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Your daily reminder that bad writing does NOT explain Season 4

Let’s say Mofftiss had a partial lobotomy and forgot how to write. Let’s say they couldn’t recognize a plot hole if it shot them in the eye with Chekov’s rifle.

Fine. OK. But bad writing does not explain:

Honorary mentions to:

I’m sure I’ve missed stuff, but I had to write this out for my own sanity.

We can doubt all the meta, ARGs, and complicated subtext, but in the end, these things simply cannot be explained away by any reasoning other than the issues in Season 4 being revisited later on.

Two more days until March 8.

Two Weird Tricks To Prevent The Rise Of Nazis

1. Oppose Nazism through ordinary political channels, winning people to your side and supporting non-Nazi politicians.

2. Make sure you have both the means and the will to oppose an actual, literal coup.

Because the Nazis DID IN FACT GAIN POWER ONLY AFTER A COUP and NEVER GAINED A MAJORITY OF THE VOTE. So the actual problem that led to Nazi takeover was not the lack of street brawls and sucker punches, but the inability to properly defend from violence in in an immediate sense AFTER the enemy had already initiated violence. Unless the rising tide of Nazism is even stronger than it even was in Weimar Germany, you do not in fact need to undermine the principles of democracy to protect yourself from Nazi takeover.

So if you feel the need to stock up on rifles and canned goods, fine. Because those are the actual things you would need to defend against a coup or fight back after one has taken place. But please, stop weakening the norms of democracy in the name of short-term purity.