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As the top batter today, SCANDAL finally sits down for an interview at the RIFJ live studio! Haruna says that the overall performance had been more than what they expected, and they not only had a lot of fun but they’re happy to see that so many have showed up. Is there anything else that SCANDAL enjoys at such festivals, something that’s SCANDAL-like? Tomomi says it has got to be the food. As it’s outdoors and there are many people everywhere, food gets their excitement up. Even today, they had melon and cream soda. Mami says that she eats two (melons) each year, but she decided to aim for three this year (even though it’s huge and the size of a person’s head).

Tomomi says she’s been wondering how their crowd would be like, seeing that they’re the first to step up, but there were people all the way to the very back. SCANDAL also speaks about their world tour, and brings up an unforgettable experience (SCANDAL talks about Mami’s birthday song experience in Mexico again). They also speak about the delicious food they had overseas, when asked, and Rina says even in Europe, there were plenty of food that suited the taste of Japanese people. They got to have delicious breads every morning in France, and even had things from frogs to ant eggs. (They go on to describe in detail the texture and taste of the eggs.)

SCANDAL also speaks about their upcoming world tour documentary tour. As the film isn’t complete and they haven’t seen it, they don’t know how it’s going to turn out yet, but they’ve been filmed every single step of the way, be it when they’re shopping or doing lives. They have also released “Stamp!” recently, and will soon release “Sisters” as well. Haruna explains that since they’ve been going at the tour for the first-half of the year, these are songs they’ve produced on the way, which they will slowly come to release. Rina further describes “Sisters” as a ‘danceable’ tune, which she was inspired by vintage movies, in particular the girls film “Daisies”, and thus then wrote the lyrics. There is the message of being free / freedom, and the music was done by Mami. Haruna says that they’re recent songs have been about freedom, based upon people of their generation and is all very natural.

Last but not least is their year-end Arena tour, which is a second-part to their HELLO WORLD album and which will showcase a different part of themselves. The live for “SCANDAL BABY” is also shown after their interview.

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