“The kid’s got a bright future, hell, I wish I came up with the get hyped/stay hyped catchphrase first. Now THAT would’ve sold some t-shirts." - Stone Cold Steve Austin 

"I used to proudly call myself the showstopper but the more I see of Mojo Rawley, the more HE is the new showstopper.” - Shawn Michaels

“I’ve been waiting for one of the younger guys to step up and take my spot as the #1 guy and I firmly believe he’s here.” - John Cena

“If I were to come back for just one more match, it would be without a shadow of a doubt.. Mojo Rawley." - The Rock

"Everyone in NXT looks up to him, I know when he makes it to RAW he’s going to be a locker room leader. He’s a game changer." - Triple H

He’s the new phenom, it’s as simple as that..“ - The Undertaker