As you all probably know, our good friend and CSB Co-CEO Rob Pfeiffer, aka Antwuan aka RiffRaffRobs aka tons more nicknames has sadly passed away. It was a shock to us all and one of the most painful things I’ve ever had to deal with. Rob was one of my best friends, and a great friend to those lucky enough to have met him. He was just the greatest, would always make you smile, was a blast to be around, was a solid ripper,and just honestly one of the greatest human beings I’ve had the pleasure of knowing in my 30 years of existence. Rob you will be missed by so many, and nothing is ever going to fill this void of not having you around anymore. We talked about building a quarter pipe this summer so my crippled ass and you recovering from your surgery could still skate. We talked constantly about bringing CSB to the next level, as well as making business cards to goto the bar with to pick up on shallow chickens who would read CEO and Business Owner and scoop them gold diggers up. We had alot of plans, and I’m still going to go through with CSB to the fullest like we talked about to continue your memory. Not only did we have a lot of plans, we had a lot of great times and you left me and others with an abundance of great memories. The world will never be the same without you and all the greatness you brought.  From being the lil 13 year old kid with a lisp who would show up at NS to being the great man you are, nothing will ever close the void of you leaving us too early. I love ya homie, and I will never forget all the great times we had together. Hoping to have a tribute video to you up sometime, until then you can watch Rob in SMDWAMFC and his Britney Spears part, I could keep writing but no sentences I could write would do you justice to how amazing you are. I love you man, I’ll never forget you or the times we had, and I’d do anything just for one more day with you. Now youre shredding it up in Heaven with the greats like Keenan Milton, and hanging out with Pac and Biggie and I know you’re looking down on all of us, and that makes me happy. Also your obituary was one of the greatest things I’ve ever read, and whoever wrote it captured you and your essence to a T. One of the greatest obits for one of the greatest people to have ever graced the Earth with their presence. Miss you. I’m going to being hanging the board you gave me up on my wall of boards. It deserves a place next to all the other legends. 


You’re missed so much by so many. RIP Rob