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as someone who had never heard of The Great Comet before the Tony’s, i really can’t stop watching their performance

ohmygod its just so beautiful pierre’s solo in the beginning is so poignant and crisp and to have the entire chorus jump in enthusiastically and harmonize perfectly afterward is amazing

also i think im falling slightly in love with anatole

My life goal is to watch Ben Fankhauser riff and play the piano live, but every time I watch a video of him doing that, I fall to the ground at least once, so there’s an 80% chance that I would faint if I ever saw him live.

so imagine the whole squad doing the rocky horror picture show

  • magnus absolutely rocking those enormous heels and makeup as frank-n-furter and he begs to keep the pearls after the show is over (also he lowkey gives alec a sort of sexual awakening)
  • clary and jace as janet and brad, but they know each other’s lines better than their own so everyone decides on opening night to have clary play brad and jace play janet
  • (the crowd fucking loves it)
  • alec grumbling unhappily every time he puts his wig/bald cap on to be riff raff because he really really REALLY wanted to be rocky but izzy said his eyes are too crazy and condescending and tired for rocky so he had to be riff raff
  • (magnus still thinks he’s hot as fuck as riff raff)
  • lydia and izzy as columbia and magenta looking sexy and confident af in their costumes and flirting incessantly with the audience
  • simon as rocky because they have the same weird childlike innocent view of the world and pretty much everyone in the show already wants to see simon half naked anyway so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • ^ touch-a toucha-a touch me used to be fun for clary and simon but now that jace is janet it’s the perfect mix of awkward, questioned heterosexuality, and trying to stay in character
  • ragnor as the criminologist, who improvs half his lines and will do anything to get the audience to laugh
  • the crew can’t find anyone to be dr. scott or eddie until clary and simon just kind of exchange a look and say they have it covered
  • then the next day at rehearsal they come in with luke and raphael in tow
  • luke and raphael have no idea a) what’s happening b) what rocky horror is or c) why everyone’s half naked
  • but after everything is explained luke and raphael are surprisingly enthusiastic and more than willing to be dr. scott and eddie
  • luke, jace, clary, magnus, and simon having to rehearse this scene a billion times to be able to do it without laughing when simon snaps his head to look at magnus
  • alec getting hella jealous when simon and magnus do i can make you a man but after the show magnus gives alec a fucking SHOW
  • everyone teasing luke over the accent he has to do to be dr. scott
  • raphael and lydia getting super close because of eddie and columbia and simon being super jealous
  • but then in hot patootie when eddie gives rocky a once over (0:31-0:37 in this video) raphael always gives simon a little wink with his upstage eye (so the audience can’t see)
  • during sweet transvestite magnus is strutting up and down the aisles and it looks like if he were any fiercer he’d break his ankle or something
  • the lightwoods fucking rocking out together during time warp and getting the crowd pumped asf and alec’s growling voice would make all the girls fucking MELT and then there’s izzy as magenta for the guys and it’s so beautiful and then LYDIA JUST BUSTS IN DURING COLUMBIA’S PART AND EVERYONE GOES NUTS
  • lydia, simon, jace, and clary would ROCK those corsets and heels and boas (and clary would hella BELT “help me mommy” and “whoo! here it comes again!”and JACE DOING THE JANET SQUEALS and it’d just be fucking amazing and beautiful)
  • jocelyn being the stage mom that always has snacks backstage in the greenroom for everyone
  • maryse and max going to see the show and leaving halfway through sweet transvestite when max points out how well magnus’s legs compliment the fish nets (magnus and alec raised him well)
  • raphael getting way too into character and throwing lydia around like he’s a professional swing dancer during hot patootie
  • luke can hardly sing eddie’s teddy with a straight face when he says “und i did”
  • and just

So if you didn’t know already in 3 days time it will be the 10 year anniversary of Arctic Monkeys ground breaking album Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not, so it only felt fitting we’d post a stunning cover of the band by none other than Brika. She recently covered the bands Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High and what I like here is how she’s kept that infamous guitar riff but still gives it her own unique spin with her jazz styling and those electronic beats on top of that. It just gives that track the extra flair that pushes it out and makes it stand out amongst the other covers of this track - Jakk

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no but if the opening piano riff alone still gives me excited chills about the potential bc AHHHHHHHH and what i have created on top on that doesn’t then im not doing a good enough job. i know the original concept of this song has so much potential and i dont feel i’ve fulfilled it in what ive done so it’s time to rethink and do better 

More than Friends - (M)

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Anonymous said:

Hello i wanna ask for a Jimin smut from bts!!! Maybe Like You are his best friend And You ended up having sex with him cause he started to eating you out… Idk just do whatever You want!! Lol happy new year!

I am so incredibly sorry it’s taken so long to post this! I have written/typed it out twice only for Tumblr to glitch and erase it when I saved it, so I got so frustrated that I kind of set it aside for a while to avoid just whipping something together to call it done.  Ya know?  Anyway, I ended up making this pretty fluffy as well as dirty, so I hope you enjoy this and I really hope it was worth the ridiculously long wait. 

Rated M for MATURE. Some very naughty things follow.

“Jimin,” you sniffle.  “I need you.”

That was all it took.  Within minutes, there was frantic knocking on your door. Relief immediately washed over you like a tidal wave of salve over a burn.  Your loneliness and heartbreak were crippling and the only cure you could think of was the company of your best friend.  He was the only person in the world you trusted to mend you from such a broken state.  

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Then and Now, Portland Oregon

Two photos of the same spot, NW 13th Ave. and Hoyt St, Portland Oregon, looking south. The top photo is a film still from the movie “Love at Large” circa 1990. The second photo is taken by me on the same street corner, May 5th, 2016. 

I was in Portland in the 90s, and have hung out in this area with friends. It was a bit more rough back then, industrial, mostly warehouses and breweries and various riff-raff (including us). One friend and I would sit on the loading docks of the brewery where another friend worked, and he would slip us pints of beer. It was about as gloomy and barren as the photo depicts.

And now, in this same area, there are fancy patios where fancy people sit and drink fancy beverages, and eat fancy hors d’oeuvres. There’s still some riff-raff hangin’ around (obviously, since I’m still here), but wow has it ever changed!

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when i was nine I slept over at a friends house and we slept on the fold-out-couch in her living room, but her dad was watching food network at about 10pm and fell asleep with it on, and I couldn't sleep so I watched the same looping three episodes of Unwrapped with Marc Summers until the sun started to rise, and I have never been the same. That crazy trumpet riff still makes my blood sugar drop.

food network gothic

I asked Tim Curry to sign my Rocky Horror record, and he kindly said of course he would. Then he asked if it was ok that he signed it on Riff Raffs forehead and I told him of course he could! Then he chuckled and said quietly “Richard will hate this.”