.

“Sounds…delightful,” he muses with a smile on his face.

The way he chewed that word…delightful…rang in your head for what seemed like an eternity before you felt the plate of food being lifted from your hands.

“Mind if I join you?” he asks as he pops a grape into his mouth.

“Not at all,” you breathe.

“Alright.  I’ll take this and the wine,” he says as he reaches for the decanter, “and you just bring the two wine glasses.”

“Okay,” you breathe as you watch him walk away from you.

And that’s when you noticed it.

That’s when you noticed that he was only in a plain white t-shirt…

…and his boxers.

Identity - A Star Wars Story - Part Two

Identity Part 2

Thank you all so much for the support on the first part! I’m still in the process of writing all the parts, there will be about five. (Again remember my friends, this is an AU of sorts. Not all details from the movie are in my writing, and a few of the events in my writing never occur in the movie.)I hope you all enjoy!!

Cassian and K2, stood before the entire team, giving the briefing you had heard before. “So everyone get buckled in. We’ll be arriving at the Imperial Base soon.” You made eye contact with the Captain before he returned to his seat. He gave you a small smile, which made you blush like mad. You looked and saw Aben and Bodhi giving you eyes and gesturing towards Cassian, causing you to roll your eyes. Great, Aben had gotten Bodhi into the joke now too.

“We get to see papa again, Jyn. Isn’t this great?” You asked turning towards your sister who gave you a smile. But as you watched her that smile turned to a frown; and despite all the hope around you, you couldn’t help but feel like you were out of place.

“NO! Get farther down! They can track us if we stay above the cliffs!”

“You heard him Kaytoo! Lower!”

“I do not like this. The chance of collision is 50 times greater now that we are closer to the surface! There’s a 60% chance of failure.”

“Not now K!”

“There it is!”

“Bodhi get into a seat! It’s going to be a harsh landing!”

Cassian’s warning caught you off guard and panic surged through your body. You and Jyn were so close at seeing your papa again. Yet so close to having it all in flames, and it’s not fair. The shuttle jolted as it hit the cliffs, causing you to reach for Jyn’s hand and squeeze your eyes shut. The rough ‘landing’ was over quickly and the ship was still in one piece, more less. When Cassian announced that it was safe to get up, you unfastened your seat restraint and released Jyn’s hand from your death grip.

“You alright there Y/n?” You turned a glared at Aben jokingly, which caused her to giggle. You walked over to her and Bodhi, greeting the rogue pilot and thanking him for the news of your father. “It’s no problem! As soon as I knew what the Empire was really planning, Galen contacted me. You should thank him when you see him!”

You smiled at the pilot, “I will. And even though Jyn doesn’t show it she’s grateful for you as well. She’s just nervous about seeing papa again, after so many years.” You and Aben continued to talk to Bodhi until Cassian waved him over. As Bodhi walked away, Aben nudged your arm.

“I’m sticking close to you. The Captain may be hot, but I’m not blinded by that like you are. He’s up to something.”

“How can you tell?” You asked, looking at Aben and seeing a darkness in her mind. She looked back at you, her lips in a hard line. “I never told you how I got into jail.”

“Bodhi and I are going to scout out further ahead. We’ll find a new ship to use since this one is unusable. The rest of you stay here.” The two men disembarked, leaving the rest of you in silence.

“Does he look like a killer?” Chirrut asked after a moment, his unseeing gaze following the path where Cassian had left.

“No.” Baze answered, “He has the face of a friend.” but there was something in his eyes that betrayed his voice. You walked towards the blind man, arms crossed over your chest.

“What do you mean?”

“People get this aura about them, a dark cloud, when they’re about to do something bad.” Chirrut’s words echoed in your head. You turned back to look at Aben, who carried a grave expression on her features. Jyn was already getting her things, picking up her blaster, ready to follow them. You darted over to her as she was about to exit the ship.

“You’re taking me with you!” Jyn just stared at you, with that older sister look, “I’m not putting your life in danger! I did it before, and never again. Stay here with Aben.” She was halfway out the door when the droid spoke up.

“Careful Jyn! Cassian set his rifle in sniper mode.”

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I just got my first 10/22 and am looking for upgrades.

The stock sights are pretty good but I’m contemplating getting some fiber optics. I’ve never had fibers on a gun before. There was a scope mount included so I might install it and put on a red dot or a scope. No point in fibers if I use the scope mount.

I do want a bipod. I’ve never put a bipod on a rifle so I don’t know if they attach on a rail on the stock or if it’s a barrel clamp or what.

Stock is a must. My rifle was the carbine model which I hear has a shorter stock. I have long arms so a longer length of pull is wanted. It’s a standard barrel not a bull barrel. I’m not set on rifle, pistol, or thumbhole grip. A sling mount is also wanted. I’m not sure if a sling mount interferes with a bipod. If it does the bipod is a higher priority.

I’ve heard great things about the BX-25 trigger, but I’ll need some trigger time to decide if it’s really that important to me. I haven’t hated many triggers. The M&P triggers are the only ones that really bothered me. If the Ruger’s trigger isn’t too bad I’ll just keep that.

Grumpy Australian and Drunk Scotsman Fuse. What Happens Next Will Blow Your Tits Clean Off

Wrote this bs for Demoman Appreciation Week! I’m kinda late for days four and five, when I intended this to be done, but Shit Happens. so here it is, better late than never. blease like and reblog if u dig it… 

Fandom: Team Fortress 2

Pairing: Demoman/Sniper (Swordvan)

AU: That au where fusion’s a thing that’s possible

[AO3 link]

The BLU Engineer’s sentry beeped placidly from its perch in the courtyard. Demoman was just below it; he had one shot at taking the damned thing out before they caught onto him, and that was if no one snuck up on him. He threw a glance over his shoulder and down the narrow corridor that led out to the courtyard, then lifted his grenade launcher. One, two, three grenades left the barrel and bounced off the wall opposite him, up toward the ledge above. With a bit of luck he’d at least kill their Engineer. Maybe then he’d have enough time to take out the sentry, and RED could finally push back. Demoman clenched his jaw, then grinned wickedly as he heard the explosion and resulting telltale clatter of metal.
“Dispenser down!”
Or not.
Demo quickly began to reload, finally feeling a bit of vigor. BLU had been beating them at every turn today, starting out with a lightning offense and then putting up a tight defense while their Spy tried for the final point. This one sentry was the cornerstone, and no one had managed to even get close. Heavy could hardly get into the BLU base without drawing almost all enemy fire, and the BLU Pyro was sticking too close to the Engineer for RED’s Spy to-
The BLU Pyro.
Demoman heard their breath through their mask first, and turned just in time to see them raise their flamethrower. But no fire came. Instead, he was sent sprawling backward by a powerful blast of air. Demoman opened his mouth to curse at them, himself, and all of the BLU team, but the sentry cut him off. With a few beeps and several rockets, he was headed back to respawn- again.

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He already has the rifle set up, peering through the scope to get a better look at the window he has it aimed at. He waits until he spots her through the class, index finger expertly resting on the trigger. A few seconds pass, he steadies the aim, then pulls the trigger, bullet flying towards the window.